PUBLIC AUCTION Skinner Ford Skinner Chevrolet Buick Daniel Clar by zvt20327


									   HARVEY &
   A U C T I O N E E R S
                                   CLAR                    FIRST CLASS MAIL
                                                                                                  First Class
                                                                                                 U.S. Postage
   2 3 0 M o r a g a Wa y, O r i n d a C A 9 4 5 6 3                                             Oakland, CA
   (925)258-9959          FA X ( 9 2 5 ) 2 5 4 - 6 0 7 1                                        Permit No. 1031
  We have been commissioned to sell at
  Skinner Juneau: Thurs. Feb. 11,
          11am - Preview 9-11am
   Ford   8895 Mallard St.
            &              Juneau, Alaska 99801
 Skinner                   Ketchikan: Wed. Feb. 17,
 Chevrolet                 11am - Preview 9-11am
                           4950 N. Tongass Hwy
  Buick                    Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

Ammco brake lathe with twin
facing tool (Juneau)
   Hunter GSP 9700 Roadforce
       wheel balancer (Juneau)

                                                                     top row: Partial view carved totem poles;
                                                                     FMC 4100sc computer wheel bal-
                                                                     ancer; Coats Rim Clamp model 5030A
                                                                     second row: T-Tech transmission fluid
                                                                     exchanger, Robinair Transflow recy-
                                                                     cler; Coats Rim Clamp model 5060A
                                                                      for information about sale items, please call
                                                                      Daniel Clar (619)247-8782
                                                                         Please visit our web site:
  10% Buyers pre-
   mium added,
$200 refundable cash
  deposit required

    top row: Kwik Way 797 flywheel grinder; Ingersoll-Rand vertical 7.5 hp air compressor; Hunter P811 alignment analyzer
             with DSP250 sensors (Juneau)
    second row: Rotary 9000 lb. capacity twin post surface mounted hoist; Hunter 14,000 lb. capacity alignment rack (Juneau)

Caterpillar V50D 5000 lb. capacity balloon tire fork lift;
(2) Tech 2 analyzers with CANdi interface, DRBIII ana-                                            Please Preview
lyzer, Snap On analyzer; Hotsy portable steam cleaner;
Partial view carved totem poles (Ketchikan)
                        Skinner Ford
          Juneau location
                                                                                                        HARVEY &
                                                                                                        A U C T I O N E E R S
                                            Thurs. Feb. 11, 11am                                         w w w. h a r v e y c l a r a u c t i o n e e r s . c o m
            8895 Mallard St.                Preview 9-11am                                              (925)258-9959              FA X ( 9 2 5 ) 2 5 4 - 6 0 7 1
          Juneau, Alaska 99801                                                                         We have been commissioned to sell at
                                                                                                       PUBLIC AUCTION
Service Department Highlights
Hunter p-811 alignment analyzer with DSP250 sensors and Hunter 14,000 lb.
      capacity alignment rack with (2) 7,000 lb. traveling jacks
Hunter GSP9700 Roadforce wheel balancer                                                                (4) Portable oil drains
Coats pneumatic tire changer model 5060A                                                     (2) Waste oil tanks with diaphragm pumps
Hofmann 1610 tire changer                                                                        (7) Oil tanks with Lincoln pumps
Coats tire changer                                               Complete Snowman
Pro Cut on car brake lathe 9.0                                                                  Citgo oil tank with Liquitote system
WDS analyzer
                                                                     Snow Plow
Vacula brake bleeder                                               (2) Back blades
SBDS and SBTS analyzers                                           (3) Front blades
PMW transfer case and parts washer                                                                     Quantity of new Ford parts
                                                                 (Lot) Snow shovels
(2) Ingersoll-Rand 7 _ hp air compressors                                                          Quantity of new Motorcraft and other
Kwik Way 797 flywheel grinder                                     Boss Snow Plow
                                                                                                             automotive fluids
Ammco brake drum lathe
(2) Eagle safety cabinets
Delta grinder buffer
Rolling special tool cabinet                                                          (7) Rotary 9,000 lb. capacity twin post surface mounted hoists
Shop crane                                                                            Rotary 10,000 lb. capacity twin post surface mounted hoist
Shure rolling transmission service bench                                              Rotary 15,000 lb. capacity twin post surface mounted hoist
VAS 6100 folding shop crane                                                           All twin post surface mounted hoists will be dismantled for the buyers
(2) transmission low jacks
Topside creeper
                                                                                                          at a flat rate of $200 per hoist
VAS 5234 filling and bleeding device for brake systems
Nugier hydraulic 20 ton shop press
(5) 3 reel Lincoln lube centers with readers
Quantity of special tool kits
Quantity of service manuals
                                                                                                                                    Partial list of Vehicles
Norco 1 ton transmission jack
1,000 lb. capacity transmission jack
                                                                                                                                      2004 Ford F150
Hotsy portable steam cleaner                                                                                                        1999 Ford Windstar
Ingersoll-Rand 7.5 hp vertical air compressor                                                                                       1997 Pontiac Sunfire
Pneumatic portable grease dispenser
                                                                                                                                      1994 Ford F150
2.5 ton floor jack
                                                                                                                                    1993 Toyota Corolla
Parts Department
(4) Lincoln fluid controllers                                                                                                        1992 Ford Esplorer
(53) Borroughs slide out parts bins
(3) Multi section large nut and bolt bins
Battery rack
(16) Bulk bins                                                  above: Partial view new snow plow equipment
(10) Metal lumber bins
Ilco key machine
Quantity of safety laddersr                                                           for information about sale items, please call
Office Furniture and Machines
Bank of England style executive suite                                                 Daniel Clar (619)247-8782
Executive office suites
Accounting offices
Sales desks                                                               TERMS OF SALE: $200 REFUNDABLE CASH DEPOSIT
High back executive chairs                                                     REQUIREDAT TIME OF REGISTRATION.
Task chairs                                                         Only cash, Cashiers or Certified Check payable to Harvey Clar
Guest chairs
                                                                    Auctioneers will be accepted. Company checks MUST be accom-
Lateral files
4 drawer files & Forms files
                                                                    panied by a letter from your bank showing your account is in good
Brother all in one machines                                         standing. 25% deposit is required upon award of bid. Balance and
Dell Pentium 4 computers with flat screen monitors                  full payment due prior to removal and before announced check out
HP printers                                                         deadline. All items sold “AS IS” and “WHERE IS” to the highest
Customer lounge furniture                                           bidders in accordance with our regular terms and conditions. All
Fire Fyter safe                                                     descriptions are believed to be correct, but Harvey Clar Auctioneers
Stacking chairs                                                     makes no warranties whatsoever and are not responsible for the
Printing calculators                                                accuracy of nomenclature. Harvey Clar Auctioneers will make every
Hon Legal 2 drawer fireproof file
                                                                    effort to facilitate removal; however after the Auctioneer has sold an
Meridian phone system
D-Link phone system with Northstar phones                           item its removal becomes the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
Meilink combination safe
                               Skinner                        Ketchikan location                    Wed. Feb. 17, 11am
                               Chevrolet                       4950 N. Tongass Hwy
                                                                                                    Preview 9-11am
                                Buick                         Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

Service Department Highlights
John Bean Visualiner alignment analyzer with sensors and FMC 12,000
      lb. capacity alignment rack and (2) 6,000 lb. traveling jacks
Hein Werner shop crane
Transmission case and parts washer
Miller strut spring compressor
Ranger 20 ton shop press
Pro Cut on car brake lathe model 9.2
2 _ ton floor jack
Kent Moore ACR recycler
Kent Moore refrigeration system with Pure Guard
Pro Cut on car brake lathe model VG
FMC 601 brake drum lathe
Kent Moore evaporative emission system tester
Burning and welding unit
Snap On diagnostic scanner
(2) Tech 2 with CANdi interface & Tech 1a
T-Tech transmission fluid exchanger
Robinair Transflow
White Industries vacuum remove and fill flush exchanger
Napa 1000 lb. capacity transmission jack
Gray 1000 lb. capacity pneumatic transmission jack
Under hoist stands
BG power steering service center
Robinair ACR 2000 recycler
Ferret 40 battery load tester
Encon eye wash unit
Generac 500 Power Plus generator
FMC 4100sc computer wheel balancer
Coats Rim Clamp 5030a
DeWalt buffer grinder
Dayton 5 hp vertical air compressor
(2) 20 foot overseas containers
Star Scan diagnostic analyzer
DRBIII diagnostic analyzer
Pro Vision 300 scope                                                                                 above: Pro Cut on car brake lathe model 9.2;
Quantity of special tools                                                                                    Executive office suite; FMC brake
Quantity of service manuals                                         Caterpillar V50D balloon                 lathe; Cannon combination safe
Mytee upholstery cleaner                                            tire fork lift with 5,000 lb.
Portable power washer                                                          capacity
Under coating machine                                                                                          (3) Carved totem poles
Milwaukee gas driven portable power wash
Eagle safety cabinet
Parts Department & Offices
                                                                          Rotary 12,000 lb. capacity 4 post surface mounted hoist
Bulk shelving                                                   (2) Challenger 9,000 lb. capacity twin post surface mounted hoists
9 foot conference table with 6 swivel arm chairs                Wheeltronic Ltd. 15,000 lb. capacity twin post surface mounted hoist
Cannon combination safe                                         Challenger 6,000 lb. capacity quick hoist
Quantity of Pentium 4 computers with flat screen monitors        All twin post surface mounted hoists will be dismantled for the buyers at a
Executive office suites                                                                  flat rate of $200 per hoist
Sales desks with guest chairs
Champion paper shredder
Quantity of printers and all in one machines              Quantity of new GM parts                                 Partial list of Vehicles
Printing calculators                                 Quantity of new automotive fluids
Lateral files & Letter files
                                                                                                                   1998 Ford Contour
Mita DC 4086 copier                                                                                               (2) 1998 Chevy Vans
Royal electric cash register
Century combination safe                                 (4) Portable oil drains
Blue Star vacuum                                          Portable oil dispenser
Kyosera KM-2050 copier                               Lube Cube tank with oil reel                              Please Preview
(3) Goodwrench stools
                                                            and Graco pump
Goodwrench popcorn machine
Nitsuko phone system                                       Oval waste oil tank

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