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					garden menu
As well as a great range of classic favourites you’ll also find a
selection of jackets, baguettes and salads – bringing you a taste
of our fantastic restaurant menu to the outdoors.
how to order                             1. Choose a table and note the number.
                                         2. When you’ve chosen your food, please place your order at the bar.
                                         3. Your food will be brought to your table.

jackets                                                                classic favourites
A baked potato with butter, salad garnish                                      Rump Steak £10.50
and your choice of filling:                                            with its strong, meaty flavour and firm texture, our
Tuna Mayonnaise £3.75                                                  7oz* rump steak is best chargrilled rare to medium.
                                                                       Served with chips and your choice of mixed salad
    Chilli & Cheese £4.85                                              or half a grilled tomato and a flat mushroom
    Cheddar Cheese,                                                    Sirloin Steak £12.50
Baked Beans & Bacon £4.25                                              tender and tasty, this 8oz* steak is great served
Cheddar Cheese &                                                       rare, medium or well done. Served with chips and
                                                                       your choice of mixed salad or half a grilled tomato
Baked Beans      £3.99                                                 and a flat mushroom
                                                                             Beef Burger £7.99
baguettes                                                              Large Beef Burger £9.99
Try our rustic baguettes with your choice of                           our 6oz* or 9oz* burger made from 100% beef,
the following fillings, all served with a                              ground and blended with a light seasoning for a
salad garnish:                                                         succulent flavour, served with chips, mixed salad
                                                                       and your choice of topping:
Chicken with Caesar Dressing £4.50                                     • cheese and bacon, or
Tuna Mayonnaise £3.95                                                  • flat mushroom with black & blue sauce
Brie with Cranberry Sauce    £4.25                                             Gammon Steak & Pineapple £7.75
Prawns in Tangy Smoked Salmon                                          a 6oz* gammon steak, chargrilled for a fuller flavour,
                                                                       with chips and mixed salad. Add a second gammon
& Citrus Marie Rose Sauce £4.99                                        steak for just £3.00 extra
                                                                       Sausages & Mash £5.99
salad bowls                                                            with peas, gravy and caramelised onion relish
Beefeater House Salad                            £5.99                 Fish** & Chips £5.99
a classic, lightly dressed with French vinaigrette                     hand battered haddock with chips, peas and
                                                                       tartare sauce
Couscous Salad                      £7.99
lightly dressed with French vinaigrette                                Salmon Fillet** £9.99
                                                                       straight from the chargrill, with buttered new
          Caesar Salad                    £7.99                        potatoes and mixed salad
with baked croutons, anchovies and cheese shavings
Top any of our fresh salads above with either                                  Smoked Paprika Chicken £7.99
a chargrilled chicken breast, salmon fillet**,                         a marinated, tender breast, with chips and mixed
                                                                       salad. If you prefer a plain chicken breast, just ask
skewered prawns or koftas for just £1 extra
                                                                       Nachos          £5.99
daytime special offer                                                  salsa, mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses, sour cream
                                                                       & chives, diced onions and sliced jalapeno pepper
Dishes marked with            are available at                         Chicken & Spanish Chorizo
a special price of £5.99 if ordered before 6.30pm
Monday to Saturday.
                                                                       Linguine £8.99
                                                                       with an Italian tomato sauce and cheese shavings
Offers, vouchers, discounts or promotions (including Emerald Club
and Whitbread Discount) cannot be used in conjunction with the         Ratatouille Linguine             £7.99
Daytime Special Offer. This offer is not available on Bank Holidays.
Nectar bonus points can only be used if specified.
                                                                       topped with cheese shavings

* approximate weight uncooked           ** may contain small bones
     suitable for vegetarians            vegetarian option available
on the side                                                         tempting desserts
Cheddar & Mozzarella Garlic Bread                                   Horn of Plenty £3.50
2 slices £2.25 4 slices £3.50                                       lashings of ice cream, red berries, a whip of cream
                                                                    and raspberry sauce
Beer-battered Whole Onion Rings £1.99
                                                                    Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae £3.99
Chips £1.75                                                         ice cream, chocolate fudge brownie chunks,
                                                                    Cadbury Crunchie Nuggets, a whip of cream and hot
Couscous £1.50 +
                                                                    chocolate flavour fudge sauce
                                                                    If you want to share, you can double up for £5.99
kids’ garden menu                                                   Profiteroles £3.75
Available for kids aged 12 and under                                with a choice of ice cream or crème fraîche and hot
                                                                    chocolate flavour fudge sauce
Mini Fish & Chips £4.75                                             If you want to share, you can double up for £5.75
five tasty battered 100% cod chunks** with chips
and baked beans or garden peas                                      Orange Liqueur Profiteroles § £3.50
                                                                    with a choice of ice cream or crème fraîche and hot
Chargrilled Burgers in a Bun £4.75                                  chocolate flavour fudge sauce
two 2oz* burgers, either on their own or topped                     If you want to share, you can double up for £5.50
with cheese, with chips and baked beans or
garden peas                                                         Ice Cream £2.75
                                                                    with either hot chocolate flavour fudge sauce and
Chicken Salad £4.75                                                 Cadbury Crunchie Nuggets, or red berries and
a chargrilled chicken breast with mixed salad and                   raspberry sauce
a dipper pot of reduced fat mayonnaise
Linguine in Tomato Sauce                        £4.75
linguine pasta in delicious tomato sauce, topped                    * approximate weight uncooked
with grated Cheddar cheese                                          ** may contain small bones
Ice Cream Sundae £1.00                                                     suitable for vegetarians
ice cream topped with your choice of raspberry,                     §
                                                                        this product contains alcohol, not suitable for under 18s
toffee flavour or chocolate dessert sauce                           +
                                                                        this product is served chilled

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                   A tasty way to earn Nectar Points
                   Earn 2 Nectar points per £1 spent on food and drinks whilst dining. Excludes drinks only purchases.
                   For details of what you can earn Nectar points on see in restaurant or visit

This menu is available for a limited period only and is subject to availability. We may occasionally sell out of some of the more
popular dishes. If we do, we’ll do our very best to offer you the nearest alternative.
Menu descriptions may not list every individual ingredient. Customers concerned about the presence of nuts, seeds or other
allergens in our food are welcome to ask a member of staff for assistance when choosing their meal.
Crunchie and associated trademarks are registered marks of Cadbury Ltd.
If you have any comments or suggestions our staff will be more than happy to receive them. Alternatively, you are welcome to
write to us at: Whitbread Group PLC, PO Box 777, Dunstable, Beds. LU5 5XG. Telephone: 01582 844360
Please note that we can only accept cheques with a Banker’s Card.


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