ICA 38th CONFERENCE CLOSING CEREMONY Nachman Oron Chair of by whitecheese


									ICA 38th CONFERENCE                                                        Closing Session
Limassol, Cyprus, October 2004                                  Nachman Oron, Chair of ICA


                                    Nachman Oron

                                     Chair of ICA

Now let’s look forward, let’s look to next year. Next year I am sure all of you are
going to attend the Salzburg conference, the ICA 39th conference, may I invite our
host for next year Hans Werner Ksica to make the invitation.

Hans has the technology so:

(Music, slides and a sound introduction to Salzburg from Hans Werner Ksica, ICA
National Representative, Austria.)

Nachman Oron, Chair of ICA. Well if anyone had any doubt about Salzburg. Okay
as we are about to close this conference and you probably realise that behind the
preparation of this kind of conference there is a lot of effort. Many people take part in
this. May I invite here the Members of the Board; my Vice Chair, Choy Peng; the
Programme Committee Chair, Martha Dorris; and our Editor and Treasurer, Larry
Caffrey, please join me in thanking them for their work.

Will the members of the programme committee who had executed excellent work
stand up? Thank you all very much. This is a real ICA experience and very unusual
one. Behind the scenes we had an excellent support team that made it happen. May I
call each one of them to come forward? Last but not least the lady who led the
support team and who joined us in all the preparation and the meetings before
conference Myroula; and finally our great host Costa Agrotis. Thank you all.

Well we still have another night before us; tonight is our gala dinner and awards
ceremony; dress is business attire with ties and your best dresses. We are going to
start it at 8 o’clock. I hope very much to see you all tonight and again in Salzburg
next year. Until then, Good bye.


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