Rum by gabyion


Angostura 1824                   Trinidad        40%     £3.95
Cohiba                           Dominican Rep   40%     £3.15
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva    Venezuela       40%     £4.95
El Dorado 25yr                   Guyana          40%     £25.00
Goslings Family Reserve          Bermuda         40%     £5.45
Kaniche                          Martinique      40%     £3.80
N.O Rum                          USA             43%     £3.65
Pampero 1992                     Venezuela       50.5%   £5.05
Pyrat Cask 1623                  Anguila         40%     £18.50
Ron Abuelo                       Panama          40%     £3.10
Ron Paraiso                      Cuba            41.5%   £4.45
Ron Varadero                     Cuba            40%     £3.25
Ron Zacapa X.O                   Guatemala       40%     £12.50
Santa Teresa Bicentenario        Venezuela       40%     £10.25
Zaya 12yr                        Trinidad        40%     £4.60


Cape North                       France          40%     £3.25
Chase                            England         40%     £4.00
Chopin                           Poland          40%     £5.15
General Stark                    USA             40%     £3.55
Potocki                          Poland          40%     £3.40
Sibirskaya                       Russia          42%     £3.20
Wight                            England         42%     £3.55

                         Agave Spirits
1921 Blanco                      Mexico          40%     £3.85
Arrette Blanco                   Mexico          38%     £3.25
Cabo Wabo Blanco                 Mexico          40%     £3.90
Milagro Blanco                   Mexico          40%     £3.85
Siete Leguas Blanco              Mexico          40%     £4.55
                           The Rummer Cellars
Since the re-opening of The Rummer Hotel in 2005 much work has been put in
behind the scenes to continually offer the utmost comfort and service, with a
huge emphasis on quality products.

Famed for our rum collection in the main bar we have chosen to pinpoint Gin &
Jenever in the Cellars as well as offering a unique selection of Rum, Whisky,
Brandy and Tequila. We encourage questions (and debate) about the products
on offer so please do ask for advice and we’ll be happy to guide you in your
choice of tipple.

If you would like to reserve a table in the Cellars for dining or drinks please call
us on 01179 290 111 as we cannot guarantee entry, particularly for groups over 4

                                Gin & Jenever
Aviation                                USA                    42%        £3.10
Blackwoods Limited Edition              Shetlands              60%        £4.55
Boe                                     Scotland               47%        £3.05
Bols Genever                            Holland                42%        £2.95
Bols Corenwejn                          Holland                38%        £3.05
Bombay Original Dry                     England                43%        £3.15
Boudiers Saffron                        France                 40%        £3.35
Bramley & Gage Damson                   England                26%        £2.95
Bramley & Gage Sloe                     England                26%        £2.95
Citadelle Reserve                       France                 44%        £3.55
Crown Jewel                             England                50%        £5.15
D.H Krahn                               USA                    40%        £3.15
G’Vine Nouaison                         France                 43.9%      £3.60
Jensen Bermondsey Dry                   England                43%        £3.25
Jensen Old Tom                          England                43%        £3.45
Josephine                               France                 40%        £4.05
Junipero                                USA                    49.3%      £4.65
Juniper Green                           England                37.5%      £3.00
Ketel 1 Granjenever                     Holland                35%        £3.05
Mahon                                   Spain                  38%        £3.05
Millers Westbourne Strength             England                45.2%      £3.45
Old Raj                                 Scotland               55%        £3.15
Oxley                                   England                47%        £5.15
Sacred Gin                              England                40%        £3.20
Tanqueray Rangpur                       England                41.3%      £4.05
Wet by Beefeater                        England                37.5%      £9.35
                     Whiskies of the World

Aberlour A’bunadh            Scotch Speyside     60.2%    £3.75
The Arran Tokaji Cask        Scotch Arran        55%      £4.35
Blantons Barrel Proof        USA Kentucky        67.45%   £7.25
Bruichladdich 15yr           Scotch Islay        40%      £4.10
Compass Box Hedonism         Scotch Blend        43%      £4.20
Elmer T Lee                  USA Kentucky        45%      £3.40
Hibiki 12yr                  Japan               43%      £3.90
Old Pulteney Cask Bottling   Scotch Highland     59.9%    £6.65
Mortlach 16yr                Scotch Speyside     43%      £4.45
Noahs Mill                   USA Kentucky        57.15%   £3.95
Rittenhouse Rye              USA Kentucky        40%      £3.05

Chateau Beaulon              Cognac              40%      £4.15
Francis Darroze 10yr         Armagnac            43%      £4.95
Francis Darroze 1987         Armagnac            49.4%    £6.05
Hine VSOP                    Cognac              40%      £3.55
Hine Early Landed 1981       Cognac              40%      £15.00

                             Soft Drinks
Bitter Lemon                                              £1.50
Cola Bottle                                               £1.75
Diet Cola Bottle                                          £1.75
Fevertree Tonic                                           £1.75
Fevertree Slimline Tonic                                  £1.75
Fevertree Lemonade                                        £1.75
Fevertree Soda                                            £1.75
Ginger Ale                                                £1.50
Ginger Beer                                               £1.50
Selection of Fruit Juices                                 £1.75

Hildon Sparkling Water             Small £1.75     Large £3.50
Hildon Still Water                 Small £1.75     Large £3.50
                         Wines by the Glass

Red                                                    175ml/250ml/Bottle
Saint Clair Pinot Noir, New Zealand                      £5.25/£6.95/£20.90
A medium-bodied easy drinking Pinot Noir with a soft, full palate, well
balanced acidity and flavours that linger. Black cherry dominates the
palate and is supported with hints of plum and red currant along with
spicy oak.

Tiddy Widdy Well, Australia                               £4.25/£5.65/£16.85
An Australian blend of Shiraz/Cabernet/Merlot. A fantastic combination
that leaves this wine ripe and full bodied, with upfront fruit and soft

White                                                 175ml/250ml/Bottle
Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand                £5.05/£6.75/£20.15
A Rummer favourite, this multi award winning wine is explosive, racy and
packed full of gooseberry and passion fruit. Head and shoulders above
the more commercial styles of New Zealand Sauvignons that make up
the market.

Tiddy Widdy Well, Australia                                £4.25/£5.65/£16.85
This blended Australian wine has lots of fruit. The Colombard give this
wine a great body. The Riesling delivers a little residual sweetness on the

Rosé                                                     175ml/250ml/Bottle
Saint Clair, Marlborough, New Zealand                     £4.95/£6.65/£19.90
The latest addition to the success story that is the Saint Clair vineyard. A
rosé that delivers red berries, particularly cherry & raspberry. The acidity
is gentle on the mouth and the finish lasts a lifetime.
                             White Wine
Chateau Fortia, Chateauneuf du Pape, France 2005                      £37.50
The Chateau where the concept of Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC)
was born. This vineyard boasts an indepth history as well as a stunning
selection of wines. A distinctive blend of Clairette, Grenache Blanc,
Roussanne and Bouboulenc which gives a peachy flavour balanced
perfectly with acidity.

Suckfizzle, Australia 2004                                        £35.50
A Sauvignon/Semillon blend with barrel fermentation delivering an
intriguing mix of fresh citrus flavours, heavy on the grapefruit,
intermingled with rich, creamy flavours from the oak.

Le Champ des Vignes, Pouilly Fume, France 2006                        £35.50
Characteristic flinty nose and palate opening out to show floral and dried
fruit scents. Good body with balanced acidity throughout a dry and
citrussy, zesty finish.

Stadt Krems Gruner Veltliner, Austria 2007                           £24.75
Austria’s most planted grape variety offers a keen acidity making this a
very refreshing wine with a satisfying complexity.

Tesch Riesling, Germany 2004                                          £23.55
An off dry Riesling that is delicate and smooth due to its subtle sweetness,
balanced with a crisp acidity.

Domaine de Campuget Cuvee Prestige, Viognier, France 2007             £22.25
A full flavoured wine from a top estate close to Nimes with delicious
peach and apricot fruits. This wine retains the fresh fruit flavours
throughout the long finish.

Richmond Plains, Blanc de Noir, New Zealand 2007                        £31.15
This organic wine is a ‘white’ wine made from the red Pinot Noir grape. An
invitingly pale, salmon pink colour with deliciously light raspberry and
forced rhubarb flavours leads into a mouth-wateringly fresh finish.
                                   Red Wine
Magno, Barbaresco DOCG, Italy 2005                                  £30.55
Complex bouquet with hints of violets, dark chocolate, coffee, almonds
and pepper in the background. A dry, full bodied red wine with balanced
oak and firm tannins.

Juan de Alzate Gran Reserva Rioja, Spain 1994                        £40.00
1994 was easily one of the best vintages Rioja has ever seen. This Gran
Reserva offers big bold cherries and warming toasty vanilla from the oak
ageing. Drinking right now at its peak, definitely not to be missed.

Agostino Petri, Chianti Classico Reserva 2004                         £36.20
Enticingly sweet, ripe fruit on the nose and a flavour of concentrated black
cherries with rich, almost opulent tannins. A classic wine with great

Remo Farina Ripasso, Italy 2004                                     £26.25
A beautifully weighted Ripasso from Remo Farina. A unique production
method sees the wine being re-fermented with the lees & skins of
Amarone to deliver big sweet current and red berry flavours. Delightful!

Don David Malbec, Argentina 2006                                        £21.15
This wine was awarded 95 points by Wine Magazine who said "nice
of liquorice fruit with good concentration ... modern, juicy, sexy wine ... a
superb palate with length and sweetly toasted oak." This wine never fails
to impress.

Dominio Basconcillos, Ribera Del Duero, Spain 2005                    £28.50
The key grape variety here is Tinto Fino, a variant of Rioja’s Tempranillo.
The Ribera offers dark fruits, with hints of liquorice. A Rummer house
favourite, made all the more satisfying by its organic/bio-dynamic status.

Haan Wilhelmus, Australia 2005                                        £46.75
‘The blend is greater than any of its parts’. This stunning red wine
combines 5 classic grape varieties to produce distinct plumy notes mixed
with a complexity of herbs and spices. A silky finish with undertones of
dusty oak. An instant Rummer Hotel house favourite! *Please note, this wine
reveals its full flavours when decanted. Whilst this is not absolutely necessary, if you
would like to order a decanted bottle please notify one of the bar staff & expect a
40 minute aeration period before your wine is served.
Cattier N.V                                                           £35.00
Cattier Vintage                                                      £42.00
Cattier Rose                                                         £45.00
Cattier Clos de Moulin                                               £60.00
Chapel Down Brut                                  Glass £6.00 Bottle £30.00
Dom Perignon 2000                                                    £98.50
Gosset Celebris Brut 1998                                            £172.50
Krug N.V 37.5cl                                                      £50.00
Krug N.V                                                              £95.00
Krug 1995                                                           £215.00
Krug 1996                                                           £295.00
Krug Clos du Mesnil 1995                                           £580.00
Mumm de Cremant                                                       £95.00
Perrier Jouet Belle Epoque 1999                                     £105.00
Ruinart Rose 1990                                                  £200.00
Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 37.5cl                                       £30.00

                        Massandra Collection
The Russian court had a particularly sweet tooth and Massandra existed
to produce versions of their favourite wines, but grown in the
Motherland. These included unctuously sweet wines labelled Port,
Sherry, Madeira and even d'Yquem. Below the winery, a huge library of
ancient dessert wines was gradually built up over the years. Until the
1990's, when Sotheby's offered a parcel of Massandra wines at auction,
hardly anyone had ever tasted or even heard of these now legendary
wines. Since then, tiny quantities have made their way on to the world's
fine wine markets - where they have been snapped up by collectors and
wine enthusiasts keen to have a taste of history. The mystique of
Massandra wines, combines the rarity of ancient vintages, the perfect
provenance of the winery's cavernous cellars and the curiosity and
prestige of the Tsar's own estate.

1938 White Muscat                                             £850.00
1945 Pedro Ximinez                                            £750.00
Both of these wines must be purchased on a caveat emptor basis, as it would be
impossible to guarantee their condition.
                           Cellar Selection
Pierre Janny Pouilly Fuisse 2004                                        £40.00
This multi dimensional wine has an abundance of toasty fruit flavours.
Pouilly-Fuisse is a fantastic wine appellation. And this is a fantastic

Saint Clair Block 4 2006                                            £40.00
A reserve Sauvignon Blanc from the people at Saint Claire, rich crisp and
well layered. A wine in very small production, hailed by some as the best
Sauvignon in the world.

Dardia La Rosa Bussia Barolo 2000                                    £45.00
A noble Italian wine from the Nebbiolo grape. Aged in wood for three
years to give a complex wine that is beautifully rich with supple tannins.

Chateaux Leoville las Cases, St. Julien 1998                         £110.00
A superb second growth St. Julien. The nose has minerals, iodine and
cigar box notes beginning to develop. The palate has a good acidity, very
ripe tannins with a lot of glycerine and liquorice. Very toasty on the
finish, this is an excellent 1998 and comparable to the First Growths. An
exceptionally fine wine.

Tomasi Amerone Della Valpolicella 2001                              £60.00
A robust and intensely flavoured wine from ultra ripe dried grapes. There
are hints of marzipan , liquorice, spice, tar and bitter chocolate.

Chateau Pichon-Longueville, Paulliac 2001                         £80.00
Second growth claret from the left bank. Up front cabernet fruits with a
firm savory palate.

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