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									                        Kurt A. Brust – 9810 Nottinghill Lane - Charlotte, NC
                                         (Home) 704-625-0850
                                          (Cell) 704-287-1790

                           Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)
                             Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
                            Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
                           Unix System Administration (USA)
                           Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
                           Novell Cert Linux Engineer (NCLE)
                            Linux Professinal (LPI-1)
                           Linux Professinal (LPI-2)
                            Linux+ (Comp-Tia)


Wachovia – Charlotte, NC (contract)
Sr. Systems Enginner (Platform Engineering) - Jan 2007 – Present
Work in the Platform Engineering group. Design and Test Linux based solutions for CIB (Commerical
Investment Banking). Work with Linux (RHEL4, SLES9, SLES10, SOLAIRS). Work with Deployment tools
such as BladeLogic, Opsware & Altaris. Create corprate best practices and Standards based around
linux/Unix.Working with Xen & Vmware on a daily basis. Work with EMC, NetApp, Fuji, Verari, HP

Levanta-San Mateo, CA
Sr Solutions Engineer-Dec 2005 – Jan 2007 (Laid off all external Employees)
Work in the Services Group, Which Includes Sales, Support & Consulting. Travel to companines around
the world doing presentation, demos and POC's on Levanta's Linux Manegment appliance. I also handle the
support and Implamentation of all customers on EAST COAST and EUROPE. Worked with EMC, Netapp,
IBM, HP, Dell, And many others.

Novell-(Provo, UT)
Global Solutions Manager -Dec 2003 – Dec 2005
Work in solutions development division. Handle the transition of moving all Novell to linux on the
desktop. I also handle all linux technical questions and issues from Sales, Marketing, IT, software
development. Work with sales team to teach them how to sell Linux, work with sales engineers on training
them on linux. Work with Marketing to make sure all sales information is correct. work with IT on how to
convert current windows/solairs/hp-ux/netware users to linux, from desktop thru the data center. work with
software development on what linux software needs to be created for the market. I travel to customer
locations through out the world on technical Linux calls and presentations. Create White Papers and
Technical Documents for Sales and Customers. Work with Customers on Migrations from
UNIX/WINDOWS and other LINUX distros over to SUSE LINUX. Travel to Customer locations to assit
with migrations to linux. Helped to create three (3) migration guides
Technical responsibilities include problem identification, system architecture definition, hardware/software
specification and/or design, implementation, testing, client training, and deployment. Performs planning
and deployment of Open Source Software infrastructure including: Requirements analysis, Linux/OSS
Migration planning, Linux Migration Cost/Benefit analysis, Implementation Planning, Application
integration, Security assessment and management, Systems and Project documentation.

CTS-(Raleigh, NC) (Contract)
Sr Linux Consultant-Nov 2003 – Dec 2003
Worked with one of EMC's clients, migrated (4) VMWARE ESX (2.0) servers into a EMC CLAIRON
enviroment. Setup over 100 Virtual Machines, in a clustered enivroment which communicated with 2 EMC
sx-600 Clairon storage units.

CTS – (Atlanta, GA) (Contract)
Sr Linux Consultant – July 2003 – October 2003
 Worked on Team that provided a Linux Cluster solution for Morgan Stanley in NYC. Handled all Linux
issues including the design and implamentation of the linux cluster, connectivity to the emc symentrix san
   enviroment. Rolled out a 256 node linux cluster, handled all the training issues with there employees.

Sicuro Solutions - (Charlotte, NC)
Technical Director/ Sr Sys Eng - March 2002 – July 2003

Helped a friend get his business off the ground. I work on an hourly basis with his clients, as they need
technical assist. Ranging from Setting up Routers, Firewalls, Network Security & Intrusion Detection and
2000 and Linux (Redhat 7x, 8x & 9x, Adv Server 2.1, suse, mandrake, turbolinux,etc..),Installing &
designing their networks. Many clients I have installed and configured RHAS 2.1 (ranging from simple
server installs to complex HPC clusters), I am actively looking for a perm/Fulltime position, and can start
ASAP. Have quite a bit of experience with 802.11a,b and G. Work with 64 and 128 bit WEP on all types of
access points. Have installed and configured wireless access cards on Linux and Windows. I have also
setup Wireless office connection from building to building for customers. Have worked with tools such as
KISMET. I have setup/configured & installed VMWARE (both client 3.x & 4, and also with VMWARE
SERVER GSM 1.x & 2.x). Have setup and installed Zenworks for a few clients.

IBM - (Dallas, Tx)
Sr Linux Engineer- East Coast, Feb 2001 - March 2002(Part of a 4500 person layoff)

Travel 80% - Work with a team of 4 other Senior Linux engineers in the world for IBM (America's Linux
Team), providing mainly pre-sales support (Setting up test labs, diagram networks, Capacity Plan, Network
Strategy, Proof of concepts, etc..) Installing Red Hat, Turbolinux, Suse OS on IBM hardware (both
Ethernet and Token Ring), in both a LAN/WAN environment and Clustering (HPC & HA). Have
implemented from 5 to 2000 servers for all IBM customers. I handle all Calls on the East Coast for the ATS
Group. Working with Win2000 and linux and Sun Solairs integration. Did Microsoft Exchange Migration
over to Linux Platform (Sendmail). Both on the design and the implementation side of the house. Worked
with many fortune 500 companies (JCREW, JP MORGAN, NEUBERGER & BERMAN, CHAMPION
COMPUTERS, UAB-BIRMINGHAM, MORGAN STANLEY, ETC..). I have websphere exp when I was
with IBM, installed and configured it for WEATHER.COM with there HPC 64 node cluster. Used Tools
such as VMWARE and VNC.

TurboLinux Inc. (Brisbane, Ca)

Sr. Sales Engineer- East Coast, May 2000 - Feb 2001(Company had 3 layoffs while I
was there, choose to leave for IBM Opportunity)

Travel 75% - Handle all technical sales calls (Pre & Post) East of Texas. Handle all support calls (Pre &
Post) for entire US and Canada (I would sit down with the customer, figure out with them what they were
looking to do, and put together a solution, then I would implement the solution). Have 2 SE's on west coast
report to me. Due technical presentations for Linux Workstation, Server, TurboCluster and Enfuzion (HPC-
Supercomputing) and SUN clusters. Handled all Installations of entire product line for new clients
Including Network Planning and Capacity Planning. Setup up companies VPN solution across 4 continents.
Worked with 3 RSM's (Reg. Sales Managers, Florida, NYC & Chicago). Installed Linux clusters (HA - IP
FAILOVER - LOAD BALANCING) (FROM 8 node thru (1024 node clusters (@ JP MORGAN, NYC),
Installed and Configured Samba at multiple clients, made seamless integration into current network. . Used
VMWARE and VNC for remote administration and run applications for Linux & windows environments

ComputerNet, Inc.
Sr System Engineer, Jan. 1999 - May 2000 (Company closed it's Charlotte Office)
Handle all major network issues for company. Install networks for companies, ranging in size from 10
users to 5000 users. Worked with many clients implementing VoIP. Handle all the router configuration and
Linux/Unix Issues. Handle most all technical interviewing and screening for company. Work with Linux,
NT, Novell, SCO , SUN, CISCO, HP on a daily basis. Installed this companies and 10 other companies
Internet connectivity (ranging from dialup to Frame & Fiber). Installed and Manage 3 Linux Apache web
servers, SSL server, Cold Fusion Server, CISCO routers , Sendmail & Exchange issuers. I brought all new
CRM type business to the company, designed and implemented Applix's IENTERPRISE product. Also I
brought ASP (Application Services Providing) type business to the company, designed and implemented it
to our Network. I have worked Tivoli and Microsoft SMS at customers locations. I was the "go to guy" in
the company, when an engineer has a problem, and needs help, I either walk them through it on the phone
or go on site to fix it. I handled all highend technical issues in the company. Worked with ZenWorks.

Contract Opportunities - 1/91 - 1/99
The opportunities below were * all * contracting positions that I held for my first 8 years in the Industry. I
Choose to do contracting during this time as a way to gain experience in many different technologies along
with working in different industries.

First Union - Charlotte, NC (contract)
Consultant, June 1998 - January 1999
Contracted to implement an NT/Oracle Web Banking Solution. Handled the Network planning and
Network Security, I Administer 22 NT Servers in 3 Domains. Work with CISCO 4500 series routers.
Work with a team of 5 developers. Set up LAN and WAN systems for acumen project from Charlotte to
Philly. I also was the Microsoft Exchange Administrator.

Solectron - Charlotte, NC (contract)
Sr. Systems Engineer, May 1998 - June 1998

Contracted to do a Novell to NT migration. Converted 2000+ users in 4 weekends. Handled all the
Capacity Planning. (User accounts, Computers, and Microsoft Exchange)

NationsBank - Charlotte, NC (contract)
Sr. Systems Engineer Info. Security, May 1997 - May 1998

Work for NationsBank in their Information Security Dept. Handled Network Security, Working with NT,
Novell, MS IIS 3.0, UNIX (SCO), Gundlent Firewall, Raptor for NT. Work on the NT INFS team. Work
with Direct Banking & Web Banking. Helped write NT Security Guidelines for Bank (workstation and
server). Worked with CISCO and BAY Networks, routers, bridges and hubs. Worked with other teams to
handle the capacity planning and network strategy of where the bank was heading with its ONLINE
BANKING rollout. Administrated both VOICE and DATA NETWORKS.

Computer Consulting Group - Richmond, VA (contract)
Sr. Systems Engineer, February 1996 - May 1997

Working at Virginia Power Corp. in the Enterprise Systems Management Group. Work with all NT and
Novell 3.x and 4.x servers corporate wide. Work with Information Security Dept on all Security issues
(Intrusion Detection, Network Strategies, etc) Work on the CA-Unicenter implementation group. Was the
Sun Administrator. Work with the ISDN pilot program, set up a PRI using the Shiva system. Work with
the xyplex dial-in system. Work in the email group. Work with lotus notes and cc:Mail. Work on
department's intra/Internet web pages. Designed and implemented a monitoring system so that clients could
monitor the e-mail and IP systems via the Internet. Help with the redesign on network connectivity, from
IPX/SPX to IP/WINS. Member of group in which decided which mail switch to purchase and install.
Converted the SENDMAIL from linux based to a Windows NT based platform. Worked with CISCO 25xx
and 45xx series routers.

Johnson & Johnson - Rochester, NY (contract)
Systems Engineer, September 1995 - February 1996

Implemented the companies internal help desk. Installed 2 NT servers, running SQL 6.0 and Utopia
tracking system. Installed Novell 4.x servers. Installed Win95 and NT workstation for TCPIP
connectivity. Implemented the companies Internet Connectivity. Handled all Network expansion and
planned all growth in the DATA and VOICE portions of the company. Installed and Maintained the MS
exchange Servers.

Frontier Corp. - Rochester, NY (contract)
Systems Support Engineer, May 1995 - September 1995
Worked with network systems group. Worked with NT and Novell. Worked with the INTERNET group
setting up modem and ISDN connectivity. Worked with linux.

IBM - Fishkill, NY (contract)
Network Systems Engineer, January 1995 - May 1995

Installed Divisions Internet design and network. Worked with Novell and NT servers and workstations.
Beta tested windows 95. Installed TCPIP stacks at the desktop level.

Performance Systems International (PSInet) - Troy, NY (contract)

Internet Support Technician, January 1994 - January 1995

Worked with the Support and Network group. Worked with Linux and X-windows. Answered support
calls on all types of Internet questions (IP Config, Applications, ISDN, etc.). Worked with tech's installing
POPS and POPS servers. Worked with all Internet tools and applications.

Key Bank of New York - Albany, NY (contract)
PC Support Technician Level 3, February 1993 - January 1994

Was in charge of ordering to installing all desktop and networking of PC's. Worked with OS/2 - IBM
LAN's. Worked with all desktop applications (Word, Word Perfect, etc.). Traveled through New York
State. Headed up a system to Dial in to local office for Quick loan approvals via PC's.

Metropolitan Life - Troy, NY (contract)
Systems Analyst, January 1991 - February 1993

Worked with programming group, programmed using JCL, C and COBOL on the VM and MVS
mainframes. Help start the PC switch over from dumb terminals corporate wide. Help design the
emulation software for mainframe and PC applications.

 State University of New York at Albany - Albany, NY September 1990 - May 1992
                      A.A.S. Computer Info Systems, May 1992


 John H. Terpstra          VP – TurboLinux             (Founding Member of Samba Team)

Arthur Tyde                Founder/CEO- Linuxcare               pubaddr@swissinfo.org
Micael Perry      Senior Director Services- Levanta mperry@lnxpowered.org

Ed Riddle         Sr Systems Eng – Levanta   ed@riddlefixer.com

Randy Tusch         Sr Sys Eng - VA POWER    (704) 577-4492

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