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Teppanyaki Restaurant Menu

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                                           WINE LIST
1     Australia       Chardonnay, Richmond Grove                                                              £16
                      Pale lemon and lime in colour, the wine shows delicious soft citrus fruit and peach
                      flavours with a hint of ripe melon
2     Australia       Semillon-Sauvignon blanc-Viognier, Jacob’s Creek 3 Vines                                £16
                      A delicious fresh style of wine which combines the lifted citrus aromas of lemon
                      and lime alongside passion fruit and apricot. The flavour is crisp well rounded with
                      a hint of guava
3       Chile         Sauvignon Blanc, Concha y Toro                                                          £16
                      Crisp, clean & fresh. This excellent & typical Sauvignon is a pleasure to drink
4       Spain         Rioja Blanco, Campo Viejo                                                               £16
                      A superb fruit driven white Rioja made exclusively from the Viura grape. This
                      barrel of fermented wine retains all the freshness of a cool climate Spanish white.
5    South Africa     Chardonnay·Semillon, Bosehendal Estate                                                  £16
                      Boschendal, the oldest Single Estate in the "New World" has created a delicious
                      fruity wine from the classic Chardonnay and Semillon grapes. The tangy citrus
                      flavours are simply delicious.
6     Australia       Bin 222 Chardonnay, Wyndham Estate                                                      £19
                      Quality aromatic, well balanced wine with delicious peach and gentle oak flavours
                      from this famous New South Wales Estate
7     Australia       Bin 777 Semillon-Sauvignon blanc, Wyndbam Estate                                        £19
                      A fine example of the Hunter Valley's signature white grape. The wine displays
                      stone fruit flavours combined with tangy apples.

8     Australia       Chardonnay, Hellfire Bay                                                                £19
                      Named after "St. Elmo's fire" this superb, Western Australian, wine is full and
                      smoky with delicious peach and pineapple flavours
9       Chile         Chardonnay·Pinot Gris-Pinot Blanc, Trio by Concha y Toro                                £19
                      Trio simply embodies winemaking innovation in Chile. The Trio displays intense
                      aromas of tangy .lemon and lime and combines the tropical fruit flavours of the
                      Chardonnay with the crispness of the Pinots
10      Chile         Sauvignon Blanc, CasiIlero del Diablo, Concha y Toro                                    £19
                      A crisp and fresh classical Chilean Sauvignon. Fruity, with a long complex finish
11   New Zealand      Marlborongh Sauvignon Blanc, Montana Wines, New Zealand                                 £19
                      New Zealand's #1 Sauvignon Blanc this delicious wine displays gooseberry and
                      lemongrass aromas overlaid with tropical fruit notes. The lively flavours are
                      reminiscent of fresh capsicum with hints of nectarine
12   New Zealand      North Island Pinot Grigio, Montana Wines                                                £19
                      From the premium vineyards of Gisbourne and Hawke's bay comes this elegant
                      and expressive wine.      The delicate and spicy aromas are beautifully
                      complemented by the flavours of ripe pears and fresh pineapple.

13     France         Macon Lugny, "Les Sentiers" Albert Bichot                                               £19
                      This excellent Burgundy is full bodied and displays rich full flavours. This wine has
                      great depth of character.
14      Italy         Pinot Grigio, Alpha Zeta                                                                £19
                      This excellent example has a purity of fruit rare in a Pinot Grigio. The spicy
                      character of the aroma is balanced by good weight & breadth of flavour on the

                                    1 Lanyon Quay – Belfast – BT1 3LG
                Tel. – (028) 9023 8823      e-mail :
                                           WINE LIST
                                       White (continued)

15   South Africa     Sauvignon blanc, Vergelegen                                                             £19
                      The aroma simply jumps out of the glass, hints of elderflower, fig, black truffle and
                      green pepper fully enhance the intense and concentrated gooseberry flavour.
16      Chile         Gewurztraminer, Casillero del Diablo, Concha y Toro                                     £19
                      The perfect style to accompany spicy and fusion cuisine. This rich golden wine
                      with lime highlights displaying the aroma of spice and geranium. The flavour is
                      intense, luscious and long lasting with hints of lychee fruit.
17      Chile         Viognier, Casillero del Diablo . Concha y Toro                                          £19
                      A superb dry white vinted from the exclusive Rhone grape. The wine is full bodied,
                      complex with a long soft fruity finish reminiscent of orange, pineapple & mango.
                      The aroma is delightfully spicy, beautifully aromatic with hints of apricot.
18     France         Chablis, Domaine Long Depaquit                                                          £21
                      This acclaimed Domaine can trace ancestry back to 1128. Now owned by the
                      Bichot family the wines remain true to their fine heritage.
19      Chile         Sauvignon Blanc, Maycas del Limari                                                      £21
                      A superb premium quality Sauvignon blanc from the Limari vineyard in the north of
                      Chile. It's almost impossible to believe that a wine of this exceptional standard
                      could come from a fertile valley in the heart of the Atacama desert. The crisp clean
                      flavours are a beautiful balance of fruit & mineral with a long elegant finish
20   New Zealand      Marlborough Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, Montana Wines                                      £21
                      This stunning reserve from the famous Brancott Estate has won many awards
                      throughout the world. The spicy gooseberry and green capsicum aromas and
                      perfectly matched to the herbal notes with just a hint of olive.
21      Italy         Gavi di Gavi, "Vigneti Lugarara", La Giustiniana                                        £26
                      Created from the Corte e grape in Piemonte, this fine wine combines the complex
                      flavours of citrus & minerals. This un-oaked style is soft, rich & long lasting.
22     France         Chablis Premier Cru, Jean Louis Quinson                                                 £31
                      A top quality Chablis. Full flavoured. dry wine. One of the best available.
23    Australia       Steingarten Riesling, Jacob's Creek                                                     £41
                      Apple & citrus blossom aromas fully complement very delicate lime & lemon
                      flavours overlain with soft toasty lemon buttery complexity & perfectly balanced by
                      long chalky natural acidity. Arguably South Australia's finest Riesling.

                                    1 Lanyon Quay – Belfast – BT1 3LG
                Tel. – (028) 9023 8823      e-mail :
                                           WINE LIST
24    Australia       Shiraz, Richmond Grove                                                                   £16
                      Delicious pepper and spice characteristics displaying ripe berry aromas overlaid
                      with the flavour of wild berry fruit, black cherries and plums.
25    Australia       Shiraz-Cabernet-Tempranillo, Jacob's Creek 3 Vines                                       £16
                      An attractive aromatic wine displaying black cherry plum and spice alongside soft
                      mouth-watering berry fruits. A truly modern style of Australian wine.
26      Chile         Cabernet Sauvignon, Concha y Toro                                                        £16
                      This full bodied wine displays delicious blackcurrant and bramble aromas which
                      complement the ripe berry fruit flavours typical of the Cabernet.
27      Chile         Cabernet Sauvignon, CasilIero del Diablo, Concha y Toro                                  £16
                      Full bodied, oak aged and filled with powerful cassis and vanilla flavours.
28   South Africa     The Pavillon Shiraz Cabernet, Boschendal Estate                                          £19
                      From Boschendal, one of the oldest and most respected wine houses in the Cape
                      comes this luscious blend of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, creating an
                      accessible wine with flavours of rich ripe berry fruit and a dollop of spice.
29    Australia       Bin 555 Shiraz, Wyndham Estate                                                           £19
                      This wine displays ripe plum and pepper characters. The delicious berry fruit
                      flavours enhanced by soft tannins.
30    Australia       Bin 888 Cabernet-Merlot, Wyndham Estate                                                  £19
                      This rich and full bodied wine displays intense berry fruit aromas. The flavour is
                      reminiscent of ripe blackcurrant and enjoys a long fulfilling finish.
31    Australia       Grenache-Shiraz, Hellfire Bay                                                            £19
                      Named after "St. Elmo's fire" this powerful wine displays pepper and spice aromas.
                      The full rich fruit flavours deliver a long and lasting taste sensation.
32      Chile         Pinot Noir, Casillero del Diablo - Concha y Toro                                         £19
                      A medium to full bodied elegant wine from the noble Burgl1ndian grape, ripe with
                      soft fruit displaying aromas of strawberries & overtones of vanilla oak.
33      Chile         Shiraz CasilIero del Diablo, Concha y Toro                                               £19
                      A well rounded mouth filling wine ample ripe fruit and well structured tannins. The
                      attractive aroma is of blackberry, plum and chocolate complement the fine flavours
                      and are a credit the this most talented winemaker.
34      Chile         Merlot-Carmenere-Cabernet Sauvignon, Trio by Concha y Toro                               £19
                      The winemakers have combined the best grapes from Rapel and Maipo to create a
                      stunning new wine.
35   New Zealand      Marlborongh Pinot Noir, Montana Wines                                                    £19
                      A fine wine with spicy cherry and blackberry aromas well integrated with herbs,
                      spices and black cherry flavours.
36      Italy         A. Mano, Primitivo                                                                       £19
                      Rich full bodied with intense berry fruit balanced with subtle soft tannins. Primitivo
                      is believed to be the grape from which Zinfandel is descended.
37      Italy         Chianti, Leonardo da Vinci, Italy                                                        £19
                      This excellent Chianti, named after Leonardo da Vinci who hailed from this village,
                      is a superb example of the most famous Tuscan wine. Made from premium
                      Sangiovese grapes the wine is fruit fined, elegant and dry.

                                    1 Lanyon Quay – Belfast – BT1 3LG
                Tel. – (028) 9023 8823      e-mail :
                                           WINE LIST
                                         Red (continued)
38      Chile         Casillero del Diablo Privado Reserva, By Concha y Toro                                    £19
                      The flagship wine from Casillero del Diablo. The best vineyards have been
                      selected to grow the fruit which allows Marcelo Papa to create this masterpiece.
                      The wine shows aromas of blackcurrant and vanilla with a hint of spice. The
                      structure of the Cabernet complements the luscious Syrah fruit to leave a long and
                      lasting sense of pleasure.
39   South Africa     Mill Race Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot, Vergelegen                                           £21
                      The attractive aromas of berries, mint and spice deliciously balance the rich and
                      full flavour of blackcurrant, chocolate and coffee.
40      Spain         Rioja Crianza, Campo Viejo                                                                £21
                      Crafted from Tempranillo, Granacha and Mazuelo vines, this delicious soft and fruit
                      driven Rioja displays bright garnet with purple and gold hues. This aged wine is
                      smooth and long lasting.
41     France         Châteauneuf du Pape, Baptiste Carmagnac, France                                           £26
                      This powerful, fruit filled wine comes from one of Rhone's best growers. It is big,
                      rich and full yet retains the superb flavour of ripe fruit.
42      Spain         Rioja Resena, Campo Viejo                                                                 £26
                      Aged for a minimum of 3 years this stunning Reserve wine is created from
                      Tempranillo, Granacha and Mazuelo vines. Winemaker Elena Adell is justifiably
                      proud of this well rounded soft and generous Rioja.
43      Chile         Palo Alto Reserva                                                                         £26
                      This unique blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere & Syrah elegantly
                      integrates the intense ripe berry flavour with toasty oak. The wine is rich, aromatic,
                      beautifully balanced and full of character.
44     France         Fleurie ''La Madone, Albert Bichot                                                        £26
                      Widely regarded as the most elegant of all the Beaujolais Crus. This wine displays
                      floral aromas of myrtle and lilac which complements the soft, well balanced
                      roundness of the fruit.
45     France         St Emilion, Baron Philippe de Rothschild                                                  £26
                      A complex aroma of blackberry, red fruit and spice gives way to a smooth palate
                      with refined tannins.
46    Australia       East Coast Merlot·Cabernet Sauvignon, Montana Wines                                       £26
                      Deep red with violet hues, this excellent New Zealander shows plum, clove and
                      chocolate aromas alongside the flavour of berry fruit overlaid with savory tannins.
47      Spain         Rioja Gran Reserva, Campo Viejo                                                           £41
                      Aged for a minimum of 5 years before release 2 of which were spent maturing in
                      fine French oak barrels. This Garnet and Cherry wine reflects aromas of jammy
                      berry fruits with a hint of spice.
48      Chile         Almaviva, Concha y Toro/Rothschild                                                        £80
                      Created to complement "Opus One" in Puente Alto it opens with complex cassis
                      and tobacco aromas.       The concentrated fruit flavours of ripe plums and
                      blackcurrant are gently complemented with vanilla and soft tannins.
49    California      Opus One, Baron Philippe de Rothschild/Robert Mondavi                                    £260
                      Created by two of the world’s foremost winemakers, the magnificent rich and full
                      bodied wine has been handcrafted from the noble Cabernet and Merlot grapes.

                                    1 Lanyon Quay – Belfast – BT1 3LG
                Tel. – (028) 9023 8823      e-mail :
                                           WINE LIST
50     Chile         Merlot Rose, Frontera by Concha y Toro                                                    £16
                     The delicate flavour is fresh, young and finished with attractive, berry fruit,
51   California      White Zinfandel, Sutter Home                                                              £16
                     America's favourite premium wine. This delightfully fruity, naturally sweet blush
                     wine has the aroma of fresh strawberries.
52   Australia       Shiraz Rose, Jacob's Creek                                                                £16
                     Vibrant pink colour, attractive fresh berry flavours with a hint of soft spice are all
                     the hallmarks of this excellent fruity wine.

                                          Dessert Wines
53     Chile         Late Harvest Sauvignon blanc, Concha y Toro (375ml)                                       £10
                     Brilliant gold with amber tones, the rich and honeyed dessert wine combines the
                     sweet fruit flavours of papaya and peach.
54    France         Sauternes, Baron Philippe de Rothschild                                                   £26
                     A rich deep golden wine, the aroma displays complexity with scents of acacia,
                     apricot and fresh nuts.

55   Australia       Carrington, Extra Brut                                                                    £16
                     Premium sparkling, bursting with lively fresh and crisp citrus fruit flavours.
56   Australia       Sparkling Chardonnay·Pinot Noir, Jacob's Creek                                            £16
                     Made from classical Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes the wine is deliciously
                     fruity and equally popular with Champagne and "New World" wine drinkers.
57   Australia       Sparkling Rose, Jacob's Creek £ 16                                                        £16
                     Vibrant pale pink in colour, this superb bottle fermented wine combines delicious
                     sweet berry and strawberry fruit flavours

55    France         Moet & Chandon, Brut Imperial                                                             £46
                     The best selling champagne in the world.
56    France         Moet & Chandon, Brut Imperial Vintage                                                     £70
                     This classic, dry. Brut Champagne .is not the world’s favourite marque by accident,
                     the rich creamy mousse compliments the elegant body
57    France         Dom Perignon, Cuvee                                                                      £155
                     Named after the famous Abbot of Hautvillers this full bodied and rich Champagne
                     is arguably the world’s finest

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