PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
As fall approaches, in come all the changes of the new season; the colors of the leaves, cooler weather
and shorter days, the packing up of the crocs and shorts and taking out of sweaters and pants. There are
plenty of changes going on at our school as well. Students feel more comfortable walking the hallways
and buying their lunch and kindergarteners are coming off the bus looking like they have been coming
here for years. It’s only been one month - just imagine how they will be 6 months from now! Their
handwriting is becoming a bit neater, their reading stronger, and choice of colors to create pictures and
paintings more brilliant; making whatever they created come to life. Our school also got a face-lift, with
new flowers and vegetable beds for every class, new murals at the school entrance, a beautiful rock wall
and plants for our school sign (Thank you Sedlak Family!) and coming soon - a large mural on the side of
the building.

There is a lot going on with the PTO too! We kicked off the year with a KidStuff/Entertainment fundraiser,
awards for summer reading, class pictures, and back by popular demand, the GOLDEN LUNCHBOX!
Planning for the Halloween Hoopla is underway with games, prizes and a NEW Haunted House theme.
We held our first 2 meetings of the year and all were received with great enthusiasm.
                                                         We hope that every child comes home with
    READING OLYMPIC RESULTS                              a positive attitude and fun stories to tell you
                                                         at the end of each day.
                Overall Winner
                  Zachary Seigal                         Change is good! Enjoy!
                 1st Grade                              PC PTO President
            1st Catherine Morgan                        Cathleen Boorse
             2nd Nicole Kreider
          3rd Kenneth Langenmayr

                 2nd Grade                                        SEPTEMBER GOLDEN
             1st Zachary Seigal                                  LUNCH BOX WINNERS
           2nd Shannon Broderick
                                                                       September 17th
             3rd Michelle Grille
                                                                 Mrs. Klimek and Mrs. Goerke
                   3rd Grade
               1st Dana Bosland                                      September 24th
              2nd Emily Garceau                              Mrs. Tomaszewski and Ms. Recchia
              3rd Natalia Jasiak

                                 T-shirt orders are due Oct 14th (questions? contact Karen
                                 Roughton or Cathleen Boorse)
                                 Every Friday is Spirit Day at PC - so where your PC or a blue or
                                 white t-shirt to show your SPIRIT!
                                 Donations of baked goods and drinks needed for the Halloween
                                 Hoopla – contact Wendy Rhoads or Erin Biegel to sign up.
                                 Halloween pre-sale tickets can be purchased up through
                                 Tuesday, October 13th! (questions? Contact Kelly Merlo or
                                 Bernadette Callahan)
                                 All flyers and forms are posted on our website!
         SCHOOL MURALS                                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Congratulations to students whose
                                                th     th
art work was chosen for the new                6 -8     : Bookfair
school murals                                  12th:   Columbus Day (School Closed)
                                               12th:   REF Movie Day
Large mural: Madison Ward                      16th:   Halloween Hoopla (6–9PM,MJR)
Smaller murals: Kayley Harnett,                30th:   Halloween Parade
Ryan Sullivan, Lainie Bower and
Shayna Rives
                                               1 : Daylight Savings
                                               3rd: Election Day
 2009/2010 PTO MEETING                         5th-6th: School Closed
       SCHEDULE                                (NJEA Conference)
 General Membership Meetings:                  11th: 1st Marking Period Ends /
   Wednesday, November 18th                    Veterans Day
                                               12th: Prime 15 Night
    Wednesday, January 13th
                                               18th: Picture re-takes
      Tuesday, March 23rd                      20th: Report Cards
        Monday, June 7th                       21st: Mother/Son Event
Board Election and Budget Voting               23rd-25th: Early Dismissal
            Meeting:                           (parent/teacher conferences)
       Wednesday, May 12th                     26th-27th: School Closed
                                               (Thanksgiving recess)

Thanks to the Eat Local Organization,
Peter Cooper’s gardening program is
expanding abound! A $3000 grant from
the NJ Agricultural Society was recently
presented to the school by Susan
Macaulay. The grant has already been
used to fund the construction of garden
beds for each of the K-3 grades and as
                                               COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD
well as the Ramapough Community                Board of Education Meetings
Garden! An additional thank you to Roger
                                               Work session:
Redner, who donated all the dirt to fill the
                                                    Monday, October 19th
garden beds.
                                               Business session:
The PTO, the educators and Eat Local will,
                                                    Monday, October 26th
throughout the year, be engaging the
students in a curriculum geared towards        All meetings start at 7:30 PM @ the
teaching young children the basics of          MJ Ryerson School Library.
gardening and where food comes from.
                                               Fire Expo - Sunday October 11th, 1-
On September 28th, Eat Local hosted a
                                               4PM @ the Ringwood Library
apple tasting during which children were
able to taste 3 different types of local       Ringwood Farmer’s Market –
apples. The kids loved it.                     Open every Saturday (9 AM to 1 PM)
                                               through November at the Ringwood
Tasting results: 1st - Honey Crisp, 2nd –
                                               Park and Ride on Cannici Drive (RAIN
Macoun, 3rd – Gala.
                                               OR SHINE!).

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