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					                    Lighting Control • Audio Visual Solutions • Video Conferencing
          Security Control • Digital Signage • Home Automation Systems • Climate Control
                        Remote Management • Energy Monitoring & Targeting

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                   Lighting                           Audio
                   Control                            Visual

     Climate                  INTEGRATED                           Video
     Control                  CONTROL                              Conferencing

           Remote                                              Digital
           Management             Security                     Signage

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             By streamlining technology and
             innovating the way people work and
             live iQ technologies will ensure that
             clients save energy, time and money.

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            Lighting Control

            Working with consultants, engineers and lighting designers,
            iQ technologies have proven experience in providing
            architectural lighting control solutions in many environments
            from hotels to conference theatres, lecture theatres, public
            spaces, outdoor areas and homes.
            Various systems and products will be used to achieve the
            desired effect for each environment and expert programming
            can provide ambient scene settings, highlighting of
            architectural features and flexible control to achieve energy
            efficiencies and ensure CO2 emissions are minimised.

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            Audio Visual

            A full range of audio visual facilities and systems will be
            specifically designed and integrated for the commercial,
            educational and home sectors. Systems include full
            conference and boardroom AV facilities with products ranging
            from flat screen technology (Plasma, LED and LCD) to front
            and rear projection, integrated with full audio facilities and
            room control including curtain and blind control.
            For the education sector integrated systems will include DVD’s,
            document cameras, interactive whiteboards and internet
            streaming media – all controlled via one easy-to-use touchpanel.

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            Video Conferencing

            For economic, environmental and practical reasons,
            video conferencing is now critical technology
            for business continuity. It enables face-to-face
            meetings even when people physically can’t be in
            the same location.
            From large group video conferencing solutions or
            telepresence to high definition video conferencing at
            individual workstations, iQ technologies will design
            and provide a system to suit various requirements.

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            Digital Signage

            Digital Signage is now being used as an effective,
            affordable option in many sectors including corporate,
            hospitality, retail and motor. Content is generated in-
            house and displayed instantly throughout the building
            – all controlled via one source. Content can include
            corporate communications, TV feed and advertising. In
            the retail sector in particular digital signage in window
            displays will allow for 24 hour customer interaction with
            the display.

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            Security Control

            CCTV Cameras, Intruder Alarms and access control
            will be fed into an integrated control system with
            ease. These security systems will be monitored and
            displayed throughout a building and controlled via
            one source or multiple selected sources as required.

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            Remote Management

            Remote control will give businesses and
            homeowners the ability to monitor and manage
            a variety of technologies over a single network
            whether it is a single room or an entire building
            across a campus or global network. iQ technologies
            will give clients full control from any remote location.

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            Climate Control

            An integrated control system will allow easy access
            to controlling temperature within a room.
            HVAC systems will be programmed to automatically
            adjust to more comfortable levels while settings can
            also be monitored and altered remotely.

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                                                                                  Energy Monitoring
       Energy Saving
                                                                                  and Targeting

     An efficient integrated control       •	 Automation features such as       Monitoring and Targeting various
     system will ensure energy savings        built-in motion detection and     sources of energy within a
     in addition to ease of use.              occupancy sensors can be          building will provide reports on
                                              included.                         energy consumption which can
     In programming an integrated                                               be interpreted.
     system within a building iQ           •	 HVAC system thermostats
     technologies will also programme         can be programmed and             This will allow energy streams to
     this system to intelligently manage      controlled to turn off/turn       be measured, performance to be
     the operation of many products to        down when not in use.             maintained and opportunities for
     maximise their efficient use                                               cost savings to be identified.
     of energy:                            •	 Devices can be programmed
                                              to automatically shut down.       As various energy sources can be
        •	 Lighting scenes can be set                                           measured, iQ technologies will
           for maximum productivity        •	 Displays and projector can        design a completely automated
           and security.                      automatically turn off when not   energy monitoring and targeting
                                              active.                           solution tailored to suit each client.

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                                                              Energy Monitoring

                                          iQ Resource

                                                                 Energy Monitoring


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              For projects completed and client references
              please see

              Gundimaine House
              Co Kildare

              Ph: 00 353 45 894698
              Fax: 00 353 45 901510


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