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IPC Steering Committee Meeting                                      Wednesday 3 October 2007

         Nick Haan                      T-ana/FAO
         Mark Gordon                    WFP regional bureau
         Suleiman Mohamed               FEWSNET
         Calum McLean                   FAO-Kenya
         Francesco Del Re               FAO-REOA
         Kaija Korpi-Salmela            WFP regional bureau
         Cindy Holleman                 FSAU
         Matthew Tolliday               FAO-REOA

Francesco opened the meeting and presented the agenda:

    1.   Review of action points from last meeting
    2.   Regional IPC workshop 30 October – 1November 2007
    3.   Update on the IPC rollout: IPC workshop in DRC
    4.   Any other business

    1. Review of action points from last meeting

Francesco opened the meeting and informed everyone that the action points from the previous
meeting had all been completed.
Action points from 5 September 2007 meeting
What                                    When               Who                Comments
TOR and agenda for IPC workshop         3/10/07            Cindy              Completed
drafted and circulated for next meeting                    Holleman
Support to DRC with IPC workshop        16-21/9/07         Mark Gordon,       Carried out on dates specified
                                                           Francesco Del
                                                           Re and Nick

2. Regional IPC workshop 30 October – 1 November 2007

The TOR and agenda were circulated, and the following discussion points came up.

-        Over half of participants had either been to an IPC workshop or had been exposed to it
before, meaning that participants would be at different levels. It was decided that Kenya and Somalia
would be given time to work together as they are more experienced with the IPC than most. They
would also present and discuss their experience to the other participants through a panel discussion.
-        There was discussion over whether to use real country data (which led to too much time
being spent on peripheral issues but was more exciting for participants) or generic data (which was
drier but allowed participants to be trained to address specific issues) for the practical exercise. It was
decided to use generic data first, and then go through a country analysis.
Action point Nick will draft the templates for the exercise using generic data and send to other
steering committee members. Other members will go through and test it.
-        The agenda was discussed at length and altered accordingly. The main alterations were:
-        The addition of two one and a half hour “reality check” panel discussions on days two and
three, comprising an introduction and two or three case studies followed by a plenary discussion of
the issues raised.
-        It was agreed that allowing Kenya to present would be a good example of how governments
could be successfully involved in IPC.
-        The first “reality check” will concern the technical challenges of creating an evidence base
and involve Kenya and Somalia. This will include two representatives from each country (one
manager and one technical person) and a facilitator.
-        The second “reality check” will be on the institutional challenges of implementing the IPC.
-        The Country Group Work on IPC analysis on day one was replaced by an IPC Practical
Exercise, and the Country Summary Paragraphs on day three were removed as unnecessary. In
addition Country Statements on Process on day three was replaced by the second “reality check”
-        It was agreed that the main technical people involved should be present when donors are
present, in order to demonstrate technical capacity
-        It was decided for a WFP speaker to open the workshop and an FAO speaker to close
Action point: Mark to identify the WFP speaker and Francesco to identify the FAO speaker
-        Some of the facilitators have not yet been identified, particularly for the plenary discussion on
third day, and the moderator for the “reality check” panel also on third day
Action point: Francesco, with assistance from others, to identify the facilitators

The technical addendum to the IPC manual was then discussed. This is to be a 2-5 page addendum
to the IPC manual in order to clarify certain points and to launch some possible changes. This would
lead towards a second version of the IPC manual in mid-2008. The following points arose:
-         The addendum must be completed by the end of the year, and will need broad ownership.
                                                                                       th       th
Action point: To this end FAO will carry out an internal consultation on October 28 and 29 .
-         This consultation will bring together people from HQ, West, Southern and East Africa to
discuss their expectations for the revision process, in particular to look at the scope of the process
and the proposals on the table. The purpose is to ensure harmonization on technical issues to allow
FAO to have a common position.
Action point: All feedback on IPC to be distributed to participants in advance of the FAO consultation.
Action point: A technical meeting with regional partners in the Horn of Africa will be held on the 2
November (the day after the workshop) in order to discuss ideas for revision.
-         This will result in a document which will act as a talking point for all global partners and also
academics, presenting revisions or options for revision where appropriate.
Action point: The initial draft will be presented to global partners by the 14 November, allowing 1
week for feedback.
Action point: The working group will consolidate feedback with a wider consultative group (possibly
through teleconferencing) on the 21 November.
-         This working group must also include UNICEF, OCHA, Save the Children, OXFAM and other
partners with an interest in IPC.
Action point: Final document will be presented in early December, most likely the week commencing
the 10 .

3. Update on the IPC rollout: IPC workshop in DRC
                                                      th   st
An IPC training workshop was carried out on the 16 -21 September in DRC, involving Mark Gordon,
Francesco Del Re and Nick Haan.
-       Overall feedback from the trip was very positive, in particular from the Hague emergency
group, Unicef, and WFP, with any criticisms being positive and constructive.
-       The indirect consultations with DFID, the EC, FSWG etc. were all positive.
-       Key to the rollout of IPC is funding; DFID has already committed money.
-       Finding alternative leadership to the FAO was also discussed. Where possible this would be
preferable, as it tends to fall automatically to FAO, and other agencies should be involved.
-       OXFAM had agreed to lead in DRC, but their capacity was unclear.

4. Any other business

Mark Gordon commented on the IPC presentation to the national Food Security Group in Uganda.
The regional group was keen to have technical consultation with NGO‟s in Uganda on the IPC,
tentatively for three days on second week of November. At least 2 members of the Uganda Food
Security Group have been involved in IPC before, so there is definite interest in IPC.
Action point: Mark to liaise with the Uganda Food Security Group on the technical consultation and
inform the IPC SC accordingly

Action points
What                                        when               Who               Comments
Draft templates for the IPC practical       COB          12    Nick Haan         IPC   steering    group    to
exercise                                    Oct 07                               feedback by 19/10/07
Identify opening and closing session                           Francesco Del     Opening    (WFP)     Closing
speakers                                                       Re (FAO),         (FAO) FAOR Kenya
                                                               Mark Gordon
Identify facilitators for two sessions on   COB          19    Francesco Del
day three of the workshop                   Oct 07             Re, assisted by
FAO internal     consultation   on   IPC    28/29        Oct   FAO from HQ,
revision                                    „07                West, Southern
                                                               and East Africa
Distribute feedback from partners in        By 22 Oct          Nick Haan
advance of FAO internal consultation        „07
Technical meeting with regional             2 Nov „07
partners in Horn of Africa
Initial draft of consultation document      COB 14
presented to global partners                Nov „07
Working group of wider partners to          21      Nov
consolidate      feedback    for   final    „07
Final document to be presented              w/c     10
                                            Dec „07
Technical consultation with Uganda          Nov (tbc)          Mark Gordon,      Tentative mission 6-7 Nov
Food Security Group                                            IPC SC

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