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									Met de steun van het Europees Sociaal Fonds en de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Students’ Evaluation of Bachelor in Nursery Education
Part-time Track

Below testimonies were based on a questionnaire and an interview with Part-time
Track students.

Added value of Part-time Track

“The Part-time Track gave me additional time to adapt to (the pace of) Higher
Education and to spread my workload.”

“You slowly learn how to function in Higher Education, as it is a fairly big step you

“I’m glad I made this choice. I come from secondary vocational education. For
me, this was probably the best choice.”

“You get more time to get acquainted with Higher Education. You are coached
and you get more opportunities to work on the issues that are difficult for you.
You can concentrate on the subjects and work on those you have difficulties
understanding. You mustn’t learn everything at once; you can do everything at
your own pace.”


“The coaches, as well as the other teachers, are always prepared to answer
questions and solve problems. Very positive.”

“I feel very much supported and guided by my coach. You can always reach her
and she is always prepared to help her students. If you don’t agree with her, you
are free to give your opinion.”

“I could do everything at own pace. I was able to gradually work myself into the
topics. The additional coaching was also very good! I’m a lot more “open”. I am
also less afraid to fail because the additional coaching helped me gain more self-

“We got good coaching and support. I was for instance not very good in music.
The first time didn’t go well. But my mentor helped me and explained me how to
do it.”
Met de steun van het Europees Sociaal Fonds en de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Language Coaching

“I think I made progress in the course “expression”; this gave me a lot of
confidence. Now, I also dare to use it in nursery education.”

“The additional language coaching was necessary, especially for me.”

“Has language coaching helped me? Yes, it made me rehearse the basics. In the
past, I always had to think hard, but with the extra coaching I tend to make fewer

Learning at the workplace

“I think we got a lot of practice opportunities. It is good to do placements on such
a regular basis; this allows you to figure out whether you really want to exercise
this profession.”

“Thanks to my placement coach, I found out what my strong and weaker points
were. Yes, she was always right. Sometimes she pointed out some things I did
not know / had not recognised myself, which is handy to improve yourself.”


“I think I have made progress in expressing myself and in being playful with the
toddlers. I have also gained a lot more confidence and I have become more self-

“I’m very glad to have chosen this track. I had some doubts about making the
right choice. But after a few weeks of teaching in nursery, I made up my mind. I
really want to go ahead with this and make it my profession.”

“If I hadn’t taken this course, I could never have thought/dreamt to become a
nursery teacher.”

“When I think back on the past year, I feel great. I have learned a lot and know
that toddlers will be part of my life. I really want to become a nursery teacher and
I want to go for it. I feel very well amongst my fellow students.”

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