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									                                 Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing
                                    Composition of the Commission

The Commission has fourteen members: eleven appointed voting members and three ex officio non-voting

Appointed Members: Four judges are appointed by the Chief Justice of Pennsylvania, two state senators are
appointed by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, and two state representatives are appointed by the
Speaker of the House of Representatives. The remaining appointments are made by the Governor and must
include a district attorney, a defense attorney, and a professor of law or criminologist. Commission members
are appointed for two-year terms and serve without compensation.

Ex Officio Members: The Secretary of Corrections, the Chairman of the Board of Probation & Parole, and
the Victim Advocate, during their tenure in their respective positions, serve as ex officio nonvoting members
of the commission.

The Commission has formally established a committee structure to increase member involvement in
operations, oversight, and policy development. The committees are as follows:

Budget & Management Committee

Oversees budget and personnel issues; establishes general policies and promulgates rules and regulations for
the Commission as necessary. Approves contracts, leases and cooperative agreements with government
agencies and private contractors for services, personnel and equipment required by the Commission. Since
the Commission is an agency of the General Assembly, the Budget & Management Committee includes all
legislative members of the Commission.

Representative Frank Dermody*
Vice Chair:
Senator Mary Jo White*
Senator Jay Costa, Jr.
Representative Douglas G. Reichley

* The Chair and Vice Chair of the Commission serve as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of the Budget &
  Management Committee, and also serve as ex officio members of all other committees.

Data Management & Access Committee

Oversees data collection and management via the SGS Web application, and the release of information
consistent with Commission policies and the Right to Know Law. Makes available on-line and publishes data
on sentencing and parole processes and time served; monitors compliance with the guidelines, re-
commitment ranges and mandatory sentencing laws; and document eligibility for and releases pursuant to
county re-entry plan and recidivism risk reduction incentive minimum sentences.

Attorney Marc Raspanti
District Attorney Marjorie Fox
Judge Linda K. M. Ludgate

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Research Committee

Oversees the Commission’s research agenda and legislative mandates, including evaluations of the state
intermediate punishment, motivational boot camp and recidivism risk reduction incentive programs.
Disseminates research data and findings on incapacitation, recidivism, deterrence and overall effectiveness of
sentences imposed. Current projects also include a study of mandatory minimum sentences (HR 12 of 2007)
and economic sanctions (Act 37 of 2007).

Professor Steven L. Chanenson
Judge Jill E. Rangos
Judge Harold F. Woelfel, Jr.

Policy Committee

Reviews sentencing, correctional and parole statutes and makes recommendations to the General Assembly
to maintain an effective, humane and rational sentencing and parole policy. Oversees a research and
development program that serves as a clearinghouse and information center for information on
Commonwealth sentencing and parole practices. Reviews appellate court decisions and legislation;
coordination of the development and implementation of guidelines for fines & economic sanctions,
sentencing & re-sentencing, parole & re-parole; development of recommitment ranges; and the identification
of eligible offenders for county intermediate punishment, state intermediate punishment, and motivational
boot camp. Oversees sentencing and corrections reform work groups, and conducts informational meetings
and public hearings. All Commission members serve on the Policy Committee, which operates as a
‘committee of the whole’.

Judge Sheila A. Woods-Skipper
Vice Chairs:
Senator Jay Costa, Jr.
Representative Douglas G. Reichley
Professor Steven L. Chanenson
District Attorney Marjorie Fox
Judge Linda K. M. Ludgate
Judge Jill E. Rangos
Attorney Marc S. Raspanti
Judge Harold F. Woelfel, Jr.

DOC Secretary Jeffrey A. Beard
PBPP Chairman Catherine C. McVey
Victim Advocate Carol L. Lavery

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Policy Committee: Sentencing & Corrections Reform Legislation

Work Group #1 - County Parole Guidelines & County Data Collection Work Group
      Chair:        District Attorney Marjorie Fax
      Lead Staff:   Carrie Peters

Work Group #2 – State Parole Guidelines & Recommitment Ranges Work Group
      Chair:         Judge Linda Ludgate
      Lead Staff:    Diane Shoop

Work Group #3 – Sentencing & Re-Sentencing Guidelines Work Group
      Co-Chairs:     Judge Jill Rangos
                     Judge Harold Woefel, Jr.
      Lead Staff:    Helene Placey

Work Group #4 – State Data Collection & Application Development Work Group
      Chair:         Attorney Marc Raspanti
      Lead Staff:    Joan Lisle
                     Carol Zeiss

Work Group #5 – Research & Evaluation Work Group
      Chair:        Professor Steven Chanenson
      Lead Staff:   Dr. Cynthia Kempinen

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