BAR FOOD by gabyion


									                              BAR FOOD
Chilled leek and potato soup                                                           5.95

British and Irish cheese from Neil’s yard, Orkney oat cakes, fresh and
preserved fruit                                                     6.50

English Ploughman’s with Hawes Wensleydale                                            6.95
With the addition of cooked and cured ham                                             7.95

Mackerel fillets, black pepper and oat crust, new potato and apple
salad, tarragon mayonnaise                                     6.95/11.95

Smoked back bacon, avocado and vine tomato salad,                                   7.25/12.50
grain mustard dressing

Marinated grilled chicken, Romaine lettuce, anchovies and                           7.25/12.50
croutons, regianno parmesan

Northumbrian beef and Bombardier ale casserole                                        9.75
with crusty bread

Fish pie, buttered seasonal vegetables                                               12.20

Home made beef burger, hand cut chips                                                12.50

             “All our beef is traditionally reared on our farm in Northumberland”
                     Some of our products may contain traces of nuts
              A discretionary 12.5% service charge may be added to your bill
                 DAILY SPECIALS                                     £12.20
                  Please ask your waiter for today’s special

Rotunda hog roast - baked potato, celery and apple coleslaw                                 14.50
Hog roast bap - Bramley apple sauce, mixed leaves                                            6.95

                             BAR SNACKS
Bowl of mixed nuts                                                                           2.95

Marinated olives                                                                             3.50

Hand cut chips                                                                               3.50

Brindisa nibbles. Fried corn, fried broad beans, salted almonds,                            6.50
Home-made bread sticks, marinated olives

Hot and cold pork plate for two. Pork pie, Scotch egg, glazed                              12.95
cocktail sausages and sausage rolls, homemade piccalilli

           “All our beef and lamb is traditionally reared on our farm in Northumberland”
                        Some of our products may contain traces of nuts
                 A discretionary 12.5% service charge may be added to your bill
There are several different accounts of the true origin of the gin martini. Some claim
the drink was named after an earlier concoction called a Martinez. Choose gin or
vodka, sweet or dry, shaken or stirred, with a twist or an olive? Or even dirty!

Stolichnaya                                   6.95         Absolut                       6.95
Belvedere                                       7.50        Stolichnaya                     6.95
Grey goose                                      8.00        Ketel one                       6.95
Aktvintka                                       8.00

Gordans                                         6.95         Bombay Sapphire                7.00
Millers                                         6.95         Beefeater                      6.95
Tanquerey                                       7.50         Plymouth                       7.50
Tanquerey # 10                                  8.50         Hendricks                      8.00

The simple blend of rum, fresh lime juice and sugar was reputedly invented around
1905 by an American mining engineer named Jennings Cox.

Havana club especial (Cuba)                     6.95         Barcardi 8yrs (Cuba)           8.00
Brugal (Dominican Republic)                     6.95         Mount Gay extra old            8.25
Appleton Extra VS (Jamaica)                     6.95         Matusalem gran reserve         8.50
Havana club 7yrs (Cuba)                         7.50

We can make flavoured Martini’s or Daiquiri’s just ask the bartender.
Cuba is the birthplace of the mojito, although the exact origin of this classic cocktail is
the subject of debate.
One story traces the mojito to a similar 16th century drink, the “El Draque,” in honor of
Sir Francis Drake. It was made with tafia/aguardiente, a primitive predecessor of rum.
Mint, lime and sugar were possibly used to hide the harsh taste.

Classic                                                                                       6.95
Fresh mint and lime juice, large golden rum, and homemade brown sugar syrup

Strawberry and mandarin                                                                       6.95
Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum, Mandarine de Napoleon, liqueur, strawberry, mint,
mandarin, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar

Very berry                                                                                    6.95
Havana Club rum, Crème de mûre, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, sugar, mint
leaves, freshly squeezed lime juice

Battlebridge                                                                                  6.95
British organic gin, fresh apple, elderflower cordial, fresh mint, lemon juice, freshly
squeezed lime juice, rose-sugar

White peach and raspberry                                                                     6.95
Rum, fresh mint, white peach and raspberry puree, peach liqueur, lime juice and

Pimped                                                                                        8.50
Havana 7 year old rum, freshly squeezed lime juice, mint, Trois Rivieres sirop de
canne (sugarcane syrup, which is produced to their specifications based on very old
recipes belonging to the distillery)

The word "caipirinha" is the diminutive version of the word "caipira", which refers to
someone from the countryside, being an almost exact equivalent of the American
English hillbilly.

Classic                                                                                       6.95
Cachaca, fresh lime pieces, white sugar

Pimped                                                                                        8.50
Leblon cachaca, fresh lime pieces, brown sugar syrup
                                   DRAUGHT BEER
Amstel (Holland) 4.1%                                                                             1.50/2.95
Amstel is perfect for washing down those burgers or sausage’s, the brewery was
founded on June 11, 1870 in Amsterdam and named after the Amstel River.

Tiger (Singapore) 5%                                                                              2.05/4.10
This lager pours a medium gold colour. It has a nice nose, with a touch of honey to
quite nettly hop aromas and a bit of grass and corn on the cob quality.

Pilsner urquell (Czech) 4.4%                                                                      1.90/3.80
This pilsner is somewhat heavier (with an almost ale-like fruitiness in the malt body)
and more strongly hopped than most pilsner beers.

Heineken (Holland) 5%                                                                             1.80/3.60
Heineken is made of water, barley, hops, and yeast. In 1886 H. Elion finished the development of the Heineken A-
yeast. This is the yeast that is still used for the beer today.

Bombardier (England) 5.2%                                                                         1.75/3.50
Bombardier uses more malt per pint than any other premium bitter, and the crystal
malt is carefully crushed. This delivers rich flavours and deep colour.

Guinness (Ireland) 4.1%                                                                           1.80/3.60
The creator of Guinness was Arthur Guinness and he founded the first Guinness
brewery in 1759 in James Street, Dublin. Guinness was known as Porter in Ireland
and was a new type of beer. It is brewed by roasting the Barley to give it the unique
colour and taste.

Sierra Nevada pale ale (U.S.A) 5.6%                                                               2.15/4.30
Pale bronze colour, topped by a big fluffy head of foam. The aroma is spicy and peppery from the hops, balanced
by biscuity malt and tart citrus fruit.

Paulaner wheat beer (Germany) 5.5%                                                                2.20/4.40
Wonderfully tasty, spicy wheat beer. Well-balanced and very well-rounded
                                   BOT TLED BEER

Corona – 330ml (Mexico) 4.6%                                                                                     3.50
Regardless of the time of the year, Corona is best served ice cold, with a wedge of
lime that complements and intensifies the flavour through the palate.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro – 330ml (Italy) 5.2%                                                                       3.50
Combining state-of-the-art brewing technology with a traditional recipe born from creative Italian flair over 150 years
ago, high-quality premium lager.

Samuel smiths organic lager - 355ml (England) 5%                                                                 3.80
Brewed with lightly kilned lager malt, Vienna malt and German hops to give it that
added aromatic kick of bitterness.

Sam Adams - 330ml (U.S.A) 4.6%                                                                                   3.95
Lovely reddish-amber coloured ale with a moderate head. The nose is well rounded
with traces of dairy, tar and noticeable hops.

Schielhallion - 500ml (Scotland) 4.8%                                                                            4.20
This cask conditioned lager beer is crisp, dry and airy with a beautifully fresh, grapefruity taste.

Blue moon wheat beer – 355ml (U.S.A) 5.4%                                                                        3.90
Blue Moon is a belgian-style wheat ale with more depth of flavour and a unique cloudy

Samuel smiths cherry - 355ml (England) 5.1%                                                                      3.70
Handcrafted for Sam Smith's at the tiny Melbourn Brothers Brewery in Stamford using
manually operated brewing equipment.

Samuel smiths raspberry - 355ml (England) 5.1%                                                                   3.70
The final piece (for now) in the Sam Smith's fruit beer jigsaw. Counter-intuitively we
found this a little sweeter than the cherry beer, with its luscious ripe fruit flavour less
restrained by tart ale characters. A lovely deep red colour and a real mouthfull!

Deus - Champagne beer - 750ml (Belgium) 11.5%                                                                   30.00
Not beer but the divine drink made of barley! In a bottle looking suspiciously like Dom
Perignon this is a heavenly drink. Served ice cold in champagne flutes. Brewed in
Belgium the beer is then sent to the Champagne area of France and treated in exactly
the same manner as champagne.
                            STOUTS AND ALES
Samuel smiths oatmeal stout - 500ml (England) 5%                                                           4.80
Almost opaque, with an unusually silky texture and complex, medium-dry velvet
palate. Bittersweet finish.

O’Hanlons port stout - 500ml (England) 4.8%                                                                4.80
This classic stout is officially Britain's Champion Bottle-Conditioned Beer and a Silver
Medallist in the 2003 World Beer Cup!

Dorothy Goodbody Wholesome Stout – 500ml (England) 4.6%                                                    4.80
Wholesome Stout, which was voted Supreme Champion at the CAMRA Winter Beer
Festival 2002 and was awarded Bronze Medal in the 2005 CAMRA West Midlands
Stout Category, is produced using only the finest ingredients available. They include
Pale malt with roasted barley which produces a rich dark colour. Flaked barley is used
to create a full and creamy head. The Stout is flavoured with Northdown hops which
give a dry resinous taste.

Innis and gunn oaked aged ale - 330ml (Scotland) 6.6%                                                      3.60
One of the most innovative products in the beer market today, this Edinburgh ale is
aged in brand new malt whisky barrels, made from American oak.

Dorothy Goodbodys golden ale – 500ml (England) 4.2%                                                        4.80
Using Maris Otter pale Amber and Wheat malts and a perfect blending of classic UK
hop varieties Target, Fuggles and Goldings hops. Pours yellowish orange with a
small, creamy, white head.

                           CIDER AND PERRY

Westons organic - 550ml (England) 6.5%                                                                     4.40
This cider is produced using organic cider apples and matured in old oak vats which
results in an easy to drink cider with a ripe apple aroma and a refreshing well
balanced taste

Westons perry - 550ml (England) 7.4%                                                                       4.60
Made from locally grown Herefordshire Perry pears. Pale in the colour, light with a delicate fruitiness.

Magners lite - 330ml (Ireland) 4.5%                                                                        3.50
Magners Light retains all of the characteristics of Magners Original i.e. alcohol volume
(4.5%), taste, colour, carbonation and nose, but with one significant difference - less

Henriot Brut Souverain                                                                              7.50/ 42.00
The Brut Souverain is sharp, well balanced and harmonious on the palate.

Pommery Brut Royal                                                                                        49.00
Chardonnay grapes from the Côte des Blancs are the primary contributors to that liveliness.
A very smooth wine which never wanes on the palate.

Henriot Rose Brut NV                                                                                      65.00
Elegant, sophisticated aromas with flavors of red fruits, rose petals and spice.
A clean, effervescent mousse and a long finish.

Veuve-Clicquot                                                                                            65.00
This classical dry Champagne is a blend of two-thirds black grapes (Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier)
for body, balanced with one-third Chardonnay for elegance.

Pommery Wintertime                                                                                        66.00
Has a warming core of baked apples and red berry fruits showing the Pinot to its
fullest. Not heavy, but displaying a restrained, elegant richness.

Henriot Blancs de Blancs (Trophy International Wine Challenge)                                            73.00
Elegant medium-bodied Champagne with complex floral tones and good yeast
intensity on the nose and palate, crisp, clear finish   with good acid.

Bollinger Grande Annee 1999                                                                              105.00
The power of Bollinger's fine mature Pinot Noir/Chardonnay blend brings with it a
complexity of flavours rarely found in Champagne.

Dom Perignon 2000                                                                                        135.00
The latest release from Dom Perignon, which is only produced
as a vintage when climatic conditions favour the ideal balance
of sugar and acidity in the grapes. Made exclusively from
Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Krug Grand Cuvee                                                                                         155.00
Krug Grande Cuvee is simply the King of Champagnes - with a high proportion of
Chardonnay, the Grande Cuvee has a rich, seductive biscuity smell and a fruity, full-
bodied taste.

                                                                           175ML 250ML     500MLBOTTLE
La Causse Blanc, France 2007                                                3.90    5.20   10.40     15.50
Vibrant, zippy, rounded mouthful. Perfect apertif and lovely
with our salads and fish.

Isonto Chenin Blanc. South Africa 2008                                      4.10    5.70   11.00     16.50
Good with richer foods, won Sommelier of the year award

Sauvignon de Touraine, Domaine                                              4.55    6.50   13.00     19.50
Guy Allion, Loire, France 2007
We were wowed by the fresh herb, mint aromas and energy
and crunch on the palate of this terrific wine.

Riesling, Palliser Estate Martinborough,                                    5.95    8.45   16.80     25.00
New Zealand 2005
Excellent sharp, pure, dry, limey and nicely mature broad
flavoured palate, yet still very together.

Macon ‘Uchizy’, Domaine                                                     6.40    8.40   17.50     25.00
G&P Talmard, France 2007
Deep satisfying Macon with lots of weight of fruit. Fabulous mouthful of
great value Burgundy.

Chablis, Simonnet Fêvre, France 2007                                        7.25   10.25   20.25     31.00
Very Chablis - pure, bright, dry with a lovely delicate flavour,
with structure to handle surprsingly rich starters and fish.
Chablis, the Northern outpost of Burgundy, close to Paris in fact,
makes the coolest expression of Chardonnay.

Soave Superiore, Tamellini Veneto, Italy 2007                               6.50    8.60   17.30     26.00
Hints of melon and peach with the delighful lightness of touch,
elegance and style of fine Soave

Semillon Reserve, Peter Lehmann,                                            8.50   11.00   22.00     33.00
Australia 2001
Wonderful melange of citrus and oak. Super, rich, intense palate
and balancing tang. Great value and just 12% alc

We also have some very special fine wines by the glass & carafe, priced and available in small pours to
make them accessible. Please ask your waiter for a menu.
                   RED WINE BY THE GLASS
                                                                        175ML 250ML     500MLBOTTLE
La Guepe Merlot Languedoc Roussillon,                                    3.90    5.20   10.40    15.50
France 2007
Bordeaux style with fresh herbaceous aromas and juicy feel on
the soft light palate.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo “Frentano”,                                      4.50    6.00    12.00    18.00
Sociale Fontana Abruzzo, Italy 2006
Sun-baked fruit, generous, soft chunky palate with warm
characterful Italian flavours.

Rioja Navajas Tinto Rioja, Spain 2006                                    5.00    6.70    13.00    20.00
Juicy, delicious smooth new world style of Rioja. Oak and spice.
Very pleasurable. Excellent value.

Beaujolais Villages Domaine Paiens,                                      5.50    7.00    14.00    21.00
Henry Fessy, France 2007
Delightful light wine. Just as at home with our fillet beef as one of
our salads or fish dishes.

Sandford Shiraz, Victoria, Australia 2004                                6.00    8.00    16.00    24.00
Smooth, very spicy, concentrated, deep and nicely mature. Impressive.

Minervois l’Azerolle Vieilles Vignes,                                    6.80    9.00    18.00    27.00
France 2006
Intense inky palate, mediterranean herbs. Deep wine with a heartening
rustic character but smooth. Delicious.

Waipara Two Terraces Waipara,                                            7.50   10.00    20.00    30.00
New Zealand 2003
If only you could get Bordeaux like this for the price. Excellent
Cabernet/Merlot when you want something soft and ripe but not
too heavy. Very pleasant sipping and lovely with both light
and dark meats.

Barbera d’Alba Trevigne, Dominico Clerico,                               7.50   11.60    23.00    35.00
Italy 2003
Excellent nose, concentrated, raisin like. Elegant, juicy palate.
Distinctively Italian flavour, not too full. Impressive.
                                                                125ML 175ML 250ML         500MLBOTTLE

Gavi di Gavi, La Minaia,                                        6.00      8.90 11.70     23.30 35.00
Nicola Bergaglio Piemonte, Italy 2007
Bright aromas, invigorating, fresh apple palate.
Perfect when you want light flavour

Sancerre ‘la Vigne Blanch’,                                      6.50    8.90 12.75 22.50 38.00
Henri Bourgeois, France 2007
Vibrant, smokey, herbs and mint nose. Lively beautiful
palate, pure citrus to the end

Voyager Estate, Margaret River                                  7.00      9.80   13.00    26.00   39.00
Australia 2005
A delicious contrast to Yabby Lake. Richer with grapefruit,
citrus, dried pear, cashew nuts and oak

Meursault ‘Meix Chavaux’                                        13.00    17.50   23.00    46.00   69.00
Domaine Roulot France 2005
Meix Chavaux, the stoniest of Jean-Marc Roulots Vineyards,
is well suited to his early picking style, which emphasises
the mineral nature of the wine.Fine &pure, not rich

                                                               125ML     175ML 250ML      500ML BOTTLE
Rioja Urbina Reserve Especial                                     6.50   8.50    13.00   26.00    39.00
Spain 1987
Elegant, fine, raspberry, wild cherries, woody, old cellar
Aromas, hints of leather, tobacco, cinnamon and spice

Barolo Azelia,                                                 11.00     15.50   21.00    42.00   62.00
Luigi Scavino Castiglione, Italy 1998
Weighty intensely flavoured, very satisfying
Barolo. More oomh and power than elegance

Pyramid Valley ‘ Eaton’ Pinot Noir,                             14.00    18.00   28.50    57.00   70.00
New Zealand 2005
Truly insiring complex wine with real interest and integrity
Of fruit’ Jancis Robinson. Considered NZ’s most exciting
producer at present

Chateanuef-du-pape,                                              14.50 21.00     27.00    54.00   75.00
Bosquet des papes France 1998
Old vines Grenache. Leather, dried herbs, roasted
meats and black fruits. Great vintage. Mature
Sauvignon Blanc Pencarrow, Martinborough, New Zealand 2007                                   24.00
Ripe soft style of New Zealand Sauvignon – not the grassy style, more berries –
beautiful mouthful.

“Petit Fumé”, Pouilly-Fumé, Michel Redde, Loire, France 2007                                 30.00
Very Pouilly-Fumé, dry, pure, flinty, racy, fine. Concentrated with a hint of blackcurrant
and fine balance.

Sancerre ‘Le Vigne Blanche’, Henri Bourgeois, Loire, France 2007                             38.00
Excellent nose, vibrant, smokey, herbs and mint and fresh lively beautiful palate with
pure citrus to the very end of the long finish. Tip top.

Palliser Estate Martinborough, New Zealand 2005                                              25.00
Excellent sharp, pure, dry, limey and nicely mature broad flavoured palate, yet still
very together.

Stefan Winter, Rheinhessen, Germany 2007                                                     26.00
Totally dry refreshing Riesling experience. A ‘Decanter’ best 10 value wines of the
year and tipped by Jancis Robinson.

Semillon Reserve, Peter Lehmann, Barossa, Australia 2001                                     33.00
Wonderful melange of citrus and oak. Super, rich, intense palate and balancing tang.
Great value and just 12% alc.

Jardin des Cigales Languedoc, France 2007                                                    19.50
All the right aromas, apricot, citrus, floral – lovely texture tempered by a light tang
keeping it fresh and together.

Condrieu Gaillard Northern Rhone, France 2006                                                65.00
One of the world’s great white wines and one of the great producers. Tiny yields of the
Viognier grape make this equisitely flavoured wine possible. Concentrated apricot,
peach, citrus and a thick texture you can almost spoon.

Blue Cutting Road O’Leary Walker                                                             18.50
Barossa Valley, Australia 2008
Unoaked. Generous fruit and flavours of quince and peach.

Kumeu River ‘Village’ Auckland, New Zealand 2006                                             34.00
New Zealand’s top producer of Chardonnay making their ‘equivalent of Burgundy’s
‘Village’ wine. Delicate, delightful, with a hint of almond, citrus and oak. Not so unlike
a Puligny ‘Village’

Yabby Lake, Mornington Peninsula                                                             38.00
Melbourne, Australia 2006
Cool Burgundian style, striking for its purity and finesse, compared to the richer styles
from Oz. Light brioche, lemon, butter and nuts. A contender for Australia’s best

Voyager Estate, Margaret River, Australia 2005                                               39.00
A delicious contrast to Yabby Lake, also from a cooler climate but the flavours are
richer. In this wine you get grapefruit, citrus, dried pear, cashew nuts and an oak and
lemon butter fusion
Chorey Les Beaune, Maillard, France 2006                                                    46.00
Like Montrachet this has fatness on the nose, with lemon-apple meringue, butter, oak,
bacon and spice. The palate is lush, expressive and delicious.

Meursault ‘Meix Chavaux’ Domaine Roulot, France 2005                                        69.00
The Meix Chavaux is the stoniest of Jean-Marc Roulot’s vineyards and is very well
suited to his early picking style, which emphasises the mineral nature of this wine. It’s
a very pure, fine Meursault, not a rich style. The nose has hints of citrus and flowers.
Roulot is regarded as one of Burgundy’s great producers.

Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Les Vergers,                                                   70.00
Bernard Moreau, France 2005
Beautiful fine nose. The palate is powerful and expressive yet restrained in that it is
not overly rich or fat. The flavours are very long lasting. Lovely.

Meursault ‘Tete de Murger’ Patrick Javillier, France 2000                                   75.00
Patrick Javillier’s top Meursault, a blend of ‘Casses-Tetes’ and ‘Murgers’ vineyards,
balances minerality with richness, not to mention Patrick’s charm.

Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Clavoillon Domaine Leflaive,                                     145.00
France 1996
Glorious white Burgundy. It is rare to find such poise with a white Burgundy of this
maturity. Magical, complex, nervy aromas with a hint of citrus.

Pinot Blanc Philippe Zinck, Eguisheim, France 2007                                          24.00
Floral, fresh nose, rich, tropical, honeyed, palate. Unoaked, dry. Good with fish, white
meat and salads.

Gerwurztraminer ‘Prestige’ Philippe Zinck, Eguisheim, France 2006                           32.00
Aromas of rose petals, lychee, orange peel and tangerine with a bit of spice.
A textured, unctuous very exciting mouthful of wine. Brilliant aperitif and good with
flavoursome starters and light meats.

Fiano, MandraRossa Sicily, Italy 2007                                                       20.00
Very exotic fruit salad flavours. Delicious mouthful.

Soave Superiore, Tamellini Veneto, Italy 2007                                               26.00
Full of character yet retaining the delighful lightness of touch,elegance and style of
Soave at its best.

Gavi di Gavi, La Minaia, Nicola Bergaglio Gavi, Piemonte, Italy 2007                        35.00
Invigorating, super fresh, appley, with hint of spritz. When you want something very
light but with some finesse and class Gavi like this is perfect.

Vermentino Laura Aschero Liguria, Italy 2007                                                42.00
Fabulously stylish, crisp, pure, vibrant humming white. You won’t get a better seafood
white from Italy than this.

Flor di Uis Vie di Romans Friuli, Italy 2002                                                55.00
A clever blend of Tocai, Malvasia and Riesling from a great producer, but it’s the great
vintage that has held this wine together so well. Beautiful, sytlish, exotic fruits, some
peach, with plenty of texture on the palate. A rare treat.

Albarino ‘Abadia de San Campio’ Terras Guada,                                               32.00
Rias Baixas, Galicia, Spain 2007
Wonderful aromas of herbs and sea air with a hint of wild flower, citrus and peach with
a bristling minerality.
              RED WINE BY THE BOT TLE
Blue Cutting Road Cabernet Merlot O’Leary Walker                                          17.50
Clare Valley, Australia 2005
Eucalyptus, blackcurrant and a touch of spice both on the nose and palate. A lovely
sweet fruit.

De Gras Merlot, Colchagua, Chile 2006                                                     19.50
Lovely ripe nose with oodles of berry fruit, spice and oak on the palate. Excellent
length. Smooth and delicious.

Craggy Range Te Kahu, Merlot Cabernet,                                                    38.00
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 2004
Classy, serious nose, not over ripe - herbaceous, inky, wood nose. Soft,fairly powerful

Domaine A Cabernet Sauvignon Tasmania, Australia 2000                                     69.00
A nose of eucalyptus & spice becomes gamey.

SHIRAZ also known as SYRAH
Dominic Moon Harvest, Dominic Estate, South Australia 2006                                16.50
Fresh sweet dark fruit aromas with spice and oak. Excellent flavour and not heavy.

Garlands Shiraz Mount Barker, West Australia 2004                                         29.00
“Subtle, soft, sophisticated, perfumed. There are herbs here and flowers, even a slight
hint of camphor to go with the eucalyptus.

John Duval ‘Entity’ Shiraz Barossa, South Australia 2004                                  65.00
John Duval made Penfold’s Grange (Australia’s most collectable red) spanning three
decades. Knowing where to source the best grapes, from the oldest Shiraz vines in
the world, has alllowed him to make this incredible wine for a fraction of the premium
charged for the famous Grange.

Amon Ra, Glaetzer Barossa, South Australia 2005                                           85.00
Profound Shiraz, also from the oldest Shiraz vines in the world. Bigger and sweeter
than John Duval’s wine but elegant compared to rich gloopy styles.

Wild Rock ‘Cupid’s Arrow’ Pinot Noir                                                      31.00
Central Otago, New Zealand 2006
Lovely easy fragrant juicy Pinot. An excellent choice of red wine with fish, white as
well as red meats, and perfect for sipping at the end of a long day.

Pinot Noir, Palliser Estate, Martinborough, New Zealand 2005                              37.00
Has the wildness of great Pinot. Gives Burgundy a serious run for the money.

Pyramid Valley ‘Eaton Family’ Pinot Noir                                                    70.00
Marlborough, New Zealand 2005
Pyramid Valley ‘Eaton Family’ Pinot Noir 2005 is truly inspiring. Far more than simply
sweet and sour this is truly complex wine with real interest and integrity of fruit.
Morgon ‘Cote du Py’ Jean Foillard, France 2007                                             44.00
So concentrated and velvety, perfumed earthy Pinot Noir like aromas, but the grape is

Cote de Nuits Villages, Clos du Chapeau,                                                   35.00
Domaine de l’Arlot, France 2004
High-toned, red Pinot fruit nose with subtle, round easy strawberry and earth flavours.

Givry 1er Cru “Grandes Vignes”,                                                            38.00
Domaine Parize Côte Chalonnaise, France 2006
Super nose, herbs, saddle leather, a bit like Northern Rhone. Lots of Burgundy for the

Savigny Les Beaune La Dominode 1er Cru Domaine Bruno Clair,                                55.00
France 2001
Perfectly mature Burgundy. Lovely wine, gentle, fragrant and light.

Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes,                                                         65.00
Domaine Heresztyn, France 2005
We were surprised at how well a 2005 was drinking already. Classic Gevrey, as it is
generous on both nose and palate. Opulent warm fruit mingles with spicy oak flavours.

Nuits-St-Georges, Domaine Fernand et Vincent Lecheneaut,                                   70.00
France 2005
The palate is supple and considering its youth is surprisingly lovely to drink
now.Lecheneaut bottles by hand and without filtration.

Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Au Velle’ Domaine Denis Mortet, France 1997                             70.00
The late Denis Mortet was the leading light of Gevrey. It will be fun to try this mature
wine from the master.

Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru ‘Les Charmes’                                                    75.00
Hudelot-Noellat, France 1997
Mature, from a lovely vintage, great vineyard and producer. Les Charmes is
considered by many to be of Grand Cru quality

Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru ‘Les Chaumes’                                                        95.00
Domaine Robert Arnoux, France 1999
Superb Burgundy showing the haunting complexity of a good vineyard in the great
area of Vosne

Minervois l’Azerolle Vieilles Vignes, France 2006                                          27.00
Intense inky palate, mediterranean herbs. Deep wine with a heartening rustic
character but smooth. Delicious.

Chateauneuf du Pape Bosquet des Papes, France 1998                                         75.00
Old vines Grenache. Leather, dried herbs, roasted meats and black fruits. Great
vintage. Mature.

Cote Rotie Rene Rostaing, France 1999                                                      85.00
“Cote Rotie at its most concentrated and seductive. Black fruits intermixed with
violets, acacia flowers, cherry liqueur, and crème de cassis. The greatest vintage he
has produced.” Robert Parker.
Sangiovese di Maremma ‘Bonizio’ Cecchi, Tuscany, Italy 2006                                    22.00
Very much like Chianti (also made from Sangiovese). Warmer aromas, tobacco and
oak due to low altitude coastal vineyards.

Chianti Classico Castello di Fonterutoli,                                                      37.00
Castellina, Tuscany, Italy 2006
Fine elegant, lovely fruit balance, not heavy.’The Chateau Margaux’ of Chianti says
Stephen Spurrier in ‘Decanter’.

Barolo, Azelia, Luigi Scavino Castiglione Falletto,                                            62.00
Piemonte, Italy 1998
Weighty, intensely flavoured, very satisfying Barolo. More oomph and power than
elegance. Barolo so often doesn’t meet expectations. We think this does.

Brunello di Montalcino Cupano Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy 2001                                  125.00
Smooth, rich, charming style. From the excellent inaugural 2001 vintage, these bottles
are delicious and very rare.

Clos Erasmus Priorat, Spain 1993                                                               88.00
One of the original new wave cult wines of Spain. Our favourite was this gorgeous
1993. Only 140 cases made. Made from Grenache grapes.

Pascual Toso Reserve Malbec, Mendoza 2007                                                      41.00
Sensational single vineyard Malbec. Fragrant, purple flowers, violet fondants, cassis
and black ink. The blackberry and blueberry fruit is thick but incredibly pure and clean.
Grand Vin Cuvelier Los Andes Malbec 2005                                                       47.00
An alluring perfume of wood smoke, spice box and pencil lead. A full bodied black
currant wine with an intense attack of liquorice and chocolate

Château La Croix Chantecaille Grand Cru                                                        39.00
Saint-Emilion 2002
Beautiful blackcurrant, striking and lovely. Smooth Merlot from St Emilion. Quite light,
with gentle oak.

Sarget de Gruaud-Larose, Saint-Julien, France 1997                                             49.00
Classic leafy, pencil lead, cedar nose nose. Totally mature and drinking very nicely.
The flavours that shout out at you in a first wine, whisper at you in a second wine.
Sarget 1997, the second wine of Gruaud-Larose, is a delight.

Domaine de Chevalier, Pessac-Léognan, France 2000                                              70.00
“The finest Domaine de Chevalier in over a decade, aromatic profile of burning coals,
plums, currants, tobacco, and spice box. Elegant, pure.” Robert Parker.

Château Chasse-Spleen, Moulis, France 1986                                                     80.00
“Yet again, top of its class. Rich, chewy ‘chocolate with a tannic coat.” Michael Broadbent.

La Conseillante, Pomerol, France 1983                                                          85.00
Situated alongside Cheval Blanc and L’Evangile. Soft traditional really lovely, totally
mature, very fine Pomerol.

Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste, Pauillac, France 1983                                               90.00
Ripe, fully mature, sweet, flavoury, charming.
                                                                                         GLASS BOTTLE
Prosecco Col Vetoraz Brut, Italy                                                         6.50   29.50
Reveals a joyful mix of minerality and fresh pear blossoms, with mulberry fruit.
Everlasting freshness accompanied by small perlage.

Nyetimber Grande Cuvee, England 1997                                                             46.00
Vineyard location West Sussex. From the International Wine Producer of the
Year2008, the Nyetimber Classic has collected a list of awards as long as your arm.
Previously winning Best in Class at the 2006 International Wine and Spirit
Competition. Deep in colour this wine has a beautifully scented bouquet of blossoms.
Delicate fruit of green apples gives the wine an elegance and freshness. The supple
texture is enhanced by a soft lively mousse and long finish. This wine is probably one
of the best sparkling white wines in the world.
This is the fizz every Englishman should be consuming.

Domaine Montrose Rosé, Vin de Pays d’Oc, France 2007                                            16.50
Light fresh southern french rose. A touch of Cabernet adds a lovely hint of berry on
the nose and crunch on the palate

Delheim Pinotage Rosé, South Africa 2008                                                        24.00
Round, full texture, very soft, with gorgeous strawberry fruit, yet completely dry.

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise Vidal-Feury, France 2005                                        3.80 25.00
Concentrated oranges and lemons, viscous fruit. You can taste Provence in this wine.

Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen Liqueur Muscat, Australia                                            7.50
Raisins dried fruits, nutty, molasses, brandy butter. Good with cheese and pudding.

Vin de Constance, Klein Constantia,                                                        16.50 65.00
South Africa 2002 50cl
Fabulous Musat. Like a botrytis wine, but it’s in fact simply late picked grapes. Very

Taylor’s Late Bottled Vintage, Portugal 2002                                                5.95 35.00
                       SOF T DRINKS
Lemonade                                  200ml        1.75
Tonic                                     200ml        1.75
Soda                                      200ml        1.75
Ginger Beer                               200ml        1.75
Coke /Diet Coke                           330ml        1.90
Belu Still/Sparkling                  750/300ml   3.00/1.50
Eager Juices                                           3.00

Macchiato                                             1.80
Espresso – Small                                      1.80
Espresso –Large                                       2.00
Americano                                             2.00
Cappuccino                                            2.20
Latte                                                 2.20
Mocha                                                 2.50

               TEAS & INFUSIONS         2.50
English Breakfast Organic
Darleeling Organic
Earl Grey Organic
Orange Jasmin
Green Tea Passion
Hoji-cha Organic
Camomile Citron,
Verbena Mint Organic
   NON ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS                                            4.95

Ginger snap!
Fresh ginger with lemon juice, cranberry and apple juice

Strawberry fields
Fresh strawberries and mint, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar topped
with cranberry juice

Apple blossom
Fresh grapes, elderflower cordial and fresh apple juice

Fortunately green
Fresh kiwi and cucumber muddled and topped with cloudy apple juice

Rumless mojito
Fresh mint and freshly squeezed lime juice, brown sugar, topped with ginger

Bloody shame
Tomato juice, lemon and lime juices with horseradish, Worcestershire sauce,
celery salt, black pepper and tobasco.

Fruit sensation
Fresh passion fruit mixed with orange and pineapple juices, and passion fruit
                                                                        ABV    PRICE
Stolichnaya Red                                                         40%     2.80
Absolut Blue                                                            40%     3.30
British Organic Vodka                                                 37.5%     3.30
Ketel One                                                               40%     3.50
Belvedere                                                               40%     3.50
Grey Goose Blue                                                         40%     3.50
Akvinta                                                                 40%     4.00

                FLAVOURED VODKA
Absolut Citron                                                          40%     3.30
Absolut Kurrant                                                         40%     3.30
Carriel Vanilla                                                        7.5%     3.30
Smirnoff Norsk Nordic Berries                                          7.5%     3.30
Stoli Raspberry                                                       37.5%     3.50
Stoli Strawberry                                                      37.5%     3.50
Zubrowka                                                                40%     3.30

                                                                        ABV    PRICE
Gordons                                                               37.5%     2.80
Bombay Sapphire                                                         40%     3.30
Beefeater                                                               40%     3.30
Hendrick’s                                                            41.4%     3.30
Millers                                                                 40%     3.30
Plymouth                                                              41.2%     3.30
Plymouth – Sloe Gin                                                     26%     3.30
Juniper Organic London Dry Gin                                          37.5    3.30
Tanquerey                                                             43.1%     3.30
Tanquerey #10                                                         47.3%     5.50

                        All our spirits are served in 25ml measures
                               Mixers are charged at £1.15
                                                                      ABV    PRICE
Havana Especial                                                        40%    2.80
Appleton Extra VS                                                      40%    3.30
Bacardi 8yr                                                          37.5%    3.30
Havana Club 7yr                                                        40%    3.30
Mount Gay Extra Old                                                    40%    3.50
Matusalem Gran Reserva                                                 40%    3.50
Brugal                                                                 38%    3.30
Brugal Extra Viejo 8 Year                                              38%    4.00
Goslings Black seal                                                    40%    5.00
Myers Dark                                                             40%    3.30

Germana Cachaca                                                       41%     3.30
Koko Kanu                                                             37%     3.30
Sailor Jerrys                                                         40%     3.30

                                                                      ABV    PRICE
Sauza hornitas
JC Traditional                                                        38%     3.30
Mezcal Monte Alban Mescal                                             40%     3.30
Corrajelo Blanco                                                      38%     3.75
Sauza Reposado

                                                                      ABV    PRICE
Jack Daniels                                                           40%    2.80
Buffalo Trace                                                          45%    3.30
Jim Beam Black                                                         43%    3.30
Knob Creek                                                             50%    3.30
Makers Mark                                                            45%    3.30
Wild Turkey 8yr                                                      50.5%    3.30
Woodford Reserve                                                     43.2%    3.30
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr                                              53.5%    3.75
Old Rip Van Winkle 20yr                                              45.2%   12.00
Gentleman Jack                                                         40%    5.00
Jack Daniels Single Barrel                                             45%    5.00

                       All our spirits are served in 25ml measures
                              Mixers are charged at £1.15
                                         ABV    PRICE
Bells Special                             40%    2.80
Johnny Walker Red                         40%    2.80
Black Bush Special                        40%    3.30
Bushmills Malt 10yr                       40%    3.30
Canadian Club                             40%    3.30
Chivas Regal 12yr                         40%    3.30
Craggenmore 12yr                          40%    3.30
Jamesons                                  40%    3.30
Glenmorangie, The Original                40%    3.30
Macallan 10yr                             40%    3.30
Talisker 10yr                           45.8%    3.30
Oban 14yr                                 43%    3.30
Johnny Walker Black                       40%    3.50
Dahlwhinnie 15yr                          43%    3.75
Lagavulin 16yr                            43%    4.50
Laphroaig 10yr                            40%    5.00

                                         ABV    PRICE
Campari                                   25%    3.30
Pernod                                    40%    3.30
Noilly Prat                               18%    3.30
Jagermeister                              35%    3.30
Martini extra dry                         15%    3.30
Martini Bianco                            15%    3.30
Martini Rosso                             15%    3.30
Opal Bianca                               38%    3.30
Opal Nera                                 40%    3.30
Choya Sake                              13.5%    3.30
Pimms                                     25%    4.25
Fino ‘Marismeno’ Reserva Especiales       16%    7.20
Oloroso ‘Don Jose’ Reserva Especiales     17%    8.50

                                         ABV    PRICE
Courvoisier V.S.                         40%     5.60
Remy Martin VSOP                         40%     7.00
Brillet Reserve VSOP single Cru          40%     8.50
Brillet tres Vieille Reserve XO 20yr     40%    16.50
Brillet hors d’age 30yr                  40%    35.00
Château de Briat Cuvée du Baron      44%    8.00
Château de Briat Vintage 86          45%   13.00

Château de Breuil VSOP               40%    6.00
Reserve du Château 8yr               40%    8.00

                                     ABV   PRICE
Amaretto Di Saronno                  24%    3.30
Amarula                              17%    3.30
Baileys                              17%    3.30
Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur              20%    3.30
Cointreau                            40%    3.30
Drambuie                             40%    3.30
Frangelico                           24%    3.30
Grand marnier                        40%    3.30
Kahlua                               20%    3.30
Midori                               20%    3.30
Southern Comfort                     40%    3.30
Tia Maria                            20%    3.30
                       BRUNCH DRINKS

Peach fresh                                                                                4.00
*White peach puree, fresh mint, Greek yogurt and honey

Very very berry                                                                            4.00
*Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, cranberry juice, banana

Mango and orange                                                                           4.00
*Fresh mango and orange, coconut cream

Strawberry mint                                                                            4.00
*Fresh strawberries, fresh mint, yogurt, cranberry juice, honey


Ginger snap!                                                                               4.95
Fresh ginger with lemon juice, cranberry and apple juice

Strawberry fields                                                                          4.95
Fresh strawberries and mint, freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar, topped
with cranberry juice

Apple blossom                                                                              4.95
Fresh grapes, elderflower cordial and fresh apple juice

           “All our beef and lamb is traditionally reared on our farm in Northumberland”
                        Some of our products may contain traces of nuts
                 A discretionary 12.5% service charge may be added to your bill

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