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					Shopping Guide - Sources of Quality Products in 2004
Most products are available from the stockists listed at the end, unless otherwise stated. If you know of any
further products or retail outlets that could be added to this list, contact Julie Phillips at

Avocado Oil: Tropical Fruit World, Northern NSW.
Beer: Coopers - make five ‘naturally conditioned’ (unpasteurised) ales: Pale, Sparkling, Dark, Vintage and
Stout (the vintage and stout are the best of the group). Guinness. These dark beers are all good sources of
vitamin B complex (especially B6) and chromium (non-alcoholic sources are of course better!).
Bread: select a sourdough or Essene sprouted. There are many brands now available, here are some: -
 Sol Bread: Vulture St, West End, also health food stores.
 Celtic Bakery: 12 Alicia Street Southport, Pines Shopping Centre Ellanora (Currumbin). Palm Beach
     & Southport, also health food stores.
 Wuppertaler: Organic and Quality Foods
 King Henry Rye – look for the blue label: Organic and Quality Foods and the supermarket
 Avoid imitation sourdough. For example Helga’s ‘pretend’ sourdough – with additives included so it
     ‘tastes’ like a sourdough!
Coconut Milk/Cream: Ayam brand is best, next best is Trident. Available in the supermarket.
Coconut fresh in the shell: Rock n Roll deli at Greenslopes, Chinese supermarkets - Sunnybank and
Fortitude Valley and other selected green grocers – ask.
Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil:
 NUI brand – available from the markets and selected health food stores. The NUI website also contains
     links to excellent articles on the benefits of coconuts, including Weston A. Price articles.
 Ahimsa, mail order from Samford
Cod liver oil: The Melrose brand, produce a wide range of quality oils. Oils are best always refrigerated.
 Farmer Pat - Northey Street organic markets and the Celtic Bakery - Palm Beach and Southport.
 Gympie farm - available from the "House of Organics", New Farm Deli, Mrs Flannery’s and Camille
     at the Powerhouse Markets (also cultured buttermilk and quality cheese) Ph: 54847223.
 Leila organic butter, Kirks cultured butter, Western Star cultured butter.
Butter: avoid margarine and butters mixed with vegetable oils (the oils used in these butters are highly
 Gympie farm brie and goat’s cheese (Camille 0754847223) and Italian hard cheeses: - grana pardano,
     parmigiano reggiano, roman, asiago and montasio. There are many good quality deli’s who now stock
     these cheeses ie Plenty Deli (Eight Mile Plains), New Farm Deli, Toginini (Milton) deli’s, Spoons
     (Garden City, New Farm). Avoid ‘plastic’ pre-sliced cheese that ‘bends’ rather than breaks, cheese
     sticks, processed cheese.
Cream: best
 Farmer Pat - Northey Street organic markets and the Celtic Bakery - Palm Beach and Southport.
 Cleopatra’s face cream.
Cream: good – cultured cream ie crème fraiche and sour cream.
Ice Cream – Best Pure Chill Organic, Good - Haagen Daz. Even better – home made - many recipes in
Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions cookbook.
Ice Cream Maker: many brands are now available from electrical goods stores, DJ’s Myers etc.
Milk: Best
 Goat - Even’s Star.
 Cow - Cleopatra’s Bath Milk.
 Buttermilk – gympie farm and cheese – powerhouse markets.
Milk: Good - full cream non-homogenised milk (organic if possible).
    Barambah organic milk, 32776444. Available home delivered in some areas, selected deli’s and the
     Northey St Markets. (Also produce yoghurt, butter and cream.)
 Maleny Dairies (07) 54942392, Sandhurst, other brands are also available from sources below.
Milk: Avoid – the many low fat milks – trim, shape etc
Yoghurt: Best (ideally plain, then add your own sweetener)
 Non-homogenised full cream. ie: - Barambah, Hakea, Paris Creek, Gippsland, Alpine, Meridith.
Yoghurt: Good
 Full cream homogenised ie Jalna. Most supermarket brands are homogenised – including the full range
     of Jalna yoghurts – even though they do not put this on their label!
Yoghurt: Avoid low fat, soy and artificially sweetened yoghurt.
Fermented Drinks:
 Kombucha: To purchase a ‘mother’ to make your own kombucha and for recipe details, phone Harald
     Tietze (02) 64934552 in Bermagui South NSW.
 Alternatively it can be purchased in bottles and consumed like a ‘herbal champagne’. Veronica’s
     Green Tea Kombucha – produced by Kombucha House 55485104. Available from Healthy Life at
     Garden City and other selected outlets.
 Grainfields: Mrs Flannery’s or call AGM Foods for local stockists 33962866
Ginger Beer: Red Dragon Inn (02) 66246900. Naturally brewed using wild yeast, certified organic
ingredients. Available from Organic and Quality Foods.
Grain Mill: For freshly grinding grains or contact Sven - North
Brisbane Weston A Price chapter (07) 3856-3388,
Honey: raw/unheated. Most large brands in the supermarket will have been heated – avoid. Smaller brands
will usually be raw ie Beechworth honey available in the supermarket.
Local farmers market honey is also usually unheated. If unsure, ask or phone the company.
Kefir: free kefir culture is available from Abby and Judy – see Weston Price Chapter details on last page.
Nut Butter: avoid the ‘regular’ peanut butters that contain hydrogenated vegetable oils, sugar etc. Nut
butter ingredients should list the name of the nut(s) and nothing else!
Skin Care: Miessence certified organic – available at
Sugar: Rapadura sugar (from Europe) is not available in Australia. (It’s very delicious so hopefully it will
one day!) You may see it contained in some of the quality chocolates we have here. The replacement is the
Billington’s brand. A wide range is available; the ‘dark molasses’ is the most nutritious, though a little
heavy on taste for many recipes. The ‘muscovado’ is the equivalent to the Rapadura. Available from
selected Coles stores and delicatessens.

Brisbane - Health food stores, products, organic fruit and vegetables
 Coorparoo organic fruit and vegetables: Old Cleveland Rd, opposite the Myer mega store
 Fundamentals: La Trobe Terrace, Paddington
 Four Seasons: Samford, 3289 1087
 Hi Vita Organics: Bald Hills
 House of Organics: Deb Meehan & Janelle, Flockton Street, Northwest Plaza, Macdowell/Everton
    Park 33533588
 Margate Health Foods: Lesley Parker, 273a Oxley Ave Margate Beach 4019
 Mrs Flannery’s: 52 Annerley Rd Woolloongabba, Rode Rd Nundah, 191 Moggil Rd Taringa, Miami
    & Benowa Gold Coast
 Organic and Quality Foods: home delivery service: Brisbane and the Gold Coast 32753552
 Organic Essentials: 11 Days Road, Grange 3856 0678
 RB’s Organics: home delivery service to those living north of the river, west of Gympie Rd and
    selected other suburbs. Robin Brown, 33568676
 Sun and Earth Whole Foods: 845 Brunswick St, New Farm 3358 2299
 The Green Grocer: 144 Boundary Street, West End 38447961
Sunshine coast
 Basically Organic Porter’s Lane, Nambour 54414112. (Including local raw goat’s milk.)
 Crystal Waters Artisan Bakery hand-made organic sourdough breads (5494 4779) or also available
    from the sunshine coast markets and The Village Organic Farm.
  Forest Glen Organic Butchery
 Mrs Flannery's Maroochydore.
 Natural Food Store at Forest Glen
 Suncoast Healthfoods at Forest Glen
 The Village Organic Farm, Crystal Waters, Conondale Julie Shelton 5494 4699
 Markets - Eumundi markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the farmers' market at Noosaville on the
   fourth Sunday of each month
Books, Magazines –
 Nourishing Traditions: Sally Fallon $49.50 & Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: Weston Price
   $49.50, Cholesterol Myths:Uffe Ravnaskov $38.50 available from Julie, Abby and Vicki see Weston
   A Price chapter leaders list below.
 Natural Parenting Magazine: Susan Stark available from selected health
   food stores or subscription via the web.
 Whole Food Health for a Healthy Whole Family, Making Sense of Health & Whole Food for Your
   Whole Brood: $25 Julie Phillips
 Wise Traditions: quarterly journal Weston A Price –

CD’s from Sally Fallon’s 2003 lectures
Available from Phillips Higson or Ph (07) 33 11 4646.
 Fundamentals: Whole food café, open for breakfast and lunch. Next to the health food store.
 Mondo Organics: Also produce a large range of frozen meals for takeaway, including stock.
 Organic Kitchen of Ascot: Shop 3, 68 Racecourse Road, Ascot
Organic butchers:
 The Meat-ting Place: Steve and Andrew, La Trobe Terrace, Paddington (in the supermarket shopping
 Allsops: Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo (Opposite the Myer Megastore).
 Organic frozen pre-prepared stock: available from Mondo Organics Hardgrave Rd West End.
 Northey St Markets
 Margate Health Foods: Saturday morning 273a Oxley Ave. Margate Beach 4019.
 Mondo Organics: Saturday morning 166 Hardgrave Rd West End
 Northey St Organic markets: Saturday morning 6 – 10 am. Morning tea available. Directions – drive
    past the RBH hospital, past the service station, take the next left turn into Northey St, next left into
    Edgar St (the road bends around to the right), there you’ll see the markets.
 The Powerhouse markets: Next to New Farm Park on the river behind the powerhouse theatre.
    Parking in Lamington St or walk through from New Farm Park. 2 nd and 4th Saturday of each month,
    stores start packing up at 11/11.30. If you would like more information or a reminder sent to you re:
    which Saturday it’s on -
Seminars/Cooking Classes
 Feeding Babies & Toddlers - Julie Phillips 3841 8844
 Wise Food Health Seminars - Julie Phillips 3841 8844.
 Fermenting with Kefir cooking seminar, Palm Beach, Gold Coast - Abby Eagle 55764270.
 Fermenting with Kefir cooking seminar, Clayfield – Judy Williams, 0417 199 550.
 Wholesome Breakfast and other cooking seminars, Brisbane - Julie Phillips3841 8844.
 Sourdough, Cheese making, growing and cooking tropical vegetables, Elisabeth Fekonia, Cooroy,
    Sunshine Coast 54426089
 Cheesemaking:

Julie Phillips holds a potluck dinner on the first Sunday afternoon of each Season – 5 pm. Children of
course welcome. Bring an entrée, main and/or dessert to share. BYO drinks. Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane
(near Garden City/MtGravatt). RSVP by email or phone 38418844.
For details on the Real Milk Alliance that is working towards the legalisation of raw milk in Qld, contact
Phillip Higson (07) 3311 4646.

Australian Weston A. Price chapters - you are welcome to contact any of these people for
details/availability of local product, books or further information on the organisation.

 Brisbane: Julie Phillips (07) 3841-8844
 Bribie Island: Dr. Herbert H. Nehrlich (07) 3410-7999,
 Bundaberg: Jill and John Engelmann (07) 41511889
 Clayfield: Judy Williams (07) 3262 6043
 Far North QLD (Tully): Bonny Sharon Bauer (07) 4068-6123,
 Gold Coast: Abby Eagle (07) 5576-4270,
 North Brisbane: Sven and Karen Tonnisson (07) 3856-3388,
 Oxenford: Kyle Grimshaw-Jones (07) 55332-869,
 Hellensvale: Linda (07) 32068274
 Sunshine Coast: Rosalyn Uttleymoore (07) 54562060
 Sydney: Vicki Poulter (02) 996-74229,
 East Kew: Mary V. Pope, (03) 9306-3364,
 Diana Dexter: 61-3-9859-6465,

Further information
 Weston A. Price Organisation - for further details or membership visit
 The real milk alliance
 QLD chat group

The above information has been prepared for you by Julie Phillips
Brisbane Chapter Leader for Weston A. Price
Food Wise Education
 Seminars on feeding babies and toddlers
 Nutrition seminars for all ages
 Wheat-free cooking classes
 Mothers' Wisdom nurturing day - yoga and cooking
 Certified organic skin care products -
Ph: 0417 47079, 38418844 email:

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