President's statement at the closing ceremony of the Games

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					President’s statement at the closing ceremony of
the Games of the XXllnd Olympiad
I have shortly to close the Games in accordance with tradition, but before doing so, I would
ask as I did at the close of the Winter Games at Lake Placid to implore the sportsmen of the
world to unite in peace before a holocaust descends. Alas, sport is intertwined with politics
but, and I do not mind being accused of being naive, sport and the Olympic Games must not
be used for political purposes, especially when other political, diplomatic and economic
means have not been tried. The Olympic Games are for the benefit of our children.
The sportsmen gathered here for the Games of the XXIInd Olympiad have shown their great
friendship despite their varying co/ours, religious or political philosophies in fair competi-
tion-let us love our neighbours.
The standards and records of the many individuals are ample proof of the great perfor-
mances obtained at these Games and I only grieve for those who were not able to partici-
This is my last appearance as President of the International Olympic Committee and I wish
my successor, Juan Antonio Samaranch every good wish and pledge my support as Honor-
ary Life President for the future in the problems he will have to face. Also I must thank all
the members of the IOC, IFS and NOCs who have assisted me during my term of office.
In the name of the International Olympic Committee I offer to President Leonid Brezhnev
and to the people of the Soviet Union, to Mr. Promyslov and the authorities of the city of
Moscow and to Mr. Novikov and the Organising Committee of the Games, our deepest gra-
titude. I thank the competitors, officials, spectators, the media and all those who have con-
tributed to the success of these Games. I declare the Games of the XXIInd Olympiad
closed and in accordance with tradition, I call upon the youth of all countries to assemble
four years from now at Los Angeles, there to celebrate with us the Games of the XXIIIrd
Olympiad.                                                                          Lord Killanin
                                                                          President of the IOC