Cupcakes Cupcakes Cookies by gabyion



       Size         Buttercream                Fondant            Filling          Decorations
Standard               $.75/ea.              +$.50/serv      +$.25/serv            +$.25-$1.00/serv.
Mini                 $5.00/doz               +$2.50/doz      +$2.00/doz             +$.25-$.50/ea.
extra large           $2.50/ea.              +$1.00/ea.       +$.50/ea.               +$.25 and up
cupcake cake            varies                 varies          Varies                    varies

* Note- each cupcake cake is priced on an individual basis, but generally are around $1.00/serv.

*Note- there is a minimum order of 12 per flavor for standard and mini cupcakes and a min. of
6 per flavor for the extra large cupcakes (each extra large cupcake is the equivalent of 4
standard cupcakes.

 ~ Cookies are priced at $0.50 per inch. This price includes a cookie fully decorated with up to 3
colors in the design, additional colors may be added for an additional fee.

~ All cookies will be delivered in a bakery box unless otherwise specified. Your cookies may be
placed in a clear bag with a tag or ribbon for $0.25 extra per cookie. There is a minimum order
of 12 per cookie design.

Cookie Bouquets:

The number of cookies in each arrangement will vary with the size of the cookie, a couple
small cookies may replace one reg. sized cookie in order to complete a specific design.

*note-number of cookies in each arrangement is approximate.

small cookie bouquet         (3 cookies)        $15.00
medium cookie bouquet          (5 cookies)       $25.00
large cookie bouquet         (10 cookies)       $40.00
x-large cookie bouquet        (15 cookies)      $50.00

~ Cookie bouquets come arranged in a hand-painted flower pot or other suitable container to
match design of cookies. A personalized card may also be added.

Delivery Charges - $1.00/mile, one way, based upon Google directions.

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