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					                                 Harinder Verma
                     39 Heartview Road, Brampton, ON, L6Z 0C7
                 Phone: - 905-495-1215 (Home), 416-276-8499 (Mobile)

                                Email: - hverma@rogers.com
                         Website: - http://www.harinderverma.com.ru

Manager of Information Services and Consultant with 18 Years of experience in Information
Technology with international organizations, managing various Microsoft/ Novell/ UNIX/ LINUX
Operating Systems as well as Computer Hardware, Network and Security Equipment
(CISCO/eSoft/ Symantec/ HP, Application Software's such as ERP system (SAP R/3 and
Business One), Real time Billing Software (ORGA Kartensystem), Microsoft Office Suite,
Accounting Software, Cheque Printing Software, Medical and Engineering applications.
Also has experience with Customized Software for RFID, Communication Software such as Email
Server and Intranet. Other experience includes Security Software (VPN, RADIUS, SNC, and
Antivirus Server).

Professional Strengths

      18 years of Information Technology and management experience
      Project Management, Change Management, Installation, Implementation and Trouble-
      9 years of team management, coaching and mentoring experience.
      Technical point of escalation and providing guidance in the resolution of critical issues
       that may impact established service levels.
      Managing customers at all levels (Internal and External)
      System Integration (Multi-OS, Hardware and Application)
      Time management and Scheduling
      Vendor Management and Contract Negotiation Skills
      Ability to interact effectively with all levels of personnel
      Asset Management

Work Experience:

  UTIL Capital Tool & Design Limited                             Dec 2002 to Present
  Manager Information Services
  (UTIL is one of the leading manufacturers of automotive Brake Plates and Brake Shoes for
  OEM and After Market customers with offices, plants and warehouse spread over Canada,
  USA, Mexico, China and Italy employs approx. 15,000 employees.)

          Responsibilities include managing the IT Department and act as Senior SAP Basis
          Implement any IT infrastructure requirements including IT perimeter security, Backup
           and Disaster recovery to ensure uninterrupted availability (24x7) of SAP system at all
          Currently managing a team of 4 technical specialists including 1 Operating System
           Administrator, 1 Database administrator and 2 Desktop Specialists
          Install and maintain SAP on a regular basis

       Successfully completed IT and SAP projects as TEAM LEAD and LEAD

   •   SAP at 7 locations spread over Canada, USA and Mexico.
       - Installation and design of SAP Landscape (Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL
          2000 and 2005), Infrastructure, Security, Backup & Disaster recovery system and
          SAP R/3 Application.
    -   Creation and maintenance of Profiles and Roles, Client, System Refresh and SAP
        support packs
    - Installation and maintenance of SAP Transport System
•   RFID (Barcode systems) at 7 locations spread over Canada, USA and Mexico
    - Integration of Psion Teklogix RFID system with SAP. Created transactions for Annual
        Inventory count.
•   IP Telephony at 6 locations spread over Canada, and Mexico
    - Installation and maintenance of Avaya IP telephony and integrate it with Avaya SIP
        Enablement service to use IP telephony over Internet.
    - Implemented a fail-over strategy for IP telephony.
•   MPLS network at 4 locations spread over Canada.
    - Redundant Data and Voice WAN links.
•   Failover to another link with QoS in case of primary link failure.
•   LAN/WAN security through Antivirus Server, Firewalls, IDS and IPS system
    - Installation and maintenance of Ingate, Instagate and PIX firewalls to secure Data
        and Voice networks. Installed Antivirus Server that automatically Install, Update and
        scan clients PC. Installed and configured HP Procurve PoE switches with VLANs and
        QoS for data and Voice network, Brocade Fibre switches with Zoning SAN
        connectivity, HP Procurve with fibre module switches for fibre backbone.
•   Upgraded SAP R/3 4.6C to SAP 4.7 Enterprise (Netweaver)
•   Disaster Recovery via –
    - SAN (Storage Area Network)
    - NAS
    - Redundant Server
    - Offsite Backup using IBM Tivoli
    -    Replication of Production server in a real time at offsite location
•   Configured and implemented Warehouse Management System module in SAP
•   Web design for Email server (Webmail) and Intranet (Problem reporting system)
•   VPN (Virtual Private Network), SNC (Secure Network Communications) and RADIUS
    (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) server

Computroniks Inc.                              April 2001 to Dec 2002
Senior Solutions Consultant/ Infrastructure Specialist
(Computroniks is one of the leading Solution Provider in IT industry, Some the major
customers include Johnson & Johnsons, Almag Aluminum, TNT, BAX Global, Toy „r‟ Us,
Newmar , CTD Canada Limited, NOCO Petroleum, Goodyear, Volvo )

       Implement and manage IT infrastructure at clients sites for their IT applications such
        as SAP, IT Security, Backup and Disaster recovery to ensure uninterrupted availability
        (24x7) of SAP and other core application system at all times.
       Managed a team of up to 26 Technical Support Specialists with wide range of
        expertise in Operating systems, LAN and WAN, Security, DB Admin, Desktop
        Support, Disaster recovery and backup.

    Successfully completed IT projects as TEAM LEAD and LEAD IMPLEMENTER:

•   Various LAN/WAN projects ( Almag, CTD Canada, NOCO Petroleum, Bax Global)
•   Backup and Disaster Recovery ( Newmar, CTD Canada and Almag)
•   Seamless Integration of Database Server with UNIX in a multi-operating system
    environment ( NOCO Petroleum)
•   Structure cabling ( NOCO Petroleum)
•   Perimeter Security via Firewall and Antivirus Server (NOCO Petroleum , CTD Canada)
•   Navision installation and connectivity with USA Server (NOCO Petroleum)
•   VPN Server installation and configuration (NOCO Petroleum)
•   Installation and troubleshooting of IBM ThinkPad‟s (Johnson and Johnson)
•   Installation and setup of IP PBX ( NOCO Petroleum)
•   Installation and Configuration of SAN ( Bax Global)
•   Installation and setup of Fibre Backbone and mass HP network printers (Toys „r‟ Us)
•   Installation and Setup of Windows based Domain tree (Almag aluminum, Newmar)
•   Structure cabling and Fibre Backbone (TNT)
•   Site survey, installation and setup of RFID in Warehouse (TABCO and NOCO Petroleum)
    Past employers and successfully completed IT projects as TEAM LEAD and LEAD


    TECHZAM Limited ( A sister company of Olivetti)                 December 1998 – Jan 2001
     One of the leading computer manufacturer, VAR and Solution provider in Zambia (Some
     of the major Customers Bank of Zambia, President‟s Office, Election Commission of
     Zambia, University of Zambia, School Board of Zambia, Copper and Diamond mines.
     Title Held - Branch Manager / Branch Technical Manager
    SYSCOM Corp. (Partially owned by ORGA                      August 1997 - December 1998
     Kartensystem GmbH) Leader in Smart Card based solutions and Pre-paid billing
     system for Cellular and Internet service providers (Some of the major Customers TIM
     Italy, Hutch India, Reliance India, Airtel India, TMN Portugal, Viag Interkom Germany,
     Telfort Netherlands, T-Mobil Germany, Koshika Telecom India and Ministry of Transport
     Karnataka ( Smart Card Based Driving License)
     Title Held – National Product Manager
    SVEC Computer Corporation (Taiwan)                              March 1996 - August 1997
     A multinational organization based in Taiwan manufacturing and marketing full range
     of Networking components (NIC’s, Switches, Routers, Bridges, Network Rack Servers,
     FDDI and ISDN products)
    Information Technologies (I) Limited                         July 1991 – March 1996
     A leading manufacturer, sole distributor & solution provider of AST Research Inc. USA,
     Business Partner of IBM for RS/6000 and AS/400 series computer systems.
     Some of the major customers include Birla group, Goodyear tires, CIMCO, T-Series,
     Usha India, Usha International, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, ICICI Bank
     and Parliament of India
     Title Held- Product Support Specialist
    PCS Data General (I) Limited                            December 1989 – July 1991
     A leading manufacturer of micro’s and supermini computers in collaboration with DG
     (Data General of USA). Some of the major customers include Birla group Wagon
     Division, CIMCO, T-Series, Eicher Goodeath Limited, Eicher Mitsubishi Limited, Eicher
     Mitsubishi (Lancer) Ltd., many big Law firms.
     Title Held- Sales and Service Engineer
    Medelec Systems Pvt. Ltd.                               July 1989 – December 1989
     Sales and Service centre for Siemens and Burdick Corp. for there Electro-medical
     Equipments such as - Stress Test System, Holter Recorder, Holter Analyzer,
     De-fibrillator, Pacemaker, and Central Monitoring System.
     Title Held- Sales and Service Engineer

     Successfully completed IT projects as TEAM LEAD and LEAD IMPLEMENTER:

•    LAN and WAN project (Lead Implementer) Birla Group Wagon Division, Eicher
     Goodearth, Eicher Mitsubishi, Eicher (Lancer) Mitsubishi, T-Series, Parliament of India,
     State Bank Of India, Hutch Mobile, Airtel India, Koshika Telecom and Usha India Limited
•    Seamless Integration of Database Server with UNIX in a multi-operating system
     environment (Team Lead and Lead implementer) School Board and Election Commission
     of Zambia
•    Pre-paid Billing System for Cellular Operator at 9 locations. (Team Lead and Lead
     Implementer) Koshika and Hutch/Essar Telecom
     - Integration with their GSM Phone Switches.
     - Installation of Highly Redundant DEC and STRATUS Servers
•    Campus Wide Area Network for a Technical Education University (Lead Implementer)
     Roorkee Technical University (presently called IIT Roorkee)
•    Real-time Online banking operation for a State Bank, ICICI & Punjab National Bank of
     India including complete installation and implementation of Hardware, Network and
     Application Software (Team Lead and Lead Implementer)
•    Master CD creation and design system for a T-Series - a music company (Team Lead
     and Lead Implementer)
•    Smart Card based Driver‟s License system (Team Lead) Ministry of Transportation –
Technical Skills Summary

   •   Project Management, Business Software Implementation and Support
   •   LAN/ QoS/Infrastructure
   •   WAN/ VoIP (Avaya)
   •   Redundant Server (Stratus Technology)
   •   SAN (Storage Area Network)
   •   SAP – BASIS & Functional
   •   Website Development/ DNS Server & Administration/Email Server/
   •   Website Publishing/FTP Server & Access Control
   •   Firewall/ Antivirus Server/ Intruder Detection/ Internet/ Email/
   •   Router/MS-Office/ Utility App.
   •   Windows 95/98/NT/XP/2000/2003 Server
   •   MS SQL 2000/ Access Database
   •   MS-DOS/Win 3.11/ WFWG
   •   Novell Netware
   •   LINUX /UNIX

Citation / Training

   •   Cited by AST Research Inc. as “Best Product Manager” and quoted as a “Product Expert”
   •   Quoted by outgoing President as “Best Employee” (UTIL‟s Ex- President)
   •   Computer Hardware and Software by AST Research Inc.
   •   Total Quality Leadership (Information Technologies (I) Limited)
   •   Interpersonal Relation Skills (Information Technologies (I) Limited)
   •   Total Quality through Speed (TQS) and Zero Investment Improvement (ZII) (Information
       Technologies (I) Limited)
   •   Windows 2000/ 2003 Server from Microsoft Corporation
   •   TIVOLI from IBM Canada
   •   ITIL - Information Technology Infrastructure Library (Humber College)


   •   Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing                                 1997

   •   Engineering Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication           1989
       Engineering, Major in Computer & Telecommunication

   •   B.Sc. (Degree) in Physics, Chemistry, Math                         1986