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					                                  Università degli Studî
                      Suor Orsola Benincasa – Napoli
                   Centro di studi pianistici Vincenzo Vitale

                        Piano Masterclasses
                Massimo Bertucci, Michele Campanella, Laura De Fusco

Access to the Masterclass is open to holders of a 1st Level academic Diploma for piano
(new academic ordinamento) or of a Diploma of Pianoforte principale (old academic
ordinamento), issued by Music Conservatories or Musical Institutes pareggiati. Foreign
students are required to hold an equivalent certificate.

           Massimo Bertucci, Michele Campanella, starting at the beginning of
The course will run during the academic year 2009/2010, Laura De Fusco
October 2009.

The course aims to train pianists using Vincenzo Vitale's methods, which are based on
observations of the pianist’s hand and arm movements. Maestro Vitale has demonstrated
his pedagogical talent by combining the basic anatomical and physiological principles with
his invaluable experience in adapting them to the pianist’s specific needs.
The “Vincenzo Vitale” Centre for Piano Studies aims to be part of the old and glorious
Neapolitan piano school tradition, while reconnecting the thread to generations of great
pianists, thread which today is close to be lost The heritage left by Vitale cannot be lost or,
worse still, misinterpreted with thousands of deviations. In order to protect and pass this
knowledge on to future generations throughout Italy and abroad, this initiative has been
launched in collaboration with the University Suor Orsola Benincasa.

Individual lessons are scheduled for a total of 16 hours.
The dates of the lessons will be decided by individual teachers for their own classes.

Massimo Bertucci and Michele Campanella will be assisted by Stefania Bertucci and
Monica Leone. Students enrolled on these classes will therefore benefit from lessons held
by both the teachers and the assistants.
The class of Michele Campanella and Monica Leone is also open to students interested in
perfecting their repertoire for four hand piano and two pianos.
Massimo Bertucci and Michele Campanella will teach during two days a month to a
maximum of 8 students each (4 in each class); Laura De Fusco will teach on a monthly
basis to a maximum of 4 students.

Lessons missed by students due to reasons beyond the responsibility of the organisation
will not be replaced, except if the timetable of the respective teacher allows for it.

The Course operates on the basis of a numerus clausus, with a maximum of 20
students. A class will only be started if a minimum of 2 students have enrolled.

Enrolment on the course is depending on an entry exam, held by the teachers. The
exam date will be published on the University board, on this link and on
www.centrostudivincenzovitale.org. Students will be requested to play at least two pieces
for a total duration of 30 minutes.
One piece to be chosen from the following composers: J.S. Bach, D. Scarlatti, F.J. Haydn,
W.A. Mozart, M. Clementi, L. Van Beethoven, F. Schubert;
The second to be selected from the following composers: R.A. Schumann, F. Chopin, F.
Liszt, J. Brahms, C. Debussy, A. Scriabin, M. Ravel, S. Prokofiev.

The list of students admitted to the course will be available on the University board and on
www.unisob.na.it immediately after exam results are known.

Auditors are welcome. Auditors enrolled for the whole academic year are entitled to
attend all the lessons. The auditors fee is €750, half the fee for the fully enrolled
students. Teachers have the option to periodically invite individuals interested in specific
lesson subjects or methods.

The      application      must    be     received       by    the   Chancellor      of the
University Suor Orsola Benincasa, at the Students Secretariat, Corso Vittorio Emanuele
292, 80100 Naples, ITALY, no later than 18th September 2009.
The application form available on the website www.unisob.na.it must contain the
following information:
- name, date and place of birth, nationality, national insurance number/fiscal code
- a CV, including qualifications;
- address notices about the course are to be sent.

The registration fee totals €1.500,00, to be paid to the University Suor Orsola Benincasa
at any branch of Banco di Napoli-San Paolo IMI, by using the payment form which can be
collected from the Students Secretariat (Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 292) or by downloading
it at www.unisob.na.it (payment receipt to be faxed to no. +39 081 2522266).

The payment schedule is as follows:
     - 1st instalment (€ 500) by 15th October 2009;
     - 2nd instalment (€ 500) by 18th December 2009;
     - 3rd instalment (€ 500) by 30th March 2010.

Auditors must also comply with the above timelines and payment terms. For
auditors, each instalment will be €250.

Students showing particular merit will have the opportunity to perform in public
recitals organised by the University of Suor Orsola Benincasa.

At the conclusion of the Masterclass, the University will issue a certificate detailing
the training levels achieved.

For more information:            tel: +39 081 2522267/279, + 39 0874/412541;
                                 fax: +39 081 2522266;
                                 email: att.culturali@unisob.na.it

Naples, 21st April 2009        The Chancellor
                               Prof Francesco De Sanctis

D.R. n° 194 del 21 apr. 2009


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