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    ITEM#        FRAGRANCE NAME            FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION                                                   FOR USE POINT
    AL           Almond                    A traditional almond aroma with hints of cherry and a creamy vanilla   C,BC       ~180
    AM           Amaretto                  Cherry and vanilla beans with a slight hint of liquor.                 C,BC       >150
    AH           Amish Harvest             A warm spicy blend with slight buttery notes reminiscent of an autumn C, G        >200F
                                           harvest celebration.
    AB           Apple Berry               Rich sweet berry blend with hints of apple and clove.                 C,BC,G      >200
    AC           Apple Cinnamon            Hot baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon.                              C,G        >200
    AJ           Apple Jack & Peel         Slices of apples along with citrusy notes enhanced by clove,           C,BC       ~150
                                           cinnamon and nutmeg.
    AO           Apples & Oak              Green apple bouquet with a woody and musky background.                 C,BC       >200
    ANC          Apricots & Cream          A light and fruity blend with a light background note of vanilla.      C,BC       ~130
    BAP          Baby Powder               Soft gentle floral blend a drydown of vanilla, Tonka beans and         C,BC,G     >200
    BAF          Bananas Foster            This an awesome Banana fragrance with a great scent throw.             C          >140
    BNB          Banana Nut Bread          Fresh baked classic with cooked bananas and nuts.                      C,BC       ~155
    BB           Bayberry                  Sophisticated blend of flowers, spices and woods.                      C          ~190
    BG           Bazooka Bubble Gum        The true aroma of a piece of Bazooka bubblegum.                        C,BC,G     ~125
    BEA          Beaches                   A clean fragrance reminding you of fresh ocean mist. It's a hot        C          >150
                                           steaming romance on the sunset beaches of Tahiti.
    BS           Bergamot & Spruce         A rich, masculine aroma that combines woody notes of cedarwood         C,BC       ~195
                                           and patchouli with crisp bergamot, spicy clove and cumin and soft
                                           musk notes.
    BBY          Berry Bramble Yankee Typ This Yankee Dup escence is a collection of berries blended perfectly    C,BC       ~150
                                          together for a very strong scent throw .
    BRP          Berry Patch              Cherry and vanilla beans with a slight hint of liquor.                  C,BC       >200
    BOP          Bird of Paradise          A highly Fragrant Blend of fruits such as Apples, Strawberries,        C.BC       ~150
                                           Mulberries and cocnut with an undertone of voilet and musk.

    BCA          Birthday Cake             A sweet buttery bouquet reminiscent of vanilla cake.                   C,BC       ~195
    BCH          Black Cherry              Wild cherries and raspberries with hints of green apple.               C          >200
    BCV          Black Currant Vanilla (   Has a very strong Black Currant top notes with a warm soothing         TBA        TBA
                 BBW type)                 vanilla undertones.
    BRV          Black Raspberry Vanilla   Raspberry, Peach, Lemon and Strawberry on a Bed of Flowers and         C,BC       ~150
    BLP          Blackberry Pie            Sweet and sour blend of wild berries and fruit.                        C,BC,G     ~135
    BBS          Blackberry Sage           A sweet fruit blend with hints of peach, strawberry, orange and        C,BC,G     ~155
                                           raspberry with an undertone of dried herbs.
    BCCA         Blueberry Cheesecake      A thick rich New York Cheesecake accord with a light graham cracker    C          >200
                                           effect and delicious Blueberries.
    BPC          Blueberry Cobbler         Fresh Blueberries Top Notes with a touch of Cinnamon & Warm            C.BC       >200
                                           Vanilla bottom notes.
    BPM          Blueberry Muffin          Hot Baked Blueberries in hot fresh muffins right out of the oven.      C.BC       >200

    BP           Blueberry Pie             Buttery fruity topnotes with a sweet orangeflower background.          C          >200

    BF           Brandy Fruit              A fruity spicy bouquet of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes    C,BC       ~150
                                           with a sweet musky background.
    BT           Breathless Type (VS)      A Sweet Floral of Lilac, Jasmine & Rose with an Exotic Musky           C,BC       ~150
    BSF          Brown Sugar & Fig         A Soft and Sweet Natural Fig accord with Hints of Coconut and          C,BC       ~150
    BCO          Butter Cookie             A nice vanilla cookie with butter and milk.                            C          >200
    BC           Butter Cream              Sweet blend of French Vanilla, clove and cinnamon on a warm            C,G        >200
                                           creamy background.
    BPP          Butter Pecan Pie          A buttery bouquet with sweet apple and vanilla notes.                  C,BC,G     ~115
    BV           Buttercream Vanilla       A rich & creamy vanilla blended with a warm butter cream.              C, BC      ~150

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    ITEM#        FRAGRANCE NAME           FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION                                                 FOR USE POINT
    BBL          Buttercup Blossom        Sweet floral bouquet enhanced by gardenia, cyclamen and carnation. C,BC,G       >200

    BU           Butterscotch             Tempt your taste buds with the delectable aroma of creamy, warm      C,BC       ~200
    BSP          Buttery Sugar Pecan      Pecans covered & smoother with a warm Buttery Sugar.                 C, BC      ~150
    CAT          Cabernet                 A grape and strawberry combination with alcoholic nuances.           C,BC,G     ~165
    CPM          Campfire Marshmallow     An aroma reminiscent of a fluffy toasty marshmallow roasted over     C, BC      >200
                                          an smoldering open fire.
    CPP          Candy Apple              The sweet aroma of that home town fair favorite.                     C,G        ~150
    CC           Candy Cane               Sweet minty fragrance reminiscent of the holiday treat.              C          >200
    COR          Candy Corn               All the aroma of the holiday favorite. Sweet, buttery and good.      C,BC,G     >200
    CL           Cantaloupe               Fresh fruit salad dominated by melon and watermelon.                 C,BC,G     ~175
    CA           Caramel Apple            Just like the one's at the Fair! Big Red Juicy Macintosh Apples dipped C,BC     >150
                                          into a tub of delicious warm buttery caramel.
    CAP          Caramel Apple Pecan      This fragrance blend contains a delicious big red juicy apples         C        ~200
                                          smothered in warm buttery caramel, top off with fresh baked pecans.

    CN           Caribbean Coconut        Fresh cracked coconut shell.                                         C,BC       >200
    CF           Caribbean Fruit          A sweet and sour blend pf mandarin and pineapple                     C,BC       ~125
    CAC          Carrot Cake              Blend of bakery notes, kitchen spices and orange zest's.             C          ~160
    CHY          Chardonnay               A goblet of chilled white wine.                                      C, BC, G ~165
    CHE          Cheers                   Warm notes of musk combine with hints of Coconut, Peach, Orange, C,BC           ~190
                                          Raspberry and Fresh Apples.
    CCA          Cheesecake               Fresh New York Cheesecake.                                       C,BC           >200
    CH           Cherry                   Sun ripened cherry.                                                  C,BC,G     >200
    CHCCA        Cherry Cheesecake       A delicious New York style cheesecake with cherries swirled           C,BC       >200
    CV           Cherry Vanilla          A combination of wild raspberries and big cherries on a sweet         C,BC,G     >200
                                         background of vanilla beans.
    CHBS         Chestnuts & Brown Sugar Wow, a great Fall scent! Deep rich sugary vanilla poured over warm    C,BC       >150
                                         roasted Chestnuts.
    CHR          China Rain              Nice floral bouquet enhanced by hints of clove, bergamot and ozony    C,BC,G     >200
                                         notes on musk bkgrd.
    CHO          Chocolate               Hershey's sweet chocolate bar at it's best.                           C,BC,G     >200
    CR           Chocolate Raspberry      Sweet milk chocolate with a nice fruity note.                        C,BC,G     >200
    COO          Christmas Cookie         A nice vanilla cookie with butter and milk.                          C          >200
    CMU          Christmas Mulberry       Blend of woods, spices, fruits and flowers made to enhance the       C,BC       ~145
                                          Christmas spirit.
    CRC          Christmas Ribbon Candy   Great Scent For The Holiday's! Top notes covered in Cranberries &    C          >150
                                          Sweet Apples with the bottom notes having a hint of Peppermint.

    CT           Christmas Tree           Fresh cut tree out of the groves at Christmas.                       C,BC,G     ~130
    CIN          Cinnamon                 Blend of cinnamon sticks, clove buds, orange peels and vanilla       C          ~150
    CBS          Cinnamon Buns            Spicy, warm and sweet morning pastry.                                C          >200
    CRBR         Cinnamon Raisin Bread    Cinnamon Raisin Bread right out of the oven.                         CALL       CALL
    CS           Cinnamon Stick           A blend of cinnamon and clove with a touch of rosemary and wlang.    C,G        >200

    CIT          Citronella               Freshly cut and distilled blades with a hint of orange peels and     C,BC,G     ~150
                                          eucalyptus leaves.
    CB           Citrus Blast             A citrusy bouquet with an undertone of apple, peach and black        C,BC       ~180
    CLC          Clean Cotton             Yankee Type of clean sheets drying on the clothes line.              C,G        >200
    CLO          Clove                    Fresh ground clove buds.                                             C,BC,G     >200
    CCP          Coconut Cream Pie        Fresh shredded coconut on a sweet bakery background.                 C,BC       >200

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    ITEM#        FRAGRANCE NAME              FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION                                                     FOR USE POINT
    CLV          Coconut Lime Verbena        A strong citrus lime scent mixed with fresh cut verbena leaves and        C,BC,G     ~125
                                             warmed with coconut, vanilla and musk undertones.
    CCB          Cool Citrus Basil           A green fruity aldehydia floral bouquet with a sweet musky                C,BC       ~195
    CW           Cool Water                  Fresh citrus topnotes enhanced by a hint of green & florals on a bkgd     C,BC       ~190
                                             of amber, musk, moss, sandalwood & cedar.
    CP           Cornucopia                  An Awesome floral, fruit & warm spicy notes blended together with         C          >150
                                             delightful vanilla under tones.Top notes have a hints of Jasmine &
                                             Sweet Orange mixed with rose, cinnamon & clove.
    COB          Cotton Blossom              A soft, sensual floral medley of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley with C,BC      >195
                                             orange and apple notes and the delicate, powdery freshness of a light
                                             spring breeze.
    COC          Cotton Candy                Sweet candy like scent reminiscent of the carnival midway treat.          C,BC       ~125

    CBH          Country Berry Hotcakes      This is a nice sweet berry accord with a heart of vanilla and a subtle    C          ~170
                                             butter undertone.
    CCL          Country Clothesline         A fresh and clean accord with subtle notes of powder and musk.            C,BC,G     >200

    CRB          Cranberry                   Freshly crushed fruits ready to jam.                                      C,BC,G     ~185
    CRS          Cranberry Spice             A nice blend of cinnamon and spice with fruity notes on a light vanilla C,           ~160
    CBL          Crème Brulee                A buttery creamy bouquet with a rich vanilla background.                C,BC         ~110
    CU           Cucumber                    A refreshing blend reminding you of a freshly sliced cucumber.            C,BC,G     >200
    CUM          Cucumber Melon                                q                 pp                           y  , ,
                                             White flower bouquet with hints of apple and watermelon on a musky C,BC,G            >200
    DOTB         Day on the Beach            Fruit mixture of orange, peach strawberry and vanilla.             C,BC              ~140
    DK           Dickens Christmas           A fruity spicy bouquet of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper notes       C,BC       ~150
                                             with a sweet musky background.
    DOW          Downy April Fresh           This dup smells exactly like the fabric softener!                         C, BC      175
    DR           Drakkar (type)              Modern "fougere" bergamot, lavender, oakmoss and woods.                   C,BC       ~190
    DA           Dream Angel's - Heavenly A floral bouquetwith orange, lemon, rose marine and jasmine topnites C,BC               >200
                                          with a sweet woody musly background.
    DS           Dreamsicle               Orange peels and lemon zest's sweetened by shaved coconut and        C,BC               ~145
                                          French vanilla.
    EN           Egg Nog                  The rich creamy aroma of the holiday drink.                          C,G                ~140
    EM           Egyptian Musk               A Typical warm musk with a slight background of earthy patchouli and      C,BC,G     >200
    ENL          Endless Love (Victorias's   A green fruity floral bouquet with apple, rose & jasmine top notes with   C,BC       >200
                 Secret)                     a sweet woodsy musky background.
    EI           English Ivy                 An ozone blend of citrus topnotes combined with floral notes on a         C,BC       >200
                                             musky background.
    ET           Eternity (type)             Floral bouquet with fruity undertone of raspberry and vanilla.            C,BC       >200
    EU           Eucalyptus                  Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with a hint of lime.                       C,BC       ~140
    FRST         Frangelico Struesel         Filled with rich creams and caramel, with a warm buttery topping!         C,BC,G     >200

    FM           Frankincense & Myrrh        Balsamic oriental blend of resins and woods.                              C,BC       >200
    FS           Freesia                     Bouquet of ylang, lilac, jasmine and rose with a background of woods C,BC            >200
                                             and musk's.
    FB           Freesia Plumeria            A fragrant floral bouquet of island fresh plumeria blossoms with     C,BC            >200
                                             freesia and drydown of exotic musk.
    FV           French Vanilla              Classic vanilla blend with hints of citrus.                          C,BC            ~135
    FRC          Fresh & Clean               Fresh floral bouquet with citrus undertones.                              C, BC      ~150
    FC           Fresh Brewed Coffee         The aromatic fragrance of that first cup of Colombian coffee in the       C,BC       >200
    FL           Fresh Linen                 A fresh and clean accord with subtle notes of powder and musk.            C,BC       >200

    FSO          Fresh Squeezed Orange       Sweet Florida orange with just a hint of vanilla.                         C,BC,G     ~120

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    ITEM#        FRAGRANCE NAME         FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION                                                     FOR USE POINT
    FSL          Fruit Slices           A fresh fruit salad with citrus and ripe berries.                        C,BC       ~135
    GD           Gardenia               Floral bouquet of white flowers dominated by the sharpness of            C          ~190
    GT           Gardenia Tuberose      Sweet green floral bouquet on a musky orangeflower background.           C,G        >200

    GP           Georgia Peach          A slice of freshly cut peach.                                            C,BC       >200
    GG           Ginger                 The rich yet refreshing aroma of fresh ginger root.                      C,BC       >200
    GIN          Ginger Peach           A awsome blend of ginger & peach                                         C,BC       >200
    GC           Gingerbread Cookie     Fresh baked gingerbread cookie with the aroma of spices and vanilla. C              >200

    GBS          Glade "Berry Splash"   What can we say, it smells exact!                                        C,BC       ~150
    GK           Grandma's Kitchen      All the fragrant spices you would think of in grandma's classic          C          >200
    GF           Grapefruit             Bitter sweet blend of citrus notes reminding of fresh sliced grapefruit. C,BC       ~125

    GAP          Green Apple            Fruity green apple blend with a soft musky background.                   C,BC       ~190
    HV           Harvest                A spicy blend of cinnamon bark and clove buds with a drydown of          C,BC,G     >200
    HP           Hawaiian Paradise      An exotic fruit plate of peaches, strawberries, pineapples, wild         C,G        ~190
                                        cherries, oranges and red raspberries.
    HN           Hazelnut               A nutty earthy blend.                                                    C,BC       >200
    HC           Hazelnut & Cream       Top notes filled with fresh nutty Hazelnuts covered with a rich creamy C, BC        ~150
                                        vanilla bottom notes
    HB           Holly Berry            Cinnamon and clove sweetened with vanilla and orange peels.            C            ~190
    HH           Home Sweet Home        A blend of cinnamon and clove with a touch of rosemary and ylang.        C,G        >200

    HM           Honeydew Melon         A floral fruity green bouquet with a sweet melon background.             C,BC,G     >200
    HS           Honeysuckle            Fresh ozony honeysuckle blend with hints of jasmine, rose and lilac.     C,BC       >200

    HAP          Hot Apple Pie          Aroma of spicy apple pie straight from the oven.                         C,BC       >200
    HFB          Hot Fudge Brownie      Sweet chocolate, Freshly baked brownie made from sweet chocolate. C                 >200

    HUB          Huckleberry            A red fruit blend with hints of orange and fresh peaches.                C,BC,G     ~125
    HY           Hyacinth               A floral bouquet with a sweet green background.                          C,BC,G     >200
    HD           Hydrangea              A sweet fresh floral on a light woody background.                        C,G        >200
    IC           Irish Cream            Vanilla blend with fresh cream and a hint of liquor.                     C,BC       ~105
    IMT          Issey Miyake Type      An Exotic Floral with Fresh Mandarin Topnotes followed by Floral   C,BC             >150
                                        Nuances of White Lily, Peony and Spicy Carnation with an Amber and
                                        Cedar Undertone.
    IB           Italian Biscotti       A fresh almond cookie with a sweet background.                           C,BC       ~160
    JD           Jade (Pier 1Type)      Sweet floral blend combines with a delicate touch of sun ripened         C,BC,G     >200
                                        pineapple and fresh green melon.
    JMC          Jamaica Me Crazy!      A sweet tropical and fruity blend reminding you of the islands.          C,BC,G     ~185
    JA           Jasmine                A very light jasmine bouquet.                                            C,BC,G     >200
    JP           Juicy Peach            The sweet scent of Juicy Peaches                                         C          >200
    JF           Jungle Fruit           A Banana, Strawberry, Citrus combination with light floral nuances       C,BC,G     ~130

    JB           Juniper Breeze         A nice ozony balance of green, fruity, floral notes with a slight musk   C,BC       >200
    KLP          Key Lime Pie           A strong Key lime with a pie crust undertones                            C          >200
    KW           Kiwi                   Sweet fruity notes enhanced by a green leafy undertone.                  C,BC,G     ~175
    KC           Kiwi Cucumber          Bitter sweet fruity notes enhanced by green leafy notes.                 C,BC       >200
    KZ           Kudzu                  Sweet grape fragrance of the kudzu blossom in bloom.                     C,BC,G     >200
    KQ           Kumquat                A sweet and sour blend pf mandarin and pineapple                         C,BC       ~125

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    ITEM#        FRAGRANCE NAME           FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION                                                      FOR USE POINT
    LA           Lavender                 Lavender flowers enhanced by lilac, rose & jasmine with a spicy           C,BC       ~160
                                          woody undertone.
    LEA          Leather                  True leather topnotes with a musky undertone.                             C,BC       >200
    LC           Lemon Chiffon            Sweet tart lemon with vanilla and musk.                                   C,BC       ~140
    LD           Lemon Drops              Sweet tangy smell of the tart treat.                                      C,BC       ~145
    LPC          Lemon Pound Cake         The sweet lemony smell of grandma’s fresh baked lemon cake.               C,BC       ~140
                                          Makes your mouth water
    LE           Lemonade                 Lemony bouquet enhanced by Bergamot and musk.                             C,BC       ~125
    LGS          Lemongrass & Sage        Citrus blend with hints of green on a background of fresh ozone and a C, BC          ~195
                                          drydown of flowers of musk.
    LMAO         Lick Me All Over         A special blend of fragrances; raspberry, cantaloupe, and             C, BC          >200
                                          watermelon, with the middle notes containing jasmine and violet, and
                                          top notes of grapefruit and kumquat.
    LI           Lilac                    A green floral blend with a sweet musky background.                       C,G        >200
    LOV          Lily of the Valley       A delicate white and green floral with very fresh green muguet de         C,BC,G     >200
    LS           Love Spell (Victorias    Sweet citrus bouquet enhanced by hints of peach and berries on an         C,BC,G     ~165
                 Secret Type)             undertone of musk.
    MAP          Macintosh Apple          Reminiscent of a bite into a tart green apple.                            C,BC       >200
    MA           Magnolia                 Rose, Jasmine and carnation with hints of neroli and gardenia.            C,BC,G     ~190
    MG           Mango                    A sweet nice fruity blend with hints of green.                            C,BC,G     ~180
    MM           Mango Mandarin           Contains a fresh blend of mandarin orange, mango and tangerines           C,BC       ~180

    MPS          Mango Papaya Splash      Fresh fruity exotic bouquet of fresh cut melons.                          C,BC,G     >200
    MP           Maple Pecan              Aroma of pecans with maple syrup on a background of vanilla.              C,BC       >200
    MED          Mediterranian Water      A Foral Bouquet of Rose, Jasmine, Lilac, Musk and Wood notes              C,BC,G     >200
    MSN          Mid Summer's Night       Mid Summer's Night (Yankee)                                               C          >200
    MOC          Mocha Cappuccino         Warm freshly frothed cappuccino mocha with a slight nutty                 C,BC       >200
    MR           Morning Rain             Sweet floral bouquet with a hint of green and ozone notes for effect.     C,BC,G     >200

    MTB          Mountain Berry           A fruity blend with splashes of apple, grapefruit, peach, strawberries    C,BC       ~130
                                          and orange.
    MB           Mulberry                 Classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon sticks, wild berries and bitter     C,BC,G     ~120
                                          orange peels.
    MC           Mulled Cider             Freshly fermented McIntosh apples with a touch of cinnamon and a          C, G       ~150
                                          hint of vanilla.
    MU           Muscadine                Very fruity, citrusy and sweet grape type fragrance.                      C,BC       ~135
    NAG          Nag Champa               A creative floral bouquet blend with ylang, Patchouli, Sandalwood &       C,BC       >200
                                          Amber Musk top notes, and a exotic blend of several Indian spices.

    NH           Nectarine & Honey        A sweet & juicy Nectarine mixed with a touch of Honey.                    C, BC      ~150
    ORC          Oatmeal Raisin Cookie    A warm, buttery blend of creamy vanilla with cinnamon, nutmeg,            C,BC       >200
                                          ginger and plump juicy raisins creates this mouth-watering aroma of
                                          an oatmeal raisin cookie.
    OM           Ocean Mist               A fresh green floral bouquet with a sweet ambery background.              C          >150

    OMH          Oatmeal Milk & Honey   Fresh Hot Oatmeal covered in a warm creamy vanilla & a touch of             C,BC       200
                                        Honey! Mum Mum Good!
    OPC          Orange Peel & Cinnamon A great combination of Fresh squeezed oranges and Cinnamon                  C          >140
                                        blended with spices.
    OS           Orange Sherbert        Fresh sweet orange with creamy vanilla.                                     C,BC       ~185
    OA           Oriental Apple           A exotic blend of pomegranate, apple peach and strawberry                 C,BC,G     ~155
    PM           Papaya Mango             A tropical fruit salad on a light vanilla background.                     C,BC,G     ~130

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    ITEM#        FRAGRANCE NAME             FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION                                                   FOR USE POINT
    PW           Paper Whites               A white floral bouquet sweetened by apple and peach on a musky         C,BC,G      >200
    PKS          Passionate Kisses          A Victoria Secret Type                                                 C,BC        >200
    PA           Patchouli                  Wood, twigs and leaves blended to create this oriental bouquet.        C,BC        >200

    PE           Peach                      Juicy fresh sliced fruit.                                              C,BC,G      >200
    PMR          Peach - Magnolia -         A fruity floral combination consisting of peach, strawberry, apple, and C,BC,G     >200
                 Raspberry                  berry.
    PNC          Peaches - n - Cream        A scrumptious bowl of peaches with cream pour on top                    C,BC,G     >200
    PEA          Pear                       A green fruity bouquet with a hint of apple and peach.                 C,BC        ~175
    PB           Pear Berry                 A fresh fruity blend of pear and berry with a slight musk undertone.   C,BC,G      ~170

    PGL          Pear Glace                 A fruity green bouquet reminiscent of pear with a woody musky          C,BC        >200
    PO           Pear Mango                 Exotic fruit blend of ripe mangos and pears.                           C,BC,G      ~170
    PT           Peppermint                 A nice cool blend of mints from different origins.                     C,          >200
    PCR          Pie Crust                  A fresh baked graham cracker pie crust with butter.                    C,BC        >200
    PC           Pina Colada                A green floral bouquet reminiscent of pina colada with coconut.        C,BC,G      ~160

    PI           Pineapple                  Slices of the fresh ripe fruit.                                        C,BC,G      ~130
    PIN          Pink (Victoria's Secret)   An exotic floral blend with citrus and ozone topnotes.                 C,BC,G      >200
    PSR          Pink Sugar                 A floral & fruity blend with added notes of cotton candy, strawberry,  C, BC       ~150
                                            orange & a woody musk.
    PR           Plumeria                   A juicy fruity complex of peaches and pineapples with floral and spicy C,BC,G      ~190
    PG           Pomegranate                Nice blend of peach, apple and strawberry with a touch of vanilla.     C,BC,G      ~155

    PGB          Pomegranate &              The ripe, juicy aroma of sweet pomegranate and fresh berry with        C, BC       ~150
                 Blackberry                 luscious guava nectar, tangy grapefruit and soft, sensual musk.

    PRA          Prayer                     A Floral Bouguet with citrus and rose topnotes with a woody            C,BC        ~175
    PP           Pumpkin Pie                All the aromas of this holiday favorite.                               C           >200
    PS           Pumpkin Spice              All the aroma of this holiday favorite.                                C,BC        >200
    PRS          Pure Seduction (VS type) This is a Victoria Secret dup: With a light blend of Strawberry's,  TBA              TBA
                                          Apple's & Jasmine Musk sweeten together with a Citrusy freshness to
                                          this fragrance must have..
    RA           Rain                       A nice floral blend on a strong musky background.                      C,BC        >200
    RT           Rapture Type VS            Bouguet of Violet , Neroli & Jasmine with a hint of Bergamot on a dry C, BC        ~175
                                            down of Musk and Vanilla.
    RB           Raspberry                  A nice light fruity fragrance reminiscent of fresh picked raspberries. C,BC        >200

    RSSO         Raspberry Sorbet           Wild Rasberries with citrusy undertones                                C, BC       >200
    RC           Red Currant                Fresh Crushed Berries of Wild Cassis Buds with hints of Apple Slice    C,BC,G      ~175
                                            and Touch of Wild Gardenia
    RHC          Red Hot Cinnamon           A strong spicy cinnamon.                                               C           >200
    RTC          Red Tea & Cypress          A floral & fruity blend of red tea, fresh oranges, zesty lemons,       C, BC       ~150
                                            raspberries, apples, leafy greens & lime.
    ROM          Romance                    A floral bouquet with jasmine, rose, wood, clove, vanilla and musk     C,BC,G      >200
                                            notes. .
    SAC          Sage & Citrus              An herbacious bouquet with floral topnotes and a sweet woody           C,BC,G      ~170
    SW           Sandalwood                 Woody bouquet with touches of cedarwood, amber, cedarleaf and          C,BC,G      >200
    SB           Sea Breeze                 Fresh blend of florals and medicinal notes underlined by fruits and    C,BC        >200

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                                                                                                                         SAFE   FLASH
    ITEM#        FRAGRANCE NAME           FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION                                                      FOR USE POINT
    SK           Sky                      A light jasmine bouquet with lavender and rose petals drying to a         C,BC,G      >200
                                          musky background.
    SBL          Sleigh Bells             A floral bouquet with citrus and almond topnotes on a sweet musky         C,          ~155
    SOS          Smell of Spring          The fresh smell of spring after a brief rain.                             C,BC        >200
    SMO          Smoke Out                Citrusy notes blended with green grassy notes to help mask bad            C,BC        ~150
    SD           Snickerdoodle            Warm fresh cookies out of the oven with a coconut chocolate               C,BC        >200
    SPC          Spice Cake               A warm spice accord with a light baked cake smell.                        C,G         ~185
    SAP          Spiced Apple Pecan       Apple sprinkled with cinnamon and pecans.                                 C,BC        >200
    SCA          Spiced Coffee Cake       A nutty bouquet with cinnamon, clove and lemony topnotes with a rich C                >200
                                          sweet background.
    SP           Spiced Pear              A luscious pear with a warm touch of cinnamon and clove.             C                >200
    SUP          Spiced Sugar Plum        Nice bouquet with mixed berries and some subtle spice notes drying        C           >200
                                          to a soft vanilla bkgd.
    SPR          Spring Rain              Clean refreshing blend with light fruity tones, enhanced with hints of    C,BC        ~195
                                          florals and spices on a sweet woody background.
    STB          Starbucks Coffee Dup     A Very Strong coffee scent. An exact Starbuck Coffee Dup.                 C           >130
    SFM          Starfruit & Mango        A light and fruity blend with hints of peach, orange , apple and lemon. C,BC,G        ~140

    STW          Storm Watch (Yankee)     Yankee Type                                                               C           >200
    SNC          Strawberries-n-Cream     Fresh sliced berries smothered in rich smooth cream.                      C,G         >200
    SBY          Strawberry
                 St   b                   Wild strawberries with a t
                                                t   b i      ith touch of vanilla.
                                                                     h f     ill                                    C,BC,G
                                                                                                                    C BC G      ~150
    SCCA         Strawberry Cheesecake    A traditional New York Style cheesecakes with fresh strawberries          C,BC        ~150
                                          pour on top
    SKW          Strawberry Kiwi          A sweet green, fruity and fresh fruit odor of great tenacity.             C,BC,G      ~190
    SBP          Strawberry Patch         Fresh picked Strawberries covered in a sweet sugar syrup.                 C,BC        >200
    SC           Sugar Cookie             Sweet sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookie.                           C,BC        >200
    SSO          Summer Sorbet            Fresh fruity, citrusy, clean smelling fragrance.                          C,BC,G      ~185
    SR           Sun Riped Raspberries    Fresh fruity blend of red fruits with hints of peach.                     C,BC,G      >200
    SF           Sunflower               Sweet Floral with highlights of Yellow Rose, with Lilac, Wild Jasmine C,BC             >150
                                         and Bergamot.
    SWC          Sweet Cotton            Fresh Green Apple with hints of Orange & Pineapple on a Drydowns C,BC,G                ~175
                                         of Musk!
    SPE          Sweet Pea (Bath & Body) A light refreshing floral on a background of musk                     C,BC             >200

    TD           Tangerine Dreams         Blend of citrus fruits enhanced by spearmint and fennel.                  C,BC,G      >200
    TT           Tommy (Type)             Floral bouquet enhanced by a crisp ozone undertone and a drydown          C,BC        >200
                                          of wood and musk.
    TL           Tommy Girl (type)        A floral bouquet with a crisp ozone undertone with a dry woody and        C,BC        >200
                                          musky background.
    TC           Traditional Christmas    Cinnamon bark, sticks and leaves with orange peels and a hint of          C,G         ~130
    TP           Tropical Paradise        A tropical fruity blend with light floral nuances and a warm musky        C,BC,G      >200
    TR           True Rose                A floral bouquet with sweet rose topnotes                                 C,BC        >200
    TF           Tutti - Fruitti          Banana, raspberry, peach and orange on a background of                    C,BC        ~95
    VB           Vanilla Bean             A rich bouquet of sweet vanilla bean.                                     C,BC        >200
    VCA          Vanilla Caramel          A rich, creamy caramel. Top notes of ozone melt into luscious             C,BC        >200
                                          caramel and balsamic nuances at the heart of the fragrance. Base
                                          notes of vanilla and powder.
    VGF          Vanilla Grapefruit       Pure Vanilla bended with a fresh citrus bouguet of grapefruit.            C, BC       ~150
    VS           Vanilla Spice            Vanilla bouquet with cinnamon undertones                                  C,G         >200
    VV           Vanilla Velour           Vanilla bouquet with buttery nut nuances.                                 C,G         >200

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                                                                                                                         SAFE   FLASH
    ITEM#        FRAGRANCE NAME             FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION                                                    FOR USE POINT
    VSM          Very Sexy for Men (VS)     Very Sexy For Men VS Dup: C, BC - Fl. PT 200 A Victoria's Secret       C, BC        200
                                            Dup containing a spicy citrus blend with top notes of Tangerines, Pink
                                            Lime & Bergamot leaves. Under tones of lime wood Cinnamon Bark,
                                            Sage & dry downs made up of Vetyver.
    VSW          Very Sexy for Women        The Victoria Secret Dup essence for women has a select blend of          C, BC      200
                 (VS)                       cactus flower, clementine, blackberry & vanilla orchid.
    VG           Victorian Garden           Fragrant floral bouquet enhanced with anise and coriander seeds.         C,BC,G     >200

    WVS          Warm Vanilla Sugar (Bath BBW - African vanilla beans sweetened with sandalwood, coconut on C,BC                >200
                 & Body)                  a base of white flowers.
    WM           Watermelon               Sweet blend of fruit notes recalling the freshness of ripe melon. C,BC ,G             ~105

    WED          Wedding Day                A light floral bouguet with nuances of Jasmine, Rose, Voilet and Lily    C          >200
                                            of the Valley on a background of mild woody and musky notes.

    WCB          White Cherry Blossom BB A soft floral aroma of lily of the valley, rose petals, fresh jasmine and   C,BC       >200
                 Dup                     ylang-ylang enhanced by sweet lemon and soothing sandalwood.

    WD           White Diamonds             Floral bouquet enhanced by a woody undertone on a fruity musky           C,BC,G     >200
    WT           White Tea                  Floral bouquet enhanced by a woody undertone on a fruity musky           C,BC,G     ~175
    WTG          White Tea & Ginger         A nurturing essence with a fresh aroma of herbal white tea leaves        C, BC      175
                                            enhanced by exotic spices & softened musk.
      O               Oats & Honey
                 Wild O                     Top notes warm roasted oats with undertones of sweet honey.
                                                                                           f                         C, C
                                                                                                                     C BC       ~150
                                                                                                                                 1 0

    WF           Wildflower                 Renowned for its distinctyive sweet perfumed smell. It is a very         C          ~180
                                            popluar Western Austrailan Rose with a strong aromatic fragant
    WR           Wine & Roses               Rose petals with a little note of acid and white wine                    C,BC,G     >200
    WS           Wisteria                   A sweet slightly spicy floral blend.                                     C,BC,G     >200
    WB           Woodberry                  A fruity bouquet of peaches, apples and strawberries with jasmine        C,BC       ~180
                                            and rose.

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