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           between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-USA)
            and the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN-ITALY)

                    concerning scientific collaboration in the field of
                      theoretical nuclear and sub-nuclear physics

   The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (USA) hereinafter referred to as MIT


  The Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, (ITALY) hereinafter referred to as INFN,

  considering their interests in the field of theoretical nuclear and sub-nuclear physics;

considering that they have already under way certain joint activities in the scientific field
                                    above mentioned;

                     wishing to further develop such a collaboration:

                           HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS

                                         Article 1

             MIT and INFN shall carry out common research in the field of
                       theoretical nuclear and particle physics.

                                         Article 2

             The collaboration will be implemented at three different levels:

                   a)      graduate student level;

                   b)      post-doc researcher level,

                   c)      faculty member level.
                                            Article 3

         Every two years research fellowships (assistantships) will be made available for
Italian students, in possession of a degree in physics (laureate), wishing, to get the Ph.D. in
Physics at MIT. These research fellowships will be known as Bruno Rossi research
fellowships, in honour of this world-renown Italian physicist who so much contributed to

         The research fellowship for the first two years, covering, tuition, living expenses, and
medical insurance at the level established for physics research graduate students, will be
borne by INFN. For the second two years, MIT, through the Department of Physics and the
Laboratory for Nuclear Science, will fully support the students through research fellowships
or assistantships. It is expected that the graduate students will teach during at least one of the
four semesters that they are fully supported by MIT.

        Should the time required be shorter or longer the relative expenses will be shared by
the two Institutions on a 50%/50% basis.

                                            Article 4

        Every year MIT shall include in its research programs a young Italian theoretical
physicist, financially supported by LNFN at the post-doctoral level. The appointments will be
for one or two years, as appropriate. Each appointment will commence at the beginning, of an
MIT academic year.

                                            Article 5

         Funds will be made available for the exchange of faculty members. MIT professors
will be able to visit any Laboratory or Section of INFN. Professors of INFN will be able to
visit the Center for Theoretical Physics of MIT.

        Each visit should not exceed 3 weeks and will be covered as follows:

           - Travel expenses will be borne by the sending Institution,

           - Living expenses shall be borne by the hosting Institution.

        These expenses reimbursements will adhere to the host’s established guidelines.

       The collaboration under the present article will be carried out for a total amount up to
3 people/months per year for each of the parties (total 6 months/people per year).
                                          Article 6

       The exchanges of personnel referred to above in articles 3, 4 and 5 shall take place
according to the following conditions:

       MIT and INFN shall establish a Coordination Committee with the purpose of:

          a) following the implementation of the joint research program described above;

          b) agreeing on the detailed exchange program foreseen and to be defined every

          c)   dealing with any other matter related to the collaboration under the present

       The Committee shall be made up of four members, MIT and INFN shall designate
two representatives each in the Committee.

       All applications shall be sent to the Committee at the beginning of each solar year by
those who wish to participate in the present exchange Agreement. The Committee will
forward the applications for graduate study, with endorsement, to the MIT Physics
Department graduate admissions committee.

                                          Article 7

        Payment for each graduate student during the years INFN is responsible for the
student costs (see Article 3), will be made by INFN in September, January, and June of each
academic year by wire transfer to MIT, Department of Physics.

                                          Article 8

        The present Agreement is for 6 (six) years beginning in June 1998. One year before
its termination, INFN and MIT shall consult in view of exploring the terms and conditions for
a possible continuation of their collaboration.

       It shall enter into force after the formal approval by the INFN and MIT competent


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