Auction Catalog 2009 by gabyion


									  2nd Annual Oakland Terrace
      Elementary School
         PTA Auction

Saturday, December 12th, 5-7PM
        Multipurpose Room
Rules of the Auction

Silent Auction Bids
The many generous donations have been divided into categories and lots according to number and
Here’s your guide to taking part in the fun.
    1. You need to obtain a bidding number at the front table in order to participate.
    2. All bids must be recorded on bid sheets.
    3. Please note the required minimum bid and specified bidding increments on each bid sheet.
    4. Enter your bidding number next to the amount of your bid (you may skips bids if your bid is
        higher than the next increment step). You can secure the item by bidding on the “Buy it now”
        price at the bottom of the bidding sheet.
    5. The highest bidder at closing time constitutes a binding winning bid.
Rules of the Auction
1. Bidding for each lot will end with a buy it now or when the Auction staff deems necessary.
2. Winning bidders will be contacted if not present at the end of the auction. The winning bidder is
responsible for all arrangements with the donor.
3. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted. All items must be paid for in full and
picked up at the end of the event.
4. Payment may be made by cash or personal check only. Make all checks payable to “OTES PTA”.
5. The Silent Auction supervisors reserve the right to remove any item at any time.
Professional Services

501     Tired of the all-white paint?
Give your walls a new look with a custom designed stencil by Jean C Zenklusen. Up to 50-linear ft, 5-colors stencil in one
room in your house. Design to be selected with customer on consultation.
Value $300.00

502     Make a statement with well designed company material
Let the experts come to the rescue with this 1-hour Color or Design Consultation courtesy of Mark Johnson at Palazzo
Value $100.00

503    Roof leaks?
Put your mind to rest with a thorough Roof Survey by the professionals at J&J Improvements, Inc.
Value $325.00

504 & 505 Get that Family portrait you always wanted
Lucca Cassaretto from Ikona Photography has donated two gift certificates valid for a photo session and one 8”x10”
photograph. Each session can be done at a location in the Washington DC Metro Area, includes a phone consultation,
valid for a family of four and can last up to two hours.
Value $285.00

506     Need a rest from the kids?
Lisa Feldmann has donated her services for five (5) hours of babysitting on a weekend night (Friday-Sunday). Need to
schedule two weeks in advance.
Value $50.00

507    Get in shape with help!
Recently opened Anytime Fitness of Kensington wants you to start the year with a healthier perspective. A 3-month
membership, 1-hour personal trainer consultation and a fitness pack are yours for the taking.
Value $240.00

508      How about a nice picture?
Allison Beuker of Allison Beuker Photography has donated a gift certificate for a one-hour sitting and a $50 credit
towards a print.  Allison specializes in using natural light to capture the spontaneity and beauty of children and families. 
Sessions take place at your location of choice within the Washington, D.C. metro area.
Value $200.00

509     Mad Science Birthday Party
Jamie Lerner of our After-School Mad Science Program has donated a Birthday Party where the guests will do all kind of
weird experiments. Make your child’s birthday a different one!
Value $260.00
510       Keep your car running smoothly!
With a Lube, Oil and Filter Change courtesy of All Brand Auto Service. Service includes oil change, replace oil filter and 5-
qt oil, check all fluids and safety check.
Value $40.00

511       Be toasty this winter!
Winter is coming, get your house warm for less money with this 8000 Honeywell Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat
(works with any system). Best-Hill Plumbing, Heating & A/C Services has donated this money saving device and
installation in your house by certified professional staff.
Value $425.00

512 & 513      3-Month Health Club Membership
Locally-owned and operated Sweat Shop of Kensington has donated a 1-Month Membership to their club.
Value $192.00

513      Brand New Gas Furnace and Installation
Best-Hill Services Inc. will be supplying a brand new Frigidaire gas furnace complete with installation. This is a direct
replacement for an already existing furnace. The furnace capacity is 80,000 btu with a 4-ton blower, if the needed
furnace requires a higher capacity then there will be a small charge for the cost difference of the upgraded equipment. If a
complete system of a furnace and A/C component is wanted, there will be a 10% discount for the A/C component of the
system at the time of the installation of the furnace. Furnace has a 20 year heat exchanger warranty and 10 year parts
warranty. Brett H. Hill, Owner of Best-Hill Plumbing, Heating & A/C Services, has offered to come by and give a
free analysis on the existing unit upon request before the auction to ensure you can use it. Contact Brett at 301.649.0555
or email - References available. 
Value $2600 (minimum bid $1700)
Sport Enthusiast

601    Hockey Outing
The Granston Family would like you to enjoy 3 tickets to Washington Capitals vs Buffalo Sabres game on Wed. 12/23 at
7:00 PM at the Verizon Center.
Value $135.00

602    Hockey Outing
The Granston Family would like you to enjoy 3 tickets to Washington Capitals vs New Jersey Devils on Saturday 12/26 at
7:00 PM at the Verizon Center.
Value $135.00

602    Hockey Outing
The Granston Family would like you to enjoy 3 tickets to Washington Capitals vs Carolina Hurricanes on Monday, 12/28 at
7:00 PM at the Verizon Center.
Value $135.00

604      Baseball in Style
Take me out to the Ball Game. Gov. O'Malley has donated 6 tickets in the Field Box Section 26 (next to the home plate!)
and a Parking Pass to the Orioles vs. Red Sox Game on at the Orioles Park at Camden Yards on May 2nd at 1:35 PM. Tickets
will be sent to highest bidder when they become available.
Value $500.00

605      Basketball-Boy (or Girl) Experience
T lucky children (7 or older) get to be a “ball-kid” for the American University Men’s Basketball Team on a home game of
your choice. T extra seats are included (for Mom & Dad). Details to be arranged after auction. Tickets can be picked
up at will-call.
Value $300.00

606    Go Eagles!
Four American University Men’s Basketball season tickets. Enjoy a full season of the best College Basketball has to offer
and take three friends along! Tickets can be picked up at will-call.
Value $480.00

607     Wizards vs. Pacers
How about going out and enjoy tickets to Washington Wizards vs Indiana Pacers on Saturday, 12/12 at 7:00 PM at the
Verizon Center. Great seats in section 120 (main Concourse), row P!
Value $500

608     Washington Capitals vs Toronto Maple Leafs
Enjoy 2 tickets to Washington Capitals vs Toronto Maple Leafs on Friday, 1/15 at 7:00 PM at the Verizon Center.
Value $210.00
Gift Baskets

     Chocolate Lover’s Basket
Who can resist chocolate—one of life’s true pleasures? This basket is perfect for entertaining or enjoying alone. It’s filled
with the best of European and gourmet chocolate—Belgian chocolates, French truffles, chocolate cookies, hot
chocolate, and much more. There’s even a full Sacher tort—a whole new level of chocolate decadence. A set of charming
mugs and saucers, a chocolate cookbook, and a music CD all accompany this delicious array of chocolates. Donated by
Ms. Finelli’s 2nd Grade Class.
Value $75.00

202     Family Movie Night Basket
Enjoy a family outing to the movies at home, complete with three oversized boxes of candy--Redvines, Raisinets, and
Reese's Pieces--four packages of Act II microwave popcorn, four plastic individual popcorn containers, Pass the Popcorn
Game, and either a $10 movie or a movie card for that amount. Donated by Ms. Debelius 2nd Grade Class.
Value $50.00

203      Lego Basket
Legos, legos, legos! Do you have a builder in the family? If so, this basket is for you! Multiple lego sets for kids ages 5 to 16
are included. The basket includes Pirates, Bionicles, Space Police, Lego City, and Lego Racers. Donated by Ms.
Johnson’s 1st Grade Class.
Value $80.00

204      Super Heroes Basket
Biff! Bang!!! Pow!!! Be your child's superhero with this great gift basket complete with Marvel Super Hero’s “Secret Wars”
comic books, Marvel Universe action figures and Batman DVD's to name a few. Full of their favorite superheroes, this one
is sure to thrill! Donated by Ms. Goltra’s Kindergarten Class.
Value $85.00

205      Crafts Basket
Who can get bored with all the activities packed in this baskets? A wide arrangement of painting, coloring and drawing
tools to get your creative juices flowing. Donated by Mr. Moxley’s 1st Grade Class.
Value $60.00

206      Home Sweet Home Basket
Make your home complete with this basket containing Hand-painted, wooden “Home Sweet Home” sign with hanging
wood pendants a small “Home Sweet Home” embroidered cross-stitch sampler in frame, hand-blown, large turquoise art
glass globe (approx. 6” in diameter), set of four lacquered coasters, metal tealight cup with scented candle and other
items to make your hose cozy. Donated by Ms. Hartl’s Kindergarten Class.
Value $50.00

207     Car Games Basket
Are we there yet? Keep the kids entertained while traveling with the Boggle, Rubik's Cube, Travel Tangos, and a Hangman
games along with pads of paper, crayons, paper, and colored pencils. Donated by Ms. Callahan’s 1st Grade Class
Value $65
208     Transformers Basket
Decepticons or Autobots? No need to decide, with this backpack with a scooter, action figures and books from the
transformers series, anybody will be pleased. Donated by Ms. Joseph’s First Grade Class.
Value $70.00

209     Pamper Me Basket
This luxurious basket includes toiletries to make you feel like a queen, a gift certificate for a free haircut from HUGO
Salon (valued at $60) as well as a $25 gift certificate from Hoover Fisher Florist to treat yourself to some nice bouquet.
Donated by Ms. Krehbiel’s Kindergarten Class
Value $80.00

210     Clean Sweep Basket
Tired of cleaning the house yourself? Then get this basket containing cleaning products and a gift certificate for a free
housekeeping service (valued at $150), so somebody else can use the stuff! Donated by Ms. Krehbiel’s Kindergarten
Value $100.00

212     Baking Basket
Make those little chefs start working. With this combination of cupcake bakesets, frosting, cake mix and toffee sprinkles,
the only thing you’ll need to add is some elbow grease. Donated by Ms. Bensman’s First Grade Class.
Value $25.00

213     Holiday Cookie Making Basket
Everything you need to make holiday cookies...cookie sheet, cookie cutters, gift boxes, holiday towel, recipes, flour,
sugar, sprinkles, chocolate chips and more. Donated by Ms. Trilling’s First Grade Class
Value $25.00

214      Bakugan Basket
You know Bakugan, don’t you? Ask your kids, they know. It’s all the rage right now and you could look like a cool parent
even if you can not tell Pyrus Dragonoid from Haos Trigrerra. This basket contains an assortment of Bakugan Balls, a T-
shirt and a book (to inform yourself). Donated by Ms. Schmidt’s Kindergarten and Ms. Mason’s 5th Grade Classes.
Value $50.00

215              ea
        Coffee/T Basket
Relax with a good cup of Java or some well-brewed Oolong. Great gourmet coffee and teas, along with biscuits,
chocolates and mugs can be found in this basket. Donated by Ms. Rivera’s Kindergarten Class.
Value $75.00

216     Girls Night In Basket
Spend the evening in, indulging yourself with your own foot tub. Soaking your feet in luxurious bubbles and softening gels
without having to leave your home. Also giving your self a well deserved facial. Go ahead and use the massage certificate
and have our very own BeBe Edmonston come over and give you a massage. Light the candles included and listen to the
smooth sounds of the CD included in the basket. If you still need more pampering don’t forget to take a hot bath using
your bath gel, dry off and use your scented lotion and body spray. Donated by Ms Shane’s 5th Grade Class.
Value $60.00
217    Crayola Bin Basket
Which child would not love a basket full of arts & crafts supplies to entertain themselves on those dreary winter
afternoons? And the parents will be thrilled by the storage container to put all the stuff in! Donated by Ms. Guervich’s
Kindergarten Class
Value $90.00

218     Cat Lovers Basket
Make your feline companion purrfectly happy with this assortment of cat food, treats, toys, bowl and brush. Donated by
Ms. D. Kim’s 1st Grade Class.
Value $40.00

219     Sports Basket
This Sports Basket is filled with sports apparel, equipment and games PLUS tickets to the HOOPS ON THE TERRACE.
Donated by Ms. Grier-Jose’s 5th Grade Class.
Value $80.00

220    Starbucks Basket
Go ahead, keep those lattes coming! This basket filled with gifts cards and starbucks goodies will make the heart of any
coffeephile quicken. Donated by Ms Zamora’s Third Grade Class.
Value $50.00

    Guy’s Gift Basket
Doesn’t it seem all baskets are either child or woman oriented? Not so. This basket has a very manly feel to it, replete with
a Wine Gift Certificate, a “humor in Uniform” book, Burt’s Bee’s Soap, Australian Boomerang, Upsidedown World Map
(who said up is up, anyway) and great chocolates (men like them too). Donated by Ms Shane’s Fifth Grade Class.
Value $80.00

   White Angels with Lavender – Gift Basket
Perfect for angel lovers! It includes: White tall angel flowerpot decoration, hand-painted white wooden tabletop angel with
frame for wallet-size photo, white ceramic candle pillar with angles, topped with a beaded, decorative candle, white coffee
mug with sculpted angel handle and gold foil accents, an assortment of decorative white and lavender soaps with scrubber,
a blackberry/Vanilla scented eye pillow and a lavender colored mesh bath scrubber. Donated by Heidi Lovett and Randall
 Value $35.00

223      Rustic Angels - Gift Basket
Gift basket is perfect for angel lovers! It includes: a painted deep red tin star decoration on tabletop stand, a handmade
glazed terracotta angel figurine, a wooden “folkart” angel decoration with straw hair and fabric accents, a small resin angel
figurine with bells, a painted tin box with angel cover, and a white and gold square “pillar” candle. Donated by Heidi Lovett
and Randall Luttenberg.
Value $30.00

    “Hula Girl” Bath Time Basket
Gift basket is perfect for young girls. It includes: a wooden painted “Hula Girl Crossing” sign , 7 piece bath soap,
shampoo, and lotion assortment, 6 piece pedicure kit and colorful 5 piece heart-shaped, non-skid bath suction tiles.
Donated by Heidi Lovett and Randall Luttenberg
Value: $22.00

701     ASK Martial Arts Winter Semester Course (9 weeks) and uniform
ASK teaches AfterSchoolKarate programs in MCPS with a lease agreement with Mont. County Gov. thru CUPF and a
contract with Walter Reed AMC School Age Services for Military dependants at their off base housing behind GHES.
Gary Lattanzio, School Program Director, has donated a Winter Semester course (9 Weeks) and a ASK uniform at any
ASK locations (
Value $90.00

702     Why struggle?
Kaplan T utoring has donated a 3-month online tutoring certificate for the lucky winner. Is 5th grade math too much for you
to help your child? Here is your solution.
Value $85.00

703      Use those strings
Carol Ireland has donated a 1-hour private lesson for Piano and/or singing for a child or adult.
Value $50.00

704       Do you understand American Sign Language?
You will, after this 1-hour lesson from a professor of linguistics from Gallaudet University. Other languages available, just
call Deborah Pichler for details. And to get those fingers working, an Origami kit for beginners is included.
Value $40.00

705     Struggling with those tests? Get help!
Teresa Peachey has donated a 2-hour T  utoring session towards SAT or other test prep, and/or any level Math Instruction.
Value $90.00
Gift Cards
301     Fun & Games
Daniel Bushman, owner of local treasure Fun & Games has donated this gift certificate towards their unique toys.
Value $15.00

302      CatchCan
Mostly natural fiber women’s clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, housewares and furniture can be found at this unique
local store. Courtesy of Susanne McLean.
Value $25.00

303     Bella Salon
Bella Bethesda Salon has donated a $75 gift certificate for you to get the perfect hairstyle before that big date.
Value $75.00

304    Alchemy salon
Alchemy Salon has donated a gift certificate redeemable for any of their personal services.
Value $58.00

305    Speleological Adventure
Go on an exiting trip to the insides of the earth! Visit Luray Caverns, the largest and most popular caverns in Eastern
America with these two admission tickets.
Value $42.00

 Let’s go out tonight!
A pair of tickets to Round House Theatre in Bethesda, which can be used for any performance for the remainder of the
season. Plays to choose from include "My name is Asher Lev", "Permanent Collection" and "Around the World in 80 Days".
Value $120.00
Unique Items

401     Hand-knitted Baby Blanket
Lynn Metzger has put her fingers to work for this beautiful chenille baby blanket. Keep your little bundle of joy warm this
Value $40.00

402       Stars and Stripes Forever
Kensington’s own, Chris van Hollen, Maryland 8th District Representative and good friend of Oakland T  errace has
donated a most unique item: A 3’x5’ U.S. Cotton Flag to be flown over the U.S. Capitol in honor of a person of your
choice on a date of your choice. A more unique memento cannot be found! Although the value listed is the flag’s cost, this
item is truly priceless.
Value $18.60

403     Name that tune!
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marker have donated this collection of 6 CDs featuring their own work. Do not miss the opportunity
to own a full set from these Grammy Award winning musicians.
Value $90.00

404     Sterling Silver Pendant
This beautiful Sterling Silver Pendant sends out a powerful message. Inscribed in the drop shaped, handmade jewel, you
can read in morse code: “dream”. The pendant hangs from an 18” long leather necklace and was donated by Paul Brackna
Value $75.00

405-406        Beaded Masai Dolls
Each are approximately 8.5 inches tall, handmade by an Indigenous women's cooperative in South Africa. Donated by
Lynne Mersfelder Lewis
Value $25.00

407    Decorative African shield and spears #1 (~14 inches).
Handmade of dried animal skins and wood by an Indigenous women's cooperative in South Africa. Donated by Lynne
Mersfelder Lewis
Value $20.00

408    Decorative African shield and spears #2 (~7 inches).
Handmade of dried animal skins and wood by an Indigenous women's cooperative in South Africa. Donated by Lynne
Mersfelder Lewis
Value $15.00

409     Handmade Mirror
Like to peruse those design magazines? Then this handmade mirror framed in antique window frame is for you.
Approximate size 2’ x 2’. Donated by Tim Simpson.
Value $150.00
410    Show your unicorn pride!
Coralyn Colladay, award winning quilter, has donated two, beautiful, hand quilted Oakland terrace unicorn place mats.
Show your school spirit! Beautiful pieces to use at your table or hang on your wall.
Value $35.00

411   Decorative carved wood mask (~18 inches).
Handmade of ironwood, this solid wood carved mask comes from an indigenous women's cooperative in South Africa. 
Donated by Lynne Mersfelder Lewis.
Value $30.00

101     Dessert of the Month (6-mo subscription)
Lisa Strong will make and deliver a scrumptious dessert per month (Jan to June). You’ll get Chocolate Pudding Cakes with
Caramel Sauce, Homemade Malted Milk Chocolate & Coconut Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce, Raspberry Pavlova,
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing, Fresh Cherry Cheesecake and Strawberry/Rhubarb Pie.
Value $60.00

102     Important Occasion, Custom Cake
Meghan Petrucci will bake a beautiful, memorable and tasty 2-tier cake that serves 30 for your next special event. You can
contact Meghan to choose the way it will look.
Value $100.00

     Café 1894
A Kensington Jewel, Café 1894 offers an alternative to the standard watering hole. Take this opportunity to try out this
local favorite.
Value $50.00

104      Spice up your dinner
The T Thai restaurants in the DC Area (Bethesda, Rockville, Arlington) would like to serve you the best Thai food
you’ll ever tasted with this gift certificate. They even make it less spicy if you cannot take the heat!
Value $40.00

105     Do you speak T  apas?
Have a great evening with this gift certificate for 2 at Jaleo Restaurant in Bethesda and sample the best that spanish
cooking has to offer. Additionally, you may have our own Ms. Zamora as your server that night (Fri-Sun, call ahead to
Value $100.00

107    Spaghetti Anyone?
Enjoy an italian feast with this gift certificate to the Olive Garden, always a family favorite. Valid at any Olive Garden
Value $25.00

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