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					 Farming is to
Brief Profile of the Municipality of Magsaysay
                       • Bounded by:
                           – Province of South Cotabato
                           – Province of North Cotabato
                           – Mun. of Bansalan
                           – Mun. of Matanao

                     •   Total no. of Brgy: 22
                     •   Total land area : 26,899.63 has.
                     •   Total Population: 44, 223
                     •   3rd Class municipality

                     •   IRA (CY 2003) : P40,728,607
                     •   Local income: P3,035,062.08
Agricultural Profile of LGU Magsaysay
                                     (Data as of 2003)
   • Total No. of farmers               : 15,875
   • Farming HH                         : 6,420
   • Total Agricultural Area (Ha.)      : 10,910
   •   Rice (Ha.)                       :   3,358
   •   Corn        (Ha.)                :   2,468
   •   Coconut (Ha.)                    :   1,634
   •   Banana (Ha.)                     :     635
   •   Mango (Ha.)                      :     366
   •   Sugar cane (Ha.)                 :     211
   •   Vegetables (Ha.)                 :      22
   •   Other crops                      :   2,216
                 Annual Budget
 Year      Total Budget          MAO       DOFS Program
             /Annum           Allocation     Allocation
2003    P40,212,084.00    P3,184,372,00    P150,000.00

2004     40,239,121.00     3,316,450.00     450,000.00

2005     40,728,607.00     3,224,000.00     200,000.00

2006                        3,350,000.00    200,000.00

2007                        3,350,000.00    150,000.00
                    Program Status
                    as of May 2006
Total No. of Program Partners                 142 farmer
Total organic/biodynamic rice production area 114 hectares
Total Gross production @ 4.2 ton ave. yield   478.8 tons of
per hectare                                   palay
Ave. Volume of Palay Sold by Farmers to       60%
Ave. Milling Recovery                         59%
Total Organic (Palay) Produced                287.28 tons
Estimated Milled Rice (Total Gross)           169.49 tons

No. Farming Household Adopted Crops           83 Hh
            Particular problems
• Economic                           • Environmental
  – High cost of production              – Soil & water degradation
    inputs                               – Poor soil productivity
  – Mono cropping farming                – Pests and diseases
     • Lack of alternative source
       of income                    • Inefficient agricultural
  – Insufficient pre and post
    harvest facilities                services
  – High interest on production        – Inappropriate technology
  – Unfavorable market price           – Commercialized/High
    of farm products                     cost-package technology
                                       – Insufficient/unsuitable post
                                         harvest facilities

               Our Local Initiative
•   Conduct consultations with farmers’ organizations
•   Linkage and networking with Civil Society Organizations
•   Planning and laying-down of strategic directions
•   SB and BCs resolutions in support to the program
•   Promotion of the Program / Technology
•   Established Farmer-based Research Development
•   Training / Capability Development
        • Farm to farm visits/ on field hands-on demo/ demo processing of
• Identification of Farmers/ adopters
• Establishment of Model Farms in strategic areas
• Provision of support materials thru soft loans and
  dispersal schemes
• Implementation of 5 project components
• Development of product promotion and marketing
• Regular Monitoring and Evaluation
             Community support
• Efficient delivery of support services
       • Regular farm visits
       • On field hands on instructions
       • Availability of needed inputs
• Effective methods introduced in the production
       • Low cost of input requirement
       • Effective crop management practices
       • Farmers understanding on environment and health benefits
• Farm product marketing support
       • Production incentives
       • Product promotion
• Promotion of the program
       • Capability development /farm to farm visits
       • Establishment of model farms
       • Farm support services
• Cost sharing scheme on activities conducted
 LGU-National Government Support
Government      Field Unit   Project Support      Status
National        RFU-         Organic fertilizer   (pending, requires
                DA XI        processing           follow-up)
                             equipment &
                             Assorted vegetable Sustaining
                DTI-Digos    Promotion &          On going
Congressional                Marketing            Served /sustaining
district fund                development
Barangay                     Cost sharing         Sustaining
                             scheme on field
                             activities &
  Impact of the                  …on capability
    program                      development
• Adopting the methods correctly augment production and
  develop confidence on the methods applied
• On field visits, boost farmers morale and broaden their
  expertise & increase their interest in adopting the
• Improved soil efficiency and enhanced plant vitality in
  adopting the biodynamic farming and other integrated
• Some non-adopter farmers are starting to adopt the
  methods without the aid of the offered services.
  (excluded in the list of adopters)
• Farmer-based research help improved & developed
  capabilities of farmers
• Farmers realization: that rice produces grains without
  the aid of petrochemical pesticides and fertilizers.
   Impact of the                      …on health
     program                         & environment

• Developed environment & health conscious farmers /
• Limit the exposure of farmers / farm workers on
  hazardous toxic chemicals
• Explored alternative source of organic materials in the
  municipality by maximizing domestic wastes
• Maximized farm resources for agricultural productivity
  and minimized burning and irresponsible disposal of
  farm wastes
• Minimized soil degradation in the lowlands.
• Initiates the production of a quality, chemical-free farm
  products for family and consumer health benefits.
  Impact of the                    …on economic
    program                          & social

• Demand a premium price for a quality/organically
  produced farm product (MagRice)
• Minimize farmers dependence on loans & high cost
  inputs & environment-depleting technology.
• Increase land efficiency by initiating alternative source of
  income of the family.
• Create and increase demands of organically produced
  farm products in the locality.
• Increased interest of women-labor sector to participate
  on crop management due to the favorable farming
  methods & practices adopted.
• Increased job opportunities & local enterprises in the
  municipality ( Organic fertilizer processor group)
• Strengthened and broadened LGU-CSOs-POs
  partnership in developing and sustaining the program
         Problem encountered
• Inefficient support facilities
            •   Mobilization
            •   Organic fertilizer processing
            •   Post harvest
            •   Marketing & promotion
• Limited supply of organic fertilizer and other organic
• New adopters with limited resources mostly
  experienced low production
• Limited capital for financing in buying fresh palay &
  for processing
• Negative perception of farmers on organic farming
• Wait and see attitude of farmers
           …the results
• Sustainable resource management
      • Environmentally sound farming practices
      • Farmers develop confidence on the technology &
        methods adopted
      • Creates job opportunities & local enterprises in the
        municipality (Organic fertilizer processor group)
      • Explore and maximize farm and other indigenous
        sources of organic materials
      • Safe farming practices for family members and farm
        workers participating in the production
      • Develop and popularized the sustainable farming
      • Increasing interest of CSOs,and GOs offers their
        support. ( processing facilities, marketing, promotion)
          …the results
• Economic viability
     • Gain marketing strengths that boost our
       local product (MagRice)
     • Produce high quality product that
       commands good price
     • Following the methods ensure positive
       results on the production
     • Limits dependence from external inputs
       resulting to minimal financing requirement
     • Excels production over chemical farming
       during pests and diseases infestations
     • Positive ROIs
           …needs to be done
• Expansion of the adopters area to cater the increasing
  demand of organic products
• Improve and develop alternative strategies to attract
  more program adopters (Maximize BLGUs support)
• Improve and sustain networking capabilities on
  marketing and financing support on the processing of the
• Efficient harvest/post harvest facilities support
• Improvement and maintain the quality of the product
  from production to marketing.
• Secure domestic & international market access.
• More national government support to encourage
  adopters on organic farming system
      DOFS revolutionizes technology
• Availability of farm resources
• A program with low cost financing requirement
• In placed farming technology ( farmer friendly-easy tech)
• Sustainable components approach
• Maximizing available LGUs resources
• Open partnership with CSOs, POs, GOs (RFUs
  –LGUs) & the Community ( Business, labor
  force, women, etc.)
• Increasing market demand of organic farm

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