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									International Speakers confirmed for Fourth Grid Summer School

Many Internationally renowned speakers have agreed to contribute to The Fourth GGF International
Summer School on Grid Computing in Ischia, Naples this summer.

The school will enjoy presentations from: Professor Dr Ian Foster presenting a Vision of Grid Middleware.
Dr Brooklin Gore (Industrial Grid applications), Professor Dr Satoshi Matsuoka (NAREGI grids), Prof Dr
Miron Livny (Principles and Architectures of High Throughput Computing), Dr Vincent Breton (HealthGrids),
and Gaetano Maron (GridCC: real-time instrumentations grids), Professor Dr. Malcolm Atkinson, UK
e-Science Envoy (principles, architectures and data), Dr. Erwin Laure (EGEE production grids).

Many of the speakers will also be available to discuss concepts further with students out of lectures and give
the students the benefit of their vast experience in this area.

The school will offer students an extensive programme, exposing students to the combined vision and
insights of many of today’s leaders in grid research. It aims to provide an in-depth introduction to the Grid
technologies that underpin e-Infrastructure and Cyberinfrastructure and present a conceptual framework to
enhance each student’s ability to work in this rapidly advancing field. Hands-on laboratory exercises will give
participants experience with widely used Grid middleware.

The extensive and challenging Provisional Curriculum for the School is now available to view online on the
website and includes presentations on topics such as Distributed
system principles, Foundations of distributed computing, Architecture and integration of Grid middleware,
Advancing computational models, Security and Data Management for Grids, as well as practical
demonstrations. The students also take part in a full-day integrated practical.

The Summer school is an excellent opportunity for students in grid computing to network and meet others
working in similar fields and in related projects. An excellent social programme runs alongside the
Academic Programme and helps the students to form a network of friendships and colleagues as well as
giving them a chance to see the area of Ischia and Italy.

Applications are accepted to the school until the 1 May 2006. The total number of applications is updated
continually on the summer school website. In all previous years the School has been oversubscribed. Selection
for the 2006 School is therefore competitive. We expect to accept between 60 and 70 students. At the time of
writing there are over 70 applicants.

Students will have commitment and enthusiasm for Grid research and development and will be competent in
some aspects of software development, distributed systems, computational systems, data systems and Grid
applications. Credentials can be established from academic qualifications and experience. We welcome
applications from anyone planning to teach Grid computing. The summer school will be conducted in English.

The School is being prepared by the EGEE and ICEAGE Projects. Support has been pledged by the EGEE
Project, ICEAGE project, GGF, IBM Italy, AMD Italy, FIRB Project, SPACI consortium, the Institute for
High Performance Computing and Networking (ICAR-CNR) and the Italian National Institute for Nuclear
Physics (INFN).

For further information and enquiries please email:


                               The deadline for applications is 1 May 2006.

                                                                                            19 April 2006
Speakers Additional Information

Mr Brooklin Gore (BSc, MSc) is a Senior Fellow with Micron Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of
semiconductor products including DRAM, Flash, and image sensors. Brooklin has been researching and
implementing enterprise grid technologies for the past four years to create Micron's global grid infrastructure
which runs over 20 production applications today. In his 17 years with Micron he served as product
engineer, Computer Aided Design group manager, network manager and General Manager of Micron's
Internet Services Division. He has been issued several US patents and is a Senior Member of the IEEE.

Prof. Dr. Malcolm Atkinson FBCS, FRSE is the Chair of the Summer School’ Programme Committee and
Director of the National e-Science Centre and the e-Science Institute. He is the UK e-Science Envoy and
plays a leading role in OMII-UK, and is on the advisory boards of GOSC, NCeSS, Baltic Grid and GEON. He
leads training and education in the two EU-funded projects EGEE and the ICEAGE project - the International
Collaboration to Extend and Advance Grid Education. These two projects have organised the International
Summer School in Grid Computing 2006. He is a member of the Global Grid Forum Steering Group and
Data Area Director for GGF.

Prof Dr Ian Foster is a Senior Scientist and Associate Division Director in the Mathematics and Computer
Science Division at Argonne National Laboratory, and Professor of Computer Science at the University of
Chicago. He co-leads the Globus Project, a multi-institutional R&D project focused on the development and
application of Grid technologies. His research is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, the National
Science Foundation, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, and NASA.

Prof Dr Miron Livny he has been on the Computer Sciences Department faculty at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison since 1983, where he is currently a Professor of Computer Sciences and is leading the
Condor project. Dr. Livny's research focuses on distributed processing and data management systems and
data visualisation environments. His recent work includes the Condor high throughput computing system,
the DEVise data visualization and exploration environment and the BMRB repository for data from NMR

Dr Vincent Breton has been a research associate at the French National Centre for Scientific Research
(CNRS) since 1990 and he founded in 2001 the PCSV research group to work on the application of the IT
technologies and tools used in high energy physics to biomedical sciences. The team started the
development of a Monte-Carlo simulation platform for nuclear medicine and radio/brachytherapy. Vincent
Breton is also investigating with his team the relevance of grid technology for biomedical applications. Co-
founder of the Healthgrid initiative, chairman of the European Conferences on Grids for Health in January
2003 and January 2004, he has been head of application support and identification for the EGEE European
project (FP6). He is also co-chair of the HealthGrid subgroup of GGF Life Sciences Research Group.

Dr Gaetano Maron is a senior technologist at National Laboratories of Legnaro / INFN and currently team
leader of “Information and Electronics Technologies Service” at the National Laboratory of Legnaro. He has
extensive experience in designing and implementing data acquisition and on-line systems for both nuclear
and high energy experiments. He is currently involved in the Trigger/Data Acquisition project of the CMS
experiment at CERN. He has been responsible for the design and development of the on-line system of
several experiments.

Prof Dr Satoshi Matsuoka is a full Professor at the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center
(GSIC) of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Titech), leading the Problem Solving Environment Group which
oversees the supercomputng needs of the Titech campus. His primary interests are high-performance
software systems in general, including large-scale commodity clustering, global-scale "Grid" computing, as
well as use of object-oriented technologies in high-performance settings. His current research projects
include (1) the Ninf project, a high-performance GridRPC system in collaboration with AIST, Japan, (2)
Plug&Play clustering project scaling clusters to hundreds of thousands of nodes, (3) the GFarm project
which aims to achieve Petascale data processing on a federation of storage clusters on the Grid for data
intensive application such as high-energy physics, as well as (4) the Java OpenJIT project, which applies
reflection technology to a Java Just-In-Time compiler for parallel platform-specific customization and
optimization. He has been program- and general Chair of various international conferences including
ISOTAS'96, ECOOP'97, ISCOPE'99 and Reflection'2001, and was the program Chair of ACM
OOPSLA'2002 and IEEE CCGrid 2003. He has been the Steering Group member of the Global Grid Forum
since 1999. He has received the Sakai award for research excellence from the Information Processing
Society of Japan in 1999. He is a member of the ACM and the IEEE Computer Society, as well as having
served or serving on several editorial boards of international journals.

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