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									                                                               Press release
                                                                Cairo, Egypt
                                                          December 13, 2007

                     IDLO Arab Regional Office
                   “The Ibrahim Shihata Center”
                   Closing ceremony of EILC-2A
            “Enterprise and Investment Lawyers Course”
                 November 11- December 13, 2007

On Thursday December 13, IDLO Arab Regional Office “The Ibrahim
Shihata Center” will celebrate closing ceremony of EILC-2A “Enterprise
and Investment Lawyers Course”. The ceremony will bring together
representatives from various embassies of the countries represented in
this course (Jordan, Tunisia, Mauritania, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Kuwait,
Egypt), in addition to representatives from Egyptian ministries and
authorities. The 10 senior experts, who addressed the participants on
various topics, are from Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco and Egypt

Objectives of this course are to assist legal professionals from both
public and private sectors to better their understanding in terms of the
economic basis of the legal framework of investment and economic
enterprises in the light of the new role of State and globalization’s
requirements; to cope with various aspects of the new legal
framework, with the possibility of modifying and developing national
laws for achieving an enabling environment for business to attract and
enhance national and foreign private investment; to negotiate to
conclude bilateral agreements with a view to achieve reasonable and
fair relationship based on balancing between public and private
interests, and ensuring legal rights of investors; draft arbitration
clauses in investment contracts and agreements, and how to deal with
disputes that may be instituted before arbitration bodies; increase
efficiency of role played by private sector and find out models of
partnerships between public and private sectors in order to boost
investment and enterprises; set up enterprises pursuant to modern
legal system of commercial companies and rules of corporate
governance; investment and enterprises development policy should be
accompanied by developed or amended competition law and policy

IDLO Arab Regional Office “The Ibrahim Shihata Center”.
with a view to curb the restrictive commercial practices; use various
ways of funding private projects and companies through loans and
financial markets; analyze the financial statements of institutions and
investment enterprises; link up investment and trade within the
framework of the WTO Doha Development Round Agenda.

A field visit to the General Authority for Investment was organized to
enable participants access to the Egyptian pilot experiment in terms of
the one step stop.

IDLO     (International   Development    Law    Organization) is  an
international, inter-governmental organization with a mandate to
promote the Rule of Law and good governance in developing countries,
countries in economic transition and countries emerging from post-
conflict situations.    Since its establishment in 1983, IDLO has
contributed to the training of more than 17,000 lawyers, magistrates
and officials from approximately 176 countries.

IDLO has its Headquarters in Rome, Italy and two Regional Offices; in
Cairo, Egypt, covering Arabic-speaking countries and in Sydney,
Australia, covering the Asia Pacific area.
IDLO is funded by contributions from its 18 Member States and other

IDLO Arab Regional Office “The Ibrahim Shihata Center”.

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