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                       Why Nationwide?
                       Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services providers in the world with over
   About Nationwide    $157 billion in statutory assets. Our Company’s AM Best Rating of A+ reflects our solid
                       financial positioning. Nationwide has been in Florida for over 50 years and our regional office is
                       in Florida so the Nationwide staff is directly aware of the Florida insurance market.

   Product Offerings   Nationwide offers a full range of insurance products and financial services. This gives “one stop
                       shopping” for all insurance needs and allows better coordination of insurance and financial needs
                       through a more personal relationship with a single agent. Nationwide is competitive with the
                       marketplace in both price and product offerings for a variety of Insurance needs. Some of the
                       products and services available through a Nationwide Agency are:
                           • Auto Insurance (Standard and Specialty Auto)
                           • Motorcycle Insurance, Golf Cart Insurance, ATV Insurance, NEV/GEM Insurance
                           • Property Insurance
                           • Commercial Insurance for business owners and artisan contractors including: auto,
                                property, liability, worker’s compensation and umbrella.
                           • Life Insurance
                           • Annuities and Mutual Funds
                           • IRA’s and 529 Plans

                       Nationwide offers products and coverages that other companies do not offer, such as
                           • Coverage for 99% of motorcycles as well as coverage for Small Electronic vehicles,
                               Golf Carts, Scooters, Segways, ATV’s and Trailers
                           • First Accident Forgiveness: Nationwide will not surcharge the premium for the first
                               accident if a customer has been with Nationwide for five years or more
                           • Original Equipment Manufacturer Endorsement will repair or replace exterior parts with
                               parts from the Original Manufacturer
                           • Guaranteed Automobile Insurance coverage which means the customer is guaranteed to
                               renew in a Standard Auto company (effective 5/23/07 and after)
                           • APIP: Additional coverage above the statutory PIP limits
                           • Identity Theft coverage is available for any customer with a Nationwide Property policy
                           • Special Events Liability coverage
                           • Automatic $1500 of customization coverage on all Standard Auto policies
                           • Automatic $1500 in sound equipment coverage on all Standard Auto policies
                           • Umbrella Insurance provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your other
                               insurance policies

                       Nationwide offers discounts for customers who have:
Discount Offerings         • An Accident Free driving record
                           • Taken an Accident prevention course
                           • Membership in a qualifying organization
                           • A Financial Product and an Auto Product with Nationwide
                           • Students on the policy with good GPA’s
                           • A Property/Homeowners Product and an Auto Product with Nationwide
                           • Ownership of a Home, even if it’s not insured with Nationwide
                           • Been insured with Nationwide for multiple years
                           • Airbags or anti-theft devices in insured vehicles
                           • Discounts for mature drivers over the age of 55

    Community          Nationwide is involved in the Community. For example:
   Involvement             • Organizations we work with in Florida include: March of Dimes, United Way, Junior
                               Achievement, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, Urban League
                           • Received awards for Inspiring Success and Spirit of the Community
                     Nationwide provides excellent customer service by offering:
On Your Side             • Service through the number 1-877-OnYourSide Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 12
Customer Service             a.m. and on Saturday from 8:30 – 5 through a Customer Care center which can service
                             existing customers in English or Spanish.
                         • Claim reporting capability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-421-3535 or online
                             claims reporting capability at
                         • Same day contact from claims which means customers are contacted on the same day
                             the claim is reported. This allows claims to be settled in a timely manner.
                         • Catastrophe claims handling: 90% of CAT claims were closed within 45 days
                         • IRT services to ensure a Nationwide customer will continue to receive Nationwide
                             coverage after moving to another state.

                     From a Claims perspective, Nationwide offers:
World Class Claims       • Claims service in areas where our claims representatives and customers live and work.
    Handling                 This may be face-to-face or over the phone.
                         • Nationwide Trial Division provides cost savings. We obtain the best talent who are
                             committed to the Nationwide Values. Nationwide is Trial Division’s only client
                             which means more time for great service
                         • Blue Ribbon Repair service (BRRS). Nationwide has over 120 Blue Ribbon Shop
                             partners statewide that offer drive-in claims service, towing, auto rental through
                             Enterprise and glass replacement through Safelite Auto Glass. All vehicle repairs
                             made in a BRRS are lifetime guaranteed by Nationwide for as long as the customer
                             owns the vehicle.
                         • Specialized claims handling. This means the claims representatives are specifically
                             trained for either auto, homeowners, commercial, motorcycles, non-injury, litigation
                             cases and specialty auto.
                         • Nationwide exclusively offers AutoWatch: This is an internet based software product
                             which enables BRRS customers and Nationwide Agents and Staff the ability to
                             monitor vehicle repair images, send e-mail communications, and provides a low cost
                             “In process” measurement of customer service.
                         • An Immediate Settlement Unit that offers prompt handling of the smaller-exposure or
                             “fast track” homeowner claims, which may be able to be resolved at first contact.

                     Nationwide has dedicated underwriters assigned to every district to:
                         • Offer on your side customer service to your agency so you have a sole contact for all
                             of your Personal Lines and Commercial Lines needs.
                         • Help manage the growth and profitability goals of your agency
                         • Allow for increased field visits to strengthen the underwriter/agency partnership

                     Nationwide is committed to reducing Fraud in these ways:
    Anti-Fraud           • A full-time anti-fraud team (Special Investigation unit) to keep rates competitive and
    Initiatives              protect the customer.
                         • A Rate Examination Team to ensure all customers are paying the right premiums for
                             their risk – this helps keep rates competitive
                         • A patented Validation Authentication Tool that uses real time customer information to
                             identify potential undisclosed customer information

                     Nationwide offers outstanding marketing support to its agents:
Marketing Support
                         • Advertising, direct mail and merchandising, available in English, Spanish and Chinese
                         • Average marketing support of $30,000 per Florida agent
                         • Retention mail is sent to early term customers and this is paid for by the company.
                         • Over 16,000 direct mail acquisition pieces mailed annually per Florida agent

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