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					                                      Quality handbook                               MQ 06

                                                                                Ed. 01 - Rev. 00
                                   Resource Management
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The necessary resources to set up a QMS are quite different:
          -    financial
          -    skills
          -    human
          -    infrastructural.
Raising financial resources is performed by the Management supported by the Administrative
Management Executive.
All the resources in the TP are defined and pre-set in order to:
           implement and keep active the QMS by ameliorating its efficacy;
           obtain and develop the customer’s satisfaction.

        6.2    HUMAN RESOURCES

6.2.1 Generalities

The whole staff within the TP gives out its own contribution in assurgi the quality of the service
There are three categories in the staff pattern:

     1. Non-teaching staff operating in TP: Duty Executives, their collaborators, secretaries;
     2. Internal teaching staff;
     3. External staff, teaching and non teaching, (collaborators) to the TP1 (See also, PQ 01

6.2.2 Skill, awareness and training

Human resources are considered a strategic component in the TP.
The Board always must have availability some staff to be numerically enough, skilled, adequately
trained and aware of the relevance of its role to achieve the objectives planned.

     a) Skill
The Board establishes tasks, requirements and indicators for each Function as reported in the
Table A, as follows. In defining the necessary skills for each function the Management considers
both the requirements requested by the Accreditation system and those held for mandatory fora n
efficient of the organisation.
The Staff File M_MQ06_05 is divided into 2 Sections; the first section contains the anagraphic data,
academic titles, specialisations, reference economic field/s. The second section contains a table of
indicators and sub-indicators as well as a distribution table on a grading of values of the numerical
judgements expressed.

   b) Training
The needs for training and amelioration of the TP’s internal staff are found by DIR and reported in a
Yearly training Plan (M_MQ06_02).
                                        Quality handbook                                 MQ 06

                                                                                    Ed. 01 - Rev. 00
                                     Resource Management
                                                                                       Pag. 2 di 7

In drawing up a training plan even training needs referred to as the correct application of the QMS
are taken into consideration. Such interventions, aimed at the diffusion of a uniform and
commonplace management methodology and a larger awareness and participation by the
personnel involved into the TP activities, can be held for useful tools to check for the efficacy of the
For the TP’s external personnel, the Management can suggest refreshment paths and additional
training routes.

   c) Efficaciousness

Both the training plan and the training / refreshment activities are checked. The verifications of the
efficaciousness of the planned training activities are recorded through filling in the Training activities
evaluation form (M_MQ06_03) by the course participants at the end of the training activities. Next,
RQG fills in the Training activities report (M_MQ06_04) where s/he checks for the training activities
outcomes, the considerations by the personnel, the achievement level of the objectives set and the
likely suggestions useful to the amelioration of the training activities or the further materials related
to the paths attended.

    d) Awareness
The TP ensures its personnel is aware of the contribution each of them can yield to the QMS. To
this end, the Executives of the various functions will hold meeting to sensitivitize their collaborators
and refer to DIR on these meetings, which will be documented. Sensitivization will be performed
            - The diffusion of the policy, the involvement into defining process objectives,
               evaluatiuon of the outcomes achieved;
            - The analysis of the customer’s satisfaction level;
            - The impact of culture onto the quality of the organisation;
            - The involvement in finding amelioration actions.

     e) Records
The records of the previous activities will be carried out by the QME.
The documents stating the personnel’s participation will be collected and kept in the Institute’s
Personnel File, by the Administrative Manager.
All the records are handled in compliance with what indicated in the ¶ 4.2.4, MQ 04.
                                          Quality handbook                                          MQ 06

                                                                                              Ed. 01 - Rev. 00
                                      Resource Management
                                                                                                 Pag. 3 di 7

Table A
                                         PROFESSIONAL SKILLS
FUNCTIONS/ROLES            TASKS                          REQUIREMENTS                   INDICATORS
                             Definition of the service
                              commercial and                 Degree
                              standard strategies;           At least 3 years
                            Handling local                   experience in training
                              relationships to firms,         and / or guidance to
BOARD:                        institutions and local          firms
                            Search for a partnership
       DIR (DIR)             at a European, National
                              and local level;
                            Managing Quality
                              System and
                              identification of
                              amelioration actions;
                            Human resources
                              management and
                            Economic Control
                            Safety Executive
                            Provacy Safeguard
                              Administrative                  Administrative             Administrative Executive:
                              Executive:                      Executive:
                            Management of                   Degree or School-             PLANNING
                              accountancy and                 leaving certificate with      TEAM WORK
                              administrative duties;          at least 1 year               COMMUNICATION
                            Economic control                 professional                  PROBLEM SOLVING
                            Filing expenses;                 experience in the             LEADERSHIP
                            Staff’s administrative           function
ADMINISTRATION:               management                                                 Administrative:
   Administrative          Management of                Administrative:                 PLANNING
    Executive                 purchases and handling       Degree or School-             TEAM WORK
    (ADMINISTRATIVE           suppliers.                  leaving certificate             COMMUNICATION
    DIR)                    Administrative:                                               PROBLEM SOLVING
   Administrative (AMN)      Management of
                               accountancy and
                               administrative duties;
                              Collaboration to
                               Economic control
                              Collaboration to Filing
                                        Quality handbook                                         MQ 06

                                                                                            Ed. 01 - Rev. 00
                                     Resource Management
                                                                                              Pag. 4 di 7

                                       PROFESSIONAL SKILLS
FUNCTIONS/ROLES           TASKS                         REQUIREMENTS                   INDICATORS
                            Handling relationships        Diploma                       PLANNING
SECRETARY OFFICE:            to Users                                                     COMMUNICATION
                           Drawing up documents                                          PROBLEM SOLVING
   Secretary Principal    Supporting spread of
    (RSE)                    communications
                            Board’s                       Board’s                       Board’s Reprsentative:
                             Representative:                Reprsentative:
                           Assures the necessary          Degree or Diploma             PLANNING
                             processes for the QMS                                        TEAM WORK
                             are set, implemented                                         COMMUNICATION
                             and kept up-to-date                                          PROBLEM SOLVING
                           Refers the Management                                         LEADERSHIP
                             on the QMS
                             performances and likely
                             needs for amelioration
                           Assures promotion of
                             awareness of the
                             customer’s needs within
                             the whole body
                           Handles relationships
                             woth external bodies on
QUALITY:                     QMS-related topics
   Board’s               QME
    Representative         Collaborates in
   QME                      implementing the QS to
                             guarantee its conformity   QME
                             with the reference norm;    Degree or Diploma
                           Guards the QS through                                      QME
                             inspections by referring                                   PLANNING
                             to the Management on                                       TEAM WORK
                             its application and the                                    COMMUNICATION
                             achievement of the                                         PROBLEM SOLVING
                             objectives defined;                                        LEADERSHIP
                           Analyzes the non
                             conformities related to
                             the service and the
                             system by activating the
                             necessary corrective
                             and preventive actions
                             in a view of continuous
                           Monitoring of actions          Degree and/or Diploma         PLANNING
                             and activity programs;        Professional                  TEAM WORK
                           Coordination and check          experience of at least 1      COMMUNICATION
                             of activities by working       year in the field of          PROBLEM SOLVING
                             group                          training and / or             LEADERSHIP
                           Collaboration in                guidance to firms
COORDINATION                 management and filing
   Premise Coordinator      expenses
    (COO)                  Negotiating with
                             Management for human
                             and economic
                             resources as for
                           Planning the different
                                           Quality handbook                                         MQ 06

                                                                                                Ed. 01 - Rev. 00
                                        Resource Management
                                                                                                  Pag. 5 di 7

                                          PROFESSIONAL SKILLS
FUNCTIONS/ROLES             TASKS                          REQUIREMENTS                    INDICATORS
                                contributions and their
                               Resolution of the
                                variations under

                                                              Degree and/or Diploma          PLANNING
                                                              Professional                   TEAM WORK
                               Find occupational need         experience of at least 1       COMMUNICATION
                                within the territory           year in the field of           PROBLEM SOLVING
DIAGNOSE:                      Find occupational need         training                       LEADERSHIP
                                within the firm
                               Find educational need
   Needs Analist (ANF)        Define training strategy

                               Draft planning of course      Degree and/or Diploma          PLANNING
                                activity                      Professional                   TEAM WORK
                               Operational planning of        experience of at least 1       COMMUNICATION
PLANNING / DESIGNING:           course activity                year in the field of           PROBLEM SOLVING
                                                               training                       LEADERSHIP
       Planner /
        Designer (PRG)

                               Monitor training actions       Degree and/or Diploma         PLANNING
                            and programs                       Professional                  TEAM WORK
MONOTORING AND               Evaluate learning            experience of at least 1 year      COMMUNICATION
EVALUATION:                 outcomes                       in the field of training           PROBLEM SOLVING
       Evaluator (VAL)

                            Service Coordination              Degree and/or Diploma          PLANNING
YIELDING:                   Executive                         Professional experience        TEAM WORK
       Service
                             Coordination and check           of at least 1 year in the      COMMUNICATION
                            of training activities             field of teaching /            PROBLEM SOLVING
        Executive (RCS)      Collection of                    training
                            stakeholders’ issues and
                            implementation of corrective
                            actions for training
                             Collection of trainers’         Degree and/or Diploma
                            and students’ complaints          Academic titles
                                                              Professional experience
                            Teacher / Trainer                  of at least 1 year in the
                             Detailed planning of             field of training and / or
       Teacher / Trainer   single actions or training         guidance to firms              PROJECTUALITY
                            sessions                                                          TEACHING
                             Teaching and setting up                                         DIDACTIC TOOLS
                            of apprenticeships                                                ANIMATION
                             Designing and creation
                            of learning and development       Degree and/or Diploma
                            tools                             Academic titles
                                                              Professional experience
                            Tutor                              of at least 1 year in the
                                         Quality handbook                                           MQ 06

                                                                                               Ed. 01 - Rev. 00
                                      Resource Management
                                                                                                  Pag. 6 di 7

                                         PROFESSIONAL SKILLS
FUNCTIONS/ROLES           TASKS                           REQUIREMENTS                     INDICATORS
                               Animation and ease at         field of training and / or
       Tutor             individual and group learning       guidance to firms               ANIMATION
                           Teaching and                                                      OADMINISTRATIVE
                          implementing                                                         DIRNIZATION
                          apprenticeships                                                     COMMUNICATION
                           Handling local                                                    TEAM WORK
                          relationships with forms,
                          employment centres,
                          institutions and local actors
                           Assistance and
                          supervision to the
                          professional and/or
                          managemental development
                                                             Degree and/or Diploma
                          Lab Technician                     To be able to perform
                                                              one’s duties
                             Controlling equipments
       Lab Technician       Sorting out hardware and
                              software problems
                                                                                              OADMINISTRATIVE
                          School Collaborators
                                                                                              TEAM WORK
                                                                  Secondary-school           PROBLEM SOLVING
                          Staff for the TP general                 Diploma
                          services.                               To be able to
                                                                   perform one’s
       School                                                     duties

                                                                                              OADMINISTRATIVE
                                                                                              TEAM WORK

        6.3     INFRASTRUCTURES
The TP assures that premises and equipments used in yielding vocational services comply with
norms on safety and environmental hygiene.
Infrastructures represent determining elements for the good achievement of the processes
improved by the TP. One can consider infrastructures as: buildings and rooms where activities are
carried out, equipments and training supports, logistic services.
Infrastructures will be evaluated according to parameters and indicators, reported in Table B
(Structural and Infrastructural Resources).
The indicators for the evaluation of the infrastructural resources to yield training services are:
    1. adequateness of premises;
    2. teaching adequateness;
    3. technological adequateness;
    4. congruence of the set of resources available.
The Board will be in charge with compliance of infrastructures.
The Board will take care infrastructures satisfy the company’s needs by planning and recording
maintenance activities in the M_PQ02_01 Equipment Maintenance File. In this document the TP
explains times for maintenance and check of each infrastructural item in relationship to their critical
aspects and usages. For further details, please See PQ02 Premise Management.
                                              Quality handbook                                       MQ 06

                                                                                                Ed. 01 - Rev. 00
                                          Resource Management
                                                                                                   Pag. 7 di 7

                       LOGISTIC CAPABILITIES: Training Services and Activities
                             Structural Resources: Training or Duty environments
                                                                INDEXES ON MACRO-
     INDICATORS                   PARAMETERS                        TYPOLOGIES                 CHECK MODALITIES
                                                                MACROTIPOLOGIE (*)
                                                            a) Dimensions and features
                            a) Respect of current norm:     according to norm;
a)Adequacy of premises                                                                       a) Documentary Analiysis

                                 Infrastructural Resources: Equipment - Tools
                                                                INDEXES ON MACRO-
      INDICATORS                  PARAMETERS                                                   CHECK MODALITIES
                                                                    TYPOLOGIES (*)
                                                            a.1) Possession of labs and
                            a) Availability of labs with         related equipments
a) Didactic adequacy                                                                         a) Documentary Analysis
                            suitable equipments             a.2) List of suppliers
                                                                 collaborating with the TP
                                                                                             b) Specialized opinion
                            b) Types of equipments and       b) Equipments and tools used
b)          Technological                                                                    based upon a listo f
                            tools in relationship with          by the local productive
Adequacy                                                                                     equipments      and   the
                            technologic evolution               systems
                                                                                             related tecnica documents
                            c.1) Equipments and tools
                            for a collective use / number
                            of participants                 c.1) and c.2)
c) Congruence                                                                                c) Documentary Analysis
                            c.2) Tools to be used           See regional norm
                            individually / number of

       6.4      WORKING CONTEXT

The TP ensures that the rooms and equipments used in yielding vocational services comply with
actual laws and norms on staff’s and users’ health, safety and environmental hygiene.
In charge with the activities at ¶ 6.3 and 6.4 of the present Section is DIR who appoints a Safety
Executive (Prevention and Protection Service Principal) of all the premises.

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