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					              Inter-Fone (A revolution in VoIP)

                     IFWRG-2104 VoIP Gateway
             Wireless/Internet/Voice Integrated Gateway

Product Overview:

The Inter-Fone IFWRG-2104 Internet Homer Server is a wireless, Internet and
voice integrated gateway between home network and Internet. It provides an
universal solution for integrating your voice and data network and provides a cost
effective migration path to 11Mbps wireless technologies. In the data network
specific function parts, the IFWRG-2104 provides NAT and Bandwidth Control
functions to let local network users connect to Internet using only one
fixed/dynamic IP address. In the voice network specific function parts, the WRG-
5000 provides standard H.323 VoIP gateway function to let phone sets connect to
the VoIP world transparently. The IFWRG-2104 can route voice calls to PSTN or
VoIP network. It seamlessly integrates PSTN, Internet, wireless and VoIP services,
and guarantees the Quality of Service.

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Key Features and Benefits:

Network Plug & Play
Not necessary to change the network setting of your computer devices in LAN by using the
Network-Plug & Play feature of IFWRG-2104.

VoIP and Mobile Internet Access
IFWRG-2104 enable VoIP calls and share your Internet access with everyone in your
network simultaneously. It also complies with other H.323 products, such as Cisco, OKI,
Lucent, Net-meeting,.... With the embedded IEEE 802.11b standard, IFWRG-2104 acts as a
central base station for multiple wireless users.

Gatekeeper backup function
The gateway can specify one primary gatekeeper and one secondary gatekeeper as the
backup usage.

Long Reach and Multi-users
The operating range of IFWRG-2104 is up to 100m (indoors) and 300m (outdoors) and
provides up to 30 users wireless connection.

H.323 & NAT
This feature allows private network devices, including the H323, to connect to Internet using
single public IP address. It supports virtualserver, DMZ, packets-filtering and DHCP-server

The NAT firewall of the IFWRG-2104 protects your PCs from outside intruders. The
administrator can block specific internal user's Internet access with filtering. For the security
of wireless access, the WEP encryption is up to 128-Bit.

VPN Pass through Supported
This pass-through feature allows you to establish a PPTP or IPSec VPN connection. By using
a PPTP or IPSec client on your computer, a connection to the corporate PPTP or IPSec server
can be done.

VoIP/PSTN auto-switch
IFWRG-2104 supports innovative intelligent call routing function that transparently routes
calls to the destination either through PSTN or Internet. The end user simply dials the
destination number without changing the original dialing behavior.

Power down bypass (PSTN)
Even if encounters a power off or device crash situation, IFWRG-2104 can deliver PSTN
back-up feature to ensure undisrupted voice service.

Built-in 4-ports Ethernet switch Hub
With the built-in 4 ports Ethernet switch hub, the IFWRG-2104 can let up to 4 PCs connect
to Internet without needing additional hub device.

Quality of Service for VoIP and data services
IFWRG-2104 solves the QoS problem of VoIP and data services by the built in traffic
shaping and bandwidth control functions, according to various shaping policies, such as IP
address range, application types, priority, Integrated Gateway.

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      •   Software:

Protocol & Standard    ITU H.323 v4 compliantIETF TCP/IP, RTP, SNMP v2, HTTP,
                       DHCP client/server, PPPoE, NAT, H.323 NAT
NAT functions          HTTP, Telnet, Ftp, ICMP, ICQ, SMTP, POP3,
                       Virtual server, DMZ, DHCP server
Bandwidth management   32 control conditions based on IP addresses, port ranges,
                       application types.
                       16 priority queues
                       Two-way bandwidth control
Voice Processing       ITU G.711/64kbps, G.723.1A/5.3,6.3kbps, G.729A/B/8kbps,
                       Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation
Tone Generation &      TIA-464B DTMF, Dial, Busy, Ring Back, Call Progress.
FAX Relay              T.30 real-time Fax compliant. Voice/Fax auto-switch.
Echo Cancellation      G.165, G.168 with 8-16 ms echo tail length.

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Interfaces                  Voice: 4 analog voice ports with 2FXS + 2 FXO
                            WAN: 10BaseTLAN: 4-ports 10/100Mbps Ethernet Switch
                            IEEE 802.11b Wireless LAN, Wi-Fi Compatible
Console                     RS-232, DB9
LED Indicators              LAN: 10/100M, Collision, Link, Active (Tx/Rx)
                            WAN: Link, Tx, Rx, Collision
                            Line (off-hook/ringing)
Wireless                    Spreading : DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
                            Number of Channel : USA & Canada: 11
                            Transmit Power : Nominal Temp Range: 14dBm typical
                            Data Rate : 11 Mbps, 5.5 Mbps (CCK), 2 Mbps (DPQSK),
                            Security : 40-bit, 128-bit RC4 WEP Encryption
                            Media Access Control : CSMA / CA with ACK, CSMA/CD
                            Operating Range Open Space : Open Space: 100 - 300m;
                            Indoor: 25- 100m
                            Antenna : Antenna diversity system (2dB gain); Dual dipole
Power                       100~240V AC, 50~60 Hz to 12V DC, 1.2A power adapter
Environmental               Humidity: 10~90%, non-condensing
                            Operating temp: 0~50 degrees C
                            Storage temp: -10~70 degrees C
Dimension                   240mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 35mm (H)
Weight                      1.2 Kg
Safety                      UL1950, EN60950
EMC                         FCC part 15 Class B, CE mark
Vibration & Drop            IEC 68-2-36, IEC 68-2-6, EC 68-2-32

             16 L, Shrewsbury, Green Drive, Shrewsbury, MA01545, U S A .
                      Tel: +1 508 755 6029, Fax: +1 253 663 2109
              Email: www:

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