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					            MATH EXTENSIONS MENU
         Numeration, Addition, Subtraction

Investigate the way         Research big numbers,       Research the money of
numbers were written        what they are used for,     another country.
by ancient groups of        how they are written,       Compare and contrast
people like Romans,         and provide real world      dollars and cents to that
Babylonians, and others.    examples of the largest     other country’s money.
Explore how we              ones you find.              (3.1c)
developed our modern        (3.1a,b, 4.1a, 5.1a)
way of writing numbers.
(3.1a, 4.1a, 5.1a)

Research decimals and                                   Create an activity or
very small numbers.                                     game that requires the
Include what they are                                   players to use rounding
used for, how they are
written, and provide real   Student                     and compatible numbers
                                                        while adding,
world examples of the
smallest ones you find.     Choice                      subtracting, multiplying,
                                                        and/or dividing.
(4.1b, 5.1b)                                            (3.5a,b; 4.5a,b; 5.4)

Compare the population      As gas prices increase,    Investigate a career that
of Corpus Christi,          often so do food prices.   often uses addition and
Nueces County, Texas,       Research why the           subtraction. Justify why
and the United States       increase occurs, and       or why not adults need to
today with what it was in   provide real world         know how to add and
the past. Create a visual   examples of food prices    subtract whole numbers
display showing the         that have recently         and decimals, when there
change over time at each    increased.                 are computers and
population level.           (4.3b)                     calculators that can
(3.3b)                                                 perform these operations.
                                                       (3.3a, 4.3a, 5.5a)