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Avery,s Valentine menu by reyrey


									                 Avery,s Valentine menu
                     Sweetheart Designs

6" small heartshape $5.50

10" medium heartshape $8.00

12" large heartshape $12

14" XL large heartshape $15.50

red velvet with cream cheese or white icing

white with white,chocolate or new white caramel icing

chocolate with white,chocolate,cream cheese or new
peanutbuttercaramel icing

strawberry with white icing

must order before valentine day last day to order monday february
13 call 372-8257 or
8327901 to place your order. Feb 14-19 delivery days cost to
deliver is $5if 10miles $10if 20miles $15if 30miles,or if u pick
Up no taxes will be added

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