The Manifesto of the Robot Skeleton Army by astott25

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									               The Manifesto of the Robot Skeleton Army
                                 By Alexa Stott (@astott25)

1. It is always a great day for America.
2. It is ALWAYS a great day for America.
3. RSA is loyal to one man: Craig Ferguson.
4. RSA should respect all those His Chattiness has deemed worthy.
5. RSA works as one united front. All of us are greater than one of us.
6. RSA cannot be harmed or broken.
7. RSA members must always display cheeky monkyness.
8. RSA members must always honour the will of His Chattiness.
9. All RSA members are created equal.
10. RSA members shall never pay for cable.
11. RSA is a lifestyle choice.
12. RSA is an unstoppable force of the internets
13. RSA members must relocate to the hollowed out volcano.
14. RSA is everything that is right in the world.
15. RSA loves David Letterman.
16. RSA must not troll the internets. Be known as a peaceful force.
17. RSA loves America.
18. RSA shall never doubt the word of His Chattiness.
19. RSA members may only hold puppets as demigods.
20. RSA members should understand that puppets are no replacement for His Chattiness.
21. RSA is in control at all times of its own fate.
22. RSA commands will occasionally be disseminated by Malinky2Stoatir. These orders
    are to be followed as if they came directly from His Chattiness.
23. RSA is a friend to Grant Imahara's Robot Cat Army.
24. RSA members may occasionally be required to lip sync.
25. RSA vacuums must have the proper amount of suction.
26. The RSA must never pay attention to sparkly vampires.
27. RSA must always remember that CBS Cares.
28. RSA must never wake the FCC censor.
29. Everyone is welcome to create Craig Ferguson/RSA merchandise, but remember to be
    courteous to all other vendors.
30. RSA will give credit where credit is do. Attribute all original artwork, photographs, and
    videos to the appropriate source.
31. The ultimate goal of RSA is to spread the love for Craig Ferguson throughout the

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