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									                           Woodview Community Association
                                  Job Description

                     Job Title - Mental Health Family Worker
                      Salary SWA Scale 4 point 18 £16,000pa
                   Hours of Work 36.5 hours per week (flexible)
           Location Woodview Community Centre and Surrounding Area

Job Purpose
The Purpose of this Job is to work with and support the Families of Mental Health
Service Users. To help them come to terms with and understand their family members
Mental Health issues and the difficulties surrounding them as Mental Health Service

This means there will be support for not only the Service users directly but also their
Families which is presently missing and which this post is designed to address.

We believe that in supporting the Families of Service Users we are supporting the Service
Users themselves and stabilising and maintaining their relationships with their families
and others. We see this as crucial to their Mental Health and general well being.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Post is primarily an Outreach Post. This means that the person employed in this
position will spend a large part of their working day visiting Service Users Families or
Family Members either in their own Homes or supporting them in their dealings with
other agencies or individuals as may be required.

You are accountable to the Mental Health Team Manager for your day to day work and
this person will assign you your duties. They will also give you line management and
regular supervision on a one to one basis.

Once you are familiar with the job in hand you will work at times on your own initiative
but remaining in contact with the office at The Community Centre on a regular basis
letting the office staff know where you are at all times for your own security by
telephone. You must let other members of staff know where you are going and when you
expect to return. This is for your own protection and security.

Lone Working and visiting people in their own homes
As a large part of this job will involve working with other members of Staff in visiting
people in their own homes or visiting people on your own. Your own security and the
security of others must always be a primary concern at all times We have a Lone Worker
Policy in place
Essential Risk Assessments
Your work and visiting must be subject to a Risk Assessment and must be discussed with
your Line Manager who is the Mental Health Team Manager or with other members of
the M.H.T in his absence or for more major concerns with the Project Leader in the
absence of the M.H.T Manager All outside visit should involve an element of risk
assessment to determine any security risks to your self and others.

Visiting Unpredictable People Policy
Visiting people indicating unpredictable behaviour or people of your opposite sex should
always be done in pairs either with another staff member or volunteer. You must never
visit people alone that you are not comfortable with and never with a member of your
opposite sex. This is for your own protection and is company policy, it is not optional.

Office Based Work
There will be an essential element of Office Based Work. This will involve the following
elements. These are essential to you role and serve to maintain contact with the rest of the
staff team.

You are responsible for filling in your Timesheet/Locator daily and updating it
throughout the day as necessary signing in at the start of the day and out at the finish of
your shift. The clients should know when you would be available for support purposes.
Your hours of work are flexible and may include evenings and weekends as required.

Relevant Essential Paperwork
You will be responsible for completing the relevant paperwork for the clients you are
dealing with i.e. Monitoring Form /Visiting Forms and Support Plans making sure you
save a copy for filing.

Essential Advocacy
You must be able to and will be required as an essential part of your job to act as an
advocate for our clients families with other agencies such as D.S.S, City Agents or
Council, City Housing, Housing Benefit etc.This will mean helping them fill in forms and
make telephone calls on their behalf. Monitoring outcomes and making sure all benefits
are applied for and received by Service Users Families or Carers. Therefore a good
working knowledge of welfare benefits and advocacy is required.

Stowaway Club Family Members
The person appointed would be required to help out at the Stowaway Club, which is our
Drop-In Club for the mentally ill people. This should be done by encouraging family
members and Carers to occasionally attend if possible

Weekly Staff Team Meetings
The Mental Health Family Worker will be expected to attend all weekly team meetings
and other meetings as required. The Mental Health Family Worker will be required to
prepare reports on their work as required.
Trial Period
A Three months trial period is applicable to this post. It will be review on a monthly to
Six week basis and at the end of Three months the contract will be confirmed subject to a
satisfactory performance.

You are entitled to 20 days plus Bank holidays a year on full pay and taken by agreement
with your line manager before the 31st March each year.

Wages Your wages are paid weekly into your bank account by Bank Giro Credit

This Job Description may be updated from time to time as required at the discretion of
the Management.

John Harris
Project Leader 16/03/04
Updated 01/06/06
                              Mental Health Family Worker
                                 Personal Specification

Essential Skills
N.V.Q 1-2 Care Work and or experience of working with Mentally Ill Service Users in a
community and residential setting.

The person appointed must have very good communication skills both oral and written.
Including report-writing skills. Word processing skills would be useful.

Must be able to work on their own or as a part of a team

A willingness to visit Service Users and their families in their own homes

Must be able to get on with all types of people primarily Service Users and their families
but also other professionals and volunteers. Must be a down to earth person who gets on
easily with all kinds of people.

The ability to maintain confidentiality at all times is essential

Must be able to work discreetly and quietly with confidence in their own abilities

Ability to work some unsociable hours with minimum supervision when required

Must have the ability and confidence to handle people who can sometimes present
difficult and challenging behaviour.

A good working knowledge of Welfare Right issues relating to Mental Health Service
Users and their families.

A valid Full United Kingdom Driving Licence and the full use of a Car for which mileage
will be paid

Non Essential Skills
Word Processing skills and Computer literacy would be useful

Any Mental Health Nursing experience would be welcome but not essential.

John Harris
Project leader

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