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									                          MOTORCYCLE SAFETY INSPECTION CHECKLIST

Owner Name:                                                           Military Unit/Duty Phone (if applicable):

Driver License #:                                                                       State:             Exp. Date:

M/C Year/Mode/Size:                      M/C License Plate:                                      Exp. Date:

M/C Insurance Company:                   Insurance Exp. Date:

    ITEM            WHAT TO CHECK                                 WHAT TO LOOK FOR                                      SAT   UNSAT
                AIR PRESSURE *         Check when cold, adjusted to load / speed
TIRES           TREAD *                Tread depth, wear, weathering, evenly seated, bulges, imbedded objects
AND             CAST AND SPOKES *      Cracks, dents, Bent broken, missing, tension, "ring" ok - "thud" loose
WHEELS          BEARINGS *             Grab top & bottom of tire & flex. No free play between hub & axle
                BRAKES AND SEALS       Both brakes functional, cracked, cut, or torn excessive grease on seals
                LEVERS                 Broken, bent, cracked, mounts tight, ball ends on lever
CONTROLS        SWITCHES               Functional, all controlling correct items.
                CABLES                 No restrictions/pulling at steering head, suspension, no sharp edges
                HOSES                  Cuts, cracks, leaks, bulges, chafing, deterioration, proper routing
                THROTTLE               Moves freely, snaps closed; Engine on - no revving when handlebars turned
LIGHTS          HEAD, TAIL, BRAKES *   Operational, aim, cracked, broken, securely mounted, excessive condensation
AND             WIRING*                Fraying, chafing, insulation
ELECTRICS       ROUTING                Pinched, no restrictions/pulling at steering head/suspension, connectors tight
                ENGINE OIL *           Gaskets, housings, seals, leaks
OILS            GEAR OIL *             Gaskets, seals, breathers, leaks
AND             HYDRAULIC FLUID *      Hoses, master cylinders, calipers, leaks
FLUIDS          COOLANT *              Radiator, hoses, tanks, fittings, pipes, leaks
                FUEL *                 Lines, fuel taps, carburetors, leaks
                FORKS / SHOCKS *       Right/left for smooth travel equal pressure/damping anti-dive setting, seals
CHASIS          CHAIN / BELT *         Tension, side plates, sprockets not hooked, secure, lube (chains)
                FRAME                  Cracks at gussets, accessory mounts look for paint lifting
                STEERING-HEAD *        No restriction or tight spots through full travel
SIDE STAND      CONDITION *            Cracks, bent (Safety cutoff switch or pad if equipped)
                RETENTION *            Springs in place, tension to hold position

NOTE: Items with * must be SAT or vehicle overall rating is UNSAT, even if only one item is UNSAT.
      UNSAT M/Cs are not allowed on the training range. Riders will be turned away.

SAT / UNSAT (Circle One) Inspected By: ___________________ Owners Signature: ____________________

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