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					     “My family and I firmly believe we are successful because of the quality we offer; not only
     with regard to food and service, but also wine. We strive to present our Guests with the
     best wines from all price ranges. Our wine list includes well over 50 bottles priced at or
     below $40, as well as a superb selection of the very finest wines of Italy and America.”
                                                                                     ~ Aldo Vitale ~

     The aim of any well-crafted wine catalogue is to make the house’s collection of wines
     accessible to its Guests. With this in mind, I have arranged most of the wines by varietal rather
     than by region or country. I think you’ll find this arrangement helpful as you make a considered
     selection of the complete offering of a particular varietal. Additionally, some wine descriptions
     feature tasting notes and numerical ratings taken directly from Wine Spectator and “glass
     ratings” () from Italy’s Gambero Rosso to assist you further in your decision. Certainly, should
     you want a recommendation as you make your wine selection or if you would like more
     information about a particular bottle, please do not hesitate to ask.

     The ever-growing collection of bottles in our cellar numbers in the thousands and represents our
     attempt to provide you with a balanced selection of a variety of truly outstanding wines.
     Careful consideration has been given to selecting wines that complement Chef Aldo Vitale’s
     refined culinary philosophy and delicately balanced style of cuisine.

     Many of the producers in our collection are widely recognized as leaders in the wine producing
     world, while others are the result of our continuing effort to find small, quality-conscious
     producers of outstanding wines.       All of our bottles are stored in redwood cellars that are
     temperature and humidity controlled; we serve wines in only the finest lead crystal stemware.

     While (thankfully) it is now widely recognized that there need not be a rigid formality to the
     paring of wines and food, it nevertheless remains true that the skillful pairing of the two is an
     ethereal and heady experience almost without comparison.           My hope that you enjoy that
     experience and the extraordinary dining experience that is the hallmark of a visit to “Baltimore’s
     Premier Italian Restaurant” is shared by the entire staff.

     Salute e Buon Appetito!

                                                                         SERGIO VITALE

                 An asterisk (*) next to a vintage denotes that there is one bottle remaining
    A wine without a price is out of stock; we plan to obtain more bottles of the same vintage, if possible
Please be advised that all wines and champagnes, as well as their vintages and prices, are subject to change
                               vintage champagnes
BIN                                                                                          BOTTLE
100   CUVEE DOM PERIGNON, MOET & CHANDON, 1990                                               200.00

103   CUVEE DOM PERIGNON, MOET & CHANDON, 1992                                               185.00

101   BRUT IMPERIAL ROSE, MOET & CHANDON, 1995                                                80.00
         This generous, mature-tasting rose has a glorious salmon color,
         is easy in texture and has tart cherry and mushroom flavors.

102   BRUT BLANC DE BLANCS, DOM RUINART, 1988                                                175.00

105   CRISTAL, LOUIS ROEDERER, 1993 (90 POINTS)                                              260.00*

104   BRUT BLANC DE BLANCS, “CLOS DU MESNIL,” KRUG, 1989 (94 POINTS)                         345.00
         Considered by many to be the very best champagne in the world. Aged in oak
         casks and similar in style to the 1982, this is a rich, ripe Chardonnay Champagne
         has loads of toasty, nutty, honeyed flavors backed by exotic tropical fruit and
         floral notes. A creamy-smooth texture carries through to a lingering finish.

108   BRUT CHAMPAGNE, “CUVEE BELLE EPOQUE,” PERRIER-JOUЁT, 1995 (91 POINTS)                  135.00

107   CUVÈE SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL, POL ROGER, 1990 (96 POINTS)                               215.00

106   LE GRANDE DAME, VEUVE CLICQUOT, 1993                                                   172.00

                           non-vintage champagnes
BIN                                                                                          BOTTLE
110   BRUT CLASSIQUE, ALFRED GRATIEN (90 POINTS)                                             52.00
         Unique champagne (aged in oak), from a deliberately limited production.
         Fresh fruit flavors and lively acidity make this appetizing. Dry in style,
         bracing in texture, with complex spicy nuances that linger on the finish.

111   “WHITE STAR,” MOET & CHANDON                                                           54.00
114   “MIS EN CAVE (1995),” CHARLES HEIDSIECK (91 POINTS)                                    76.00
112   BRUT NV “YELLOW LABEL,” VEUVE CLICQUOT                                                 55.00
113   EXTRA DRY, NV, PIPER HEIDSIECK                                                         49.00

                                    sparkling wines
BIN                                                                                          BOTTLE
120   CUVEE NAPA DVX, MUMM CUVEE NAPA, NAPA VALLEY, 1995 (92 POINTS)                         60.00
         A refreshing style of bubbly, with pretty citrus, apple, hazelnut and pear notes.
         The structure is focused and firm, showing elegance and depth and offering
         both bright acidity and creamy texture with a long finish.

         Outstanding California Brut from a French Champagne producer. Lemon and
         grapefruit flavors make up the core of this lean, focused bubbly, which also
         harbors yeasty, floral and pearlike overtones. The bracing acidity is refreshing,
         while the finish lingers impressively. 90 Points.

127   FRANCIACORTA CUVÉE BRUT, BELLAVISTA, LOMBARDIA, NV                                     39.00
         "You don't count the years or the glasses..." is the saying in the Franciacorta
         region, where the painstakingly lengthy “classic” method has been refined
         since 1570, long before Dom Perignon’s work on "la methode champenoise"
         was posthumously published.        A 25-month in-bottle fermentation of
         Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes creates an outstanding wine. Dry, with
         smooth, tiny-pearl and creamy effervescence, rich golden color and greenish

103   PROSECCO, “SERGIO,” MIONETTO, VENETO, NV                                               29.00
122   BLANC DE NOIR SELECT CUVEE, PIPER SONOMA, SONOMA, NV                                   35.00
123   ASTI SPUMANTE, MARTINI & ROSSI, PIEMONTE, NV                                           28.00
         Light and sweet, spumante is the product of the Moscato Bianco grape.

124   ASTI SPUMANTE, MONDORO, PIEMONTE, NV                                                   25.00

                                 “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                  WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                              PAGE 1
                                                    angelo gaja
BIN                                                                                                              BOTTLE
158   CHARDONNAY, “ROSSJ-BASS,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1999                                                          94.00
163   CHARDONNAY, “GAJA & REY,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1999                                                          160.00
339   SAUVIGNON BLANC, “ALTENI DI BRASSICA,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1997                                             95.00
          The top Italian sauvignon. The golden-green color is followed by a brilliant bouquet, all white
          flowers and exotic spices. On the palate it is opulent, sweetly fruity, aromatic and dense.

607   BARBERA, “SITOREY,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1996                                                                   95.00
241   BAROLO, “SPERSS,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1997                                                                  270.00
159   BARBARESCO, GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1997 (95 POINTS)                                                            255.00
          Enjoy what Robert Parker called “The best Barbaresco I’ve ever tasted.”
240   BARBARESCO, GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1994 (91 POINTS)                                                            215.00
255   BARBARESCO, GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1985                                                                        450.00*
153   NEBBIOLO LANGHE, “SORÌ TILDEN,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1996 (95 POINTS)                                        285.00
          This Piedmont beauty is dark in color and beautifully compacted on the midpalate, where it
          displays gorgeous blackberry, black cherry, mint and spicy oak notes. Tannins are firm and ripe.
          (837 cases produced).
154   NEBBIOLO LANGHE, “COSTA RUSSI,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1996 (97 POINTS)                                        285.00
          Here's a wine that transcends cultures, regions and varietals. La Tache in Piedmont? Rutherford
          Cabernet? Balanced, with the sort of ripe, clean, pure fruit that most wine lovers (and
          winemakers) would kill for. Focused, opulent and elegant, packed with lightly toasted, slightly
          petrollike aromas and loads of cassis and blackberry flavors. (819 cases produced).

155   NEBBIOLO LANGHE, “SORÌ SAN LORENZO,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1996 (97 POINTS)                                   285.00
          The Romanee-Conti of Piedmont. An extraordinary red. Thick and ripe, with an elegant structure
          that makes it eerily balanced. Oozes blackberry, violet, mineral, smoke and petrol notes.
          Refined, with sweet tannins, it's tempting now if you don't mind a grip on the finish. (870 cases

                                          tuscany 1997 vintage
BIN                                                                                                              BOTTLE

                                              “VINTAGE OF THE CENTURY”
152   FONTALLORO SANGIOVESE, FATTORIA DI FELSINA, PIEMONTE, 1997 (93 POINTS)                                  135.00
245   SOLAIA, ANTINORI, TOSCANA, 1997 (98 POINTS / #1 TOP 100 WINES OF 2000)                                  335.00
          Dark ruby in color, with extremely ripe raisin and spice aromas. Full-bodied and very chewy, with
          loads of polished tannins and a long, long finish that's big and fruity. A solid, muscular red from
          Tuscany, this is the greatest Solaia ever made.
247   TIGNANELLO, ANTINORI, TOSCANA, 1997 (95 POINTS)                                                         185.00
          A fabulous Tuscan red, young and racy. Deep dark ruby in color, with focused aromas of
          blackberries, wood and very ripe fruit. Full-bodied, with loads of velvety tannins and a long, long
256   SASSICAIA, “BOLGHERI,” TENUTA SAN GUIDO, TUSCANY, 1997 (93 POINTS)                                      250.00
          Medium-dark ruby in the glass, with pretty aromas of spices, black currant, cherries and
          blackberries, this Tuscan red is full-bodied on the palate, with intense velvety tannins. Long, long
          finish. An outstanding Sassicaia.
257   LUCE, LUCE DELLA VITA, TUSCANY, 1997                                                                       105.00
258   ORNELLAIA, “BOLGHERI,” TENUTA DELL’ORNELLAIA, TUSCANY, 1997 (96 POINTS)                                 250.00
259   FLACCIANELLO, FONTODI, TUSCANY, 1997 (95 POINTS)                                                        135.00
502   CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA, “TENUTA MARCHESE,” ANTINORI, TOSCANA, 1997                                       75.00
          Created only in the best vintages from selected estates. Aged two years in small French oak
          barrels and Slovenian oak casks. Dried plum and wet earth character; full-bodied and chewy,
          with lots of tannins and a vanilla aftertaste.

                                   “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                    WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                                          PAGE 2
                           limited reserve selections
BIN                                                                                 BOTTLE

239   BARBARESCO, “GAIUN,” MARCHESI DI GRESY, PIEMONTE, 1996 (92 POINTS)            225.00

571   BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, BANFI, TOSCANA, 1995                                   90.00

510   BAROLO, “VIGNE CASE NERE,” CASETTA, PIEMONTE, 1990                            130.00

514   BAROLO, “CASCINA FRANCIA,” GIACOMO CONTERNO, PIEMONTE, 1995                   195.00*

246   SUMMUS, BANFI, TOSCANA, 1995 (93 POINTS)                                       90.00

248   LUCE, MONDAVI-FRESCOBALDI, TOSCANA, 1995 (93 POINTS)                          105.00*


270   OPUS ONE, MONDAVI-ROTHSCHILD, NAPA VALLEY, 1995 (95 POINTS)                   285.00

282   OPUS ONE, MONDAVI-ROTHSCHILD, NAPA VALLEY, 1997 (94 POINTS)                   235.00


269   PAHLMEYER, PAHLMEYER, NAPA VALLEY, 1996 (93 POINTS)                           145.00

271   NAPA VALLEY, HARLAN ESTATE, NAPA VALLEY, 1995 (96 POINTS)                     450.00

272   RUBICON, NEIBAUM-COPPOLA, NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                   135.00

283   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, DEL DOTTO, NAPA VALLEY, 1997 (under 500 cases produced)   165.00

275   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, STAGLIN, NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                190.00

550   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, ARROWOOD, SONOMA, 1997                                    70.00

278   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, CAYMUS, NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                 130.00

530   MERLOT, ARROWOOD, SONOMA, 1997                                                70.00

200   DREAMS, JERMANN, FRIULI, 1998                                                 90.00

201   VINTAGE TUNINA, JERMANN, FRIULI, 1999                                         75.00

151   CHARDONNAY, KISTLER, CARNEROS, 1999                                           75.00*

329   CHARDONNAY, KONGSGAARD, NAPA, 1997                                            185.00

314   CHARDONNAY, FAR NIENTE, NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                     78.00

331   GAVI DI GAVI, “BLACK LABEL,” LA SCOLCA, PIEMONTE, 1998                        65.00

                                “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                 WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                      PAGE 3
                                           pinot grigio
BIN                                                                                               BOTTLE
302   CANTINA TERLANO, ALTO ADIGE, 1999                                                           29.00
300   JERMANN, FRIULI, 1999                                                                       49.00*
          Arguably Friuli’s premier producer.

305   LIVIO FELLUGA, FRIULI, 2000                                                                 40.00
          Unusual, copper-colored Pinot from one of Friuli’s premier producers.

304   DI BRUNO, SANTA BARBARA, 1999                                                           35.00
          At a time when many California wineries are experimenting with
          traditionally-Italian varietals with varying degrees of success, Sanford Winery
          winemaker Bruno D’Alfonso leads the way with this rather lovely Pinot Grigio.
          Well balanced with bright acidity, it is singular in its display of character.

306   LUNA VINEYARDS, NAPA VALLEY, 2000                                                           49.00
          Another Californian Pinot Grigio of exceptional quality, made by the noted
          and very talented John Kongsgaard. Barrel-fermented, it consistently
          receives 90 points from Robert Parker, who refers to it as “The Top Domestic
          Pinot Grigio.”

303   SANTA MARGHERITA, TRENTINO, 1999                                                            35.00

BIN                                                                                               BOTTLE
318   BARBOURSVILLE, “RESERVE,” VIRGINIA, 1998                                                    35.00
316   FELSINA, “I SISTRI,” TOSCANA, 1996                                                          55.00
311   AU BON CLIMAT, “TALLEY VINEYARD RINCON,” SANTA MARIA, 1998                                  60.00
309   AU BON CLIMAT, “TALLEY AND ALBAN VINEYARDS,” SANTA MARIA, 1999                              55.00

334   ARROWOOD, SONOMA, 1998                                                                  45.00
319   CAKEBREAD CELLARS, NAPA VALLEY, 1999                                                    60.00
328   ZD WINES, “RESERVE,” NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                                      90.00
314   FAR NIENTE, NAPA VALLEY, 1999                                                               75.00
315   STEELE, “CUVEE,” SONOMA, 1999                                                               55.00
329   KONGSGAARD, NAPA VALLEY, 1997 (96 POINTS)                                                   195.00
          Delicious, packing in lots of rich, supple, complex flavors, with a range of ripe
          fig, pear, apricot, melon and citrus, as well as a lively seam of acidity that
          keeps the flavors bright and lively. Subtle toasty oak adds dimension. 900
          cases produced.

313   CHALK HILL, “ESTATE VINEYARD SELECTION,” SONOMA, 1998                                       65.00
          Rated No. 8 in Spectator’s “Top 100 of 1998.” Bold, ripe, complex and
          concentrated in style, this California Chardonnay is brimming with flavor:
          layers of rich fig, pear, pineapple and smoky, toasty oak that linger on the
          long and complex finish.

338   MT EDEN VINEYARDS, “MACGREGOR VINEYARD,” EDNA VALLEY, 1999                                  48.00

310   SONOMA CUTRER, “RUSSIAN RIVER RANCHES,” SONOMA, 1999                                        38.00
317   THE HESS COLLECTION, NAPA, 1998                                                             40.00
          Rated No. 80 in Spectator’s “Top 100 Wines of 1999.” An enticing Californian;
          bright and inviting, the lively intensity of the complex grapefruit, melon, pear and
          spice flavors is nicely balanced by a frame of pretty toast and cedary oak in this
          outstanding California white.

312   KENDALL-JACKSON, “VINTNERS RESERVE,” LAKE COUNTY, 1999                                      35.00

                                   “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                    WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                                PAGE 4
                                    other white wines
BIN                                                                                             BOTTLE
320   TERRE DI TUFI, TERUZZI & PUTHOD, TOSCANA, 1999                                            39.00
          Reserve quality Vernaccia that is aged in French Barrique for a short time.
          Outstanding bouquet, great flavors and a silky smooth finish.

321   GRECO DI TUFO, MASTROBERARDINO, CAMPANIA, 1998                                            42.00
          A personal friend of Chef Aldo is also the most celebrated wine producer in
          southern Italy; Carlo and Kelly Mastroberardino and their family produce this
          very elegant wine. It has sensation of fruits and a toasted almond finish.

327   GRECHETTO, “UMBRIA,” FALESCO, LAZIO, 1998                                             38.00

326   PINOT BIANCO, “YNGRAM,” J. HOFSTATTER, ALTO ADIGE, 1998                                   67.00

322   SOAVE, “CALVARINO,” PIEROPAN, VENETO, 1998                                                36.00

340   SOAVE CLASSICO, PRÀ, VENETO, 1998                                                         28.00

335   GEWURZTRAMINER, “KOLBENHOF,” J. HOFSTATTER, ALTO ADIGE, 1998                              45.00

164   RIESLING, HUGEL, ALSACE, 1998                                                             38.00

350   RIESLING, “GRAND CRU HEIMBOURG,” ZIND-HUMBRECHT, ALSACE, 1997                         75.00
          This delicious and exceptional wine comes from a vintner whom Robert
          Parker called “The Best Winemaker in the World!” Riesling’s characteristic,
          luscious sweetness can make it difficult to pair; please, don’t hesitate to ask
          the sommelier for suggested food pairings.

323   VERDICCHIO DI MATELICA, “FOGLIANO,” BISCI, MARCHE, 1998                                   35.00

325   VERDICCHIO, “CASAL DI SERRA,” UMANI RONCHI, MARCHE, 1999                                  25.00

324   CONUNDRUM, CAYMUS, NAPA VALLEY, 1999                                                      40.00
          Smooth, ripe and creamy, this tasty blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc,
          Semillon, Viognier and Muscat delivers a harmonious medley of fruit flavors.

BIN                                                                                             BOTTLE

333   TERRAROSSA, “LA ZERBA,” PIEMONTE, 1997                                                    30.00

330   CONTRATTO, “LE ARNELLE,” PIEMONTE, 1999                                                   45.00

331   LA SCOLCA, “BLACK LABEL,” PIEMONTE, 1998                                                  65.00

150   PODERE SAULINO, “IL SAULINO,” PIEMONTE, 1998                                              37.00

332   BERSANO, PIEMONTE, 1999                                                                   30.00

                                     sauvignon blanc
BIN                                                                                             BOTTLE

337   CLOUDY BAY, “MARLBOROUGH,” NEW ZEALAND, 1999                                              48.00
          The 1998 rated No. 42 in Spectator’s “Top 100 Wines of 1999;” quite simply,
          the standard against which all Sauvignon Blanc is compared.

161   RIVERSIDE, “HAWKE’S BAY,” NEW ZEALAND, 1999                                               30.00

339   GAJA, “ALTENI DI BRASSICA,” PIEMONTE, 1997                                             95.00
          The top Italian sauvignon. The golden-green color is followed by a brilliant
          bouquet, all white flowers and exotic spices. On the palate it is opulent,
          sweetly fruity, aromatic and dense.

166   SELAKS, “MARLBOROUGH,” NEW ZEALAND, 1999                                                  35.00*

336   BERINGER, NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                                               29.00

                                   “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                    WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                              PAGE 5
BIN                                                                                                 BOTTLE

501   CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA UNFILTERED, PETROIO, TOSCANA, 1996                                   39.00


505   CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA, “VILLA ANTINORI,” ANTINORI, TOSCANA, 1998                           45.00

509   CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA, FONTODI, TOSCANA, 1998                                              60.00

506   CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA, “FONTERUTOLI,” MAZZEI, TOSCANA, 1996                                68.00
          A modern wine, sangiovese-based with ten percent cabernet sauvignon.

162   CHIANTI CLASSICO, “POGGIO TEO,” CASTELLO DI VALIANO, TOSCANA, 1996                            43.00

503   CHIANTI CLASSICO, RISERVA DUCALE, “GOLD LABEL,” RUFFINO, TOSCANA, 1996                        62.00
          The quality and care that goes into this Chianti is evident in every glass. It has a
          brilliant, deep garnet color. The ripe, luscious nose shows intriguing hints of violets
          and iris. It is rich, complex, and elegant with excellent balance and remarkable
          depth and length.

504   CHIANTI CLASSICO, RISERVA DUCALE, RUFFINO, TOSCANA, 1997                                      40.00
          “TRADITIONAL LABEL” Full bodied Chianti, dry and concentrated
          with firm texture, displaying hints of raspberry and anise.

                southern italian and other italian regions
BIN                                                                                                 BOTTLE

590   CIRÒ ROSSO RISERVA “DUCA SAN FELICE,” LIBRANDI, CALABRIA, 1997                                40.00
          An excellent representation of what Cirò can be from the premier producer of
          Chef Aldo Vitale’s native region of Calabria. A wonderful medium-bodied texture
          combines with superfine tannins to make this a distinctive wine experience.

595   GRAVELLO, LIBRANDI, CALABRIA, 1996                                                            55.00
          The first house in Chef Aldo’s native Calabria to win “3 Glasses” from Gambero
          Rosso produces this fantastic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Calabria’s
          native Gaglioppo grape. Concentrated, with impressive structure and a dark,
          impenatrable ruby color. A captivating nose of ripe red fruit, full-bodied and
          fat, with lots of substance and tannins; it opens with great elegance and
          closes with great length on notes of blackberry, ripe plum and vanilla.

594   NERO D’AVOLA, “DUCA ENRICO,” DUCA DI SALAPARUTA, SICILIA, 1993                                85.00

597   SALICE SALENTINO RISERVA, “DONNA LISA,” LEONE DE CASTRIS, PUGLIA, 1995                        50.00

673   MARZEMINO, LETRARI, TRENTINO, 1999                                                            45.00
          Of Hungarian origin; in Trentino, it produces a lush and smooth wine with ripe
          fruit. From a producer the Gambero Rosso call’s “Trentino’s Rising Star.”

599   PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA, FELLINE, PUGLIA, 1998                                                  35.00

602   PASSOMAGGIO, SANTE ANASTASIA, SICILIA, 1998                                                   35.00
          80% Nero d’Avola, 20% Merlot

593   TAURASI, “RADICI,” MASTROBERARDINO, CAMPANIA, 1994                                          60.00

                                    “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                     WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                                 PAGE 6
                             amarone and the veneto
BIN                                                                                                 BOTTLE
523   AMARONE CLASSICO, BRIGALDARA, VENETO, 1996                                                    90.00
520   AMARONE, BERTANI, VENETO, 1994                                                                120.00
          Deep purple to ruby, possessing a complex, concentrated, port-like bouquet;
          a powerful taste. The finish is ethereal, lingering, and soft.

525   AMARONE CLASSICO, SERGIO ZENATO, VENETO, 1993                                                 82.00
524   AMARONE CLASSICO, VILLABELLINI, VENETO, 1993                                                  80.00
596   BARRICATO ROSSO, CA’ MONTINI, VENETO, 1997                                                    48.00
589   VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO, ALLEGRINI, VENETO, 1999                                                28.00
521   VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO RIPASSO, “CAMPOFIORIN,” MASI, VENETO, 1996                              45.00
592   PALAZZO DELLA TORRE, ALLEGRINI, VENETO, 1997                                                  37.00

BIN                                                                                                 BOTTLE
530   ARROWOOD, SONOMA, 1998                                                                    70.00
531   STAG’S LEAP WINE CELLARS, “NAPA,” NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                           68.00
539   LUNA VINEYARDS, “UNFILTERED” NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                55.00
          Barrique aged; 8% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc.

537   MARKHAM, NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                                                    45.00
536   NEWTON, “EPIC,” NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                             95.00
538   CASA LAPOSTOLLE, “CUVEE ALEXANDER,” CHILE, 1998                                           45.00
          Great ripeness and concentration give this powerful Chilean red depth and
          persistence. It offers explosive cassis and blackberry flavors, with ripe, muscular
          tannins and plenty of toasty oak grace notes.

532   SANTA MARGHERITA, VENETO, 1998                                                                35.00
533   CHATEAU STE. MICHELE, “CANOE RIDGE,” WASHINGTON, 1998                                         58.00
535   M. TRINCHERO, CALIFORNIA, 1998                                                                30.00
534   KENDALL JACKSON, “VINTNER’S RESERVE,” LAKE COUNTY, 1998                                       38.00
        Rich and full bodied with plum, currant, and cherry notes.
        This wine finishes with a broad and complex aftertaste.

BIN                                                                                                 BOTTLE
541   SANGIOVESE, ALTAMURA, NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                       54.00
557   “LIANO,” UMBERTO CESARI, EMILIA ROMAGNA, 1997                                                 32.00
        70% Sangiovese, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

556   SIENA, FERRARI-CARANO, SONOMA, 1997                                                           48.00

BIN                                                                                                 BOTTLE
621   DOLCETTO DI DOGLIANI, TORRALTA, PIEMONTE, 1998                                                32.00
          A single vineyard, barrique aged, soft and delicate wine of ruby color with an
          elegant bouquet. The sturdy structure permits an unusually extended aging process.

622   DOLCETTO D’ALBA, “MADONNA DI COMO,” MARCHESE DI BAROLO, PIEMONTE, 1999                        35.00

                                   “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                    WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                                  PAGE 7
                                   cabernet sauvignon
BIN                                                                                                     BOTTLE
552   PRAVIS, “FRATAGRANDA,” TRENTINO, 1995                                                             60.00*
551   STAG’S LEAP WINE CELLARS, “SLV,” NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                165.00
548   STAG’S LEAP WINERY, NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                             75.00
566   MOUNT VEEDER WINERY, NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                            70.00
568   NEWTON, “LE PUZZLE UNFILTERED,” NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                 125.00
567   RAYMOND VINEYARDS, “ESTATES,” NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                                   48.00
547   KJ GRAND ESTATES, NAPA VALLEY, 1997               (90 POINTS – ROBERT PARKER)                     75.00
553   CHATEAU ST. JEAN, “CINQ CEPAGES,” NAPA VALLEY, 1997 (96 POINTS)                                   110.00
565   GIORGIO GRAI, TRENTINO, 1997                                                                      45.00
          An Italian cabernet, so it is not as “big” or tannic as New World Cabernet;
          it displays ripe fruit with a full body and lingering finish. A great value.

549   LEWIS CELLARS, RESERVE, NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                                         98.00
560   SILVER OAK, “NAPA,” NAPA VALLEY, 1996                                                             145.00*
550   ARROWOOD, SONOMA, 1997 (91 POINTS)                                                            70.00
569   CAKEBREAD, NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                                  90.00
561   FAR NIENTE, NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                                     150.00
554   SIMI, SONOMA, 1997                                                                                48.00
559   BYINGTON, “BATES RANCH,” SANTA CRUZ, 1997 (91 POINTS)                                             70.00
          Ripe and juicy, with a range of wild berry, black cherry, cedar and tea.

558   CLOS DU VAL, “RESERVE,” NAPA VALLEY, 1995 (93 POINTS)                                             128.00
555   BEAULIEU VINEYARD, “RUTHERFORD,” NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                                42.00
          This California red is deeply concentrated with rich core of plum and cherry
          flavors. It shows remarkable finesse and finishes with a long, full aftertaste.

564   COONAWARRA, GREGG NORMAN, AUSTRALIA, 1999                                                         39.00
          Cabernet-Merlot blend. Ripe and supple, with a chocolate and tobacco edge
          to the lovely berry, currant and herb flavors that linger through the silky finish. Has
          power and grace. A terrific wine, period, and even better for the price.

562   ST. FRANCIS, “RESERVE,” SONOMA, 1998                                                              75.00
563   STERLING, “RESERVE,” NAPA VALLEY, 1996 (94 POINTS)                                                115.00

                             tuscan red wine selections
BIN                                                                                                     BOTTLE
575   LUCENTE, LA VITA LUCENTE, TOSCANA, 1997                                                           45.00
577   “CAMPOSILIO,” TOSCANA, 1996                                                                       60.00
578   “PATRIARCA,” PICCINI, TOSCANA, 1997                                                               39.00
576   ROSSO DI MONTALCINO, CASISANO, TOSCANA, 1998                                                      45.00
579   ROSSO DI MONTALCINO, CAPARZO, TOSCANA, 1998                                                       45.00
571   BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, BANFI, TOSCANA, 1995                                                      85.00
570   BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, MARCHESATO DEGLI ALERAMICI, TOSCANA, 1993                             100.00*
          Antinori's debut Brunello; full-bodied, with silky tannins and a long finish.

572   BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, FATTORIA DEI BARBI, TOSCANA, 1994                                         80.00
          Ethereal bouquet of extraordinary elegance and complexity. Dry, warm,
          rightly tannic, intense, and harmonious. It lasts pleasantly at length in the mouth.

573   BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO, CASISANO, TOSCANA, 1994                                                   80.00

                                     “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                      WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                                     PAGE 8
                         piedmont red wine selections
BIN                                                                                               BOTTLE
605   BARBARESCO, “MARTINENGA,” MARCHESI DI GRESY, PIEMONTE, 1996                                 165.00
603   BARBARESCO, MARCHESE DI BAROLO, PIEMONTE, 1995                                          60.00
606   GATTINARA, TRAVAGLINI, PIEMONTE, 1996                                                       50.00
607   BARBERA, “SITOREY,” GAJA, PIEMONTE, 1996                                                    95.00
604   BARBERA D’ASTI, “SOLUS AD,” GIUSEPPE CONTRATTO, PIEMONTE, 1996                              62.00
          Named after D’Annunzio’s “Solus ad Solam,” made from barbera grapes
          from old vines on high hillside sites, aged in new oak barriques, posessing a
          deep garnet red color, this wine has a mature, broad and well developed
          bouquet and a palate that reflects the nose and shows a wine with good fruit
          and wood balance and a full body.

600   BARBERA D’ASTI, MICHELE CHIARLO, PIEMONTE, 1997                                             30.00
601   BARBERA D’ALBA, ALDO CONTERNO, PIEMONTE, 1998                                               72.00
          This impressive Barbera, made in a traditional style, shouts "Piedmont earth"
          and shows chestnut, mineral, blackberry and wet earth character that fans
          out on the palate. Excellent concentration. Supple on the palate and vivid
          on the delicious finish.

591   RUCHÈ DI CASTAGNOLE MONFERRATO, CANTINE SANT’AGATA                                      40.00
          PIEMONTE, 1998. A wine dating back many centuries but made by only a
          handful of vintners in Italy today, it is austere and well suited to game and
          roasts. Intense, with a strong bouquet of violet, hay and vanilla, displaying all
          of the characteristics of a great red wine.

BIN                                                                                               BOTTLE
511   DOMENICO CLERICO, “CIABOT-MENTIN-GINESTRA,” PIEMONTE, 1994                                  75.00
514   GIACOMO CONTERNO, “CASCINA FRANCIA,” PIEMONTE, 1995                                     195.00*
512   SEGHESIO, “LA VILLA,” PIEMONTE, 1994                                                        80.00
515   BREZZA, “SARMASSA,” PIEMONTE, 1994                                                          90.00
516   MICHELE CHIARLO, “CEREQUIO,” PIEMONTE, 1993                                          125.00
510   CASETTA, “VIGNE CASE NERE,” PIEMONTE, 1990                                                  130.00
513   MARCHESI DI BAROLO, PIEMONTE, 1995                                                          68.00

                                           pinot noir
BIN                                                                                               BOTTLE
639   PINOT NERO, GIORGIO GRAI, ALTO ADIGE, 1997                                                  48.00
634   PONZI, WILLAMETTE VALLEY RESERVE, OREGON, 1996                                              90.00
          Light, crisp and juicy at first, with an anise accent to the black cherry and
          smoke flavors that rev up nicely on the finish, gaining depth and sweet, earthy
          complexity. Grows with each sip.

636   AU BON CLIMAT, “LE BAUGE ESTATE,” NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                         125.00
637   J WINE COMPANY, “NICOLE’S VINEYARD,” NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                  57.00
638   SANFORD, SANTA BARBARA, 1998                                                                52.00
632   PINOT NERO, “SANT’ URBANO,” J. HOFSTATTER, ALTO ADIGE, 1995                              82.00
633   STEELE, BIEN NACIDO VINEYARD, SANTA BARBARA, 1997                                           68.00
          Displays wonderful fruit intensity and is sharply focused, with bright, lively wild
          berry, cherry, spice and earthy raspberry flavors and a long, complex aftertaste.

                                   “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                    WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                                PAGE 9
                                           red zinfandel
BIN                                                                                           BOTTLE
653   RAVENSWOOD, “BARRICIA VINEYARD,” SONOMA,1997                                            50.00
651   BOGLE, “OLD VINES,” SONOMA,1999                                                         35.00
656   ROSENBLUM, “ST. PETERS CHURCH VINEYARD,” SONOMA, 1998                                   90.00
657   ROSENBLUM, “ROCK PILE ROAD VINEYARD,” SONOMA, 1998                                      42.00
655   ROSENBLUM, “RUST RIDGE VINEYARD,” NAPA VALLEY, 1997 (90 POINTS)                         48.00
652   MONTEVINA, “TERRA D’ORO,” AMADOR COUNTY,1997 (87 POINTS – ROBERT PARKER)                35.00
654   ST. FRANCIS, “OLD VINES,” SONOMA,1998                                                   39.00

               meritage, proprietary blends and other california
BIN                                                                                           BOTTLE
660   COL SOLARE, COL SOLARE, COLUMBIA VALLEY, 1995                 (89 POINTS)               115.00
            The first wine from the partnership between Chateau Ste. Michelle and Italy's
            Marchesi Antinori. Rich in flavor but remarkably light, with deftly balanced
            currant, blackberry and slightly herbal flavors in a supple if somewhat narrow
            frame. Elegant and graceful, with soft tannins.
663   COL SOLARE, COL SOLARE, COLUMBIA VALLEY, 1996              (92 POINTS)                  148.00
            From the partnership between Chateau Ste. Michelle and Italy's Marchesi
            Antinori, a smooth and generous wine, its black raspberry, cherry, currant
            and coffee flavors wrap themselves seductively in a blanket of fine-grained
            tannins. Lasts and lasts on the finish.
273   MARINUS, BERNARDUS, SANTA BARBARA, 1995                                                 65.00
661   SYRAH, BENZIGER, CALIFORNIA, 1998                                                       42.00
665   ST. CLEMENT, “OROPPAS,” ST. HELENA, 1998 (92 POINTS)                                    65.00
667   ARIETTA, KONGSGAARD, NAPA, 1997                                                         195.00
662   JAYSON, JAYSON, NAPA VALLEY, 1997                                                       90.00

                                           dessert wines
BIN                                                                                           BOTTLE
               Please consult our complete list of Dessert Wines, Cordials & Spirits
909   SAUTERNES, CHATEAU D’YQUEM, SAUTERNES, 1989 (97 Points - 750 mL bottle)                 495.00
900   MUFFATO DELLA SALA, ANTINORI, UMBRIA, 1997               (500 ml bottle)           75.00
          Among the best dessert wines you’ll ever taste. Smells like Sauternes with its
          peach, cream and lemon aromas. Medium-bodied and moderately sweet, with a
          lovely, intense, spicy, honeyed finish. Good, fresh acidity.
908   “DOLCE,” DOLCE, NAPA VALLEY, 1997 (375 mL bottle)                                       125.00
903   ESSENCIA ORANGE MOSCATO, QUADY, NAPA, 1998 (375 mL bottle - 90 POINTS)                  30.00
          Wonderful aromas and flavors to match, with lots of orange, nectarine,
          fig and tangerine flavors that are elegant and lively.
906   VINTAGE CALIFORNIA PORT, QUADY, AMADOR COUNTY, 1986 (375 mL bottle)                     35.00
          “Shenandoah School Road Vineyard;” 100% Zinfandel grapes.
904   PASSITO DI PANTELLERIA, PELLEGRINO, MARSALA, 1995 (375 mL bottle)                       30.00
          India ink and apricot color with sweet and
          concentrated flavors of honey and raisins.
905   LE PASSULE, LIBRANDI, CALABRIA, 1997 (500 mL bottle)                                    50.00
910   BRACCHETTO D’AQUI, CAMPOVERDE, PIEMONTE, NV (750 mL bottle)                             57.00
911   VIN SANTO, “VIGNE DELLA PAPA,” VILLA LA SELVA, TOSCANA, 1994 (500 mL bottle)            55.00
912   LATE HARVEST VIOGNIER, CAMBRIA, SANTA MARIA VALLEY, 1999 (375 mL bottle)                34.00
125   MOSCATO BIANCO, “LA FAMIGLIA” MONDAVI, CALIFORNIA, 1999 (500 mL bottle)                 32.00
          A delicious non-sparkling version of this classic sweet wine, displaying the full
          characteristics of a Moscato: delicate with intensely musky aromas.
902   “CALCAIA,” BARBERANI, UMBRIA, 1997 (375 mL bottle)                                      58.00
907   MOSCATO, ST. SUPERY, NAPA, 1997 (375 mL bottle)                                         22.00

                                    “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                     WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                           PAGE 10
                               half bottles of white wine
BIN                                                                                          HALF-BOTTLE
1000   VERNACCIA DI SAN GIMIGNANO, MORMORAIA, TOSCANA, 1998                                  24.00
1001   CHARDONNAY, “CUVEE,” STEELE, MENDOCINO, 1999                                          30.00
1003   CHARDONNAY, “RUSSIAN RIVER RANCHES,” SONOMA CUTRER, SONOMA, 1999                      22.00
           Rated 90 POINTS and No. 60 in Spectator’s “Top 100 Wines of 1999.” Tight and
           crisp, with a flinty edge to the narrow band of pear, spice and apricot, slowly
           unfolding to reveal more nuance and complexity.

1004   PINOT GRIGIO, SANTA MARGHERITA, TRENTINO, 1999                                        19.00
1002   SAUVIGNON BLANC, ST. SUPERY, NAPA, 2000                                               22.00

                                 half bottles of red wine
BIN                                                                                          HALF-BOTTLE
1059   OPUS ONE, MONDAVI-ROTHSCHILD, NAPA VALLEY, 1997 (94 POINTS)                           125.00
1051   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, HESS COLLECTION, NAPA, 1996                                       30.00
1054   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, FAR NIENTE, NAPA, 1997                                            65.00
1056   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, “RUTHERFORD,” STAGLIN, NAPA VALLEY, 1998                          67.00
1058   ZINFANDEL, “PACINI RANCH,” STEELE, MENDOCINO, 1998 (90 POINTS)                        28.00
1053   AMARONE, BRIGALDARA, VENETO, 1995                                                     47.00
1055   MERLOT, “CLEAR LAKE,” STEELE, MENDOCINO, 1998                                         22.00
1052   CHIANTI CLASSICO RISERVA, TERRENO, TOSCANA, 1995                                      27.00

           half bottles of champagne and sparkling wines
BIN                                                                                          HALF-BOTTLE
1100   BRUT, “GRAND CUVEE NV,” KRUG, CHAMPAGNE (94 POINTS)                                   96.00*
           A powerhouse. Big and brooding, showing toast, nut, coffee and oxidative
           aromas that pick up freshness on the palate, where citrus and dough flavors
           intervene. Really firm and focused, with complexity and character.

1101   VEUVE CLICQUOT BRUT NV, “YELLOW LABEL,” CHAMPAGNE                                     29.00
           Full fruity bouquet with great finesse and a long, dry finish.

1102   ASTI SPUMANTE, MARTINI & ROSSI, PIEMONTE                                              9.00
           Light and sweet, spumante is the product of the Moscato Bianco grape.

1103   BLANC DE BLANCS, BRUT, PAUL CHENEAU, SPAIN                                            8.00

                           some large format selections
BIN                                                                                          BOTTLE
1207   SOLAIA, ANTINORI, TOSCANA, 1997 (98 POINTS / #1 TOP 100 WINES OF 2000)             1,400.00 (3 L)
1208   DOMINUS, DOMINUS ESTATE, NAPA VALLEY, 1997 (94 POINTS-ROBERT PARKER)                  345.00 (1.5 L)
1209   CABERNET SAUVIGNON, DUNHAM, COLUMBIA VALLEY (WASHINGTON), 1998                        950.00 (6 L)
           Autographed by the vintner, Eric Dunham.

1202   OPUS ONE, MONDAVI-ROTHSCHILD, NAPA VALLEY, 1995 (95 POINTS)                           565.00 (1.5 L)
1203   BARBERA D’ASTI, “SOLUS AD,” GIUSEPPE CONTRATTO, PIEMONTE, 1995                      300.00 (3 L)


                                     “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                      WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                                 PAGE 11
                                  WINES BY THE GLASS
                           Six-ounce pours of premium wine served
                        in Aldo’s twenty-four ounce lead crystal glasses

                                               white wines

CHARDONNAY, CAMELOT, CALIFORNIA, 1999                                                               8.50

PINOT GRIGIO, “ARISTICRATICO,” CA’MONTINI, FRIULI, 1999                                             8.75

SAUVIGNON BLANC, “MARLBOROUGH,” GIESEN, NEW ZEALAND, 2000 (90 POINTS)                               8.50
   Crisp, juicy and appealing for its lively apple, nectarine
   and citrus flavors, hinting at passion fruit on the zingy finish.

                                                 red wines

CHIANTI CLASSICO, SAN LEONINO, TOSCANA, 1998                                                        8.75

CABERNET SAUVIGNON, ESTANCIA, CALIFORNIA, 1998                                                      9.75

MERLOT, “FOUNDER’S ESTATE,” BERINGER, CALIFORNIA, 1998                                              8.50

PINOT NOIR, PEPPERWOOD GROVE, CARNEROS, 1998                                                        7.50
   A smooth pinot, one that's generous in flavor while light in frame, focusing
   on raspberry and spice flavors that linger on the open-textured finish.

ZINFANDEL, “HERITAGE VINES,” RANCHO ZABACO, SONOMA, 1998                                            8.50

                    champagne, sparkling and other wines
               Generous pours of premium wine, served in Aldo’s lead crystal glasses

“WHITE STAR,” MOET & CHANDON, NV                                       (187 mL bottle – 1 ½ GLASSES) 19.00

BRACCHETTO D’AQUI, CAMPOVERDE, PIEMONTE, NV                                                         9.00

SAUTERNES, CHATEAU D’YQUEM, SAUTERNES, 1991                                                         54.00

LE PASSULE, LIBRANDI, CALABRIA, 1997                                                                9.00
   A wonderful sweet wine from Chef Aldo’s native region of Calabria.
   Hints of honey, almonds and raisins persist on the palate for some time.

ORANGE MOSCATO, “ESSENCIA,” QUADY, NAPA VALLEY, 1998                                                9.50
   The traditional fortified “dessert” wine of Tuscany.

VIN SANTO, “VIGNE DELLA PAPA,” VILLA LA SELVA, TOSCANA, 1994                                        9.00
   The traditional fortified “dessert” wine of Tuscany.

“WHIE ZIN,” BELMONDO, TOSCANA                                                                       6.50

                                        “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE 2000”
                                         WINE SPECTATOR MAGAZINE                                             PAGE 12

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