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					                         Makiing Web Conference Work for You
                         Mak ng Web Conference Work for You
Whatt iis web confferrenciing?
Wha s web con e enc ng?
Web meeting and ‘webinars’ are a low cost and easy to use way of communication via the internet. You can view
participants through desk webcams, share documents and your desktop and invite as many users as you like from
across the world.

Whatt can II do usiing web confferrence?
Wha can do us ng web con e ence?
 Share desktops
 Present documents - share any document, works especially well for PowerPoint presentations
 Chat– to all or privately within conference
 Voting
 Audio conferencing for up to 25 participants – options include toll based, toll free and call back.
 Video through webcams for up to 6 participants
 Bring in participants through internet calls and/or via telephone/mobile.

Whatt sorrtt off meettiings orr confferrences iis web confferrence bestt fforr?
Wha so o mee ngs o con e ences s web con e ence bes o ?
Web conference is suitable for meetings where you are linking multiple individual users. It can be used as a
cheaper way to replace Skype and get better sound quality. It can be used to share documents and presentations
and get interaction between participants. It can be used for meetings where you want to video conference in more
effective way.

How do II sett up a web confferrence?
How do se up a web con e ence?
There are 10 available licenses for WebEx administrators who can set up a meeting via outlook on your behalf.
Approach the administrator most relevant to your team. If you would like to add someone from your team to be a
Webex administrator, please contact Phil Humphries.

                        WebEx Administrator                          Team
                      Phil Humphries               ISD
                      Monica Saini                 Corporate Affairs
                      Annabel Taiti                Latin America and Caribbean Division
                      Amy Blyth                    Programme Funding and Development
                      Pat Hamilton                 Asia and Middle East
                      Kate Ferguson                Humanitarian
                      Cheryl Thomas                Africa
                      Africa DSO                   Africa
                      Ian Collier                  North and East Unit
                      Rubita Ajanthakumar          South and West Unit

Send the meeting agenda and full participant list to the administrator. They will send out an invitation through
Outlook which will include details of how participants should connect. Administrators should refer to the Guide for
WebEx Administrators.

You must nominate a ‘host’, which will chair part or all of the meeting. The administrator will hand over the host and
presenter responsibility at the start of the meeting. The administrator cannot host on behalf of a meeting.

It is the responsibility of the host to ensure that they have read the short WebEx Guide (a fuller version is also
available here WebEx Guide) and have approached the administrator, or Phil Humphries, for a tutorial session if

There are two ways to include audio into your meeting:
1. Voice over IP – internet calls billed at $0.01 per minute per user. This is cheapest option and is best used
   where all participants have good internet connection. In this case, set conference type as ‘Use VoIP only’.
2. VoIP plus/or teleconference – where one or more participant is calling in by phone or mobile, set conference
   type as ‘WebEx Audio’. If in doubt, set it as ‘WebEx Audio’.

    Participants should not call the higher rate ‘toll free’ number unless this is the only viable option. Please note
    that this is not free, it is just charged directly to the account holder which is ISD. Under the ‘toll number’, if your
    country is listed call the relevant number, if it is not listed call the US/Canada call-in toll number, as it is likely to
    be the cheapest.

    Skype Out can also be used as a normal landline to join these conferences, but this again requires good
    internet connection.

How do parrttiiciipantts jjoiin a confferrence?
 How do pa c pan s o n a con e ence?
See this step-by-step guide for participants to login to WebEx online and to join by audio. It may be useful to send
this document to participants in advance to help them to join your conference.

A meeting should ideally be set-up to allow the participants to join a meeting up to 15 minutes before it starts. This
allows time to clear up any technical problems before the meeting begins. Participants should be instructed to try to
log into WebEx before the start of the meeting and set-up their audio connection.

How much does iitt costt?
 How much does cos ?
Christian Aid pays for the WebEx licenses from a central budget. Users will be charged for calls as appropriate. This
is currently being billed to ISD, and as usage increases, this will be recharged to relevant teams.

Voice over IP is the cheapest way to use WebEx. The use of WebEx is charged at $0.01 per minute per user. For
example, a one hour meeting with 5 participants costs $0.01*60*5 = $3.

If participants are attending by telephone or mobile, they must call a call-in number. It is cheapest to use the call-in
number of the country that you are in. If there is no call-in number for your country, the cheapest option will be to
dial the US/Canada call-in number.

The following show the toll numbers, where the participant has to pay. The toll-free numbers are charged back to
Christian Aid and are more expensive.

                                                 Toll                       Toll Free
                 Austria                  +43 (0)1 79576257               0800-293636
                 Belgium                   +32 (0)22006259
                 Brazil                                                 0800-8911726
                 China - North                                         10-800-712-1286
                 France                    +33 (0)157323123              0800-917733
                 Germany                  +49 (0)69 51709070            0800-1016998
                 Australia                                              1-800-671909
                 Belgium                                                  0800-71054
                 China - South                                         10-800-120-1286
                 Denmark                    +45 38323066                   80-884859
                 Finland                  +358 (0)9 72519058            0-800-1-12681
                 Greece                                                 00800-12-6773
                 Hong Kong                  +852 30114556                 800-903871
                 India                                                 000800 4401319
                 Ireland                  +353 (0)1 6569197             1-800-663160
                 Israel                                                 1-80-9214668
                 Italy                     +39 02 69430409                800-786172
                 Japan                    +81 (0)3 57675022             00531-121700
                 South Korea              +82 (0)234831042            00798-14-800-6593
                 Luxembourg               +352 3420808633                  800 26375
                 Mexico                                                001-8668850337
                Netherlands            +31 (0(20 2008070            0800-0220938
                New Zealand             +64 (0)9 9200065             0800-448307
                Norway                    +47 24159525                 800-14439
                Singapore                 +65 66221061               800-1204241
                Spain                    +34 912754164                900-971493
                Sweden                 +46 (0)8 50163255             020-79-4035
                Switzerland            +41 (0)44 6545616             0800-561236
                Taiwan                 +886 (0)2 21626758           00801-13-7654
                UK                     +44 (0)20 70267693           08-000288339
                US/Canada                1-408-792-6300
                Australia              +61 (0)2 82239752

To help you to plan your costs for web conferencing use the Costing for Remote Conferencing tool.

Whatt equiipmentt do II need?
 Wha equ pmen do need?
To attend a meeting using VoIP, you need a headset with a microphone, the same equipment that you use for
making Skype calls. If you would like to join a meeting by video as well, you need a webcam installed on your PC or

If one or more sites are joining a web conference from a meeting room, you need to use the Polycom speakerphone
in Acacia or Olive rooms or a Skype speakerphone for audio and a basic web cam if video is also required.

How can II pllan fforr tthe mostt effffecttiive web confferrence?
How can p an o he mos e ec ve web con e ence?
 As with all meetings, prepare well and set out a clear agenda.
 Nominate the chair (or host) of the meeting to coordinate presenters and documents to share.
 Nominate presenters prior to the meeting and set time limits and establish method of input by other participants.
   Do they leave questions on the chat wall, or speak after the presentation?
 Encourage participants to login and be ready to start up to 15 minutes before the start of the meeting. This
   allows time to clear up any technical issues.
 In order to avoid disrupting a meeting, it may be best not to use WebEx itself to handle technical problems.
   Provide participants with contact details of the organiser to call, e-mail or Skype if they experience technical
 Use the chat and hand raising functions for contribution and interaction when there are many participants.
 Ensure that your participants have checked that their headsets and webcams are functioning, well before the
 To reduce background noise, the host can set those participants that are not speaking to mute.
 Instruct participants to shut down all other applications on their computer during a WebEx meeting for the best
 You are likely to experience lower sound quality through speakerphones. If a handful of participants are in the
   same location, you may find that connection is better if they join from their individual computers or laptops
   rather than use a meeting room and a Polycom speakerphone.
 It is more suitable to use WebEx in a meeting room to bring in external participants to make presentations
   rather than participate in the entirety of the meeting. For full participation, video conference is a better option.

Whatt do II do iiff tthiings go wrrong iin a meettiing?
 W ha do do           h ngs go w ong n a mee ng?
If WebEx is not operating as you expect, the fault may lie in a few places:
 Check your audio and visual equipment. Is it plugged in properly and are all the sound settings correct?
 Do you have sufficient bandwidth to make an IP call? If not, revert to a telephone or mobile.
 Call WebEx support +1-408-435-7088 (International ) quoting the meeting reference number
 If all fails, contact ISD support.

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