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									IVECO AT RAI 2007

Iveco is present at the Amsterdam RAI International Road Transport Show with the power of its 2006- 2007 product offensive,
which includes its off-road range, now broader than ever. Much of the stand is given over to off-road vehicles, with a special
focus on light commercial vehicles. Together with Daily 4x4, the recently-launched vehicle designed to respond to the needs of
professionals in light commercial transport, another light off-road vehicle, Iveco Massif, makes its international debut at RAI
2007. Other vehicles exhibited on the 3,000 sq.m. Iveco stand include new Daily CNG boasting its new 3.0 litre multipoint
injection dedicated natural gas engine; new Daily and Eurocargo models demonstrating double cab availability specifically for the
transport of work crews, and Trakker 6x6 with the 450 hp Cursor 13 engine. Another star attraction on the Iveco stand is the
return of the Innovation Centre with its focus on environmental protection, something that for Iveco is a fundamental driver of
product development. A central

issue is the reduction of CO2 emissions and this is why the Innovation Centre features Iveco’s dieselelectric hybrid vehicles. The
Daily and Eurocargo Hybrid prototypes in FedEx and TNT livery respectively look ahead to the 2008 field tests. The
latestgeneration hybrid technology from Iveco enables fuel savings of up to 30% in urban environments thanks to sophisticated
control and operation systems like stop&start, starting in electric mode and energy recovery from braking. The stand reflects
the role of sponsorship in our commercial strategy.

Besides the All Blacks sponsorship, the stand features the role Iveco plays as Official Supplier to the Ferrari F1 Racing Team, with
the new Daily 40C15 and the new Stralis AS tractor boasting its top of the range 560 hp Cursor 13 Euro 5 diesel engine, both
exhibited in the unmistakeable Ferrari red paintwork. Also exhibited is the Ferrari F2007 Formula 1 Grand Prix car.


The new Daily is built specifically to meet the demands of professionals provided by professionals. Two business fields with
shared objectives and which speak the same language. On the one hand, Iveco has the skill base and experience of a commercial
and industrial vehicle manufacturer. On the other, there are customers demanding maximum reliability, versatility and


The new Daily 4x4 is part of a tradition that takes Iveco back to 1985 when it released the first fourwheel drive Daily. The new
version enhances the versatility and characteristic reliability of the range. The vehicle is available in the chassis cab version,
seating 3, or with the long cab (“crew cab”), seating 6 plus driver. The crew cab version is ideal for missions requiring a large
crew (disaster relief, roadworks, forestry etc.).

The new Daily 4x4 is fitted with the 3.0 HPT engine (176 Cv; max. torque 400 Nm). The vehicle features permanent four-wheel
drive with three lockable differentials for improved traction (all four wheels) in extreme driving conditions.

The Daily 4x4 has 24 forward gears: 12 for varied conditions and 12 off-road. The synchronised low range can be implemented
while the vehicle is in motion to obtain “half gears” to enhance vehicle performance. Transmission is to all wheels (via cardan
shafts, differentials and axle shafts).

The front and rear suspensions are parabolic spring plus double-acting hydraulic dampers.
Power take-off is irrespective of vehicle movement, ensuring constant use of applications. Via hydraulic clutch and standard
gears, the power take-off can handle applications such as snow ploughs, ploughs, snow blowers or bush cutter arms for roadside
use. The power take-off is activated from the cab by simple button control, to operate, cable winches, backhoes or various other
applications (demolition hammers, pumps or even cutting or perforating appliances).

Two versions of the new Daily 4x4 are available with gross vehicle weights of 3.5 and 5.5 tonnes; both are available with
wheelbases of 3050 or 3400 mm for single cab versions and the crew cab with the 3400 mm wheelbase; 9.5R17.5 (SM) or
255/100R16 (SMT) tyres. Hence, the new Daily 4x4 can take on the most highly specialised tasks.

Working in urban areas where local air quality is vitally important requires a vehicle with the appropriate environmental
footprint. Meeting this objective with very low exhaust and noise emissions is Daily CNG. New Daily CNG sports the new 3.0
litre dedicated natural gas engine, certified to the EEV (Environmentally Enhanced Vehicle) standard but with a NOx limit of only
1/4 of the required value. The combustion strategy follows the stoichiometric regime and, coupled to a three-way exhaust
catalyst provides for very low tail-pipe emissions. This combustion strategy allows for changes in natural gas composition without
any adverse engine effects because the closed loop lambda control is able to maintain the necessary air fuel ratio under all
circumstances. With an engine rating of 140 hp, Daily CNG is available from 3.5 t up to 6.5 t; the addition of this version serves
to illustrate the vast range of the new Daily range.


After making its first international appearance (albeit in prototype form) accompanying the Itala on its journey to Beijing, Massif
makes its first international appearence in Amsterdam. Massif takes its original design from sports off-road vehicles before they
underwent urbanisation and became sport utility vehicles for use primarily on asphalt roads. Massif will be available in three-door
and five-door estate versions, as a pick-up and also in a version with chassis cab.


The Iveco Eurocargo was launched in 1991 and is the latest evolution of the Iveco medium truck range which has been further
developed to maintain its role as the benchmark commercial vehicle for the 6 to 19 ton GVW segment.

Eurocargo has won more awards than any other truck in the history of road transport. Its citations have included International
Truck of the Year 1992, Road Tester Choice 1993, the world record in 1993 for low fuel consumption performance for the 7.5
tonne version, Fleet Truck of the Year 1995, best imported truck in Germany in 1996, the MidiEuro Test 1996 for low fuel
consumption and overall productivity for the 12 ton version, the MidiEuro Test 1998 for the 7.5 ton version, and Best Light
Truck 2002.

Comprising in excess of 3000 possible configurations from over 300 basic models, Eurocargo represents a complete range of
vehicles that can be missionmatched to all types of applications.


Stralis is a work tool designed to meet any kind of heavy transport need on wheels ranging from 19 to 44 tons.

The real innovation with Stralis is mainly the cabin, resulting from the work carried out with great determination, in
collaboration with the dealers and customers who took part in the design, to improve its driving comfort and the life onboard.

The Stralis range is wide and can meet the needs of different types of missions. There are thousands of possible solutions with a
wide pitch selection for excellent vehicle adaptability; manual gearboxes, automated and automatic; rear axle ratios selected for
an ideal trade-off between road speed and tractive force.

The range includes 3 engines (of 8, 10 and 13 litres), 3 cabins (Active Day, Active Time, Active Space3) and 3 heights (low roof,
medium roof, and high roof).

All Stralis versions can be matched with several types of suspension - including the full dump air suspensions to adapt the vehicle
to the height required by distribution missions or intermodal transport.

Stralis was designed to offer a low ownership cost to the customer given the reduction of the two main vehicle cost items -
maintenance and consumption.

Stralis is the symbol of the success of a corporate strategy geared to improve brand image, starting from the company’s values
and building on them to showcase the products and services to the customer, and supported by a strong and coherent
advertising. This success has been repeated in commercial terms, with 25,000 orders received up to the end of September 2007.

Trakker is a work tool designed to meet every kind of extreme off-road mission on wheels ranging from 18 to 72 ton.

The real innovation with new Trakker is mainly the new Stralis-based cabin, resulting from the work carried out with great
determination, in collaboration with the dealers and customers who took part in the design, to improve its driving comfort and
the life onboard - which is now widely acknowledged as being vitally important to productivity and safety. New Trakker is
designed from the outset to meet customers’ needs and expectations, primarily in terms of strength and reliability. New Trakker
represents a perfect blend of strength, reliability, and the comfort of new Stralis Active Day and Active Time cabs.

The new Trakker range is wider than ever. It boasts a product range, in both left and right hand drive, that allows customers to
tailor the product to their specific mission. The range includes 2 engines (Cursor 8 and Cursor 13) and 2 cabins (AD and AT).

Rigid truck versions are available in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 and 8x8 configurations with power ratings from 310 to 500hp.

Tractor versions are available in 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 configurations with power ratings from 360 to 500hp.


Iveco’s Customer Service makes its debut on national Italian TV broadcaster RAI to present ORIGIN, the 2007 marketing
campaign that sees Iveco’s CS committed to a project on several fronts: from the tour travelling on the highways of 5 European
countries to bring the brand directly to our customers, to the website with its high-profile graphic look and innovative content
(over 20 specially-filmed videos).

ORIGIN pays tribute to the values and mission of Iveco’s Customer Service: at the heart of service to customers and original
Iveco parts.


Our history
Iveco Finance is the only partner that meets all the customer’s financing solution needs, and covers all Iveco vehicles and models.
For over 20 years, Iveco’s financial services have helped with sales of light and heavy vehicles, following a strategy of business
specialisation, market growth and competitiveness. In western Europe, Iveco Finance works with prestigious international banks,
integrating flexibility and financial expertise with its insider knowledge of the transport sector’s specific needs.

Global Partner
Iveco Finance is directly present in 14 countries, and there are over 20 companies supporting Iveco customers for the specific
requirements of eastern European markets. The quality of the partnership with Iveco financial services is confirmed by over
55000 customers worldwide and 112000 vehicles bought with our help. Iveco Finance also offers complementary services like
maintenance and insurance, to improve the safety of both customer and vehicle.

Instalment finance: tailored to your needs
The ideal solution for those who want to own and operate their own vehicle. We have variable duration contracts with
payments that can be tailored to the client’s needs and the use of the vehicle.
Financial leasing: get right to work with many opportunities
Financial leasing enables the client to use the Iveco vehicles they need but without the investment affecting their balance sheet,
because Iveco Finance is the owner of the vehicle. This has obvious advantages for the client, who can then free up financial
resources for investment in their core business. The rate can be tailored to individual requirements, with a variableduration
leasing agreement.
Operating leasing: one payment with many advantages
Operating leasing is a complete product that enables the client to use the vehicle and specify their economic/financial
commitment and monthly payment, right from the start and according to their actual needs. There’s no additional commitment
at the end of the lease, so it won’t eat into your liquidity or banking credit lines. Ownership of the vehicle remains with Iveco
Vehicle hire: efficiency with no problems
A steadily-growing area, in many countries vehicle hire is a welcome additional solution to operating and financial leasing,
because with a single monthly payment the client gets maximum vehicle efficiency, without commitment and without having to
allocate resources to fleet management.

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