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					Third meeting
New York, 30 September – 1 October 2002

                                     LIST OF PARTICIPANTS

Mr. Talal ABU-GHAZALEH        Chairman and CEO                           TALAL ABU-GHAZALEH & CO.,

Mr. Manuel ACEVEDO                   e-Volunteering Unit Coordinator           UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS

Mr. Igor AGAMIRZIAN                  University Relations Manager              MICROSOFT RUSSIA

Mr. Alfonso ALFONSI                  Vice-President                            Gruppo CERFE

Ms. Samar AL-LABBAD                  Group Executive Director                  TAGI (EGYPT)

Mr. Chris ARMSTRONG                  HIV/AIDS Policy Officer                   CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL
                                                                               DEVELOPMENT AGENCY

Mr. Peter ARMSTRONG                  Director                                  ONE WORLD INERNATIONAL

Mr. Akhtar BADSHAH                   Executive Director                        DIGITAL PARTNERS

Ms. Zoë BAIRD                        President                                 MARKLE FOUNDATION

Ms. Nina BELIAEVA                    Dean                                      ACADEMY OF ECONOMY,

Mr. David BENFIELD                   Director, Information System              FAO
                                     and Technology Division

Mr. Romeo BERTOLINI                  Consultant on Regulatory Issues           DETECON International

Mr. Yeshwant BHAVE                   Joint Secretary and                       MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS
                                     Financial Adviser                         AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Ms. Karima BOUNEMRA                  Director, Development                     ECA
                                     Information Services Division

Mr. Richard BOURASSA                 Director of International Affairs         INDUSTRY CANADA

Mr. Carlos BRAGA                     Director, Development Gateway             THE WORLD BANK

Mr. Jonathan CAMPAGNIE               Executive Director                        PRIDE AFRICA

Ms. Sharon CAPELING-ALAKIJA          Executive Coordinator                     UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEERS
Ms. Danielle CARDIN                  International Policy Analyst              INDUSTRY CANADA

Ms. Ann CARLSON                      Policy Officer                            UNFIP

Mr. Henry CHASIA                     Executive Deputy Chairman                 E-AFRICA COMMISSION

Ms. Nazli CHOUCRI                    Associate Director of Technology and      MIT
                                     Dev’t. Prog., Dept. of Pol. Science

Mr. Basil CROZIER                    Director, Office of Int’l. Partnerships, MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY
                                     Info. Highway Applications Branch (CANADA)

Ms. Ndeye Maimouna DIOP              Technical Adviser in ICT                  GOVERNMENT OF SENEGAL

Mr. Dimonekene DITUTALA              Director, ICT Angola Strategic Centre     CENAPATI (ANGOLA)

Mr. DONG Hui                         Director                                  REGIONAL COOPERATION OFFICE
                                                                               CITY INFORMATIZATION (CHINA)

Mr. Grzegorz DONOCIK                 Deputy to the Special                     UNIDO
                                     Representative in New York

Mr. Amir DOSSAL                      Executive Director                        UNFIP

Mr. John DRYDEN                      Deputy Director, Science,                 OECD
                                     Technology and Industry

Ms. Astrid DUFBORG                   Assistant Director-General         SIDA (SWEDEN)

Ms. Debra DUNN                       Senior Vice-President                     HEWLETT PACKARD

Mr. Anwar FANCY                      CEO                                       FEL ASSOCIATES

Mr. David FARES                      Director, E-Commerce                      U.S. COUNCIL FOR
                                                                               INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS

Mr. Juan FERNANDEZ                    Coordinator of the Cuban Commission    MINISTRY OF INFORMATICS
                                of E-Commerce                          AND COMMUNICATIONS (CUBA)

Mr. José María FIGUERES-OLSEN        Chairman                                  UN ICT TASK FORCE

Ms. Janine FIRPO                     Special Projects, e-Inclusion             HEWLETT-PACKARD

Mr. Peter FROEHLER                   Head, Information and Training Branch     UNCTAD

Mr. Walter FUST                      Director                                  SWISS AGENCY FOR DEVELOPMENT
                                                                               AND COOPERATION

                                     Chairman, Executive Committee             GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE PARTNERSHIP

Mr. Paolo GARONNA                    Deputy Executive Secretary                ECE

Ms. Therese GASTAUT                  Director, Public Affairs Div.      DPI, UNITED NATIONS

Ms. Julia GDOWSKI                    International Policy Analyst              INDUSTRY CANADA

Mr. Eduardo GELBSTEIN                Consultant

Mr. Francis Stevens GEORGE           CEO                                       KIZUKI GROUP, NORWAY

Ms. Karina GERLACH                   CEB secretariat                           DESA/UN

Mr. Denis GILHOOLY                Director and Policy Adviser                UNDP
                                  Info. & Comm. Technology

Ms. GU Yingchen           Vice-Director                               REGIONAL COOPERATION OFFICE
                                                                            CITY INFORMATIZATION (CHINA)

Mr. Kazuchika HAMURO              Counsellor                                 PERMANENT MISSION OF
                                                                             JAPAN TO THE UN

Ms. Sharifah HAPSAH               Professor and Deputy Director of           MINISTRY OF EDUCATION
                                  Quality Assurance Division,                (MALAYSIA)
                                  Department of Higher Education

Mr. Peter HARDER                  Deputy Minister of Industry         CANADA

Mr. Amir HASSON                   Economic Strategist                        MIT MEDIA LAB

Mr. Peter HELLMONDS               Principal Officer                          SIEMENS, GERMANY

Mr. Kenneth HERMAN                CIO and Director, ICT                      WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME

Ms. Kristin HUGHES                Manager, Federal and International HEWLETT-PACKARD
                                  Public Policy

Ms. Maureen JAMES                 Programme and Project Officer              APC (SOUTH AFRICA)

Mr. JI Fusheng                    Counsellor                                  PERMANENT MISSION OF CHINA
                                                                TO THE UNITED NATIONS

Mr. Calestous JUMA                Director, Science and Technology           HARVARD UNIVERSITY
                                  Innovation Programme

Mr. Ahmad KAMAL                   Senior Fellow                              UNITAR

Mr. Ghassan KARAM                 Director, Informatics Division             WORLD TRADE ORGANIZATION

Mr. Mohsen KHALIL                 Director                                   THE WORLD BANK

Mr. Abdul KHAN                    Asst. Director-General for                 UNESCO
                                  Information and Communication

Mr. Andrey KOROTKOV               First Deputy Minister                      MINISTRY FOR COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                             AND INFORMATIZATION (RUSSIA)

Mr. August KOWERO                 National ICT Contact Person                GOVERNMENT OF TANZANIA

Mr. Ivan KURNOSOV                 Deputy Director-General                    MINISTRY FOR COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                             AND INFORMATIZATION (RUSSIA)

Mr. Shinichi KUSHIMA              Human Rights Officer                       OHCHR

Ms. Radhika LAL                   Policy Adviser                             UNDP

Mr. Alain LE GOURRIEREC           Ambassador                                 MFA, FRANCE

Mr. Steven LETT           Deputy US Coordinator,                      US STATE DEPARTMENT
                                  Int’l. Comm. & Inform. Policy

Mr. Juha LIPIAINEN                Head of Business Development               NOKIA

Mr. Mikhail LOKHVITSKIY           Deputy Director-General                    TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF

                                                                             COMM. & INFORMATICS (RUSSIA)

Mr. LUO Delong                   Director                                    INT’L. COOPERATION DEPT
                                                             MIN. OF SCI. & TECH. (CHINA)

Mr. Martin LUTZ                  Ambassador                                  FEDERAL FOREIGN OFFICE

Ms. Karen LYNCH                  Director, Global Digital Opportunity MARKLE FOUNDATION

Mr. Stuart LYNN                  President and CEO                           ICANN

Mr. Ashfaq MAHMOOD               Deputy Minister                             MINISTRY OF IT & T (PAKISTAN)

Mr. Mark MALLOCH BROWN           Administrator                               UNDP

Ms. Gillian MARCELLE             Chairperson                                 AISGWG (SOUTH AFRICA)

Ms. Joanna MCINTOSH              Director, Policy for a Networked Society    MARKLE FOUNDATION

Ms. Maria MELNIKOVA              Chief Expert                                MINISTRY FOR COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                             AND INFORMATIZATION (RUSSIA)

Mr. NG S.T. Chong                Chief, Campus Computing Centre              UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY

Mr. Stephen NOLAN                ICT Special Adviser                         DPE, CANADA

Mr. Brendan O’BRIEN              Chief, Knowledge Sharing Branch             UNFPA

Ms. Maureen O’NEIL               President, IDRC                             CANADA

Mr. Joseph OKPAKU                President and CEO                           TELECOM AFRICA CORPORATION

Mr. Izzeldin OSMAN               Vice-Chancellor                             SUDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE
                                                                                   AND TECHNOLOGY

Mr. Carlo OTTAVIANI              President                                   STMICROELECTRONICS

Ms. Susan PASQUARIELLA           Senior Knowledge Sharing Officer            UNFPA

Mr. Adam PEAKE           Executive Research Fellow                    CENTRE FOR GLOBAL COMM.

Mr. Alex PENTLAND                Founding Director                    MEDIA LAB ASIA

Mr. Chris PERRETA                Chief Information Officer                   GE COMMERCIAL FINANCE

Mr. Ben PETRAZZINI               Policy Adviser                              ITU, GENEVA

Mr. Danilo PIAGGESI              Chief, IT for Development Division          INTER-AMERICAN DEV. BANK

Mr. Pasquale PISTORIO            President and CEO                           STMICROELECTRONICS

Ms. Beatrice PLUCHON             ICT-for-Development Adviser                 MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS
                                 Int’l. Cooperation Department               (FRANCE)

Ms. Awo QUAISON-SACKEY           President and CEO                           AQSOLUTIONS, LLC.

Mr. Nii QUAYNOR                  Chairman and CEO                            NETWORK COMPUTER SYS. LTD.

Mr. Raafat RADWAN                Chairman                                    INFORMATION DECISION SUPPORT

                                                                                 CENTER (IDSC, EGYPT)

Mr. Srinivasan RAMANI                Director                                    HP LABS (INDIA)

Ms. Beatice RANGEL                   Corporate Vice-President                    CISNEROS GROUP OF COMPANIES

Ms. Deepti ROHATGI                   Telecommunications Analyst                  US STATE DEPARTMENT

Mr. Brian ROSBOROUGH                 Senior Fellow                               MEDIA LAB ASIA

Mr. Gian Petro T. ROZ                Director, Div. of Programme Support         INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTRE

Mr. Jeffrey SACHS                    Special Adviser to the UN SG on the         UN
                                     Millennium Development Goals
Mr. Martin SANDELIN                  Senior VP, Corporate Marketing              NOKIA

Mr. Rama Rao SANKURATHRIPATI         Senior Counsellor                    WIPO

Mr. Bimal SAREEN                     CEO and MD                                  MEDIA LAB ASIA

Mr. John SARPONG                     CEO                                         AFRICAST LLC

Mr. Karl SAUVANT                     Director, Div. on Investment,               UNCTAD
                             Technology & and Enterprise Dev’t.

Ms. Camilla SCHIPPA                  Associate Officer                           UNFIP

Mr. Michael SCHOLTZ                  Special Rep. of the Director-General        WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

Ms. Selena SEMUSHKINA        Deputy Director-General                      MINISTRY FOR COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                                 AND INFORMATIZATION (RUSSIA)

Ms. Lyndall SHOPE-MAFOLE             Chairperson                                 PNC on ISAD, (SOUTH AFRICA)

Mr. Pietro SICURO                    Directeur, Agence Intergouvernementale      FRANCE
                                     de la Francophonie

Mr. Alexander SIDOROV                IT Adviser of the First Deputy Minister     MINISTRY FOR COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                                 AND INFORMATIZATION (RUSSIA)

Ms. G. SIEGENTHALER MUINDE           Deputy Head MIBD                            SWISS AGENCY FOR DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                 AND COOPERATION

Mr. Richard SIMPSON                  Director-General, E-Commerce Branch         INDUSTRY CANADA

Mr. Crocker SNOW                     President and Editor-in-Chief               WORLD TIMES, INC.

Mr. Gi-Soon SONG                     Post Doctoral Fellow                        CENTER FOR DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                 RESEARCH (ZEF, GERMANY)

Mr. David SOUTER                     Executive Director                          CTO

Mr. William J. STIBRAVY              Permanent Representative             INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF
                                                                                COMMERCE (ICC)

Mr. Wolfgang STOCKL                  Head, Div. UN Econ. Policy                  FEDERAL FOREIGN OFF. (GERMANY)

Mr. Pedro S. TETA                    Vice-Minister, Ministry of Science          GOVERNMENT OF ANGOLA
                                     and Technology

Ms. A. TICAU                         Deputy Minister of ICT                      ROMANIA

Mr. Shashi THAROOR     USG for Communications and                  UNITED NATIONS
                       Public Information

Mr. Frederick TIPSON   Director, Global Digital Opportunity MARKLE FOUNDATION

Mr. Brendan TUOHY      Secretary-General                         DEPT. OF COMM, MARINE AND
                                                       NATURAL RESOURCES (IRELAND)

Mr. Paul UNDERWOOD     Executive Director                          BUSINESS COUNCIL FOR THE UN

Mr. Paul VERHOEF       Head of Unit, DG Info Society               EUROPEAN COMMISSION

Mr. Stefaan VERHULST   Director, Policy                            MARKLE FOUNDATION

Mr. Robert VITRO       Programme Development Coordinator          INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT

Mr. Makarim WIBISONO   Director-General for Asian Pacific          MFA (INDONESIA)
                       and African Affairs

Ms. Armgard WIPPLER    Second Secretary                     PERMANENT MISSION OF GERMANY
                                                                  TO THE UNITED NATIONS

Mr. Mondo YAMAMOTO     Assistant Director                   ECON. AFFAIRS BUREAU, MFA

Mr. Atsushi YAMANAKA   ICTD Specialist, ICTD Special Initiatives   UNDP
                       Bureau for Development Policy.

Mr. Michael YATES      Associate Partner, Policy and               DPE, CANADA
                       Corporate Affairs

Mr. Keith YEOMANS      ICT Adviser                                 POLICY DEPARTMENT FOR
                                                                   INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Ms. Nalan YUKSEL       Advisor, Policy Branch CIDA                 CANADA

Mr. Roberto ZACHMANN   ILO ICT Focal Point                         INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORG.

Mr. Hongren ZHOU       Technical Adviser                    DPEPA/ UNITED NATIONS

15 October 2002


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