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Off-ROad RideR insuRance


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									                                                                                                                                                Off-ROad RideR

Additional benefit paid when
Gapcover applies to this insurance:
In the event of a total loss under your Fire and Theft
motorcycle insurance policy, Swann will pay the amount
of $1,000 to provide financial assistance to you during
the period between the total loss and the replacement of
your motorcycle. This ‘extras’ payment is made even if no
‘gap’ exists after your insurance payout.

Benefits that apply when either
cover is selected:
A simple payment scheme of equal monthly instalments
is available to help make your life easier.
                                                            *All benefits set out in this brochure are subject to the terms and conditions of
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE                                        the policy.
If, in the first 28 days you haven’t made a claim and       This brochure may contain general financial product advice which does not
                                                            take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs
are not completely satisfied with the Off-Road Rider        (“your personal circumstances”). Before deciding whether to purchase this
Insurance policy and you cancel your policy, your           insurance product, you should consider the appropriateness of such advice
                                                            having regard to your personal circumstances, plus obtain and consider the
premium will be refunded in full.                           current Product Disclosure Statement and Insurance Policy (PDS).
                                                            This insurance product is issued by Swann Insurance (Aust) Pty Ltd
                                                            ABN 80 000 886 680 AFS Licence No. 238292 (Swann). You can obtain a PDS
                                                            for this product from Swann or its representatives.

                                                                                            Dealer Details

                                                            4085_0409                                                               PRN_B597

                                                                                                                Off-ROad RideR

It takes experience and confidence to understand    You have a choice of 2 covers to
the complex needs of Australian motorcyclists.
At Kawasaki, we understand your needs.
                                                    select from:
That’s why we’ve formed a partnership with          SECTION 1. FIRE AND THEFT INSURANCE
an Australian owned and operated specialist
motorcycle insurer, Swann Insurance, who has        If your motorcycle is partially damaged or damaged
developed Off-Road Rider Fire and Theft/Gapcover    beyond repair as a result of theft or fire, Swann will
Insurance, an off-road motorcycle insurance         either:
product designed exclusively for off-road and       •	 repair your motorcycle, or
unregistered motorcycles.                           •	 pay you the cost of repairing your motorcycle, or
Off-Road Rider offers cover for the damages         •	 pay you the lesser of the purchase price or the market
to your motorcycle in the event of fire or theft        value of your motorcycle.
and financial protection in the event that your
motorcycle is declared a total loss and your        SECTION 2. GAPCOVER INSURANCE
insurance payout doesn’t cover the amount that      In the event of a total loss payout under your Fire and
you still owe on your loan contract – the ‘gap’.*   Theft motorcycle insurance policy, and payment of the
                                                    amount of the total loss payout being made to the
                                                    financier does not cover the amount that you still owe
                                                    on your loan contract, Swann will pay up to $7,000 to
                                                                                                                Additional benefits paid when
                                                    the financier to cover the gap.                             Fire and Theft cover applies to this
                                                    For example, if you owed say, $20,000 on a Kawasaki         insurance:
                                                    motorcycle which had a current market value of
                                                    only $15,000 when it was written off in an accident,        TOWING
                                                    Swann Insurance would pay the shortfall balance, in this    Cover is provided for the reasonable cost of towing your
                                                    case $5,000.                                                motorcycle from the recovery site to the nearest repairer
                                                    This cover is only available at the commencement of your    or place of safety if your motorcycle is stolen and found
                                                    loan contract.                                              damaged or is damaged by fire.

                                                                                                                TRANSIT COVER
                                                    You can choose to have either Section 1 or
                                                    Section 2, or you can choose to have both.                  Swann will pay for loss or damage to your motorcycle
                                                                                                                whilst it is being transported.*

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