How to edit/crop/join/trim/split/adjust avchd files on Mac OS?

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					How to edit/crop/join/trim/split/adjust avchd files on Mac OS?

Many Mac users had purchased an AVCHD Camcorder like Sony Handycam SR7,
Panasonic HDC-SD9 or Canon Vixia HF10 and are looking for a handy software that
will support importing and editing of any AVCHD file, AVCHD editor for mac is the
way to go for.

This avchd editor for mac program works well with any AVCHD capable camera as
used by Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC and others. After importing into your mac,the
AVCHD files can be M2TS, MTS, TS.

Whether you want to edit avchd(.m2ts.mts,.ts) video,edit avchd files, join avchd
files, trim avchd videos, crop avchd videos, apply special effects or import AVCHD
files directly from popular camcorders into iMovie,Final Cut for editing, this AVCHD
editor for mac will satisfy all your needs to creat high quailty avchd movie.

Edit avchd file for mac,how to edit AVCHD .mts .ts files on mac os x?
Just download and run the avchd editor for mac,editing AVCHD video will become an
easy task even for beginners. With this most easy-to-use yet powerful AVCHD editor
software,you can edit/crop/join/trim/split/adjust AVCHD video format, edit M2TS
files, edit MTS files,edit TS files, convert avchd and other videos(supports MPEG-4,
DV, MOV, AVI, MPG),create captivating home videos like a charm.

So, without further ado, here’s how to edit/crop/cut/trim/split/adjust
avchd(m2ts,ts) files on Mac OS without much trouble.

Step 1 Download and install AVCHD Editor for Mac

Step 2 Load AVCHD file.

Step 3 video editing
Click "Crop" to cut off unwanted part in the frame like the black sides and subtitles
if you like.

Click "Trim" to define the starting time and ending time to decide the part you need
to convert.

Check "Merge" to join all video pieces into one file.
Step 4 Convert video
After all the setting is done, click "Convert" to start convert, this process will take a

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