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					Titolo: EMBALLAGE 2002 Paris, 18 - 22 November 2002
Sottotitolo: Stand No. 5A D114

SACMI and some companies belonging to the Group couldn't miss this very important event

Here is what you will find on our stand:

CVS vision system suitable for:
- Product quality guarantee,
- Downtime reduction,
- Efficiency increase,
- Production process continuously monitor,
- and more
SACMI Imola, Beverage & Packaging Division, having more than 17 years of experience in the vision system
for quality control, has developed two new generations of vision systems for the quality control:
CVS DECO-CAP COLOR : Inspection on the decoration and surface of a wide range of products such
as plastic caps, bottle labels, crown caps, twist-off caps, cans, can-ends, aluminum caps and other
similar closures. The system has been engineered to guarantee 100% of the product quality, thus rejecting
misprintings or misdecorations from the production lines. The system has been developed using the latest
vision processing technology and is able to detect and classify defects in the most challenging applications.
Here are some detectable defects: mixed decorations, out of center, scratches, spots, incomplete printings,
different colors, misprintings, etc.
CVS 2000 : Low price vision system for inspecting the internal side of a wide range of packaging
products such as cans, ends, EZO, twist-off caps, crown caps, etc. The system has been designed and
developed to achieve the manufacturers' inspection needs at a low price. The system application supports
either single or multi-camera, and the price/performance will ensure a rapid payback.
Both systems offer:
- automatic inspection and rejection of up to 2,500 pieces per minute (black & white or color)
- using more than one camera per line,
- supply of statistical information necessary for production quality monitoring,
- User-friendly interface and easy to use,
- Fast set-up and self learning,
- Runs in a Microsoft Windows NT environment,
- Multilingual support
- Total integration in the production line

In the occasion of next Emballage (Paris, 18 – 22 Nov. 2002) CORTELLAZZI FINTEC S.p.A. will be
showing the « INTEGRALE VEGA NH » MONOBLOCK, made of one Opera Roll Fed 16 head
Labeller, one 40 nozzle Rinser, one 60 filling valve Counter Pressure Filler of the renowed VEGA series
already appreciated all over the world, and one 10 head Capping Turret.
These machines are all assembled on the same base frame, with direct mechanical transmission to the filling
So far nothing special, but the features we are describing hereunder are unique and unrepeatable.
First of all the labeller is located at the monoblock in-feed side. Labelling is made on pressurised empty
bottles to eliminate the humidity problem due to the filling procedure.
Each bottle enters the labeller through a selecting starwheel which takes the bottle from the neck, and it’s
conveyed inside the machine carousel to be labelled, without any need for bottom support.
After being labelled, the bottle is conveyed to the rinser, filler and capping turret by means of starwheels
handling the bottle always and only from the neck, in accordance with a system Cortellazzi Fintec has been
adopting for a long time.
The great advantages of this solution are immediately understood.
This compact and functional monoblock needs very little space : thanks to its special « U » configuration, it
can be controlled and run by one operator only, but above all the size changeover is almost NON-
Changing from one format to another requires no replacement of parts, neither in the labelling machine, with
a great saving of time, efficiency and, last but not least, investment.
Cortellazzi Fintec is certainly putting forward a very effective solution where efficiency, flexibility and
compactness are needed.

With more than 60 machines installed all over the world, SACMI LABELLING S.p.A. has achieved its
objective to design, manufacture and supply the most efficient ROLL-FED labelling machines available on
the market.
With the accurate web tension control device and the newly designed ultra-precise cutting system, SACMI
LABELLING OPERA ROLL-FED MACHINES are capable of handling several different types of labelling
material, without changeover or difficult adjustments. OPERA ROLL-FED MACHINES can handle paper,
OPP or PET label material without utilising any change parts. Successful installations have been carried out
also in NORTH AMERICA; the labellers have been running efficiently at 1,000 bpm (60,000 bph) for
several months, this has brought great satisfaction to the customers and, of course to SACMI
Another important issue that has always been a concern when involved in roll-fed labelling technology is the
heavy impact of glue contamination during production, forcing end users to clean the machine often, which
resulted in a reduction of overall efficiency. Thanks to the extremely accurate glue distribution system and
the original label transfer technology, OPERA ROLL-FED MACHINES run for long periods of time, without
requiring the intervention of line operators. Not only does the glue system offer accuracy but it also has a
very precise glue consumption control system, which drastically reduces the use of glue on OPERA ROLL-
FED MACHINES. Our statistics have already confirmed that, in standard applications, it is possible to
produce 200,000 bottles using only 1 kg of Hot Melt glue.
All historical problems related to the roll-fed labelling technology have been solved by the OPERA ROLL-
FED MACHINES. Today SACMI LABELLING S.p.A. can supply a complete range of labelling machines
from 3,000 to 60,000 BPH. And, no doubt, SACMI LABELLING OPERA ROLL-FED MACHINES have to be
considered “NUMBER ONE” in the roll-fed labelling.

Scan Vision X-RAY Inspection Systems have a long tradition in the foodstuff industry, counting today on
more than 100 appliances all over Europe.
Constant progresses brought in 2001 to the development of Trolley-X "Inspection equipment for either
unpacked and packed products".
This new inspection system , equipped with a mobile trolley, can be separated from the conveyor belt without
stopping the production line and without disassembling any covers or clamps.
In this way all cleaning and maintenance operations are friendly. Trolley-X allows a perfect accessibility to all
machine parts protecting at the same time sensor or hazardous components of the inspection unit.
To resume:
Fully separability of the inspection module from the conveyor belt ( thanks to 4 solid wheels).
Stand alone power supply of the conveyor belt allows to handle production with or without inspection activity
or system control in site.
Inspection speed up to 75 m /minute according to the detector type.
Inspection breadth from 250 up to 1000 mm. and 500 mm. height, according to the model.
A very reliable reject signal allows to separate from the production line faulty products or suspected to
contain foreign bodies such as:
- glass up to 2 mm.
- iron and steel up to 0,5 mm
- stones and bones up to 3 mm
- certain plastics related to the nature of chemical composition
And finally the "Heart" of Scan Vision Systems that, especially for Trolley-X unit, has been studied to open
the doors to an easy tuning or custom made solutions on appliance’s demand.
This is mostly the very important feature that leads ScanVision project development, technical support and
after sale organization to reach performances and customer satisfaction in this very heterogeneous market.

A Form Fill Seal machine suitable for processing mini-portions (honey, butter, jam, sauces, etc.) at an out-put
of 6,000 items per hour.

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