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                                                                                 August/September 2009

A Message From Your President
Dear Chamber Members,                    up for a couple more years they
                                         could name a TV sitcom after us,
It is hard to believe there is only      Middleton 714 _ _!
one month of summer left. Mother
Nature has tricked us with cooler        There are new City of Middleton
than normal weather. Fortunately,        outdoor sign and light ordinances
the weather was perfect the day          going into effect soon that may
of the Chamber Golf Outing. I            impact your business. Please              Howard Hamre
had a great time golfing (if you          take some time to review these
can call it that) and it looked like     before they take affect. Having
everyone who participated enjoyed        served on the Lighting Committee,
themselves. I would like to thank        I personally know it is not the        Marketing, Team Building and
Event Sponsor TDS, Chair Mike            intent of the City to impede           Health Care are upcoming topics
Ripley, Cecile and the rest of the       business in Middleton. The City        - fall is a good time to spend some
golf committee, volunteers and           wants an ordinance that is fair, yet   time on training for your staff and
sponsors for all of their hard work      enforceable for future projects.       yourself.
and donations. The whole day             Currently, there is a grandfather
was well organized and ran very          clause so no one will have a           I hope the summertime has been
smoothly. I appreciate all of your       major expenditure immediately,         good to your business. Get those
efforts; they made the day very fun      but anytime a new ordinance is         last minute projects in or better yet
for all who participated.                passed things will change. Another     give yourself a weekend getaway
                                         public hearing will probably be        before the summer disappears.
I have to mention #4, and no             held before the ordinances are
not the guy that by the time of          approved.
this newsletter may or may not                                                  Have a Great Day,
be wearing purple and yellow. I          The Chamber monitored the State
am talking about the best city in        budget process closely and was         Howard
America, Middleton! Our city was         pleased that liability reform was
#4 on Money Magazine’s ‘Best             left out. WMC provided regular
Places to Live’ list. I do not have to   updates throughout the process.
tell anyone about the many virtues
of our city and the area, all of us      Before you know it the kids will
already know and are proud of the        be back to school. Speaking of
community and Dane county. Let’s         education, the Chamber has
see, Middleton has been rated #7,        a great line up of speakers for
then #1 and now #4 if we keep that       the “Ask the Expert” sessions.

The Middleton Chamber of Commerce promotes a strong economy and a high quality
                     of life for its members and community.

                               Visit us at
    Business Connection

How Did You Get From There To Here?
  Profiles on the vocational journey

By Kathi Koegle
                                          Early in 2007, a friend told me        What role does the Internet play
                                          about a gift basket company that       in your business?
                                          was for sale. I was intrigued, and I   Lots of folks visit my web site
                                          knew I could do this well because      to see what I offer. It’s great for
                                          of my extensive experience as          out-of-town folks. I receive basket
                                          a buyer, my work with multiple         orders from all over the country
                                          vendors, and the fact that I love      and send them out nationwide.
                                          people. It seemed like a great         Right now, I’ve been planning gifts
                                          opportunity, but the asking price      with a woman in Africa whose
In this column, I have the pleasure       was too high. I did the next           family is having a reunion in
of interviewing Chamber members           best thing and started my own          Madison this summer.
and learning about the sometimes-
winding path they’ve taken to arrive                                             Has Chamber membership
at their current work.                    How did you choose the name?           affected your business?
                                          That turned out to be the most         The Chamber is the most
                                          difficult aspect of beginning my        supportive group I’ve ever met!
                                          new business because so many           They want everyone to succeed.
                                          names were already taken. My           Chamber members have given me
                                          friends, bless them all, would call    referrals and encouragement. I
                                          me at all hours of the day with        love the energy at our meetings.
                                          their suggestions. In the end, my
Meet: Meryl Mixtacki                      husband Steve came up with Bask
Owner, Bask in Gifts                      in Gifts.                              What are a few things Chamber
                                                                                 members may not know about
Chamber affiliation:                                                              you?
Middleton-Cross                           How long was it between                I’m past president of Friends of the
Plains Performing                         conception of the business             Middleton-Cross Plains Performing
Arts Center                               and launching it with your first        Arts Center where I helped raise
representative for                        basket order?                          funds to purchase a Steinway
4 years; Chamber                          Much longer than I wanted! I           grand piano, spotlights as well
member for 2                              conceived the idea in April 2007,      as offer student scholarships.
years; Annual                             and it took me two months to           In 2005, I received Middleton’s
Celebration                               decide to jump in. In July, I began    “Good Neighbor Award,” and I’ve
Committee                                 my Chicago buying trips, but the       served as a co-chair of WHA-TV’s
member over the                           company officially began October        Auction. I’m homegrown, and
years.                                    2007.                                  I’m committed to supporting and
                                                                                 strengthening the work of local
                                                                                 artisans and vendors. Bask in
Tell us about Bask in Gifts and           You probably receive some              Gifts is a member of Dane County
the path that led to it.                  unique basket requests. Tell us        Buy Local.
I’ve been in sales practically all my     about a memorable one.
life. When I was 22, I landed a job       A lady bought an unusual basket
with Simpson’s, a family-owned            she wanted to fill it with pink tools
company in Madison, where my              for a bridal shower gift. The design     Baskets can be as unique as
work as a sportswear buyer took           challenge was that the basket            the person who gives them!
me to Chicago and New York                opening was quite small, and it                 Learn more at
City. When Simpson’s closed, I            couldn’t accommodate all the      
became a manager and buyer for            tools. I decided to create a basket-              or email
Yost’s at their campus and Hilldale       within-a-basket. Presentation is 
stores. I loved every one of my 20        everything, and she was really
years with them. After I left retail, I   pleased with the final result. I love
dabbled in a lot of things, had two       opportunities like this because
children, and became involved in          they allow me to flex my creative
their very active lives.                  muscles.

                                                                                     Business Connection

                     Welcome New Members
                                      Description: ClickSmart provides
                                      IT support for Small Businesses
                                      in the Madison area. ClickSmart
Arbonne                               is uniquely qualified to provide
Aimee Passini                         reliable, responsive expertise at
Web:                                                        Glacier’s Edge Council, BSA
                                      a very low cost. As your small
Email:                                                     Kerry Branham
                                      business technology partner, they
Phone: 608-334-1705                                                         Web:
                                      focus on solutions that cut costs,
                                      increase productivity, & drive
Description: For nearly 30                                        
years, Arbonne has been a Swiss                                             Phone: 608-310-7304
                                      Business Services; Professional
formulated health and wellness        Services; Technology Services
company with a philosophy of                                                Desription: Since its founding in
being Pure, Safe, and Beneficial.                                            1910, the Boy Scouts of America
Arbonne offers skin care,                                                   has continued to provide programs
detoxification, aromatherapy,                                                which meet the developmental
weight loss/nutrition, & color                                              needs of young people. The
products for babies to baby           docuScan of Wisconsin                 Glacier’s Edge Council is
boomers. With their result-driven     Rod Keyeski & Patrick Sweeney         comprised of representatives
products, people experience the       754 Williamson St., Madison           of more than 250 community
“Arbonne Difference”.                 Web:               organizations. The annual youth
Personal Services; Retail             Email:              membership remains steady at
                                      Phone: 608-237-8103                   around 11,000 members, with
                                                                            4,000 adult volunteers, in 385
                                      Description: A full-service           packs, troops, teams, crews, posts
                                      document scanning company,            and groups.
                                      converting paper documents            Non-Profit Organizations
                                      to electronic images. This new
Cookies By Design                     service is part of the Wisconsin
Ann Kratofil                           Council of the Blind and Visually
7414 Mineral Point Rd.                Impaired.           Non-Profit Organizations
Phone: 608-829-2939

Description: Cookies by Design
offers fresh baked, sugar cookie
bouquets that are delicious and
beautiful. Since 1983, Cookies
by Design has provided custom
decorating, gourmet trays, shipping
and local delivery.
Restaurants & Caterers; Retail

                                                     Wednesday, September 16, 7:30 a.m.
ClickSmart Computers                                     How to Use Different Media
Dale Jewell
535 Half Mile Rd, #7, Verona                                     October TBD
Web: www.                                                  Managing Health Care Costs
Email: dale@                              All seminars are held at Edgewood College, Deming Way Campus                To register for an “Ask the Expert” Seminar please email the Chamber at
Phone: 608-848-3247                              

    Business Connection

                        Welcome New Members
                                                                               Description: Real Estate Sales
                                                                               - Listing and selling residential
                                                                               single family, condos, investment
                                                                               property and land. See them for
                                                                               your your commercial sales and
                                          My Menu
                                                                               leasing needs.
                                          Danielle Hennagir, Tasia Bolduc
Mackesey Carpet Cleaning                                                       Real Estate, Rentals &
                                          6636 Mineral Point Rd.
Steve, Sarah & Jeff Mackesey                                                   Development
7093 Town & Country Ln.,                  Email: store1004@
Web:                                      Phone: 608-827-2777
Email: servicesbymackesey@                Description: A unique new food                               shopping experience, offering
Phone: 608-850-3388                       busy families more than 300          Tapas Rias
                                          mouth-watering restaurant-quality    Julian Escamilla & Migel Patino
Description: A Carpet & Rug               frozen foods in a friendly small     2518 Allen Blvd.
Institute Seal of Approval Service        store atmosphere. MyMenu             Web:
Provider, Mackesey has over 20            carries a delicious selection of     Phone: 608-831-0528
years of cleaning experience in           easy-to-prepare foods for every
the Madison area. They provide            occasion with products ranging       Description: Tapas are “Small
expert carpet, upholstery, drapery,       from succulent steaks to delicious   Plates” ordered hot or cold, that
and grouted tile cleaning services.       desserts and scrumptious single-     are easily mixed to create a
They also offer “Responsible Care”        serve meals.                         unique dining experience. Multiple
anti-allergen treatments, “Inspecta-      Retail                               Sangria flavors are prepared
Shield” fire retardant applications,                                            to serve along with Spanish
and DuPont Teflon Advanced                                                      wines and beers. A friendly and
carpet and upholstery protector.                                               attentive staff and a lovely interior
Ozone odor mitigation is offered for                                           complement the best Spanish food
stubborn organic odor problems.                                                around!.
For stone, unglazed tile, and grout,                                           Restaurants & Caterers
they offer a full line of sealers.        Playful Kids Learning Center
Personal Services                         Darlene Meiners
                                          1650 Norman Way, Madison
                                          Phone: 608-233-8855
                                          Web: www.
Middleton Historical Society    
7410 Hubbard Ave.                         Email:
Phone: 608-836-7614
Web:             Description: A family owned and      Walnut Grove & Oak Park Place
Email:                                    operated nursery and preschool       5330 Century Avenue                 located on the west side of          Email:
                                          Madison. With normal business
Description: Established in 1972          hours of 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.      Phone: 608-828-9600
with the following objectives: To         Monday through Friday. They
collect and preserve artifacts            provide quality education and care   Description: Walnut Grove and
reflective of the daily lives of our       to children 6 weeks to 12 years.     Oak Park Place are side-by-
pioneers; To record the story of the      Schools & Childcare                  side assisted living communities
lives and struggles of those who                                               with memory care options. Ina
changed wilderness into a forward-                                             gracious, comfortable environment,
looking, energetic, productive and                                             residents receive round-the-clock
beautiful community; To honor the         Sam Simon Real Estate, LLC
                                                                               care, fun activities, meals created
foresight, sacrifices, and services,       Sam & Gladys Simon
                                                                               by an on-site chef, and more!
while still serving the living of today   7601 University Ave., Ste. 202
                                                                               Medical; Senior Services &
and tomorrow.                             Web: www.
                                                                               Resources; Personal Services
Non-Profit Organizations         
                                          Phone: 608-695-2325
                                                                                    Business Connection

                      Members on the Move


Brava Magazine Announces             Foxman Nutrition & Fitness            Construction’s first in the dental
Relaunch                             Training Celebrates 5-Year            field. We feel that our past
Brava magazine, the monthly          Anniversary                           experiences in the health and
lifestyle publication dedicated to   Eric & Heather are excited about      wellness industries contributed to
celebrating the lives of women       their future in the health & fitness   our success.”
in south central Wisconsin,          industry. They have conducted
has re-launched with a brand         over 200 Wellness Workshops in
new look. Erickson Publishing,       Wisconsin. They want to thank
                                                                           Summit Credit Union Announces
LLC, suspended operations of         all of Middleton for support,
                                                                           Winner of “Pay It Forward”
the magazine in April. Kristin       encouragement, and business.
                                                                           The community has spoken and
Erickson, owner, was happy to sell
                                                                           the winner of Summit’s grass-roots
the business to a core group of
                                                                           charity effort, ‘Pay It Forward,’
former employees and delighted to
                                     Local Martial Artist to Appear in     has been determined. Winner
pass the baton to Laura Houlihan.
                                     Johnny Depp Film                      Elizabeth Lease indicated in her
Erickson will remain working with
                                     Kicks Unlimited owner, Jason          pledge “Giving Relative”, which
the team as a consultant. For
                                     Huett of Middleton, Wisconsin         was taped at Summit’s Cottage
more information, contact Laura
                                     will appear in the film, “Public       Grove branch, that she’d donate
Houlihan at (608) 609-9149 or
                                     Enemies.” The film stars Johnny        her $10 to a relative who is
                                     Depp and Christian Bale. Huett        struggling. As the grand-prize
                                     has taken his career onto             winner, Elizabeth will receive $500.
                                     dangerous new ground in the           Additionally, Summit will donate
Clifton Gunderson Relocates          film. Cast as a stuntman in the        $500 to her charity of choice —
Firm Headquarters                    film Huett wrapped up five days         the Lupus Foundation of America
Clifton Gunderson, ranked as one     of shooting on sets staged in         – Wisconsin Chapter (Madison).
of the nation’s largest certified     Madison, Columbus and Oshkosh         Due to the popularity of the Pay It
public accounting and consulting     late last year.                       Forward program and the goodwill
firms, announces the relocation                                             it generated, Summit will also be
of its firm headquarters from                                               donating $500 to the charities of
Peoria, Ill. to Milwaukee, Wis.                                            the second and third place videos.
                                     KSW Construction Completes
Clifton Gunderson becomes
                                     Work for Sologear, LLC
the first national Certified
                                     KSW completed work early this
Public Accounting firm to be
                                     summer for Sologear, LLC, the         Four Families to Participate in
headquartered in Milwaukee.
                                     creator of the FlameDisk®, a new      Summit Credit Union’s ‘Project
The firm has been serving the
                                     product that replaces charcoal        Money’
Milwaukee-area since 1984. The
                                     for grills, according to KSW          Summit unveiled the families who
firm has client-serving locations
                                     Construction president Dean           have been selected to compete in
throughout Wisconsin including
                                     Slaby. “We were very excited to       “Project Money,” a seven-month-
                                     take on Sologear as a new client.     long financial challenge. The final
                                     It’s always great to work with an     four participants include:
                                     up-and-coming company...”
Clifton Gunderson Announces                                                • Kari and Darek Faber, and sons,
New Partner                          KSW Construction Completes            Cree, Chay and Coen
Clifton Gunderson has given          First Dental Office                    • Willie and Cassie Feltz, and baby
the approval of new partner for      KSW completed its first dental         Owen
admission to the firm: Kimberly       office in Lake Zurich, IL, According   • Rachel Reinhart and daughter,
Anderson of their Madison Office.     to KSW Construction president         Keilah
                                     Dean Slaby. “The Children’s           • Anglinia Washington
                                     Dentistry project was KSW
    Business Connection

                       Members on the Move
                                Announcements • Events

Kaplan Pro is Now CK                   Zellers Receives ‘AICP’              Savant Capital Management
Accounting                             Designation                          Named RIA Giant and
Kaplan Pro is happy to announce        Ben Zellers, a planner and           Regional Mover & Shaker on
that they have joined forces with      community development                InvestmentNews’ List of Top
Curran Financial to form CK            consultant at Vierbicher             Registered Investment Advisors
Accounting. Find out more at:          Associates,Inc., has received        Savant Capital Management,
                                       his American Institute of Certified   a fee-only wealth management
                                       Planners (AICP) designation from     firm headquartered in Rockford,
                                       the American Planning Association.   has been recognized on
                                                                            InvestmentNews’ lists of RIA
                                                                            Giants and Regional Movers and
                                                                            Shakers in the Midwest. These
                                       Little Caesars Middleton Store       two lists are part of the financial
                                       won the Little Caesars 2008          publication’s Top RIA Rankings
            Awards                     Architectural Design Award for       quarterly newsletter highlighting
                                       their unique lobby design that       the nation’s top Registered
                                       has actual pictures of the owner’s   Investment Advisor (RIA) firms.
Biesmann Receives CFM                  family members incorporated into
Designation                            the wallpaper.
William N. Biesmann, PE, Project
Manager and Stormwater Group
Leader for the Engineering
Department at Vierbicher
Associates, Inc., received his
Certified Floodplain Manager
(CFM) designation from the
Association of State Floodplain
Managers--a national effort to build
partnerships among organizations
and agencies that share the goal
of advancing sound floodplain

Dorava Recieves Award
Joseph M. Dorava, PE, senior
water resources manager at
Vierbicher Associates, Inc., was
honored with a Friends of the
Rock River Coalition Award. The
Awards are given for significant
contributions to the Rock River

Schreiner Receives ‘LEED-AP
Matt Schreiner, EIT, Project
Engineer at Vierbicher
Associates, Inc., received his
LEEDAP (Leadership in Energy &
Environmental Design - Accredited
Professional) designation from
the U.S. Green Building Council--
a national effort to make green
buildings available to everyone.
                                                                                       Business Connection

                       Members on the Move
                             Hires • Promotions • Events

             Events                     against kids their own age and           Hires-Promotions
                                        gender in a duathalonat McKee
                                        Farms Park. Registration is $15/
Greenway Station Summer                 child for the first two & $10 for      Applied Tech is excited to
Concert Series, Presented by            each additional child. Each child     announce the recent addition of
Claddagh Irish Pub                      will reveive the official DuRunRun     two new employees:
Saturdays, 6 - 7 p.m.                   T-shirt. Email JWeichelt@
                               for      Adam Gremminger - Systems
August 8: Harmonious Wail               more information or to register!      Specialist. Adam is also a
August 15: The Blue Olives Band                                               CompTIA Security+ and Network+
August 22: Natty Nation                                                       Certified Professional. Adam can
August 29: Westside Andy                                                      be reached at gremminger@
                                        August 14-15, 21-22, 7:30 p.m.
                                        August 16 & 22, 2:00 p.m.
                                        The Producers                         John Stroke - Customer Service
8th Annual Concert in the Park          Middleton Players Theatre is proud    Representative (CSR) John,
Wednesday, August 5, 7 p.m.             to present Mel Brook’s hugely         proven customer service elite, will
(1200 John Q Hammons Dr)                successful musical comedy at the      be the liaison between clients,
The Concert is FREE and open            Middleton PAC. Featuring many of      vendors and internal staff to
to the public. Come around 4:00         Madison’s finest actors. For tickets   ensure satisfaction from beginning
P.M. to enjoy pre-concert activities,   visit                                 to end. John can be reached at
socialize and picnic with other or call
Old Sauk Trails Park neighbors.         800-838-3006.
Children of all ages are invited to
try different chamber instruments
and experience the joy of music as                                            Design Structures, LLC, a
part of our “instrument petting zoo”    Wednesday, August 19, 7-9 a.m.        commercial and industrial design-
prior to the concert.                   MOM School Supplies                   build construction firm with an
                                        Fundraiser Breakfast                  office in Middleton, is pleased to
                                        Sponsored by Baird                    announce that Brad Crowley has
                                        Baird Parking Lot                     been promoted to partner in the
Gallery Opening Reception               (8000 Excelsior Dr)                   firm and Vice President. Design
Thursday, August 6, 4 - 8 p.m.          Start your morning off right!         Structures is also pleased to
Bindley Collection Gallery              Sausage, Eggs, and Coffee - $5        announce that Travis Loften has
6771 University Ave                     All proceeds benefit Middleton         been promoted to CFO.
Encaustic Photo Collage, Art            Outreach Ministry
Books, Meet artist Michael Held.

                                        Savant Capital Management
Saturday, August 8, 6:30 p.m.           Financial Seminars in
The Friends of the UW Geology           Partnership with Edgewood
Museum 3rd Annual Fundraiser            College.
Capital Brewery.                        September 24
Showing of the movie “Journey to        Navigating Turbulent Markets: the
the Center of the Earth”, games         Evidence-Based Answer                   If your business has any new
for kids, live music by “Mud            October 15                                 hires, promotions, awards
Music”, and fossils and minerals,       Socially Responsible/Sustainable         and/or any upcoming events,
for viewing and sale. FREE but          Investing in a Green World             please e-mail the information to:
donations are welcome.                  December 1                                         chamber@
                                        The Next Generation of Tax        
                                        Management for Investment
                                        Portfolios                              Or fill out the Member2Member
Saturday, August 15                                                            ActivityPage Submission form on
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.                        For more information log-on to                   our web site at:
Summit Credit Union DuRunRun.          
Children ages 2-10 compete

  Business Connection

                                                                  Th ank You
      TDS Telecom                    A SPECIAL THANKS TO                Gordon Flesch Company
                                         American Family              Great Graphics / Great Signs
EXCLUSIVE HOLE SPONSORS                      Coca-Cola              Greenway Station Management
  American Transmission Co.                Epikos Media                Gunderson Funeral Home
  Awards Mall/Total Awards &               Gammex, Inc                     Harbor Athletic Club
          Promotions                     Hitters SportsPlex               Hampton Inn & Suites
     Atterbury, Kammer, &           Madison Golf & Development              Hilton Garden Inn
        Studinski, S.C.              Pleasant View Golf Course         Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
   Group Health Cooperative            PDQ Food Stores, Inc.                Homewood Suites
    McDonalds of Middleton                      PPD                      Hubbard Avenue Diner
          Sam’s Club                    SILVERLINE digital                     Jim’s Amoco
       Starion Financial                   Sonic Drive-in                  Keva Sports Center
  State Bank of Cross Plains             Speedpro Printing             Liberty Professional Svcs.
     Summit Credit Union                 Think! Toner & Ink           Madison Golf & Development
    The Neckerman Agency            Awards Mall/Total Awards &              Mad Town Twisters
     The Payroll Company                     Promotions                  Marriott Madison West
        Top Promotions                                                  Middleton Farmer Co-Op
     WISCO Hotel Group                                                 Middleton Sports & Fitness
                                                                          Middleton Travel, Inc.
  HOLE-IN-ONE SPONSORS                   RAFFLE DONORS                      Murphy Insurance
      Verizon Wireless                A to Z RentAll and Sales               Nonn’s Flooring
    Zimbrick Acura / VW                  American Girl, Inc.                O’Gara Publishing
      SVA Companies                  American Transmission Co.                 Oompa Toys
                                             ANiU Salon                      Overture Center
 SHARED HOLE SPONSORS                     Associated Bank
          M&I Bank                                                      Residence Inn by Marriott
                                            Bask In Gifts              Ruth’s Chris Steak House
        Reynolds URI                   Baymont Inn & Suites                 Smith & Gesteland
  Middleton Community Bank                Betty Lou Cruises        Stark Company Realtors – Roberta
           Supranet                      Buffo Floral & Gifts                     Vellucci
   West Business Services             Camping for the FUN of It        State Bank of Cross Plains
       Yahara Software                     Capital Brewery           Staybridge Suites of Middleton
                                         Chartwell Midwest                   SVA Companies
      LUNCH SPONSORS                        Closet Tailors
Bodilly CPA’s & Consultants, LLC                                              TDS Telecom
                                       Country Inn and Suites         The Middleton Times Tribune
          Capitol Bank                  Courtyard by Marriott           The North Central Group
   CHAMBER CHALLENGE                      Dean Foundation                UW Athletic Department
        SPONSOR                              Econoprint                      Verizon Wireless
      SVA Companies                  Edward Jones – Mike Pruitt         Villa Dolce Café & Bistro
                                   Edward Jones – Shannon Riley          Welton Enterprises, Inc.
  GOLF CART SPONSORS               Elements Therapeutic Message
Country Inn & Suites - Middleton       Enterprise Rent-A-Car
                                        Fairfield Inn & Suites
   BEVERAGE SPONSORS                  Fitzgerald’s of Middleton
       Capital Brewery             Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse &
      T. Wall Properties                      Wine Bar
   The North Central Group                Foxman Nutrition
          US Signal                            Golf Tec

                                                                                 Business Connection

                      2009 GOLF COMMITTEE                                       VOLUNTEERS
                           Chair - Mike Ripley                         Chris Ballweg, Hilton Garden Inn
                       MassMutual Financial Group                       Jen Cooper, Staybridge Suites
                                                                          Kathie Newman, US Signal
                      Carl Allen, Hilton Garden Inn                           Lindsay Ostrowski,
                      Julee Barnett, Closet Tailors                            Dean Foundation
                    Lorelei Elding, Staybridge Suites                   Elizabeth Russell, Russell Law
                Greg Galica, Franklin Tax & Accounting              Hans Stuiber, Franklin Tax & Accounting
                  Colleen Gransee, Dean Health Plan                             Ashley Trabert,
                  Monika Greenheck, Capital Brewery                          Courtyard by Marriott
                Jason Guttenberg, Liberty Mutual Group                  Erica Worell, Hilton Garden Inn
                 Randy Krantz, The Neckerman Agency
                       Bernadette Lang, Entercom
            Lynn Marcello, Sara Investment Real Estate, LLC
                Adam Nonn, Nonn’s Design Showroom
                  David O’Keefe, Keva Sports Center
         Leah Padinger, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wind Bar
                   Todd Passini, Harbor Athletic Club
                       Mike Pruitt, Edward Jones
                    Terri Redmond, Top Promotions
                 Pam Sanderson, WISCO Hotel Group
                    Steve Santek, Starion Financial
                  Annie Somermeyer, SVA Companies
                       Lauren Tarabori, Enterprise                       2009 Golf Outing Winners:
                     Jason Weber, Starion Financial                      Kevin Palmersheim (center)
                  Regina Wheat, Home Savings Bank                         Matt Hood, Mark Hanson &
                Melissa Wieland, The Payroll Company                     Tom Matthews (not pictured)
                Scott Wieland, Murphy Insurance Group

                                            GETAWAY WITH MIDDLETONHoliday
                                              Westside Andy/Mel Ford Blues
                                                                Girls Getaway Trips
                                                    Chicago - New York - London - Exotic Buenos Aires
New Location Celebration!                                        Badgers in Hawaii
     MIDDLETON TRAVEL                                               1 & 2 Island Trips
2831 Parmenter/Cornerstone Plaza                           Packer Football Packages
                                                                    All Home Games
      Thursday, August 20                                       Packers August 15th
        5:00-7:30 p.m.                                                 $99 Special
    (Ribbon Cutting at 5:30 p.m.)                       Don’t forget to book your trip...
Food, Beverages, and Fun for Everyone!              Teachers Convention - Winter Break - Spring Break

           RSVP by August 17                               MIDDLETON TRAVEL
           (608) 831-4664
                                                (608) 831-4664 -
                                Get Moving Middleton
     Stay informed about Middleton’s community, schools, business trends, financial markets,
                                   health matters and more.

                                          Annual Sponsors:                     Monthly Sponsors:
    Monthly Membership
                                                                                  August -
                                                                         Loichinger Advantage, LLC
       First Thursdays
                                                                                September -
           7:30 a.m.
                                                                            Burman Coffee Traders
      Hilton Garden Inn

 Membership Renewals (June/July )
ALD Automotive, Inc.               Idearc Media                         Silverstone Partners, Inc.

Atterbury, KamAtterbury, Kammer,   Interstate Batteries of SW           Smith & Gesteland
& Studinski, S.C.                  Wisconsin
                                                                        Speedpro Imaging of Madison,LLC
Bennett’s Auto Repair, LLC         Isthmus Publishing Company, Inc.
                                                                        Sprintprint II, Inc.
Blue Spoon Café                    Killian Dental Clinic, S.C.
                                                                        SRI Design, Inc.
Bruce Company                      Knoche’s Food Center, Inc.
                                                                        Subway - Middleton
Brunette, Blindauer & Ersland      Konica Minolta Business Solutions,
                                   USA, Inc.                            Sylvan Learning Center
BT2, Inc
                                   Boardman Law Firm                    T. Wall Properties
Captain Bill’s
                                   Metro Believers Church               Terry A. Burke DDS, MS, LTD
Chalmers Jewelers
                                   Middleton Ford                       The Blettner Group
Chartwell Midwest Wisconsin
                                   Middleton Village                    The HR Effect, LLC
City of Middleton
                                   MYSC Soccer Club                     The Jefferson
Clifton Gunderson, LLP
                                   Neil’s Liquor, LLC                   Trinity Financial Planning
DirectNetworks, Inc.
                                   Nonn’s Design Showplace              West Business Services, LLC
Hampton Inn & Suites,
Madison West                       Passementerie, LLC                   WISC - TV3/CBS

Hemb Insurance Group               Prestige Laminated Products, Inc.    Wisconsin Finacial Group

Henry Simon Amish Furniture        Residence Inn by Marriot             Wolff Kubly & W.K. Times Centers
Gallery, LLC
                                   Restoring Hope Transplant House      Zimbrick Acura / VW
Hilton Garden Inn

Hody Bar & Grill
                                   Rick Vanden Heuvel, CPA
                                                                                  Thank You
Home Works Remodeling
                                   Robert W. Baird and Co., Inc.
                                                                           for your continued support!
                                   Sam’s Club
Homewood Suites - Madison
                                   Schoepp Motors
Hubbard Avenue Diner. LLC
                                                                               Business Connection

Good Neighbor Festival 
                             August 28, 29, and 30
       45 Years of
     Good Neighbors!

         Chamber Volunteer

  Order your T-shirts Today
                ($8 - $14/ each)
100% pre-shrunk cotton and printed by Top Promotions.
  Use the back of your Good Neighbor Festival T-shirt
 to promote your business--Your business logo can be
printed on the back of the t-shirt for $2.50 (Orders of 12
 or more). All shirt orders must be placed through the
        Chamber office and paid for by Aug 10.

                ORDER FORM

  Sam’s Club Grand Re-Opening Ribbon Cutting

                                                             Fish & Associates Ribbon Cutting

   Business Connection

                                      Chamber Event
                            Show your support for your fellow members, network and socialize.
                                 These events are FREE and a great way to have fun and
                                          meet new contacts. Bring a guest!

Thursday, August 6               Thursday, August 20             Wednesday, September 9
GET MOVING MIDDLETON             Ribbon Cutting & Open House     Ribbon Cutting
Hilton Garden Inn                Middleton Travel                Springfield Storage
7:30 a.m.                        2831 Parmenter                  7289 Muskie Dr., Dane
                                 5:00-7:00 p.m.                  5:00-7:00 p.m.
Monday, August 10                                                (5:30 Ribbon Cutting)
Middleton Chamber                August 28-30
Board of Directors               Middleton Good Neighbor         Monday, September 14
Nomination Deadline              Festival                        Ambassador Committee
                                                                 Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
Wednesday, August 12             Thursday, September 3           11:30 a.m.
Business Social Hour             GET MOVING MIDDLETON
Claddagh Irish Pub               Hilton Garden Inn               Wednesday, September 16
5:00-7:00 p.m.                   7:30 a.m.                       Ask the Expert
                                                                 “How to Use Different Media”
Thursday, August 13              Monday, September 6             Edgewood College-Deming Way
Open House                       Chamber Office Closed            7:30 a.m.
Resource Engineering
3510 Parmenter, Suite 100        Wednesday, September 9          Thursday, September 17
3:00-7:00 P.M.                   New Member Breakfast            Business Social Hour
                                 Sofra Family Bistro             Capitol Bank
Wednesday, August 19             7:30 a.m.                       5:00-7:00 p.m.
Economic Development
Wisconsin Community Bank
12:00 p.m.

The Middleton Chamber of Commerce promotes a strong economy and a high quality
                    of life for its members and community.

                       Visit us at