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					                                                           RENOVATION & CONSTRUCTION
                                                                     PROJECTS UPDATE
                                                                                          APRIL 2009

BACKGROUND                                             SANTA ANA COLLEGE
In 2002, voters overwhelming supported the             Softball Complex
passage of Measure E, a $337 million general           A dedication ceremony was held on March 25
obligation bond for new construction and               to celebrate the college’s new softball field
facility modernization. All facility priorities        that was completed in time for the 2008
are identified and prioritized by campus-level         season. The complex features spacious
facility committees, composed of faculty,              dugouts, storage rooms, bull pens, a lighted
students, staff and administrators. Through the        batting cage, and a concession area.
college district’s shared governance structure,
campus priorities are reviewed by the district         Fire Alarms
construction committee and formally approved           The first phase of the fire alarm replacement
by the Board of Trustees.                              project will be completed on schedule in May.
                                                       Included in this phase were the installation of
Under Proposition 39, all expenditures are             the main Notifier alarm panel in the X
reviewed by an independent citizens Bond               Building and new fire alarm systems in R, L,
Oversight Committee appointed annually by              P, N, D, U, G, F, E, and X Buildings. In the
the Board of Trustees to ensure that bond              second phase of the project, new fire alarm
proceeds are expended only for the purposes            systems will be installed in Middle College
established in the ballot measure. No bond             High School, portable buildings, I, and Z
proceeds can be used for salaries and other            Buildings. Additionally, each building’s
operating expenses. Committee members                  individual fire alarm system will be connected
serve as volunteers for two-year terms and             to the main control panel and to a 24/7
may not exceed two consecutive terms. No               monitoring and dispatch service. This fully
committee member may be an employee of                 upgraded fire alarm and a public address
the college district or officials, vendors,            system will enable campus security and
contractors, or consultants of the college             administration to communicate with students,
district.                                              faculty and staff in classrooms and public
                                                       areas across the 65-acre campus. The fire
By law, the committee must include a                   alarm upgrade is scheduled for competition by
minimum of seven members: a representative             December 2009.
from a taxpayers association, a member of the
business community, an active member of a              Classroom Building
senior citizen’s organization, an enrolled             A ribbon cutting ceremony for the new, two-
student in the college district, a member of the       story, 20,000-square-foot building was held on
college district’s foundation or another support       March 30. Each classroom holds 45 students
organization, and two members representing             and is equipped with up-to-date technology
each college from the community-at-large.              and multimedia capabilities. The structure,
                                                       designed by Irvine-based LPA, Inc., uses
Bond Oversight Committee meetings are held             sustainable elements to create a cost-effective
three times per year. Meetings are open to the         and energy efficient building. Constructed
public. Learn more the Bond Oversight                  with a combination of state and Measure E
Committee, upcoming public meetings and                funds, the building includes 16 mediated
current bond projects at                classrooms.

Maintenance and Operations Building                      Exercise Science Locker Room Complex, the
Along with the two-story classroom building,             Orange County Sheriff’s Regional Training
the M and O building is part of the campus               Academy (housing SAC’s public safety
infrastructure project that is anticipated to cost       program), and renovations of the Neally
$15 million. Construction began in early 2008            Library, the Fine Arts/Art Gallery Building,
on this structure, located at the corner of              Cook Gymnasium, and Dunlap Hall. A new
Washington and College Ave., slated for                  orchestra pit cover and a backstage upgrade
completion in three to four weeks. The                   occurred at Phillips Hall. Still on the
structure will provide storage for maintenance           renovation list are Hammond Hall, Russell
equipment, supplies, and other items necessary           Hall, Auto Shop, Welding, Planetarium, Music
for the maintenance of the 65-acre campus.               Building, Technical Building, the Johnson
                                                         Center, and Physical Education Building (W).
Child Development Center
Designs for the center were created by Harley            SANTIAGO CANYON COLLEGE
Ellis Devereaux. This facility, to be situated in        Softball Field
the south central section of the campus, will go         The recently completed Santiago Canyon
out to bid by the end of April. Cost of the              College Softball Complex features a state-of-
state-of-the-art 24,100-square-foot center is            the-art team room, enclosed and lighted
projected at $9.3 million, including                     batting cages, storage rooms and a top-of-the-
construction, furnishings, and equipment.                line netting system. The facility is also among
                                                         the first in Southern California to incorporate
Centennial Education Center                              artificial field turf.
Plans have been submitted to the DSA for the
construction of a 16-room classroom building.
                                                         Science Building
Approval must be secured from DSA before
                                                         Although 15 percent behind schedule, work
any further action can be taken. Renovation of
                                                         progresses on the college’s new 60,000-
the existing buildings and the parking lots is
                                                         square-foot science building. Currently,
also included in this project. Negotiations are
                                                         electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work is
in process with the City of Santa Ana about
                                                         moving ahead and the installation of interior
this project.
                                                         steel partitions and some drywall is underway.
                                                         The facility, designed by Irvine-based LPA,
Science Building
                                                         Inc., will include 12 science labs, six
With the remaining $3.1 million of Measure E
                                                         classrooms, and a large, tiered lecture hall that
funds available for this project, the design of
                                                         will seat approximately 200 students. The
this facility will be undertaken. The district
                                                         building is funded by a combination of state
has asked the California Community Colleges
                                                         and Measure E funds and completion is
Chancellor’s Office to fund $22.5 million for
                                                         expected in fall 2009.
its construction and is considering how to
cover the remaining $22.5 million for the
                                                         Maintenance and Operations Building
                                                         Construction of an M and O building is behind
                                                         schedule and efforts are being made to get the
Parking Structure
                                                         project back on track. Included in this $8
Working drawings were submitted to the DSA
                                                         million project is an adjacent parking lot with
in 2008 with approval expected in 2009.
                                                         175 parking spaces.
Before the 1,500-space two-story parking
structure can be built, the existing soccer field
                                                         Humanities Building
must be relocated.
                                                         Plans for the 70,000-square-foot facility have
                                                         been submitted to the DSA. The budget for the
Completed Projects
                                                         project is estimated at $39.1 million and
Since voters approved Measure E in 2002, the
                                                         construction is expected to begin in 2010-11.
following Santa Ana College projects have
been completed: the Digital Media Center,
installation of an electronic marquee, the

Plans for this project have been submitted to
the DSA. Construction is expected to begin
sometime in 2009 with completion late 2010.
The project includes an aquatic center.

Completed Projects
Since voters approved Measure E in 2002, the
following Santiago Canyon College projects
have been completed: the Library, installation
of an electronic marquee, the Student Services
and Instruction Building, the Orange
Education Center, and the new soccer fields.
In addition, an infrastructure project included
massive site grading, electrical and data
distribution, campus lighting, potable water
systems, and sewage and storm drain systems,
as well as clearing the way for the 2-acre
California-friendly demonstration garden has
been completed. The garden is made possible
through a partnership with Orange County
Coastkeeper, a local non-profit agency, as well
as the Metropolitan Water District.

The installation of Datatel, a comprehensive
technology solution to integrate student
records/admissions, fiscal operations and
human resources is underway. With summer
enrollment, the student records system will
migrate to Datatel. The majority of fiscal and
human resources operations are currently
being managed through the Datatel system.

The implementation of a new Voice over
Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system will
begin in April 2009.