Two options 1) Cross the Alex Fraser Bridge, then

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Two options 1) Cross the Alex Fraser Bridge, then Powered By Docstoc
					   Two options: 1) Cross the Alex Fraser
   Bridge, then join 2) walk the boardwalk to
   the Cedar Forest closing ceremony. Some
   seniors may wish to only do 2).
   1) Try to carpool with others from your church or area. A charter bus will take
   passengers from the Unitarian Church of Vancouver parking lot, Oak at W. 49th at
   1:15. On Hwy 91 from Richmond or New West take the Annicis Island exit. Turn
   left on Cliveden and turn right at Chester. Go one block to Quizno's on your right:
   640 Chester Rd. Use restrooms available on Annacis Is. Park on the street or in
   visitors' parking of businesses closed on Sunday. Arrive no later than 1:45, to
   register, get your shell and arm band. The really early birds get chocolate.
   We cross the bridge at 2:15. Drivers will get a lift to retrieve their cars at 5:30 pm.
   2) At about 3:15 we will meet those who cannot cross the bridge, in the parking lot
   of the Great Pacific Forum, 10388 Nordel Court. To get there by car, cross the
   bridge and go right for River Road, then turn right at the Esso Station, the second
   right. Follow Nordel Court under the bridge to the far corner of the Great Pacific
   Forum. (Restrooms available inside on the second floor.)
         Bring sunscreen, water, a snack, a hat, binoculars. Be kind. Share with others.
                     Karl Perrin--Co-chair, Cecilia Hudec--Co-chair

A pilgrimage is a ritual that belongs to no single religious or cultural tradition, that has no inherent
ritual except to go, and when undertaken by walking, slows people down to move through the
environment at a natural pace that awakens the senses, to perceive and connect to the environment as
it is.