What are the Hosted Predictive Dialer and the Benefits

					What are the hosted predictive dialer and the benefits?

Hosted predictive dialers allows you to automatically contact your clients or prospects by broadcasting
a pre recorded message or an SMS, can be used for promotional offers, invitations or important
information alerts. Hosted Predictive Dialers are the most powerful and the most productivity-

Hosted predictive dialers, linked to SMS support, is nowadays used for debt collection, with hight rates
of recovered debts. Hosted predictive dialers will allow you, for each campaign to set one of the 5
dialing modes that are at your disposal, matching with your objective. The Hosted predictive dialer
manages every campaign is independently from the others, and you can thus define every criteria to
adapt it to your target.

You get the usual benefit of going with any hosted solution over the traditional method. You should
have a significantly reduced initial startup cost, but a higher per minute/transaction cost. These costs
can usually be weighed against maintenance and operational costs of hosting your own solution.

For big companies, it makes the most sense to roll their own. For the higher startup cost, their long term
operational costs are negligible compared to a hosting provider. But for the rest of the world, a well
managed hosted solution can save money over the life of the system.

Think about how many minutes you need to burn or transactions to make in order to hit that "break
even" point of the costs of running and managing your own system. It's the same process you make
when determining the break even point of buying a hybrid car. How many miles do you need to get out
of purchase before the extra cost is justified?

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