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					                                         JAMES PEARSON
                                  215 Goodnight Avenue, Pueblo, CO 81004
                             Toll Free: (877) 734-3386 ▪

                                             IT PROFESSIONAL
Highly accomplished IT professional known for driving innovation and delivering value to clients and
stakeholders. Record of accomplishment growing IT infrastructure from a start-up to an enterprise. Articulate
communicator and confident decision-maker. Respond to operational and financial challenges with confidence,
determination, and focus through expertise in:

                 • Leadership / Team Building            • Systems Design & Security

                 • Business Impact Analysis              • Regulatory Compliance

                 • Disaster Recovery Planning            • Risk Assessment

                 • Cost / Benefit Analysis               • Contingency Planning

                 • Project / Budget                      • Quality Control

                                              TECHNICAL SKILLS

Certification:         MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CCNA
Operating Systems:     Windows NT 4 - Windows 2007 Servers, Windows 3.11 - Vista Workstations
                       Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5, Debian 4, Suse Enterprise 10 Servers and Workstations
                       Mac OS X Servers and Workstations

                       Cisco IOS, ADSM

Languages:             Unix, Windows and Apple shell, Visual Basic, Java, Python, HTML, DHTML, ASP, PHP

Methodologies:         Six Sigma, Agile Development, Adaptive Project Management, Rational Unified Process

Standards:             Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, CISP, HIPPA, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 10011, NFPA 1600

Software:              Microsoft Office Suites, Visio, Project, Open Office, KOffice, Filemaker; Adobe Creative
                       Suites, PGP, VMWare, Parallels

Hardware:              Dell and IBM Servers; Cisco Firewalls, Routers, Switches, MARS and VoIP; EMC, IBM
                       and Dell NAS / SAN / WAS solutions

Core Network           Microsoft Servers: Active Directory, Exchange, ISA, SQL, SMS, MOM, Project and
Proficiencies:         Share Point
                       Linux Servers: Apache, WebSphere, DB2, MySql, Samba, IPChains, SELinux, VPN,
                       Asterisk, Nagios, Zabbix, Snort, Tripwire, Aide, SmartMail, Postfix, Zimbra, Bind, DHCP
                       and Wine
                       Symantec Enterprise Suite: Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Security Expressions
                       VMWare Servers: Standard, ESX, VMotion, RepliStore and vCenter
                       PGP Solutions: Universal, Gateway, Whole Disk Encryption, Desktop and Mobile
                       Orion Solarwinds NPM and APM, LANGuard, RSA SecureID, Switchvox
                                         CAREER PROGRESSION

MyHealthFunds, Inc. Colorado Springs, CO                              January 2008 - February 2009
Industry leader in financial health services providing health savings solutions, health advocacy and
online services for members and employers. Partnered with the Mayo Clinic in 2008 to provide
integrated services to member base
IT Director (2008 - Present)
Key role providing strong leadership, business acumen, and technical expertise to parent organization
and sister company. Personally managed technical teams in Florida and the Ukraine

•   Defined company’s core business objectives and formulated a project plan that revitalized the
    development of flagship product, bringing the product to market on time for scheduled release
•   Unified the company’s Linux, Apple and Windows networks by deploying site to site VPN mesh
    topology and Open Directory
•   Designed and deployed open source VoIP solution to consolidate phone service for Colorado,
    Florida and Ukraine, realizing $30,000 annual savings
•   Designed, developed and deployed proprietary integrated accounting and administrative platform
    to consolidate meaningful data, formalize boarding processes, provide tax reporting, facilitate 3rd
    party integrations, provide statements, reports, increasing productivity by 500%
•   Realized a $14,000 savings to the company during the renegotiation of leased line and colocation
•   Established, designed and implemented production data center for secure corporate resources
    and hosted client web applications, increasing profitability and establishing the hosted product

Payment Processing, Inc. Newark, CA                                 December 1999 – January 2008
Industry leader for integrated payment solutions for credit cards, gift cards and check processing,
supporting nearly 700 software partners and over 110,000 merchants with efficient, cost-effective
payment solutions. PPI processed over $3 billion in Visa® and MasterCard® payments in 2006
IT Director - Payment Processing, Inc.                                                    2003 - 2008
Key role providing strong leadership, business acumen, and technical expertise to parent organization
and two sister companies with aligned business objectives. Personally managed teams throughout
the United States and Canada providing engineering, administration development and desktop

•   $750,000 reduction in annual telephone costs delivered by designing and implementing high
    availability VoIP phone system across 4 sites in the U.S. and Canada that effectively unified
    company after several mergers
•   Pioneered and lead efforts to develop credit card processing gateway technology, now company’s
    flagship product that supports over 75,000 merchants and successfully processes 1.5 million
    transactions per month with an average transaction time of 1.4 seconds. Spun off product to form
    sister company PPIPaymover
•   Recognized for technical expertise by meeting or exceeding all performance goals and
    successfully guiding technology efforts and growth while consistently maintaining 99.99% uptime
•   Authored companies Network Security Policy, Computer Usage Guidelines, Standard Operating
    Procedures Manual. Successfully facilitated regular third party network and security audits
IT Director - Continued

•   Routinely introduced new policies and technologies at all hands meetings. Regularly prepared and
    taught classes to improve user experience and facilitate the roll out of new applications
•   Developed parallel networks in sync with production systems by leveraging ESX technology to
    facilitate formal testing of software/hardware changes prior to release
•   Led 2-member team in $500,000 project to establish a disaster recovery site that consistently
    maintains a 15-second turnover for all customer-facing services and 10-minute turn up phase for
    all core internal systems utilizing VMWare, EMC NAS and Citrix solutions

Sr. Systems Administrator - Payment Processing, Inc.                                     2000 - 2003

Ensured stability, integrity, and efficient operation of all in-house information systems and technology
• Key leader of $25,000 headquarters IT migration from 7,500 SQF facility to 65,000 SQF facility to
   accommodate rapidly expanding operations
•   Managed $13,000 Project to roll out highly customized Track-It database solution to consolidate
    tracking of users, computers, tickets, inventory, and software knowledge base articles
•   Improved overall user experience by replacing Linux Sendmail environment with Microsoft
    Exchange, which dramatically improved internal collaboration, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solutions
    and e-mail retention policies
•   Provided secure communications for remote employees and satellite offices by implementing
    Point to Point and Dial Up VPN solution that provided bandwidth metering, monitoring, intrusion
    detection, and application level filtering
•   Collaborated with Human Resources to develop numerous guidelines, official procedures, legal
    agreements, new user boarding processes and disciplinary guidelines

Technical Support Specialist - Payment Processing, Inc.                                  1999 - 2000

Technical contact for customers, client partners, and associates providing support and training on
credit card processing platforms including terminals, web portals, and software applications
• Improved merchant boarding time 200% as leader of $25,000 project to establish dedicated server
   to build complex terminal files and provide downloads for merchants
•   Realized $7,000 savings by reprovisioning and programming Cisco router as SNA server
    providing remote TN3270 access to FNTS IBM mainframe
•   Junior Systems Administrator, providing desktop support for internal end-users and managing
    email server and user accounts

                                       CONTINUING EDUCATION
                                  CS-UCSA Cisco Unity Boot Camp
                                 CS-CCNA V2.1 CCNA Boot Camp
                              SECUR V1.1 Securing Cisco IOS Networks
                            CSPFA V3.2 Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced
                              MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

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