Dear DOIT Employee by gabyion


									September 28, 1998

Dear IT Employees:

Over the past several months a reexamination of the current structure of DOIT has been
ongoing. This examination has been focused on a series of structural changes that will
position our agency to achieve our goals.

My vision remains, to enable the transformation of government services through the
innovative use of information technology (IT) and to establish a world class IT
environment throughout state government. In order to achieve this we must develop an
internal organization, which leverages our strengths and provides opportunities for IT
employees to flourish.

Today, I am pleased to announce upcoming changes in the management and structure of
DOIT. These changes are intended to maximize the talents of our employees and
managers through a more cohesive and streamlined organization. These changes are the
first steps that must occur in order to enable our agency and personnel to function more

I am pleased to announce the consolidation of the Communications Services Unit, Data
Communications, and Telecommunications Architecture and Planning into the
Enterprise Network Services Group.

       Enterprise Network Services

       This group will be responsible for developing and deploying a State network that
       integrates all state agencies and provides connectivity for other entities such as
       municipal governments and educational facilities.

       The communication needs of the past demanded moderate speed and moderate
       capacity communication connections. Today's advanced technologies utilize high-
       speed lines to transfer large quantities of information. The need to transfer high-
       density data transmissions, like graphics, images and video are more than
       yesterday's technology can handle.

       To solve these problems, and lay the groundwork for a constantly evolving
       communications environment, DoIT Enterprise Network Services will provide the
       State with a professionally managed network environment which has the quality,
       security and reliability comparable to any found in the private sector. By planning
       for the convergence of voice, video, and data networks, this group can better
       utilize network capacity, provisioning and management services, and provide
       access to new services.

       Major Functions of Enterprise Network Services Group
          Planning and design services
              Management services
              Consulting services for State agencies
              Network security
              Network components evaluation
              Network implementation services
              Network disaster recovery planning
              Management of network service level agreements
              Network equipment inventory
              Research, planning, and budgetary forecasts
              Call centers/ACD
              System and network optimization
              Cost reduction strategies
              Voice and data network integration
              Competitive local exchange services
              Building wide and campus wide cabling systems
              Telephone systems: Centrex/Key Systems/PBX/VOIP
              Voice mail
              Call accounting systems
              Videoconferencing
              Cellular/PCS
              Interactive voice response
              Wireless LAN/Wireless telephone systems
              Telecommuting
               Radio systems
              Telecommunications systems and network management

Effective immediately all employees in the aforementioned divisions will report to the
new Director of the Enterprise Network Services Group, Bob Dixon. As you know Bob is
currently head of the Architecture and Planning Division. Bob has the ability to bring
people together on this important mission and form what I know will be a dynamic group.

Meetings will be held with all those affected by this restructuring in the coming week.

The next organizational change involves the management of CATER. As you know,
CATER is the state’s largest data center, which stores, protects and processes data for the
majority of state agencies. Our goal is to ensure that all state agencies can take advantage
of the services CATER offers.

I am pleased to announce effective immediately Tom Confrey will serve as the new
Director of CATER. He is charged with ensuring CATER is aligned with the Next
Generation Network being developed by the Enterprise Network Services Group and is
positioned to offer its services across the statewide enterprise.

In addition Tom will lead a Services Consolidation Team comprised of DOIT and
Agency personnel, to develop a plan to implement statewide consolidation, and offer new
statewide services.

I am pleased to announce the formation of a Management Oversight Group to provide
the enterprise wide approach to link and improve state agency service, technology
planning and performance. It will consist of four teams.

          The Agency Liaison Team will assign liaisons to each state agency to ensure
           better service and support to state agencies from DOIT. The liaisons will
           ensure individual agency technology planning is linked to new statewide

          The Service Level Management Team will serve as performance watchdog
           of the agency. It will use benchmarking and other methods of measuring
           agency performance and enterprise-wide performance.

          The Processes and Tools Team will seek continuous improvements in
           technology applications. Through process modeling the group will
           recommend better ways to use technology to achieve a desired end. This
           team's focus is on best practices and will be a critical resource to the agency.

          The Architecture and Standards Team will focus on statewide standards
           setting and planning. The introduction of more uniform standards is important
           to ensuring a more cohesive state IT infrastructure. It will also make long term
           technology planning and acquisition more effective.

This Group will be staffed by DoIT and Agency IT Managers, and be part of a new
reporting structure which will be finalized after January 2000.

At this time I would also like to announce that I am in the process of establishing a E-
Government Group to focus on building, developing and applying internal resources to
deliver Web-enabled services for state agencies and the public.          While staffing
requirements have not been finalized, I am hopeful that many opportunities will be
created for IT employees to be a part of this important initiative.

I am pleased to announce that Robert O'Connor of DSS will be joining DOIT to lead this
Group. Bob will transition into this new role over the next several months.

I am pleased to announce that Beth Petroni has joined DOIT full-time and will serve as
Executive Assistant to the CIO. In this capacity Beth will provide management and
leadership support to achieve the vision of transformation.
The last announcement I would like to make today is the appointment of Mark Bannon as
DOIT’s Chief Technology Officer.

Mark currently serves as DOIT’s Director of Technical Services. As Chief Technology
Officer he will oversee all of the state’s technology operations under the reorganization.

Mark will report directly to me, and will oversee and execute the overall transformation
of state technology operations along with principles of standardization, centralization,
consolidation and accountability.

In conclusion, I want to thank you all for your cooperation as the agency undergoes this
intense self-examination and makes the appropriate changes.

I want you to know that the changes I have announced today will be followed by
additional adjustments in agency staffing and employee training. Details will be
announced later this fall.

You are all valued members of the State's IT team. I want you all to take pride in your
role as a member of team that will bring about an historic transformation of our state

I will keep you informed of our progress and look forward to your continued input and
enthusiasm as we move forward.


Rock Regan
Chief Information Officer

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