Statement by Mr. J. Denis Belisle Executive Director, International

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					                                 Statement by Mr. J. Denis Belisle
                            Executive Director, International Trade Centre
             at the closing ceremony of the 4 TPO Conference in Beijing, 17 May 2002

         On behalf of all participants to the 4 World Conference of TPOs, it gives me
immense pleasure to congratulate and thank you and your CCPIT team, Mr Chairman Yu, for
the most useful, well-organized and very successful Conference which is now ending. We
wish to thank sincerely the Government of China for the importance it has attached to this
conference and for its strong support and generous donation of time. We are particularly
grateful to H.E. President JIANG Zemin for his strong message of support; to Premier ZHU
Rongji for his inspiring keynote speech; and to Mme WU Yi, State Counsellor for her welcome
speech. For all of this, and for the very warm Chinese hospitality extended by all, our very
sincere thanks. Thank you, as well, to all speakers and to all participants. You have made the
Conference and, indeed, you have delivered your gift of thoughts and friendship to CCPIT on
the occasion of its 50 Anniversary.
The 4 World Conference of TPOs came at the right moment and focused on the right issues
– issues that we must all address. There appears to be a consensus that:

    -        the role of TPOs stands to be reinforced, redefined and made better known
    -        TPOs need to constantly re-invent themselves and interact more closely with each
    -        TPOs have to better articulate the linkages between trade, investment and socio-
             economic development

We will go back home, to the four corners of the world, wiser people better equipped to do our
TPO managers jobs and better connected to other people doing the same in different but
equally turbulent environments. We will want to reflect further on what we have heard in
Beijing and adapt appropriate ideas to our own contexts. To facilitate this, we have already
posted the texts of all presentations on the TPO World Net website at

. We will do the same with the names and addresses of all participants in order to facilitate the
coming together of an effective virtual world net of TPOs. This should be of help -- but it will
never replace face-to- face meetings, so let’s go the extra mile of visiting each other each
time possible in our extensive individual traveling. ITC, for one, promises to continue to do so.
In this context, we are especially grateful to METCO of Malta for their kind offer to host the 5
World Conference of TPOs on their beautiful island two years from now. The expressions of
support, your smiles and signs of approval give me the impression that their offer has already
been accepted. From Cartagena to Santiago to Marrakech to Beijing to Malta, let’s continue
our joint pursuit of trade as a tool for progress by all.

Thank you all and have a safe return home.