The Secret to Surviving A Difficult Divorce

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					The Secret to Surviving A Difficult Divorce

With endless court dates, attorney fees mounting and no settlement in sight, it is easy to become emotionally distraught and overwhelmed during a divorce.

Staying calm and focused is not always easy.

But staying in control while going through a difficult divorce is exactly what you need to do to succeed.
So how can you get yourself back on track emotionally while going through one of the most agonizing times in your life?

Here are three ways to take back control:

1. Spend some time visualizing the outcome you desire. See yourself signing the final divorce agreement. Visualize in detail, how you feel when your divorce papers are signed. Imagine the relief you will feel and the weight that will be lifted off your shoulders once your divorce is over.

2. When you are at your lowest

and feel like giving up, take some time out. You need a break from your divorce and need to find something that will distract you and help you focus on something positive instead.

Spend time with a friend…

Get A Massage…

But whatever you do, the rule is no discussing your divorce on this day. This is your break, even if it is only for a few hours.

3. When you are alone and feelings of grief, anger and depression wash over you, allow yourself to release them. Cry, punch a pillow, or write a letter to your soon to be ex letting him know just how much he has hurt you.

Be sure to take that letter and burn it. Do not send it! This is an exercise for you to get rid of pent up anger and resentment.

Eventually your divorce will be over and you will be free to begin a new and fulfilling life. That day will be here sooner than you think, so hang in there and gather your strength and resources. Someday soon this will all be a distant, painful memory.

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Description: The Secret to Surviving a Difficult Divorce by Christina Rowe, author of Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce
About Christina Rowe learned the hard way about the perils of divorce. She was a happily married woman with four children. Then Christina caught her husband cheating and her life spiraled out of control. Catching her husband cheating was only the beginning of her nightmare. Divorce proceedings plunged her into a private hell of corrupt lawyers, ugly conflicts with in-laws, financial problems that threatened her four children, and a stubbornly volatile deadbeat ex. Eventually Christina's life got better. She made it through the storm. In her book, Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce, Christina reveals the secrets to a successful divorce for women. She shares her story and gives specific tips and recommendations on how not to be taken advantage of during the divorce process.