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					  Objects of the Friends
                                                   The SAAF Museum
The Friends are a voluntary non-profit
organisation run by civilians dedicated to
the preservation and display of the history
                                              Headquartered at AFB Swartkop, the SAAF
                                              Museum has covered an immense amount of
                                                                                              Become A Friend
and aircraft of the South African Air Force
(SAAF). The Friends are primarily
                                              ground with the limited resources at its
                                              disposal since its incorporation in 1973.
concerned with providing the Museum
with three vital necessities, without which
                                              Satellite museums have been established at
                                              AFB Ysterplaat, Cape Town, and next to
                                                                                                 Help The
the Museum would be a mere shadow of
its present self: fund-raising, maintenance
                                              Port Elizabeth Airport, with a complement
                                              of more than 70 aircraft at locations around
and restoration work. The Cape Town           the country.
branch was officially formed in 1984.
                                              The Museum's main task is concerned with
Members who wish to work on aircraft or       the collection and display of aircraft and
undertake other tasks may join various        items associated with the SAAF. It is also
work parties. Current restoration projects    concerned with the restoration of SAAF
include the interior of the Ventura to        aircraft to both static and flying condition.
display condition and the Dakota to
airworthy condition. Others could help        The Museum's functions can be divided into
man the Museum shop at airshows, clean        three areas:
exhibits or undertake research.

Membership of the Friends is open to all
                                               Research and documentation;
                                               Operation of the Historic Flight;
                                                                                              Friends of the
and although we provide support to the
SAAF Museum, we do not receive any
                                               The storage of aviation-related artefacts.
funds from the SAAF or the government.

Donations are most welcome. Contact us
                                              For more information on the Museum and            Museum
                                              the SAAF:
at for more
information.                                             Cape Town Branch
              Membership                                                                   Introduced by: Member:  Event: 

Each member, on joining the Friends, receives a
                                                             APPLICATION                                   Advert:  Other: 
                                                                                           Annual Subscription (Enclosed)
welcome letter and a Membership Card which during
its validity entitles the member to free admission to the
Museum at AFB Ysterplaat.                                       FORM                       Senior: (R100 per year)
                                                                                           Junior: (R50 per year)

                                                                                           (Please note that the Committee reserves the right
Members are invited to bring guests to the various
                                                            Personal Information:          to approve membership)
activities and lectures hosted by the Friends.
                                                            Surname:                       I hereby indemnify the Friends, the South
Conditions of Membership                                                                   African Aviation Foundation Museum (Assoc
I am aware of the responsibilities associated with
                                                            First Name:                    inc. under S21) The South African National
membership of the Friends of the SAAF Museum (The                                          Defence Force and the State, and all their
Friends) and agree to:                                                                     officers, from any claims arising from damage
                                                            ID Number:
      Abide by the Constitution of the Friends                                            to property or injury which I may incur while
      Abide by the Code of Conduct of the Friends                                         engaged in the activities of the Friends.
                                                            Postal address:
      Act in a manner so as to bring credit to the
         SAAF Museum and the SAAF in general.                                              Signature:
The Constitution and the Code of Conduct are
                                                                Post Code:
available for perusal from the Secretary or the website                                    Parent of Guardian:
at                                                       (if under 18)
                                                            Residential address:

        Subscription Fees                                        Post Code:
                                                                                           Please post completed application (with
                                                            Phone No:          Home:       subscription) to The Secretary at the address
The annual subscription fees are as follows:
                                                                               Work:       opposite.
Junior member (Under 16) R50.00                                                Fax:
                                                                               Cell:       Membership Subscriptions can also be paid at the
Senior member:        R 100.00
                                                                                           Meetings or directly into the Friends Bank
                                                            Email address:                 Account at First National Bank.
           Postal Address                                                                  Account name: Friends of the SAAF Museum
                                                                                           Cape Town Branch
Friends of the SAAF Museum                                  Area(s) of interest
                                                            Aircraft restoration:         Branch Code: 20-33-09
PO Box 23                                                                                  Current account number 54450493597
                                                            Photography                
                                                            Uniforms                   
7425                                                        Weapons                       Please put your name in the reference field and the
Secretary Treas:                           General assistance            year of membership i.e. John Smith 2008. Fax a
An updated membership form is required each year.           Other (details):               copy of the deposit slip to the Museum on 021
9762166 or hand it in at the next meeting. Or email to:
The Secretary: