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Tell Us About Yourself


									Tell Us About Yourself!                                                                                       Name: Peter R. Smith
Tell us a little about yourself and how hiring you will benefit your
next employer, so that we can better present your qualifications to our clients.

                   Facts About Yourself                            Something you’ve done on the job that you are                             How will hiring you benefit
            Awards / Achievements / Recognition                     proud of. Significant or Measurable Results.                               your next employer?
                                                                   Building teams of employees and contractors in several        I am a Jack Of All Trades. I have an excellent grasp not
      A steady progression in job descriptions, responsibilities   markets and across varying product lines, including           only of Field operations management, but also Sales,
      and compensation throughout my career, in order: Sales       branches in Houston, Austin, New Orleans, Phoenix and         Customer Service, Budget Management, Applications
      Rep; Sales Mgr (single market); Sales Mgr (2 markets);       Denver. Managed and promoted the careers of over 50           Engineering, Vendor/Contractor Management,
      Branch Mgr (2 markets); Site Director (medium market         technicians, customer service reps and sales people over      Advertising, Marketing and the broad range of Corporate
      Branch Mgr); Operations Mgr (large market/multiple           17 years with very little turnover. Annual turnover rate on   practices and procedures. Throughout my career this
      products); Regional Operations Mgr (multiple                 all Operations personnel: less than 5%; Annual turnover       has assisted me in understanding how best to work with
      markets/multiple products), including FBI clearance and      rate on sales reps: less than 50%, which is excellent in      the various departments that comprise a corporation in
 1    to act as liaison with FBI.                                  the Telecom trade.                                            order to get the job done.

                                                                                                                                 I can build Teams from scratch, including hiring, training
      Consistently recognized as the best sales producer of all    Successfully trained and managed my teams as our              and support, and that includes employees as well
      Operations Managers throughout my career; in many            services evolved through several generations of service       contractors. My personal philosophy as a manager is to
      instances, the only Operations Manager who sold.             offerings, including PBX based POTs (Plain Old                hire, train and enable good people, delegate
      Consistently accounted for 25% or more of branch sales       Telephone Service); PBX based voice/data offerings;           responsibility and let them excel. I'm a big believer in
      virtually every year of my employment. Sold, grew and        comprehensive network services; standalone voice/data         soliciting creative solutions from the Team. Ideas matter
      maintained several of the company's largest accounts         services; 3 generations of VOIP (Voice Over Internet          and every Team member can and should be a part of
      for my entire career, including Texas Workers'               Protocol) offerings, including Cisco/Level III, Cisco/NGT     that process. The Bottoms Up approach is, in my
      Compensation Insurance Fund, MDL 926 Settlement              and culminating with Nortel CS1000/2000 over                  experience, the best approach to improving productivity,
 2    Fund and Whitney National Bank.                              proprietary network.                                          and I have had a lot of success in doing that.

      Have consistently researched and implemented                 Consistently picked throughout my career to assist
      innovative cost-reduction programs throughout my             Corporate on improving policies and procedures,               I am the consummate "Company Man", in the best
      career, most of which were adopted by the Company,           including: Wrote the Field instruction manual on              sense that that term can be used. I am dependable,
      including: consolidation of network elements (trunking);     executing telecom service orders, number porting, etc.;       hard working, focused, and have set that example for
      tracking tools and methods to measure efficiency of use      assisted on building Deal Constructor; wrote the              my direct reports throughout my business career. I've
      of network elements; implementing multiple vendor            company’s practices for Technician Time Management            also been a loyal advocate of my company's policies. I
      strategy for competitive rates; tracking tools and           and Reporting as well as the tracking tools; on numerous      have always worked to sell the company's vision to my
      methods to maintain accurate inventory of all network        committees over the years, including Process Flows for        Teams, and am proud of my ability to gain their
      elements; tracking tools and methods to improve              installations, Disaster Recovery practices, Y2K               acceptance and buy-in when the company implemented
 3    employee productivity.                                       conversion and Field job descriptions, to name but a few.     change.

Please tell us about an area of your job where you would like to improve: A better understanding of the technology that drives the product and service offerings that
the company provides; in the case of the Telecom industry, more formal training in IT and the technologies that facilitate the integration of IT and Telecom through
VOIP (voice over internet protocol).

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