Gall Bladder Cleanse - Flush Out Stones With a Gall Bladder Cleanse

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					                                       Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                 Gall Bladder Cleanse - Flush Out Stones With a Gall Bladder Cleanse
                                                By Judith Maynard

   Every man in the world develops gall bladder stones but this does not necessarily mean that the
stones that he develops have to be painful. This is because the body is capable of carrying out a
normal gall bladder cleanse which is natural. Problems are however experienced when this function of
the gall bladder malfunctions causing the stones to remain inside the body and not be ejected. As time
passes, more and more stones collect and the existing ones become larger. Soon they start
congesting the bile ducts in the body and that is when the real pain starts. A gall bladder cleanse can
assist a person to expel gall stones without a painful surgery which generally results in removal of the
gall bladder itself. There are countless cases when patients could pass out gall bladder stones as big
as golf balls. There was this particular lady who could clean out a few large gall stones clubbed
together! How does one go about doing gall bladders cleanse? These stones are not the actual stones
found on the street. They are soft and a little rubbery sometimes. Their color is usually green and their
density is also less, so they float. The size can be in comparison to a small air rifle pellet , mint ball,
and even the size of a hen's egg. The problems and symptoms associated with a gall stone problem is
usually gall bladder attacks, severe pain attacks in the bladder region and even problems which are not
related to the gall bladder such as internal bloating, gas and even chronic constipation. The safest
option is to visit a doctor who specializes in this area. However, the basic process is underlined below.

 The suggested items which are required for a proper cleanse is extra pure olive oil and recently
squeezed juice from a lemon. Other items which may be used before the cleanse are fibrous fruits and
vegetables like apples and carrot. It is recommended that one keeps a fasting or stays on a juice diet
ahead of the cleanse so that the body is completely at rest. During it, pineapple juice is needed and
after the cleanse it is highly advisable to take vitamin and mineral supplements of Vitamin C, lecithin,
and choline. It is also recommended that a colon cleanse be done for easy removal of the gall stones
from the body. This also removes the body of other harmful wastes which are stored in the body. An
enema may also be done if one does not want or is not comfortable with the idea of colonic irrigation.
In the pre cleanse stage; one should take as much fluid as possible, along with a very high water
intake. Fresh fruit juices are a good option and these help the body to develop a certain resistance
against pain and infection. Now comes the actual cleanse. On this day, make sure that you take in no
solid foods though you can have as much fluid (juices) as you want.

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

                Conventional Warnings and Specifics Involved with Bladder Cancer
                                              By Trevor Price

Bladder cancer symptoms are often not apparent until the disease has progressed to an advanced and
sometimes fatal stage. This means that if you're genetically susceptible to bladder cancer, you must be
diligent about testing and early detection. To learn more about the risks of bladder cancer, its causes
and its symptoms, keep reading.

The Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

The common bladder cancer symptoms that are visible to the naked eye include blood in the urine
(which gives the urine a rusty-to-red appearance), painful urination or possibly frequent urination.

These symptoms, though almost always present in bladder cancer, are also always present in other
urinary and bladder problems like urinary tract infections, prostate issues, prostrate infections, gall
stones, cysts and more.

How Bladder Cancer is Diagnosed

If a patient is at risk for developing bladder cancer (typically indicated by a genetic family history of the
disease), then the person is often referred to a urologist who can test for the disease using cytology.
While cytology can be an effective way to assess potential danger, it's not a sensitive test and can
sometimes produce negative results even when cancer is present.

There is also the cytoscopy, which is essentially a flexible tube with a small camera that is inserted into
the urethra and bladder. Urologists then look for suspicious lesions which, if found, are then removed
and biopsied.

Treating Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer treatment options vary depending on the type of bladder cancer and how far the
disease has advanced. For example, a small tumor that has yet to infiltrate the bladder muscular wall
can actually be shaved off in what is a fairly simply procedure. This step is typically followed by a small
round of radiation therapy.

However, tumors or lesions that are not considered superficial must be removed by removing all or part
of the bladder. Some skilled surgeons can even construct a new bladder out of the remaining skin. This
is done either in conjunction with or as an alternative to radiation and chemotherapy - often used to
finish off any remnants of the cancer.

Are You At Risk for Developing Bladder Cancer?

The most common cause of bladder cancer is exposure to environmental factors alongside a high
genetic disposition to the disease. It's suspected that bladder cancer also may partially be caused by
the bladder carrying carcinogens in the bladder.

Born out of concern for these results, recent studies have shown that drinking more than 8 glasses of

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

water in a day can dramatically reduce an individual's risk for developing bladder cancer.

It's important to remember that bladder cancer symptoms may not always be evident or appear until
the advanced stages of the disease. So, if you have a family history of members experiencing this
affliction, it's important to tell your family doctor and to see a urologist regularly.

For great information on recognizing disease symptoms, please visit, a
popular site to assist you in spotting early warning signs of diseases, such as bladder cancer
symptoms -, bipolar test -, and many more!

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                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

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