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					                    Traffic Driving School Times
Vol. 1, Issue 1                                                                          August 2008
Welcome to the first edition of Traffic Driving School   History of Business
Times.    The Traffic Driving School Times is a          Our business opened its doors in
quarterly publication created to communicate             August of 2004. Two best friends
information to driving school students and the           joined efforts to provide safe driving
general public about procedures that deal with the       instruction to drivers of all ages as well
Department of Motor Vehicles and driving schools.        as all information required for all your
                                                         driving needs.

                Traffic Driving School
               1204 White Plains Road
                  Bronx, NY 10472                        MISSION
                   718-823-2255                          Our mission is to treat you with the utmost
                                                         courtesy and respect as you learn to
                                                         become a safe, responsible driver.
                                                         We have professional, New York State
 We offer several packages that include 45-minute
                                                         certified instructors who will give you the
 Behind-the-wheel training; pre-licensing class;
                                                         skills and confidence you need in a patient,
 Road test appointment & Usage of Car for road test.
                                                         careful and reliable manner.
 Packages start out as little as 2 lessons through
 20 lessons.
                                                         Driving School
                                                         5-Hour Class
 For those not needing packages, you have the
                                                         Road Test Appointment
 Convenience of just choosing from lessons only
                                                         Car for Road Test
 Packages as well.
                                                         Auto Insurance
                                                         Defensive Driving Course
                                                         Notary Public
                                                         CDL Training
                                                         Money Transfers

                                                         WORKING IN CONJUNCTION WITH ASTCS
                                                         (American Safety Training & Consulting Svcs)
                                                        Following are some of the training available:
      Defensive Driving Course:                          Transportation Division
                                                         NYSED/NYCDOE School Bus Monitor/Attendant
             Refresh driving knowledge                  USDOT Transit Bus Operator Certification
             Overview of traffic laws                   Article 19A Program Management
             Reduce as many as four (4)                 Security Guard Training
                                                         Health Services Division
              points on driving record
                                                         NYS Certified Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor
             Receive a minimum 10%                      American Red Cross CPR/AED with First Aid
              reduction in base rate of auto &           ARC Managing Stress Course
              motorcycle liability & collision           ARC Workplace Ergonomics Course
              insurance premiums                         OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration)
                                                         General Industry Specialty Courses (10 & 30 Hr)
                                                        Infection Control
                                                         Workplace Safety
Traffic Auto Driving School Times                                                                  July 2008
                                                            AFTER YOUR ROAD TEST
Quick Facts – When You Have Your Permit
 Practice frequently. The DMV recommends that you          IF YOU PASSED:
  practice at least 30 hours for your road test and at
  least 10 hours in medium to high volume traffic.             The examiner gives you an interim driver
  [Page of your DMV Manual]                                     license that is valid for 90 days (10 days
                                                                for commercial learner permits (CDL).
 Attend a mandatory pre-licensing course or complete
  a high school or college driver ed course. When you          If you received a learner permit that was valid
  complete the course, you will receive a pre-licensing         for more than one year when it was issued,
  course certificate (MV-278). You need the certificate         the DMV will send your photo driver license
  number to schedule a road test.                               in the mail. It is mailed to you in approx.
                                                                four weeks.
 ONLY students who complete a high school or college
  driver ed course approved by the NYS Education               If you received a learner permit that was
  department receive an MV-285 student certificate.             valid for one year when it was issued, you
                                                                must apply for your photo driver license at
   Schedule a road test. The test date is normally from         the DMV office. Wait at least five days
   three to ten weeks after the date you make the               after the date of your road test to apply
   appointment.                                                 at the DMV office.

 After you take your road test, the examiner                  Each new driver has a six-month probationary
  will inform you of the results. If you do not                 period that begins on the date of the successful
  pass, you can schedule another road test. If                  road test. The DMV will suspend your driver
  you do not pass the second road test, you must                license if you commit specific violations during
  pay a $10 fee to take a maximum of two more                   your probationary period.
  road tests.
                                                            IF YOU FAILED:
 You can renew a learner permit if
  --You passed written test in last two years                  Your Class D, Class DJ, Class E, Class M or
  --your permit expired in last 30 days                         class MJ learner permit allows you to take a
                                                                maximum of two road tests. If you fail your
JUNIOR DRIVERS: You must be 16 or older to drive in NYS.        first road test, schedule a second test.
                                                                YOU MUST WAIT UNTIL THE DAY AFTER YOUR
A junior driver cannot operate a vehicle that has more          FIRST ROAD TEST to schedule your second one.
than (2) passengers who are under 21 unless a parent,
guardian or driving instructor also rides in vehicle. The      If you fail a second time, go to DMV office and
supervising driver can ride in front seat and must be 21        pay $10 and take two more road tests. You can
years of age or older.
                                                                continue to pay $10 and take two more road
A driver with Class DJ or MJ learner permit must bring
                                                                Tests until you pass a road test. If your learner
a completed MV-262 to road test.                                permit expires before your next road test, you
                                                                must get a new learner permit.
DMV will issue a limited-use junior license to junior
driver who passes road test during first six months
after learner permit issued, which allows junior driver
to drive without supervision during specific hours/days
and within specific geographical boundaries. Six
months after, the DMV will issue a normal junior

[See Learner Permits & Junior Licenses in DMV brochure]

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